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OSRS Fletching boosts

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Fletching is a skill which allows the player to create various types of ranged weapons and their ammunition. The products of this skill are primarily used in the combat skill, Ranged. It also provides some of the most popular materials used for High Alchemy, which is a commonly used method for training the Magic skill.

At a higher Fletching level, the skill can be trained without losing any coins, although a decent amount of working capital is very useful. Money can usually be generated at higher Fletching levels. Alternatively, it can be extremely fast with more expensive methods.

Temporary skill boost

Fletching cape Fletching skillcape

Players can search the cape and obtain a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow three times per day. Increase +1 (Visible)

A Fletching cape can be purchased for 99,000 coins from Hickton at Catherby by players who have achieved level 99 Fletching. It is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Fletching skill. Like all other skill capes, it can temporarily boost your fletching level by one. Fletching capes are of a slightly saturated teal colour and have a gold trim if the player has more than one level 99 skill.

Like all skill capes, the Fletching cape gives +9 to all defensive stats, and also a +4 bonus to prayer if it is trimmed, which requires a separate skill at level 99. The cape is automatically trimmed if this condition is met.

Players can search the cape and obtain a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow three times per day. This does not work in duels.

The Fletching cape has a niche use where its perk can be utilised when entering Armadyl's Eyrie in the God Wars Dungeon if the player does not need a crossbow to fight Kree'arra. This is done by dropping two supplies, searching the cape, equipping the crossbow and grapple, grappling across, dropping two more supplies on the other side, grappling back, picking up the original two supplies, grappling back across, un-equip and drop the crossbow and grapple, and finally picking up the second set of two supplies.

This item can be stored in the cape rack of a costume room, as part of the Fletching cape set, along with the hood. Ultimate Ironmen will be unable to retrieve individual pieces until the full set is stored.

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Dragonfruit pie Dragonfruit pie +4

Hitpoins 10 per bite. Increase +4 (Visible)

Dragonfruit pies are a type of pie that can be obtained by baking an uncooked dragonfruit pieon a cooking range, requiring level 73 Cooking and granting 220 experience when successful. Players may burn the pie while baking one, resulting in a burnt pie; the burn rate while cooking these will decrease as players reach higher Cooking levels. Even at level 99, they still have a chance to burn, unless the player is using a Cooking cape or theHosidius kitchen. Alternatively, casting the Bake Pie spell from the lunar spellbook guarantees successful baking of all pies.

Dragonfruit pie heals 20 hitpoints in total, 2 bites each healing 10, and grants a temporary skill boost to Fletching by 4 levels, the second highest available. However, this is a reliable boost, unlike orange spicy stew, which provides a random boost between a -5 and 5 when 3 orange spices are added.


 cooking dragonfruit pie

1. Use pastry dough on a pie dish to make a pie shell

2. Use a dragonfruit on the pie shell to make an uncooked dragonfruit pie

3. Cook the uncooked dragonfruit pie on a range to finish a dragonfruit pie

Spicy stew (Orange spice) Spicy stew (Orange spice) ±0-5

Hitpoins 11. Depending on type of stew, any skill except Hitpoins can be boosted or reduced by 0 to 5 levels randomly. Increase ±0-5 (Visible)

Orange spice is one of four spices used on stew to make spicy stew. Completion of the Freeing Evil Dave subquest of Recipe for Disaster is required to obtain the spices in Evil Dave's Basement of Doom in Edgeville. The simplest method to obtain these spices is to send your cat to catch Hell-Rats, which will yield between 1 to 4 doses of any of the spice colours. Another option is to kill the Hell-Rat Behemoth in the north-western room, which will always drop a 4 dose of the orange spice. It is possible to combine lower doses of the orange spice on each other to create 4 dose shakers. Once all doses are used it becomes an empty spice shaker.

Spicy stews containing orange spice can temporarily boost or drain the stats of Cooking, Crafting, Construction, Firemaking, Fletching, Runecraft, and Smithing. It is possible to use 1 to 3 doses on a stew yielding, -1 to +1, -3 to +3 and -5 to +5 respectively. Orange spice is considered the most useful due to the fact that it is the only way to visibly boost Firemaking and Runecraft.

Orange spicy stew is a common way for players to complete the Karamja Elite Diary with 86 Runecraft and building various high level objects in their POH.

Making the spicy stew

1. First, obtain a regular stew (easily purchased from Warriors' Guild).

2. Get the spices.

2.1. Get a cat (or hellcat) to chase the hell-rats.

2.2. Go to Evil Dave's basementin the house west of the Edgeville bank.

2.3. When the cat successfully captures a hellrat, it will drop a spice shaker, one of 4 colours, which may have up to 4 doses of that colour in it. After the Evil Dave subquest for Recipe for Disaster has been completed, you can gather spices much more quickly. Using a cat (wily is best) to attack the hell-rat behemoths. These will always give a 4 dose of the specific colour spice they are guarding. Bring any type of fish to heal your cat if they are going to die. You must use the fish on the curtain. (Tip: Raw salmon and trout can be looted in Barbarian Village on a busy server, or raw karambwanji can be caught near Shilo Village; which are stackable and don't require banking. They do not have a quest requirement.)

3. Add up to 3 doses of a colour spice to the regular stew to get a spicy stew.

Evil Dave's spicy stew, or 'EVIL STEW OF DOOM' as he calls it, requires all 4 colours of spice and can boost or decrease a wide number of skills which can be -5 to +5. Each of the four colours of spice affects its own specific set of skills, so players making spicy stew after the quest usually only use one colour of spice, to get a temporary boost in a particular skill.

As with all temporary skill boosts, the spicy stew's level boost can be extended by making use of the Preserve prayer.

Each colour spice affects different skill levels by giving them a temporary increase or reduction, similar to taking a potion except that the effects are random every time. The number of doses added of a colour will determine how much the skills affected by that colour can gain or lose, as noted in the table. This is the maximum number of levels gained or lost. For example, if a stew contains two doses of red spice, each of the skills affected by red spice may gain or lose between 0 and 3 levels. Evil Dave's spicy stew (for the quest) takes all 4 coloured spices and needs to be approved by Evil Dave. You can make and eat spicy stew with only one colour of spice in it.

Note: The maximum positive skill boost for eating multiple spicy stews cannot exceed the maximum boost for one stew of that type (see Eating multiple stews below).

boost for eating multiple spicy stews