OSRS Below Ice Mountain

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OSRS Below Ice Mountain

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Exploring the Depths of Ice Mountain:

"Ice Mountain" is a location in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex. It is a prominent landmark in the game, known for its snowy environment and the important role it plays in certain quests and activities. Here's some information about Ice Mountain in OSRS:


Ice Mountain is situated in the northern part of the game's world map. It is located just northwest of Falador, one of the major cities in the game. Players can easily access Ice Mountain by walking or using various transportation methods available in the game.

Ice Mountain location

Notable Features:

Dwarven Mines Entrance: The entrance to the Dwarven Mines can be found on the northern slope of Ice Mountain. This area is significant for various quests and activities involving the dwarven race.

Quests: Ice Mountain is involved in several quests in OSRS, including the "Doric's Quest" and "What's Mine is Yours." These quests often require players to gather resources or complete tasks around the mountain.

Snow Imp: A snow imp can be found near the Dwarven Mines entrance, which is a part of the "Imp Catcher" quest. Players need to catch this imp to complete the quest.

Ores: Ice Mountain is known for being a source of various ores that players can mine, including copper and tin ores. These ores are often used for Smithing and crafting purposes.

Quest and Skills Requeriments:

16 quest points

Combat stats to kill lvl 25 monster or 10 mining + pickaxe if you wish to mine the rocks instead

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To Start

Step 1: Speaking with 'Archaeologist' Willow

Head northeast from Falador and south of the Dwarven Mine entrance near Ice Mountain. You'll come across Willow, who fancies herself an 'archaeologist'. She'll share with you that she's stumbled upon a set of doors buried beneath a pile of rocks and will seek your assistance. Willow can't leave the area due to her fear that another 'archaeologist' might take credit for her discovery.

Agree to help Willow. She'll then explain that she needs you to convince her former 'excavation team' to join her efforts, as they had a falling out. You can approach her mates, Burntof, Checkal, and Marley, in any order you prefer.

Archaeologist Willow location

Step 2: Seeking Checkal the Strongman

Find Checkal at the heart of Barbarian Village. To convince him to join Willow, you'll need to demonstrate your own strength by undergoing training with his old pal Atlas. Atlas can be located in The Long Hall tavern within the village.

Engage in a conversation with Checkal. He'll direct you to Atlas, who will agree to provide you with training. Prepare for a substantial cutscene showcasing rigorous training routines. Afterward, you'll unlock the Flex emote as a reward. Before leaving, make sure to grab a beer and a piece of meat from the table if you haven't already.

Once you're ready, return to Checkal. Upon his prompt, showcase the Flex emote you've acquired. He will then consent to assist Willow in her endeavors.

Strongman location

Step 3: Locating Burntof, the Master of Explosives

Prepare yourself with either 3 coins or a beer for your encounter with Burntof, the explosives expert. He can be found in the cozy surroundings of the Rising Sun Inn within Falador.

1. Finding Burntof: Seek out Burntof within the welcoming atmosphere of the Rising Sun Inn in Falador. Despite his somewhat inebriated state, he's the person you need to persuade to join Willow's cause.

2. Meeting Burntof's Request: Upon meeting Burntof, you'll find him in a somewhat tipsy condition. He'll request a drink from you. If you haven't obtained a beer from Barbarian Village, you can purchase one from the inn's bartender. Present the beer to Burntof as a gesture of goodwill.

3. The Challenge: Burntof will agree to lend his expertise if you manage to best him in a best-of-three game of rock-paper-scissors. However, here's the twist: regardless of the choices made, Burntof will accept Willow's request, explaining that he's a bit too intoxicated to properly engage in the game.

Burntof location

Step 4: Seeking Marley, the Thief

Ensure you have a knife, cooked meat, and bread in your possession as you embark on the task of locating Marley, the skilled thief.

Bypassing Willow's Suggestion: Despite Willow's initial suggestion to consult Charlie the Tramp, you can opt to skip this conversation. Instead, make your way directly to Marley. Find him amidst the Edgeville ruins, located south of Edgeville bank and nestled by the yew trees.

Marley's Request: Upon encountering Marley, he'll express his desire for a steak sandwich from the Blue Moon Inn. Curiously, he's unable to procure one himself due to a ban he incurred. The inn's cook is reluctant to cater to his request.

The Culinary Challenge: With Marley's request in mind, journey to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Locate the cook in the eastern room. Despite the cook's refusal to create a steak sandwich for Marley, he will impart the 'delicate art' of crafting such a sandwich. This involves using a knife on cooked meat while keeping bread within your inventory.

Crafting the Sandwich: Armed with newfound culinary knowledge, create a steak sandwich with precision by following the cook's guidance. Combine the elements: use the knife on the cooked meat while having bread in your inventory.

The Grand Delivery: Proudly bearing the exquisitely crafted steak sandwich, return to Marley with it nestled in your inventory. Present him with the sandwich as a testament to your resourcefulness.

Marley's Agreement: Gratified by your determination and sandwich-crafting prowess, Marley will now pledge his assistance to Willow's cause.

 Marley location

Exploring the Ruins of Camdozaal

Ruins of Camdozaal

Make sure you have appropriate supplies: some food if your combat skills are low, and either a pickaxe or weapons and armor capable of dealing with a level 25 monster.

1. Assembling the Crew: With your crew ready, proceed to the ancient doors located on the west side of Ice Mountain. These doors are indicated by a dungeon icon on your minimap. Engage in a conversation with Willow.

2. Clearing the Entrance: The crew will collectively work to unblock the entrance. Burntof will utilize explosions to dislodge rocks, Checkal will remove debris, and Marley will disable traps concealed within.

3. Revelations and Conflict: Amidst the preparations, Willow's true intentions are revealed. Instead of being legitimate archaeologists, the crew confesses to being grave robbers seeking valuable loot. As Willow senses the player's understanding, she fears exposure and plans to eliminate them. In an unforeseen turn of events, Burntof triggers a trap, awakening the Ancient Guardian.

4. The Ancient Guardian: After the cutscene concludes, confront and defeat the level 25 Ancient Guardian. Combat-savvy players can choose direct confrontation, while those with lower combat capabilities can opt to target the four structural pillars in the corners of the room. This method dislodges rocks that cause damage to the guardian. Ensure you have sufficient food if you choose this route. Alternatively, players can engage in "safespotting" by hugging the east wall by the ruins' exit.

Ancient Guardian

5. Post-Battle Loot: Upon vanquishing the golem, examine the contents of Willow's abandoned bag. However, the doors leading further into the mountain open, revealing a dwarf named Ramarno. Ramarno, one of the few surviving Imcando dwarves from the Runecrafting Crusades, has resided in seclusion within these ruins: the Ruins of Camdozaal.

Below Ice Mountain quest completed