RS3 1-99 Prayer Guide

RS3 1-99 Prayer Guide

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Prayer: In the mystical realm of RuneScape 3, the Prayer skill serves as a conduit between mortal adventurers and the divine forces that shape the world. This comprehensive guide will illuminate the path to achieving level 99 Prayer, delving into the intricate art of spiritual communication, combat enhancement, and the pursuit of sacred enlightenment.

2. Understanding Prayer: Prayer, more than a mere skill, is a profound channel through which players can establish a connection with the pantheon of gods that inhabit Gielinor. By harnessing this divine energy, practitioners can access a wide array of spiritual abilities, activate potent prayers, and even receive celestial blessings. The intricate mechanics of Prayer mirror the intricate balance of the RuneScape universe itself, offering a unique and immersive experience to those who seek it.

3. Prayer Benefits: The rewards of delving into the Prayer skill are as profound as they are practical. As you ascend through its ranks, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of combat advantages that can tip the scales in your favor during battles against both mundane and otherworldly foes. Protection prayers shield you from the most dire of blows, while utility prayers offer you valuable enhancements to your skills and attributes. Additionally, Prayer augments the potency of your equipment, ensuring that every weapon swing and armor piece reaches its fullest potential.

Levels 1-99: Ectofuntus Method:

Unlocking Ectofuntus: Your voyage towards Prayer mastery begins with the completion of the "Ghosts Ahoy" quest, which opens the doors to the enigmatic Ectofuntus training method. This quest not only uncovers the secrets of the Ectofuntus but also grants you access to a distinctive and efficient way of training your Prayer skill.

Training at Ectofuntus: The Ectofuntus, a structure imbued with spiritual significance, offers a unique and rewarding avenue for your Prayer training endeavors. As you approach its altar, armed with buckets of slime, bones, and the precious bonemeal, you set the stage for a method that optimizes your experience gains.

Gathering buckets of slime, an essential component of the training process, allows you to harness the sacred energy required for the act of offering bones. These bones, when transformed into bonemeal through the Ectofuntus grinder, attain a newfound spiritual potency, making them more suitable for the altar's mystical rituals.

The culmination of your preparations is the act of offering bones at the Ectofuntus altar, where the synergy of bonemeal and slime unlocks a surge of experience that nourishes your Prayer skill. With each successful offering, you contribute to your spiritual journey while simultaneously earning Ecto-tokens as tokens of your devotion.

By adhering to this methodical process and accumulating Ecto-tokens, you pave the way towards the zenith of your Prayer proficiency. The Ectofuntus method offers not only substantial experience gains but also a profound connection to the spiritual realm, making it an unparalleled route for your ascent from level 1 to the esteemed realm of level 99 Prayer.

Step-by-Step Ectofuntus Method: Efficient Prayer Training

For efficient Prayer training using the Ectofuntus method, follow these steps meticulously to maximize your experience gains:

1. Grinding Bones: Begin by grinding bones into bonemeal using the Ectofuntus grinder. Interact with the grinder and use the bones on it. This process converts bones into the valuable bonemeal required for the training.

2. Collecting Buckets of Slime: Head to the Ectofuntus slurry dispenser and collect buckets of slime. The slime will be a crucial component in offering bones at the altar. Make sure to have enough buckets before proceeding.

3. Offering Bones at the Altar: Move to the Ectofuntus altar, which is located on the top floor of the Ectofuntus building. Right-click on the bone grinder and select "Add bonemeal." Then, right-click on the bone grinder again and choose "Add bucket." This action combines the bonemeal and slime, allowing you to offer bones more efficiently.

4. Accumulating Ecto-tokens: After offering the bones at the altar, you'll receive Ecto-tokens as a reward for each bone offered. These tokens can be exchanged for Prayer experience. Ensure that you collect the Ecto-tokens, as they are essential for tracking your progress and claiming your rewards.

5. Experience and Tips: The Ectofuntus method yields around 72,000 experience per hour, making it an efficient way to level up Prayer.

Ectofuntus altar

RS3 1-99 Prayer Guide: Alternate Training Methods

When it comes to mastering the Prayer skill in RuneScape 3, diversity in training methods is the key to unlocking spiritual ascendancy. While the Ectofuntus method holds its own allure, alternative approaches offer different dynamics and rewards, catering to various playstyles and preferences.

Burying Bones: A traditional yet straightforward method, burying bones involves paying homage to fallen creatures by laying their remains to rest. Although this method provides experience, it may not match the efficiency of more specialized techniques. Burying bones serves as a basic entry point to Prayer training, but adventurers seeking swifter progression may opt for more advanced avenues.


Using a Gilded Altar: The construct of a gilded altar within your player-owned house introduces a realm of enhanced Prayer training possibilities. This method, requiring a higher investment of resources, grants augmented experience gains when offering bones on the sacred altar. While more demanding in terms of preparation, the gilded altar proves to be a powerful tool for those who prioritize efficient experience acquisition.

