OSRS Swan Song Quest Guide

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Swan Song Quest Guide OSRS

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quest poins 100 Quest points

magic 66 Magic 

cooking 62 Cooking 

fishing 62 Fishing 

smithing 45 Smithing 

firemaking 42 Firemaking 

crafting 40 Crafting

The ability to defeat a combat level 170 monster, which is able to use Magic, Melee and can drain Prayer.

Quests Required:

One Small Favour

Rune Mysteries

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Garden of Tranquillity

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

Items Required:

10 mist runes

10 lava runes

5 blood runes

7 bones (obtainable during the quest)

An airtight pot – created by using a pot lid on a pot

A pot, or

A soft clay if making your own pot during quest, or

A pickaxe (obtainable during the quest) if mining your own clay during quest

A pot lid, or

A soft clay if making your own pot lid during quest (note: 2 soft clay needed if making both pot and pot lid), or

A pickaxe (obtainable during the quest) if mining your own clay during quest

5 iron bars, or

A pickaxe (obtainable during the quest) if mining your own iron during quest

1 set of logs of any kind, or

An axe (obtainable during quest) if chopping your own logs during quest

A tinderbox (obtainable during the quest)

A hammer (obtainable during the quest)

A small fishing net (given to you during the quest if you do not have one)

A brown apron (given to you during the quest if you do not have one)


1. Combat 60 Combat level

2. Teleportation method to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony:

Several Piscatoris teleports can be used to teleport there directly

A Dramen staff or Lunar staff – if using fairy rings A-K-Q

50 coins or a ring of charos – if using Kathy Corkat's boat from west of Tree Gnome Stronghold

3. An amulet of glory (to teleport to Draynor Village)

4. A skills necklace (to teleport to the Crafting Guild)

5. Watchtower teleport runes or tablet (requires completing Watchtower), or Nightmare Zone Grouping teleport

6. It is best to bring 4 to 5 Admiral pies if boosting Fishing level.

7. Some prayer potions (to offset the Sea Troll Queen's magical Prayer-draining attacks)

8. Some good food/healing

9. Cooking gauntlets (to reduce the chance of burning the 5 Monkfish caught during the quest)

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Ok Let’s do this!

Embarking on Swan Song

To conveniently reach the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, employing a Piscatoris teleport scroll is the simplest approach. Alternatively, you can utilize a boat from the river located to the west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. For boat access, either pay Kathy Corkat a fee of 50 coins or use your charm while wearing the Ring of Charos. Subsequent to commencing the quest, no further payments will be necessary. Another viable option involves using the fairy ring code "akq" and then heading north-east to reach the Colony.

poin start quest

Upon arriving at the Colony, take a brief stroll north-east and engage in conversation with Herman Caranos. By agreeing to assist him, the quest will commence. Herman will task you with locating the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village and enlisting his aid. Accept this responsibility and make your way to Draynor Village.

Consulting the Wise Old Man

Initiate a dialogue with the Wise Old Man. Following a series of discussions, he will express his need for 10 lava runes, 10 mist runes, and 5 blood runes before agreeing to provide his assistance. Furnish him with these specified runes and subsequently make your way back to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Confrontation at the Colony

Return to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Instead of Herman Caranos, you'll find the Wise Old Man waiting for you. Engage in conversation with him, and he will guide you into the main Colony grounds. Here, you'll face a battle against eight level 79 Sea trolls.

Confrontation at the Colony

During the skirmish, the Wise Old Man will assist you by employing Saradomin Strike to strike at the trolls (often dealing high damage). After using up his rune supply, he'll resort to throwing stones at the trolls, inflicting a maximum hit of 2. While it's possible to provide him with additional blood, air, and fire runes during the battle, he'll only accept one rune at a time, which isn't very practical given the ongoing troll threat.

Upon vanquishing the trolls, proceed through the Colony's gates. The Wise Old Man will instruct you to locate Herman Caranos, then he'll vanish. Herman can be found in the building situated at the eastern extremity of the Colony.

Feel free to gather the bones dropped by the trolls, as you'll need seven of them later in the quest.

If you wish, you can also search Herman's desk for a book that delves into the Wise Old Man's history. This book will become accessible in your bookcase if you have a house with one.

Upon conversing with Herman, the Wise Old Man will reappear, prompting you to undertake a series of odd jobs within the colony.

Restoring the Colony

The subsequent tasks can be tackled in any sequence:

1. Restocking the Food Supply: Speak with Arnold Lydspor, and assist in replenishing the Fishing Colony's food stores.

2. Repairing the Walls: Engage in conversation with Franklin Caranos, and take on the responsibility of restoring the Colony's walls.

Arnold Lydspor - Restocking the Food Supply

You can locate Arnold Lydspor at the western bank near Herman Caranos, marked by the bank sign on the minimap.

Note: You won't be able to access Arnold's bank and general store until the quest is completed.

Arnold will inform you about the dire food situation in the Fishing Colony. He will request five cooked fresh monkfish to replenish their food stores. He'll provide you with a small fishing net to catch fresh monkfish, which can be found northwest of the location. If you're using a boost to achieve exactly level 62 Fishing, make sure to have at least eight doses, as Sea Trolls will spawn each time you attempt to fish, potentially dropping your level and consuming your time. It's wise to catch a few extra monkfish to account for potential burns during cooking.

