OSRS Humidify Spell

The Humidify Spell OSRS

Building upon its versatility, the Humidify spell unveils its remarkable capacity to cater to water manipulation tasks within Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This spell, a valuable asset to players, offers seamless efficiency in diverse scenarios, simplifying various actions associated with water interaction.

When engaged, the Humidify spell works its magic by filling every empty water-carrying vessel in your inventory in a single cast. A myriad of items benefit from its effects, including buckets, jugs, fishbowls, vials, watering cans (including the specialized Gricoller's can), unwatered saplings, waterskins, bowls, and even clay. Regardless of the number of vessels imbued with water, each cast yields a consistent 65 experience, underscoring its rewarding nature.

The scope of this spell extends beyond mere water container replenishment. It serves as a solution for extinguishing the wall of flames encountered in the Chambers of Xeric when contending with the formidable Great Olm. Moreover, its influence spreads to the arid landscapes of the Kharidian Desert, offering an alternative to the traditional method of gathering water from cacti to refill waterskins.

With the Humidify spell at your disposal, the mundane tasks of water management are transformed into swift and efficient endeavors. Its prowess transcends its magical nature, making it an indispensable tool for a range of practical applications within the world of OSRS.

Spell Cost

Spell Cost

Its uses

To make use of the Humidify spell, one prerequisite stands—completion of the Dream Mentor quest. Once this quest is accomplished, the spell's practical applications become available to you.

The most common use of this spell is Humidifying clay thus creating Soft clay, which provides a moderate amount of gold. Next we will give you a few steps for this simple money making

Soft clay holds considerable value for Crafting practitioners seeking to streamline their efforts. Crafting endeavors often call for wet clay, prompting a demand for soft clay among players. This high demand has made soft clay a sought-after commodity.

The Humidify spell is the key to rapidly wetting large amounts of clay. However, it's worth noting that the process can be quite click-intensive. For optimal efficiency, employing astral runes and a steam battlestaff is recommended. This not only maximizes your profit but also speeds up the process. While steam runes, or a combination of water and fire runes, can be utilized, they may result in reduced earning rates.

To perform this process as efficiently as possible, follow these steps:

1. Withdraw 27 clay from the bank and press the "ESC" key.

2. Cast the Humidify spell.

3. Quickly press the "F1" key to monitor the transformation of inventory clay into soft clay.

4. Simultaneously press "F2" and access the bank.

5. Deposit your inventory and withdraw another 27 clay.

6. Repeat the process from step 1.

Alternatively, you can consider this alternate method:

1. Withdraw 27 clay from the bank and press "ESC."

2. Cast Humidify.

3. Rapidly click the bank. Enabling 'XP drops' and clicking the bank as the magic XP number leaves the top of the screen can expedite the bank access.

4. Deposit your inventory and withdraw another 27 clay.

5. Repeat from step 1.

When executed at maximum efficiency, it's possible to cast up to 815 spells per hour, resulting in the production of 22,005 soft clay. By mastering these techniques, you'll efficiently meet the demand for soft clay and make the most of your Crafting pursuits.