[OSRS] Monkey Madness 2 Guide

Guide Monkey Madness II

The quest "Monkey Madness II" is an exciting continuation of the story in which King Narnode Shareen seeks the player's help to find Glough and stop his evil plans. The quest introduces new challenges, enemies, and areas to explore, and offers unique rewards for players who successfully complete the adventure.

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Complete the following quests:

1. Rune Mysteries

2. The Eyes of Glouphrie

3. Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei

4. Monkey Madness I

5. The Grand Tree

6. Tree Gnome Village

7. Troll Stronghold

8. Death Plateau

9. Watchtower

Required skill levels:

69 Slayer

70 Crafting

60 Hunter

55 Agility

55 Thieving

60 Firemaking (without boosts).

High combat and agility levels are also recommended (suggested combat level of 90).

Items needed:



Pestle and mortar

Pickaxe (if choosing the tank route)


Light source

Hammer (can be obtained on the island)

Chisel (can be obtained on the island)

M'speak amulet

Monkey talisman (can be obtained on the island)

Ninja or Gorilla greegree (small or medium)

Slashing weapon (if choosing the tank route)

The Grand Tree translation book (can get a replacement from King Narnode during the quest)


Combat level 90

Magic logs (for flying back to Gnome Stronghold)

Food (monkfish or better)

Stamina potions

Prayer potions

Antidote+ or Serpentine helm

A good weapon

Weight-reducing clothing like Graceful outfit

Armor with high melee/ranged defense

An emergency teleport with a single click

Enemies to defeat:

1. Kruk (level 207)

2. Keef (level 178)

3. Kob (level 185)

4. 7 tortured gorillas (level 142)

5. 2 tortured gorillas (level 141)

6. 2 demonic gorillas (level 275)

7. Glough (level 431)

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Chapter I

Items needed:

A lemon, grapes, pestle and mortar, translation book (Monkey Madness I or obtained from King Narnode), no weapons or armour and 3 inventory spaces,

1. Speak to King Narnode Shareen at the Gnome Stronghold Tree. He will tell you that Glough has escaped and ask you to search for clues about his whereabouts.

2. Go to Glough's house, located southeast of the Grand Tree. Climb the ladder and then the tree on the other side of the house. Right-click on the tree branch and select 'Investigate' to obtain a handkerchief with the initials 'AA.'

3. Head to Anita's house in the Gnome Stronghold, located on the northwest staircase. Ask her what's bothering her, and she will mention her concerns about Glough possibly seeing another woman. Offer to help, and mention that you heard whispers upstairs.

4. Return to Glough's house and climb the tree twice to reach the upper level of his house. Investigate the gnome statue to activate a hidden switch. Then, search the cupboard to obtain a spy book. Read it, and then search the crates to the northwest to receive a brush. Investigate the remains of the fire to get a mysterious note.

5. To decipher the note, use the pestle and mortar on the lemon to get lemon crush. Then, use the note on nearby candles or a lit candle. Next, use the brush on the grapes to get the brush covered in juice. Finally, use the brush covered in juice on the mysterious note to get a scribbled note in the ancient gnome language.

6. If you don't have the translation book, go talk to King Narnode and get the translation book. Then, use the book on the scribbled note before speaking to the king again. He will suggest you talk to Anita to get a translation.

7. Go back to Anita and ask her to translate the note. She will give you a translated note. Read it, and then return to King Narnode, who will discover that the assistant Le Smith helped Glough escape.

8. Speak to the assistant Lori, located south of Glough's tree, to inquire about Le Smith. She will tell you that she is Le Smith's replacement and that she doesn't know what happened to him. She will recommend you talk to Auguste.

9. Travel to Entrana using the Gnome Glider transport. Be sure to leave all your weapons and armor behind as they are not allowed on Entrana. Speak to Auguste and you'll find out that Le Smith went missing while attempting to travel to Ape Atoll in a hot air balloon.

10. Return to King Narnode, and he will ask you to go to Ape Atoll to speak with Garkor. Make sure to bring along the steel bar, granite, ripe banana, chicken feather, and paper before heading to Ape Atoll.

investigating Glough's house

Chapter II

Items needed:

Pickaxe, M'speak amulet, monkey talisman, Ninja or Gorilla greegree, light source, slashing weapon.


The pickaxe and slashing weapon are not necessary for the Agility route.

