OSRS Golen Rock

The Rock Golem OSRS

The Rock Golem pet is one of the pets that players can obtain while training the Mining skill in OSRS. While mining rocks, especially those that require a high Mining level, there is a small chance for the Rock Golem pet to appear as an additional reward. This pet is a miniature representation of a stone golem, and players can carry it with them as an adorable companion while exploring the game world.

The Rock Golem pet serves as a symbol of achievement and dedication in the Mining skill, as obtaining it involves investing time and effort into skill training. Players often take pride in having pets like the Rock Golem, as they showcase their prowess in the game and their ability to overcome challenges.

Like many pets in OSRS, the Rock Golem doesn't have any practical function in the game beyond being a charming companion and a badge of accomplishment. Players can interact with their pets, show them off to other players, and enjoy their presence as they navigate the vast world of RuneScape.

Upon obtaining the pet, it will appear beside you automatically. In case you already have another pet accompanying you, the new pet will be placed directly into your inventory.

If a player dies and loses their pet, the pet will roam aimlessly for a duration of 30 seconds before vanishing entirely. Afterward, the pet can be regained from Probita in East Ardougne for a reclaim token, which carries a cost of 1,000,000 coins.

Optimal methods to obtain it

Mining Gems Rocks

Mining Level: 40-52

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/209,411

Mining Iron Ore

Mining Level: 15

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/739,125

Mining Amethyst Crystals

Mining Level: 92

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/43,875

Motherlode Mine

Mining Level: 30-72

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/244,725

Blast Mining

Mining Level: 43

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/121,125

Volcanic Mine

Mining Level: 50

Pet drop rate at level 99: 1/57,525

During the process of blast mining, the chance for the pet to be obtained is determined when a player excavates the hard rock. In Volcanic Mine, the chance is determined when ore fragments are acquired. However, it's important to note that the Rock Golem pet cannot be acquired by mining salts within the salt mine, Daeyalt essence mine, or dense runestone within the dense essence mine.

How the Drop rate work

The likelihood of a player actually obtaining the Rock Golem pet is determined by a formula: 1 in (B - (Lvl * 25)), where B stands for the base chance, and Lvl represents the player's Mining level.

Base Chance list

Base Chance list

Players have the option to alter the color of the rock golem by utilizing the desired ore (except for blasted and lunar ore) while the pet is accompanying the player. If players wish to return the golem to its initial appearance, they can do so by employing a plain rock on it.}


1. Rock

Rock golem (follower).png

2. Tin

Rock golem (follower, tin).png


 Rock golem (follower, copper).png

4. Iron

Rock golem (follower, iron).png

5. Blurite

Rock golem (follower, blurite).png

6. Silver

Rock golem (follower, silver).png

7. Coal

Rock golem (follower, coal).png

8. Gold

Rock golem (follower, gold).png

9. Mithril

Rock golem (follower, mithril).png

10. Granite

Rock golem (follower, granite).png

11. Adamantite

Rock golem (follower, adamantite).png

12. Runite

Rock golem (follower, runite).png

13. Amethyst

Rock golem (follower, amethyst).png

14. Lovakite

Rock golem (follower, lovakite).png

15. Elemental

Rock golem (follower, elemental).png

16. Daeyalt

Rock golem (follower, daeyalt).png