OSRS Herb Patch Guide

Herb Patch Guide

Herb patches in OSRS refer to specific areas where players can grow herbs for use in creating potions and other purposes. These patches are located in various places throughout the game and are essential to the Farming Skill, providing resources and experience to those who tend to them properly. Each herb variety takes approximately 80 minutes to reach full maturity. Starting the growth process for a specific herb in each patch requires the use of a single seed. Using a seed dibber is necessary for planting the herb seed, and when it's time to harvest the herbs, a spade will be required.

In contrast to allotments, safeguarding herbs from disease isn't possible, unless utilizing a disease-free patch. Regularly checking on the herbs and applying a plant cure, if necessary, can rescue a diseased plant. To maximize yields, it's strongly recommended to employ ultracompost for valuable herb crops. This significantly reduces the risk of plant death and ensures a harvest of at least 6 herbs per seed, provided the plant survives. Yield-boosting equipment like magic secateurs also offer substantial benefits to players.


Currently, there are a total of nine herb patches spread across the game world. Below, we have compiled a list of these patches along with their respective locations and guidance on how to reach each one:

Patch South Falador


Patch South Falador

South of Falador

Gardener: Elstan



Explorer's ring 2 or higher

Spirit tree to Port Sarim

Draynor Manor Teleport

Amulet of glory to Draynor Village

Skills necklace to Mining Guild

Ring of Wealth to Falador Park

Falador Teleport

Patch West of Port Phasmatys


Patch West of Port Phasmatys

West of Port Phasmatys

Gardener: Lyra




Fairy ring code A-L-Q

Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport

Kharyrll Teleport

Charter ship to Port Phasmatys

Patch North of Catherby


Patch North of Catherby

North of Catherby

Gardener: Dantaera



Catherby Teleport

Camelot Teleport then run east

Pacht North of Ardougne


Pacht North of Ardougne

North of Ardougne

Gardener: Kragen



Ardougne cloak 2 or higher

Skills necklace to Fishing Guild

Fishing Guild Teleport

Combat bracelet to Ranging Guild

Quest point cape teleport

Fairy ring code B-L-R

Ardougne Teleport

Patch South-west corner of Hosidius


Patch South-west corner of Hosidius

South-west corner of Hosidius

Gardener: Marisi



Xeric's talisman to Xeric's Glade

Hosidius portal: Teleport to House spell or redirected house tab

Kharedst's memoirs to Lunch by the lancalliums

Tithe Farm minigame teleport

Spirit Tree to Hosidius (with 45 Agility for the river jump shortcut)

Skills Necklace to Woodcutting Guild, then run east (45 Agility for the Hosidius river jump shortcut)

Patch Roof of the Troll Stronghold


Patch Roof of the Troll Stronghold

Roof of the Troll Stronghold

Gardener: My Arm or Drunken Dwarf's Leg

(requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure)



Stony basalt teleport (requires completion of Making Friends with My Arm)

Trollheim Teleport, then west. The agility shortcut requires 73 Agility and completion of the Fremennik Hard Diary. Otherwise, the patch can be accessed from a ladder inside the Troll Stronghold.

Redirected house tab

Patch Harmony Island


Patch Harmony Island

Harmony Island

(Elite Morytania Diary required)



Harmony Island Teleport

Mos le'harmless teleport scroll then talk to Brother Tranquility

Ectophial, run to Port Phasmatys docks and take a boat ride to Mos Le'Harmless via Bill Teach. Talk to Brother

Tranquility to arrive at Harmony Island

Minigame teleport to Trouble Brewing then run west then south to Brother Tranquility​​​​​​​

Patch Weiss

Patch Weiss

Gardener: Boulder

(The Fire of Nourishment must be built)



Icy basalt.

Fairy ring code D-K-S, then travel on Larry's boat on the coast north-west, then run to the patch on the west side of Weiss.

Patch Farming Guild

Patch Farming Guild

Farming Guild

( 65 Farming and 60% Hosidius favour required)



Farming cape teleport

Skills necklace to Farming Guild

Spirit tree planted in the Farming Guild

Fairy ring code C-I-R, then run south-west

Battlefront Teleport to Battlefront, then run west


Various herb patches offer distinct advantages either upon unlocking or once specific requirements are met:

1. The herb patch south of Falador yields a 10% experience boost after completing the Medium Falador diary.

2. The herb patch north of Catherby provides 5%, 10%, and 15% extra yield upon completing the medium, hard, and elite Kandarin diaries respectively.

3. The second-tier herb patch in the Farming guild grants a 5% extra yield with the completion of the hard Kourend & Kebos Diary.

4. The herb patch in Hosidius offers a 5% additional yield upon completing the hard Kourend & Kebos Diary.

5. All herb patches yield 10% more when wielding or having Magic secateurs in the inventory.

6. Wearing a Farming cape boosts yield by 5% on all herb patches.

7. A planted Attas seed provides a 5% higher chance of saving a plant's life on all herb patches.

8. Disease-free patches in Trollheim and Weiss are unlocked through the quests "My Arm's Big Adventure" and "Making Friends with My Arm" respectively.

9. A disease-free patch in Hosidius becomes accessible with 50% Hosidius favor.