[OSRS] Hardest Pets to Obtain

Guide to [OSRS] - Most Difficult Pets to Obtain in Old School RuneScape


In Old School RuneScape, there is a variety of adorable pets that players can obtain. Some of these pets are relatively easy to get, while others represent a significant challenge due to their low drop rates and specific requirements. In this guide, we will explore the hardest pets to obtain in OSRS and provide strategies and tips to increase your chances of success in acquiring these valuable companions.

Hardest Pets - Introduction

The hardest pets to obtain in Old School RuneScape are those that require time, patience, and dedication to acquire. These pets are often associated with high-level bosses and activities, making them a true challenge for players. Some of the hardest pets include:

1. Pet Olmlet:This unique pet is obtained by completing the Chambers of Xeric Challenge, one of the toughest bosses in OSRS.

Pet Olmlet

2. Jal-Nib-Rek (Inferno Pet): The ultimate reward for completing the Inferno minigame, known for being one of the most extreme challenges in the game.

Jal-Nib-Rek (Inferno Pet

Pet Tangleroot: Obtained while training Farming skills, this pet is extremely rare and will require a lot of patience to obtain.

Pet Tangleroot

Pet snakeling: Zulrah is a high-level boss found in Zul-Andra. Its pet, Snakeling, is obtained with a very low drop rate and is only available on drop tables after completing the Ardougne Elite Diary.


Vet’ion jr: To obtain Vet'ion Jr., players must venture into the heart of the Wilderness and face Vet'ion. However, keep in mind that this task is not easy, as the Wilderness is a dangerous area where other players can attack you at any time. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared and take precautions to minimize the risk of being ambushed by other players while pursuing Vet'ion Jr.

Vet'ion Jr

Rift Guardian:  To get your hands on this pet, you will need to work on leveling your Runecrafting to level 99. The chance of getting this pet is dependent on both your level and the essence you are crafting. The fastest way to grind for this pet is by crafting mind stones using the Mind Altar Teleport. That said, crafting lava runes can also be recommended, as they only provide a slightly lower chance of receiving this pet, but more experience overall.

Rift guardian

Kree’arra Jr: To have a chance of obtaining this pet, players must face the boss Kree'arra and wait for a drop opportunity. However, keep in mind that the Pet Kree'arra has a relatively low drop rate, which means it may require multiple attempts and patience to obtain it.

Kree'arra Jr

Strategies for Obtaining Difficult Pets

Prepare Your Equipment and Levels

Before attempting to face bosses or activities that grant difficult pets, ensure you have the appropriate equipment and skill levels to take on these challenges.

1. Study Attack Patterns: Each boss has specific attack patterns. Study these patterns and learn the mechanics to improve your chances of survival and obtaining the pet.

2. Be Patient and Persistent: Obtaining rare pets can take time. Don't get discouraged if you don't get the pet on your first attempts. Be patient and keep trying.

3. Join Groups and Clans: Facing challenging activities with other players can increase your chances of success. Join groups or clans specializing in bosses and activities that grant rare pets.

4. Stay Informed: Keep track of game news and updates. Sometimes, developers may adjust pet drop rates, which could influence your chances of obtaining them.

Rare and Prestigious Pets

In addition to the most difficult pets, there are other rare and prestigious pets in OSRS that pose exciting challenges for players. Some of these pets include: [List the names of other rare and prestigious pets]

Pet Dagannoth Prime, Supreme y Rex: Obtain these rare pets while killing the Dagannoth bosses on Waterbirth Island.

Pet Dagannoth Prime, Supreme y Rex

Pet Kraken: Obtain this rare pet while killing the Kraken in the Stronghold Slayer Cave.

Pet Kraken

Celebration of Achievements

Obtaining a difficult pet in OSRS is a significant achievement and a cause for celebration. Many players consider these pets as symbols of their dedication and skill in the game. Share your achievements with the OSRS community and join other players who have succeeded in the quest for difficult pets.

High-Level Boss Pets

The most challenging pets to obtain in OSRS often come from high-level bosses, which require a great mastery of combat and advanced tactics to defeat. Here are some high-level boss pets that represent a real challenge:

Pet Corporeal Beast: This massive boss in the Corporal Beast's Lair has a unique pet called the Corporeal Puppy. Obtained with an extremely low drop rate, this pet is a coveted target for pet hunters.

Pet Corporeal Beast

Pet General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kree'arra y Commander Zilyana: These bosses in the God Wars Dungeon have their respective pets, which require combat skills and precise strategies to obtain.

K'ril Tsutsaroth

Scorpia's offspring: This pet is obtained by defeating Scorpia in the Wilderness. The dangerous area and Scorpia's high combat level make this pet a significant challenge to obtain.

Pet Scorpia

Rewards for Effort

Obtaining a difficult pet in Old School RuneScape is not only an achievement in itself but also comes with additional rewards. Pets often become a display of your dedication and skill in the game and can serve as a focal point for conversations and admiration among other players. They can also add value to your account and enhance your prestige within the OSRS community.

Furthermore, some pets offer unique advantages or bonuses in the game. For instance, the Tangleroot pet can increase crop yield while training Farming, which can be beneficial for your progress in the game.