Recommended items:

Food, antivenom, one-click emergency teleport, combat gear, super combat, stamina, and prayer potions.


1. Head to Ape Atoll using the fairy ring (code "C-L-R"). Equip your M'speak amulet and Ninja or Gorilla greegree, and find Garkor on the east side of the island.

2. Speak to Garkor, who will instruct you to speak with King Awowogei. Find Awowogei and ask him about the military plans. He will explain that he will only speak to Kruk. Report back to Garkor with this information.

3. Your next objective is to find and defeat Kruk to obtain his greegree and disguise yourself as him. Go to the hill west of the main gate where the monkey archers are located. Speak to one of them and inquire about Kruk. The monkey will tell you that Kruk has been absent from his post lately and will start tracking him from the base of the hill.

4. After descending the hill, you should spot some footprints. Follow them to a hidden trapdoor in the tall grass, just south of the northern transport icon on the minimap.

5. Open the trapdoor and enter Kruk's dungeon. Note that your greegree will lose its effectiveness when you enter the cave and "get torn from your hands." If your inventory is full, the greegree will drop to the ground when you enter.

6. Kruk is located beyond the monkey bars to the north of the entrance, but since you cannot use them yet, you'll have to opt for one of two long routes to reach him.


Map of Kruk's Dungeon

Agility Route

Recommended for players with Agility level 70 or higher

This route is less dangerous compared to the other one, but it requires an Agility level of at least 70. However, players must be prepared to quickly activate the appropriate protection prayer each time they fail an obstacle, as they will fall to the lower floor, where they'll face numerous strong attacking monkeys, such as Maniacal Monkeys or Maniacal Monkey Archers, depending on the drop location. It's important to carry a light source as the lower floor is dark.


1. Head to Ape Atoll using the fairy ring (code "C-L-R"). Equip your M'speak amulet and the Ninja or Gorilla greegree, and find Garkor on the east side of the island.

2. Speak to Garkor, who will instruct you to speak with King Awowogei. Find Awowogei and ask him about the military plans. Awowogei will explain that he will only speak to Kruk. Report back to Garkor with this information.

3. Your current objective is to find and defeat Kruk to obtain his greegree and disguise yourself as him. Go to the hill west of the main gate where the monkey archers are located. Speak to one of them, and the monkey will tell you that Kruk has been disappearing from his post lately and will start tracking him from the base of the hill.

4. After descending the hill, you should find some footprints. Follow them to a hidden trapdoor in the tall grass, just south of the northern transport icon on the minimap.

5. Open the trapdoor and enter Kruk's dungeon. Note that your greegree will lose its effect when you enter the cave and "get torn from your hands." If your inventory is full, the greegree will drop to the ground when you enter.

6. The dungeon consists of various Agility obstacles, and the correct path is random for each player. You'll need to find the correct way through trial and error. If a message saying "There's something about this route that feels wrong..." appears in the chat box when you fail an obstacle, it means that route has a 100% fail rate for you. Remember where it occurred and try another route.

7. There are five holes (labeled 1-5 on the map) on the lower floor. If you fall, you'll respawn at the last hole you passed, acting as checkpoints.

8. Follow the correct path by navigating the obstacles until you reach a huge room filled with uncertain terrain. Carefully navigate to the crack on the east side and enter to find a chest. Unlock it (right-click) and search it to obtain the bronze key. Then, head to the north side of the room, open the door with the key, and you'll reach Hole 3.

9. After passing through the door, use Protect from Missiles if you fall. Continue north through the obstacle maze, remembering exactly where you failed.

10. You'll emerge into a corridor at the northern end of the dungeon. Head west until you reach Hole 5. If you fall here, use Protect from Melee. Beware of falling rocks and attacking maniacal monkeys.

11. Navigate one last set of obstacles to the southwest. Near the end of this section, you'll find a strange wall that you can investigate to open a shortcut to the entrance. Be sure to do it to make the return easier! Beyond the last uncertain terrain is Kruk's room.

Note: Keep in mind that the correct path through the dungeon can be long and tortuous, so pay attention and use the map to avoid getting lost.

Tank Route

Items needed:

Slashing weapon to cut webs, pickaxe to clear rocks.

Recommended items:

Good tanking equipment, Saradomin brews for healing, runes for Blood Burst or Barrage.

