OSRS Ava´s Assembler

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OSRS Ava's assembler 

Ava's assembler is the upgraded version of Ava's accumulator that requires level 70 Ranged to equip. It provides the best in slot ranged attack bonus for the cape slot, and is the only cape slot item that provides a Ranged Strength bonus. To obtain the assembler, players must take Ava's accumulator (or 4,999 coins), Vorkath's head (which can only be obtained by killing Vorkath after completion of Dragon Slayer II) and 75 mithril arrows to Ava in Draynor Manor.

Like all of Ava's devices, the assembler does not work when metal torso armour is worn, as this will cause 'interference'; this includes most melee armour as well as Ahrim's robetop.

Similar to its predecessors, it can randomly gather mithril ranged equipment and requires level 70 in Ranged to wear. It also has an 80% chance of saving ammunition compared to the accumulator's 72%. As the remaining 20% chance is for the ammunition breaking, the assembler will never drop any ammo on the ground.

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The breakdown of the ammo recovery rate is as listed:

Break on impact: 20%

Recovered automatically: 80%

The appearance of the assembler can be ornamented using a Masori crafting kit to match that of the Masori armour. It is solely a cosmetic upgrade and does not change its stats.

Ava's assembler stats

Metal attraction

Approximately every 3.5 minutes, Ava's assembler will attract an assortment of mithril items, provided that the player has moved at least three tiles since the last pickup.

Players can commune with the assembler to stop it from gathering junk by right-clicking "Commune" on the item while it is worn or in the inventory.

Metal attraction

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Masori Assembler 

The Masori assembler is a cosmetic variant of Ava's assembler with a Masori crafting kit added to it. The assembler's colours are based on that of the Masori armour.

The assembler can also be combined with the max cape to change its appearance further by turning it into the Masori assembler max cape. A needle is required in order to create and dismantle the Masori assembler.d

Masori assembler 

Assembler Max Cape

The Assembler max cape is the result of combining Ava's assembler with a max cape, during which the max hood required to be in the player's inventory will automatically convert to the assembler max hood.

Like the other max cape variants (a max cape combined with another cape slot item), the assembler max cape does not have the max cape's stats or perks; it only acts as a cosmetic upgrade to Ava's assembler, though carries with it a much lower weight and the cape can still be used to perform the Skill Cape emote.

Mac is able to refund a max cape, along with its variants, for 1,821,600 coins each. Note that items combined with the max cape will be lost upon refund and will need to be reobtained.

If the player dies above level 20 Wilderness and the cape is unprotected, it will be converted into coins when dropped. If they die below level 20 Wilderness, it will remain in their inventory; however, it will be unusable and must be repaired by Perdu for 99,000 coins.

Assembler Max Cape