OSRS Dark Beast Slayer Guide

OSRS Dark Beast Slayer Guide

Dark beasts are monsters that require 90 Slayer to kill, and are found in the Mourner Tunnels as well as in Iorwerth Dungeon in Prifddinas. Along with their superior variant, they are the only monster in the game to drop the dark bow and the death talisman.

Dark beasts attack with both Melee and Magic; however, they will only use Magic as their first attack if they are attacked by the player first, or if they cannot attack the player with Melee. Dark beasts do not follow tolerance rules, and are always aggressive to the player regardless of how long they have stayed in their presence. Their highly accurate melee attacks means that using Protect from Melee is recommended when killing dark beasts.

stats Dark Beast

Slayer Task

A combat level of 90 is required to have them assigned to the player as a Slayer task, unless the player has spoken to a Slayer Master about the difficulty of assignments; as well as 90 Slayer. The player also needs to have started Mourning's End Part II however no progression is required; if a player does not want them to be assigned do not continue the dialogue after completing Mourning's End Part I.

By default, Slayer Masters will only assign 10-20 Dark beasts for the Slayer task. However, the player can spend 100 Slayer reward points on Need more darkness to extend the amount assigned to 110-135.

Players who have a Slayer ring and completed Mourning's End Part II can rub the ring to immediately teleport to the dark beasts in the Mourner Tunnels. Another fast method to reach these dark beasts is the Death Altar through the Abyss. If the player cannot use these methods, then they will need to enter through the Mourner Headquarters.


location dark beast

Dark beasts can be killed with Melee, Magic or Ranged. Melee is the most effective against them and should be used in conjunction with high prayer bonus armour, such as Proselyte armour, for Protect from Melee. To maximise profit, players should bring a herb sack and a gem bag so that they can loot all herbs and gems they receive.

Gear Melee

Dark beasts will be aggressive towards you given that you're not already engaged in combat, and use their magical attacks if they are out of melee range or IF you attack them first. This is largely prevented by standing in the middle (unless sharing then split left right) and allowing a new beast to attack you after one has been killed. Proselyte or Initiate armour is recommended to reduce the prayer point waste.

You are completely safe to pray melee and AFK the whole task, so long as you don't attack them first.

The Saradomin godsword is an excellent choice as it can be used to receive free prayer points. As the special attack also heals, high level players do not need to bring food. However, players who have unlocked Bigger and Badder may want to bring food still, since an encounter with a Night Beast may demand healing.

It is important to note that if you are not using a cannon, mage attacks will not appear and the superior version's magic attacks cannot kill you.

Suggested skills

slayer 90+

strength 80+

attack 80+

defence 80+

prayer 43+ (Protect from Melee)


Item (most effective → least effective)

Equipment Melee


Saradomin godsword

2-3 Divine super combat potion

12-18 Prayer potions

Slayer ring

Holy wrench if not using a Ring of the gods (i) or a Prayer Cape.

Bonecrusher if not using a Bonecrusher Necklace.

Herb sack

Gem bag

Seed box

Optional: 2-3 shark if you're cannoning.

Optional: Rune pouch to hold chaos, death, and blood rune drops

Optional: High Level Alchemy runes to turn drops into gp

Optional: One-click teleport for emergency

Optional: Dwarf multicannon and cannonballs