OSRS Blood Rune Altar Guide

Blood Rune Altar Guide

Method 1: Zeah Method or False Blood Altar

Blood Altar (Kourend).png

1. Requirements:

77 Runecrafting.

100% Arceuus House favor for accessing the Dark Altar.

1 Pickaxe and 1 Chisel

2. Getting there:

Use game necklace to Teleport Winterdt Camp, then head south and then east until you see the Dark Altar, keep going your journey and you will find the dense essence mine

Useing the Fairy Ring C-I-S

3. Crafting blood runes:

You will have to mine Dense essence block in the dense essence mine

Once you have your inventory full go to the Dark altar and interact with it, this will make your Dense essence block transform into Dark essence block

Now you will use your chisel on the Dark essence block that will turn it into Dark essence fragments and with these fragments you can use them on the false altar of blood

To finish once you have your Dark essence fragments go to the False Blood Altar found in the following image

False Blood Altar location

Method 2: True Altar Blood

The inside of the Blood Altar.

1. Requirements:

Completion of the quest Sins of the Father

77 Runecrafting, 93 agility, 78 mining

Pure essence

Blood Tiara or Blood Talisman

2. Getting there:

Use a Fenkenstrain's castle teleport tablet and head to Canifis to the back of the Hair of the Dog tavern

the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis

If using fairy rings, use the code D-L-S

3. Crafting blood runes:

As to create any rune you will have to equip yourself with clothes to reduce weight and have a blood tiara equipped and along with all this carry your inventory full of pure essence and a teleport both to bank and to go to the altar again.

Enter the cavern containing the tomb of Ivandis and take the other exit to arrive at the end of the Meiyerditch Laboratories. Players with level 74 Agility can access a shortcut at the end of the first path that takes them to the altar's entrance.

Players with level 93 Agility and 78 Mining, both of which can be boosted, can access a superior shortcut directly from the southern end of the Myreque Hideout from the tavern that takes them to west of the chamber containing the altar's entrance. However, players must mine their way through the strange wall in the laboratory tunnels to permanently unlock access to it.

To enter the mysterious ruins, players either have to use a blood talisman on the ruins, or click "Enter" on the ruins while wearing a blood tiara. Alternatively, a catalytic talisman or tiara can be used.

The Blood Altar can also be reached via the Abyss; the blood rift within the abyss is directed to both the true Blood Altar in Morytania and the false altar in Kourend.

I walk to the true altar of blood