This route is suitable for players who prefer a more defensive approach and have good tanking gear. The tunnels in the dungeon are multi-combat and filled with aggressive monkeys, as well as some scorpions or snakes. The monkeys can deal significant damage even with good tanking gear. Therefore, it's recommended to use Protect from Missiles, as the monkey archers have long-range and deal as much damage as their melee attacks.


1. Head east through the dungeon, cutting webs and clearing rocks. Note that the dungeon has an oval shape, making navigation easier.

2. The dungeon is dangerous, so be cautious of the numerous aggressive enemies. It's recommended to use Saradomin brews to get the maximum healing possible. Super restores are not necessary unless you plan on killing Kruk in the same run.

3. If you took the tank route and have reached a junction, there are two possible routes: the southeast route and the northern (interior) route. Try the southeast route first. If you can't cut the web in that room, continue reading from the next paragraph.

4. If you managed to pass through the web in the southern room, search for two chests in that room. Only one of the chests can be opened through the right-click option, while the other will show a message indicating it can't be opened. Search the open chest to receive a "combat scratched key." Then, continue east and then north until you encounter the alternate route.

5. If you couldn't pass through the web in the southern room, take the northern (interior) route. In this room, you'll find two chests, of which only one can be opened with the right-click option. Search the open chest to receive a "combat damaged key." Then, cut the web to the east and search for the other route.

6. After rejoining the other route, continue north and pass through another large room. The next section of the dungeon will be determined based on the key you obtained earlier. If you have a "combat scratched key," take the east route. If you have a "combat damaged key," take the west route.

7. There are traps in this section, such as dart and floor blade traps. You can attempt to disarm them for Thieving experience, but it's advisable to quickly run through to avoid significant damage.

8. Follow the correct path based on the key you have and head north and then west until you encounter the Agility route.

Reaching Kruk

After following the chosen route and navigating the dungeon's obstacles, you'll finally reach Kruk's chamber. Before facing him, ensure you have your gear prepared and your potions ready. Kruk uses both melee and ranged attacks, with his ranged attack being the most dangerous, potentially hitting up to 37 damage.

Combat Strategy:

I recommend attacking Kruk from a distance using stamina potions. Attack and then step back to maintain distance. This will reduce the number of high hits you receive from Kruk. Remember to pray Protect from Missiles while attacking him.

If your combat level is high enough, you can also face him in melee combat with Protect from Melee and Piety (or its equivalent prayer for players with lower combat level), making sure to keep your health above 40 to avoid strong hits.

For lower-level players, one option is to safespot Kruk. Stand next to a wall in the cave in such a way that there's a wall directly north or south of you, and Kruk stands diagonally to you. Attack Kruk when his health bar disappears and then step back to the original square to avoid damage.

fight against kruk

After defeating Kruk:

Once you have defeated Kruk, take his paw as proof and exit the dungeon through the rope to the west of the chamber. This will take you back to the ruined building where you hid from the monkey aunt during Monkey Madness I.

Now, you need to make a Kruk monkey with his paw and a monkey talisman. Head to the tunnel you originally walked through during Monkey Madness I. You can quickly get to the tunnel through the Ape Atoll teleport of the Arceuus Spellbook. If you can't cast the teleport, you can buy an Ape Atoll teleport tablet on the Grand Exchange.

Once in the tunnel, speak to Zooknock about the mission and ask him to create the Kruk monkey greegree for you. He will warn you about the potential effects of the greegree, as Kruk was powerful before his death. Once you obtain the greegree, equip it and return to Awowogei.

Awowogei will reveal that the monkeys are planning another attack with the help of the ogres from Gu'Tanoth and the generals from Troll Stronghold. With this crucial information, speak to Garkor to complete Chapter II of the quest.

Chapter III - Defeating Kob and Keef

Once you have completed Chapter II and spoken to Garkor, he will inform you about the threat posed by the ogres of Gu'Tanoth and the generals of Troll Stronghold. Your mission now is to confront the two generals: Kob and Keef. Make sure to have appropriate weapons and armor for the battle against them.


Bring suitable weapons and armor for combat. I recommend equipment with high melee or ranged defense, depending on your preferred combat style.

If you have an Agility level of 71 or higher, you won't need coins, as you can access Gu'Tanoth by jumping the broken wall near Hole 5 in the Kruk Dungeon. Otherwise, ensure you have 20 coins to pay the toll at the Gu'Tanoth gate.

A Trollheim teleport or an Earth tiara will allow you to quickly reach Trollheim if you need to return to Gu'Tanoth.

