OSRS Best Slash Weapons (Top 5)

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OSRS Best Slash Weapons (Top 5)

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), slash weapons are important for dealing melee damage and are commonly used for various combat situations. Here are the top 5 best slash weapons in OSRS, along with an in-depth overview of each weapon's stats, requirements, and usage:

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1. Scythe of vitur

The Scythe of Vitur is the single most powerful melee weapon in the entirety of Old School RuneScape.  It has a slash bonus of only +75. But its passive effect is what makes this weapon absolutely pump out the damage – and that’s why it’s here at the top spot.

This Scythe can hit up to 3 small enemies in a single swipe, or it can hit a large enemy up to three times in a single swipe. The sheer amount of DPS this scythe outputs is insane. And it’ll easily out-DPS any other weapon on this list, with the right setup.

The only down side to this god-like weapon is that it is very expensive to maintain. To fully charge the Scythe costs around 22 million coins. Actually, this makes it one of the most expensive weapons to maintain in the whole game. However, the effort is more than worthwhile if you want to slice through enemies like butter.

How to Get: This is a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. Good luck!

Requirement: +80 Attack +90 Strength

Slash Bonus: +110

Strength Bonus: +75

Attack Speed: 5

Weapon Style: Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive

Scythe of vitur detail.png

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2. Blade of Saeldor


The Blade is the strongest singled-handed slash weapon in Old School RuneScape, with a slash bonus of +94. It’s actually tied with the Ghrazi Rapier and Inquisitor’s Mace for the best single-handed weapon overall. The Blade of Saeldor is degradable at first, and requires 1000 crystal shards to turn it non-degradable (although this is a semi-recent change).

Also note that converting this weapon into a non-degradable form makes the blade untradeable, and many players view this as too big of an expense.

How to Get: Complete the Gauntlet or Corrupted Gauntlet to have a chance at this unique item.

Requirement: +80 Attack

Slash Bonus: +94

Strength Bonus: +89

Attack Speed: 4

Weapon Style: Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, Defensive

Blade of saeldor detail.png

3. Abyssal Tentacle

Here we’ve got an upgraded Abyssal Whip (with upgraded stats to go with it).  The Abyssal Tentacle is a degradable weapon has a +90 slash bonus, which gives it a slight edge over the whip variant. This is often the weapon of choice for a bunch of activities, but the main ones are staking at the Duel Arena, and the Theatre of Blood.

Just note that the tent whip, as it’s commonly called, is expensive to use. It’s made by combining a kraken tentacle and abyssal whip.The whip is slowly used up until it’s totally gone, leaving only the tentacle behind.

This means it’s much more expensive to use than a normal Abyssal whip, and is therefore mostly used in scenarios where it’s absolutely necessary.

How to Get: Combine a Kraken tentacle with an Abyssal Whip.

Requirement: +70 Attack

Slash Bonus: +90

Strength Bonus: +86

Attack Speed: 4

Weapon Style: Accurate, Controlled, Defensive

Abyssal tentacle detail.png

4. Abyssal Whip


This is probably the most Iconic weapon in Old School RuneScape, hands down. Back in the early days of the game, having a whip was the ultimate achievement. It showed everyone just how elite you were. Things have changed over time, but long-time players should still recognize this one.

The whip has a slash bonus of +82, and is very fast – making it a popular weapon despite being released so many years ago.  It’s commonly used as a primary weapon in the game, and to go even further, it might still be the most commonly-used weapon across the majority of players.

How to Get: The easiest way to get this is from a drop by Abyssal demons. But you can also get this from the Abyssal sire.

Requirement: +70 Attack

Slash Bonus: +82

Strength Bonus: +82

Attack Speed: 4

Weapon Styles: Accurate, Controlled, Defensive

Abyssal whip detail.png

5. Bandos Godsword

We’ve finally reached the last (and in my opinion, the best) Godsword in Old School for this list. The Bandos Godsword, otherwise known as the BGS. You already know the stats by now: a +132 slash bonus and a +132 strength bonus, slow attack speed, blah blah…

Let’s get to the good stuff and check out its special attack! The BGS has a special attack named “Warstrike”. It uses 50% of the special bar and doubles accuracy, deals 21% more damage than normal, and drains your opponent’s stats (the total amount drained is based on how much damage you just dealt).

But more specifically, the following stats are drained in this exact order: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, and lastly Ranged.

This is insanely useful in PvM, particularly at places where bosses have high defences, such as Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood.

How to Get: Dropped solely by General Graador. You’ll need to get a Bandos Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade.

Requirement: +75 Attack

Slash Bonus: +132

Strength Bonus: +132

Attack Speed: 6

Attack Styles: Accurate, Controlled, Defensive

Bandos godsword detail.png