OSRS Death Plateau Quest Guide

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Death Plateau Quest Guide OSRS

"Death Plateau" is a brief quest that revolves around aiding the Burthorpe Imperial Guard in their mission to secure access to the Death Plateau. Their ultimate objective is to confront and subdue the hostile trolls that pose a threat to the region. Your assistance in this endeavor is vital to ensure the safety and security of the area.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required:

60 coins (bring 1000 for the gambling dice with Harold part)

10 unnoted bread

10 unnoted cooked trout

Iron bar

Asgarnian ale (can be found on the bar at the pub in Burthorpe)

Start point:

Talk to Denulth in his tent in Burthorpe. Tell him you will discover the path for him.

start point

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Initiate a conversation with Denulth to commence the quest. He will outline the task at hand, entrusting you with the responsibility of discovering an alternate route to ascend the Death Plateau. Additionally, Denulth will mention the guard's unfortunate loss of the combination needed for this endeavor.

Embark on a journey toward the nearby castle situated to the north. Once there, make your way upstairs within the castle's confines, as you continue your quest to uncover a solution to the challenge at hand.

talk to denulth

Engage in conversation with Eohric, who can be found on the top floor of the castle. Express your purpose by selecting the dialogue option, "I'm looking for the guard that was on last night." In response, Eohric will divulge that the guard in question goes by the name of Harold and is currently located at the Toad and Chicken Inn. This valuable piece of information will guide your next steps in the quest.


Exit the castle and proceed south, slightly veering to the east until you reach the Toad and Chicken Inn. Ascend to the upper floor of the inn and locate the westernmost room. Within this room, initiate a conversation with Harold, focusing on the topic of the lost combination. Initially, Harold may resist discussing the matter.

Return to Eohric in the castle and seek his counsel once more. He will suggest that Harold may become more talkative if offered a drink and informed that you possess a Blurberry special. If you have an Asgarnian ale in your possession, provide it to Harold as a gesture of goodwill.

Furthermore, consider engaging Harold in a gambling session, wagering a sum of 500 coins or more. When you emerge victorious in the gamble, you will receive an IOU as part of your winnings. Carefully examine the IOU, taking note that the combination is inscribed on the back.

Return to the castle and collect the colored stone balls, which are instrumental in your quest. Arrange these stones in the specific order indicated below:

(Note: Retain the IOU, as it will prove useful in later stages of the quest. If, by any chance, you misplace the IOU, rest assured that you can procure a replacement by conversing with Harold.)

Combination code to the storage room.

Ascend to the upper floor of the castle and approach the archer who stands there. Extend your gratitude for discovering the correct combination and assisting the guard in their mission.

Subsequently, return to Denulth and inform him of your progress. He will convey that the next step involves locating the path to the plateau. Embark on a northwestward journey along the path that leads toward Death Plateau. Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings, and you will soon encounter a cave. Venture into this cave and initiate a conversation with Saba, who awaits within. Saba's guidance will be instrumental in advancing your quest.

defeat archer

To locate the Sherpa, follow these steps:

1. Begin your ascent of Death Plateau until you encounter a wounded soldier.

2. Once you spot the wounded soldier, proceed by walking west along the southern path.

3. You will eventually reach a door at the path's end. Knock on this door.

4. Tenzing the Sherpa will admit you if you assure him that you are not the milkman.

The map of Death Plateau.

Upon entering, inquire with Tenzing about the path leading to the plateau. However, he will withhold this information until you fulfill an errand on his behalf. Tenzing will request that you procure 10 cooked trout and 10 bread. Additionally, you are tasked with repairing his climbing boots at the local blacksmith, Dunstan.

Journey to the blacksmith's shop located east of the castle, and engage in a conversation with Dunstan. Initially, Dunstan will be reluctant to mend the boots, as Tenzing has not settled the payment for a prior pair of boots. However, Dunstan may be persuaded to repair the boots if you agree to assist him in getting his son enlisted in the army. This marks the new objective in your quest.

talk to dunstan

Return to Denulth and report the progress you've made in securing Dunstan's certificate for his son's army enlistment. Denulth will provide you with the certificate, which you can then deliver to Dunstan.

Upon presenting the certificate and an iron bar to Dunstan, he will make the necessary repairs to Tenzing's climbing boots. Acquire the repaired boots from Dunstan and ensure you have the 10 bread, 10 cooked trout, and the fixed boots in your possession.

Return to Tenzing with these items and present them to him. In return, Tenzing will furnish you with a map revealing the secret path leading to the plateau. Exit Tenzing's house through the northern exit and proceed along this path.

As you follow the path, you will eventually receive a notification indicating that you have traversed a sufficient distance. At this point, retrace your steps and make your way back to Denulth. You can either walk back or utilize the Games Necklace teleport to reach Burthorpe more swiftly.

Upon reaching Denulth, recount your journey and provide him with the Secret Way Map and the combination you have obtained. Your reward will be granted for the successful completion of the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

death plateau completed

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