During the fishing process, you will be confronted by three Sea Trolls with increasing levels: 65, 87, and 101. Defeating them is essential to continue fishing. After obtaining the fresh monkfish, cook them on a nearby range to the south. Once you've cooked five fresh monkfish, bring them to Arnold. If some of them get burned during cooking, present the cooked ones to Arnold and return to fishing for more. Additionally, keep in mind that despite being quest items, clicking on fresh monkfish might automatically "eat" them, providing a mere 1 hitpoint of healing.

Franklin Caranos - Repairing the West Walls

Locate Franklin Caranos near the entrance gate of the Colony.

Franklin will ask you to craft five iron sheets for repairing the west walls. He'll provide you with a tinderbox to heat the metal press. If you have the necessary iron bars and logs, you can proceed to the steps below. Otherwise, follow these instructions:

1. Retrieve a pickaxe and an axe from the pile east of Franklin.

2. Exit the Colony through the gate and head back underneath the hole. To the south, you'll find several rocks where you can mine iron ores. Gather enough to produce five iron bars. The smithing process at the Colony will have the standard 50% success rate.

3. Cut down a dead tree to obtain some logs.

4. Return to the Colony, smith your ores into bars (mine more ores if needed), and gather a total of five iron bars.

Once you have the iron bars and logs, proceed as follows:

1. Enter the building with the furnace.

2. Use your logs on the Firebox located on the east end of the press, then use the tinderbox to light them.

3. Utilize your iron bars with the press to create iron sheets.

4. Inform Franklin that you have the iron sheets, and he will provide you with a hammer for repairing the walls to the west.

5. Repair the walls by using the iron sheets on the broken wall sections. Do not use the hammer directly on the wall; instead, use the iron sheets.

6. After repairing the walls, speak to Franklin once more.Repairing the West Walls

Important: Ensure you keep the pickaxe, as you will need it to mine clay in the upcoming part if you didn't bring any.

Raising an Army and Visiting Wizard Frumscone

Return to the Wise Old Man and Herman Caranos, who inform you of the need to assemble an army to confront and defeat the Sea trolls once and for all. The Wise Old Man suggests visiting Wizard Frumscone in the basement of the Wizards' Guild.

Note: If your Magic level is below 66, you will need to boost it.

Here are the steps to proceed:

1. If you haven't picked up a pickaxe yet, consider doing so now.

2. Travel to Yanille using any recommended method, such as using the minigame teleport to the Nightmare Zone or any other convenient teleport.

3. If you arrive in Yanille using the minigame teleport, exit the area through the tunnel first.

4. If you need seven normal bones, a pot, and a pot lid, retrieve these items from your bank.

5. Enter the Wizards' Guild and descend the ladder to the basement. Wizard Frumscone will appear and explain that he can't assist you, but he mentions Malignius Mortifer as a potential helper.

6. Be cautious not to carry any Saradomin-related items when speaking to Malignius, as he teleports you to Piscatoris Fishing Colony during the conversation. It's recommended not to drop items, as he will teleport you immediately after.

7. Teleport to Draynor Village using a charged amulet of glory or your preferred method. Head west to locate Malignius, who can be found accompanied by elemental wizards slightly north-west of the Port Sarim magic shop. Alternatively, use the southern portal in the Wizards' Guild to reach the Dark Wizards' Tower, where you can kill dark wizards for bones.

 elemental wizards location

8. Malignius will request seven normal bones. You can gather these by defeating highwaymen or chickens near the farm.

9. Once you have the bones, return to Malignius and he'll mention that you need a way to store the seeds he'll give you. He suggests asking in the Crafting Guild, which requires wearing a brown apron for access. He'll provide you with the apron.

10. In the Crafting Guild, ask the master craftsmen (identifiable by dreadlocks and no skillcape) about storing seeds. You'll learn that a pot with a pot lid is sufficient for this purpose.

11. If you don't have both items, follow these steps to craft them:

Mine two pieces of clay in the Crafting Guild mine.

Use the jug filled with water from the nearby sink to soften the clay.Shape the softened clay on the potter's wheel.

Fire the clay on the pottery oven to create a pot and pot lid.

12. Prepare your combat supplies at a bank, as Malignius will teleport you to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony immediately after your conversation concludes.

13. Return to Malignius with your pot and pot lid. Upon speaking to him, he will teleport you to the Fishing Colony.

The Final Battle

Upon entering the Colony and conversing with Herman Caranos, a cutscene will play, showcasing your army of Skeleton Mages triumphing over the Sea trolls. The Wise Old Man vanquishes the Sea Troll General effortlessly, but during his celebration, he is struck for 254 damage, rendering him unable to contribute further. You must now confront the Sea Troll Queen on your own.

The Final Battle

Here's what you need to do during the final battle:

1. The Sea Troll Queen is immobile, so positioning yourself away from her is advisable for ranged attacks. Keep a distance to avoid her Prayer-draining attack if you are using overhead protection prayers.

2. The Queen employs two types of attacks: Water Wave (Magic) and a basic Melee attack when in range. If you stay out of her melee range, she will use the Prayer-draining attack, which is more harmful. Wearing melee armor and using Protect from Magic prayer is a wise choice.

3. While wearing full Mystic robes and using the Mystic Might Prayer can reduce her accuracy, be cautious as her attacks can still deal significant damage.

4. Utilize the best Wave spell available to you for optimal effectiveness.

5. Engaging in melee combat with the Queen will prevent her from using the Prayer-draining attack. However, she will employ both Melee and Magic attacks, with Magic being more damaging. Protect from Magic and melee armor are recommended for this approach.

Defeating the Sea Troll Queen may require careful strategy, so approach the battle with preparation and caution. Once you've emerged victorious, speak with Herman to conclude the quest.

And that is! Quest complete!

Swan song Quest complete