Gilded Altar

Infernal Ashes: For those engaged in Slayer tasks, a tantalizing alternative awaits in the form of infernal ashes. These unique ashes, remnants of infernal creatures, offer a respectable experience rate when buried. This method aligns well with the Slayer-focused adventurer, as the ashes obtained from these tasks present an opportunity for concurrent Prayer training.

infernal ashes

As you explore these alternative methods, remember that the path to Prayer mastery is marked by versatility. Whether you choose to honor the ancient practice of bone burial, create your own sacred space with a gilded altar, or harness the power of infernal ashes, each method contributes to your spiritual journey. Your chosen approach will depend on your playstyle, resources, and goals, making the realm of Prayer training as diverse and profound as the gods themselves.

Prayer Outfits and Enhancements

As you traverse the path of spiritual mastery in RuneScape 3, the road is often paved with opportunities to amplify your Prayer training. Through the acquisition of prayer outfits and enhancements, you can infuse your journey with increased efficiency and divine influence.

Morytania Legs: The Morytania Achievement Diary grants a boon to practitioners of the Ectofuntus method. Completing tasks within this diary rewards you with Morytania Legs, a coveted attire that carries the blessings of the region's spiritual energies. When donning these legs, your experience gains at the Ectofuntus are magnified, making your devotion even more rewarding.

Prayer Outfits: Draping yourself in a prayer outfit bestows a tangible connection to the divine, enhancing your Prayer training in unique ways. The First Age Outfit, a relic of ancient wisdom, or the Dragon Rider Amulet, a testament to draconic affinity, offer experience-boosting effects during your sacred rituals. Imbued with divine energy, these outfits serve as conduits for heightened spiritual resonance.

Demonic Skull: For those who dare to walk the path of risk and reward, the Demonic Skull presents a formidable opportunity. Activating the Demonic Skull at the Ectofuntus elevates your experience gains to remarkable heights, but the price of such power is the ire of non-player characters. Brace yourself for heightened aggression and prepare to navigate a more perilous training experience. The Demonic Skull is a testament to the willingness of adventurers to test their limits for the sake of progression.

Ectoplasmator and Cremation

In the intricate tapestry of Prayer training within RuneScape 3, two remarkable tools emerge to further enrich your spiritual journey. The Ectoplasmator and Cremation, each a conduit of divine power, offer avenues for augmented experience gains and a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.

EctoplasmatorEctoplasmator: Acquiring the Ectoplasmator from the depths of the Ectofuntus not only enhances your combat prowess but also advances your Prayer training. Armed with this ethereal device, you possess the ability to harvest Prayer experience while engaging in battles with ghosts and other ethereal entities. As the Ectoplasmator resonates with the spirits you confront, it transmutes their essence into valuable experience, reinforcing the sacred bond between the living and the afterlife.

CremationCremation: Unlocking the Cremation ability empowers you to harness the very essence of bones during the heat of combat. As you engage with foes, the Cremation ability allows you to incinerate bones, converting them into fleeting flames that gift you with additional Prayer experience. This ability transcends mere combat, infusing your battles with a profound spiritual significance as you harness the very essence of bones in the fires of combat.

Both the Ectoplasmator and Cremation serve as conduits that intertwine the realms of combat and spirituality. As you wield the power of these tools, you become a vessel for the energies that bridge the divide between the living and the ethereal. The Ectoplasmator and Cremation stand as testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of adventurers, forever binding the worlds of experience and spirituality into a harmonious whole.

Prayer-related Quests and Unlocks

Within the expansive realm of RuneScape 3, quests intertwine with the sacred art of Prayer, offering not only experience but also the keys to unlock potent spiritual powers. Embark on these quests and unearth the true potential of your Prayer skill.

Quests Offering Prayer Experience: Immerse yourself in the early chapters of your spiritual journey by engaging with quests that bestow you with initial Prayer experience. "The Restless Ghost" quest, a testament to the power of restless souls, and "Priest in Peril," a tale of dark forces and divine intervention, grant you the foundation upon which to build your Prayer proficiency. These quests, while pivotal to your journey, are merely the beginning of a more profound exploration of Prayer's potential.

Unlocking Helpful Prayers: "The Temple at Senntisten" quest emerges as a pivotal milestone within your Prayer journey. Completing this quest not only unravels a tale of ancient power and enigmatic history but also grants you access to Ancient Curses. These potent prayers, veiled in antiquity, introduce a new dimension to your combat repertoire. With unparalleled versatility, Ancient Curses empower you with unique combat advantages that transcend the boundaries of conventional prayers. By embracing these curses, you align yourself with forces beyond mortal comprehension, a testament to your mastery over Prayer and combat.


Celebrate Your Achievement: Reaching level 99 Prayer signifies your dedication to mastering the art of spiritual communication, granting you access to potent prayers and enhancing your effectiveness in RuneScape 3's dynamic world.