OSRS Fever Spider Guide

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Fever Spider Guide OSRS

In this guide, we will delve into the Slayer task involving Fever Spiders in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Fever Spiders are unique Slayer monsters that demand a Slayer level of 42 to engage. They are exclusively located on Braindeath Island, specifically in the brewery basement. It's important to note that accessing them indirectly requires initiating the "Rum Deal" quest. Fighting these spiders necessitates the use of Slayer gloves to avoid suffering damage equivalent to 13% of your Hitpoints level and contracting a disease. Fever Spiders are often regarded as a quick task due to their abundant numbers and relatively low defensive capabilities.

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Requirements to Face Fever Spiders:

slayer Slayer level 42.

Access to Braindeath Island, which involves starting the "Rum Deal" quest.

Location of Fever Spiders:

Fever Spiders can only be found on Braindeath Island, specifically within the brewery basement. This area becomes accessible as part of the "Rum Deal" quest.

Location of Fever Spiders

Combat Strategy and Gear:

1. Players are required to wear Slayer gloves when actively battling Fever Spiders to avoid the aforementioned damage and disease. However, players employing Ranged or Magic combat styles can choose to equip more beneficial handslot items and utilize safespots effectively.

2. A notable safespot for Fever Spiders can be found in the south-west corner of the area. Here, players can trap spiders along the edges of crates.

3. For players safespotting Fever Spiders without the use of Slayer gloves, it is advisable to carry Relicym's balm as a precaution in case accidental disease is contracted.






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