Having a Ring of Dueling or teleportation items to Yanille or Castle Wars will provide quick access to Gu'Tanoth.

Carry some food to restore your health during the battle.

Facing Kob:

1. Head to the Troll Stronghold and go to the southwest room on the main level.

2. Before speaking to Kob and accepting his challenge, activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the damage you receive from his melee attacks.

3. Challenge Kob to a deathmatch. Prepare yourself for the fight as he can hit hard, even through protection prayers.

4. If you are fighting in melee, make sure to attack and retreat to avoid taking too much damage. If you are using ranged or magic combat style, keep your distance to avoid his melee attacks.

5. Continue attacking Kob and use your prayer and food wisely until you defeat him. Once you have beaten him, Kob will beg for mercy and promise not to assist the monkeys.

Facing Keef:

1. Go to Gu'Tanoth and look for Keef near the other guards of the city, beyond all the bridges. If you have an Agility level of 71 or higher, you can use the shortcut near Keef to save time.

2. Ensure you have 20 coins with you to pass the bridges if you are not using the shortcut.

3. Before speaking to Keef, activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the damage you will receive from his melee attacks.

4. Challenge Keef to a deathmatch and prepare for the fight. Keep in mind that he can hit hard and through protection prayers, although with reduced efficiency.

5. If Keef gets close to death, he will plead for mercy and promise not to help the monkeys.


Use your prayers and food wisely to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

If you need to replenish your supplies during the fights, you can return to the chambers of Kob and Keef at any time.

Once you have defeated Kob and Keef, speak with Garkor again to continue the mission.

Back in Ape Atoll

You'll need to gather some necessary items before continuing your mission. Ensure you have the Kruk greegree and the M'speak amulet with you. Additionally, I recommend carrying a teleport to Ape Atoll, weight-reducing clothing, energy, super energy, or stamina potions, a hammer, a chisel, and enough food to maintain your health in good condition.

Once you are prepared, return to Garkor and inform him that the ogres and trolls have decided not to help the monkeys. He will instruct you to look for the assistant Le Smith, who is somewhere in Ape Atoll, possibly on the rooftops or other high places within the city. You can find him in four possible locations:

1. On top of the bridge that connects the two watchtowers of the main gate.

2. Upper floor (up two flights of stairs) of the broken building next to the Child of the Monkey and Aunt of the Monkey.

3. Top floor of the jail. You can access this floor by climbing the ladder near Solihib's food stall, heading north, and climbing the ladder at the back of the wall of the room with the bamboo bed (the ladder is not marked on the minimap).

4. Top floor of the building west of the Magic Stall. To access this building, climb the ladder at the south end of the Temple of Marimbo, then go up the ladder at the northwest corner of the building and run southwest to reach the aforementioned building.

You can also try to find a cave east of the magic stall. If you find a crate in the southeast corner of the building, you can enter the cave. Proceed to the western end of the cave and climb the rope to find the assistant Le Smith. Keep in mind that this option may cause significant damage if you fall into the dungeon.

Once you find the assistant Le Smith, talk to him about the information you provided earlier and inquire about the boats. He will inform you that the monkeys are building a fleet of ships on the west coast of Ape Atoll.

Before heading to the northwest coast of Ape Atoll, make sure to wield the Kruk greegree and speak with the monkey next to the rowboat located in the northwest corner of the island. He will take you to the platform where you'll have to perform the next phase of the mission.

Once you are on the platform, you will transform back into human form. Here, your objective will be to collect six backpacks and fill them with explosives to place the charges around the platform. Be aware that guards patrol the platform, and if they catch you, you will be expelled from it. Each guard has a line of sight of 2 to 4 squares in front of them, including the square they stand on. Therefore, it is recommended to deceive the guards and memorize their patrol patterns to avoid them.

Follow the main path and jump the first staircase to the north. Continue until you find a staircase in a dead-end. Go up the staircase and head south until you reach another staircase. Go down this staircase and pick up the six backpacks along the way.

Then, return to the first staircase you found, go up, and follow the path until another staircase. Go down this staircase and head north until you reach a barrel with explosives. Fill all the backpacks before proceeding to each of the designated locations to place the explosive charges.

It is essential to note that if the guards catch you, the explosives will get wet and become useless, so you'll need to obtain more explosives again. However, the empty backpacks and already placed charges will remain even if you log out of the game.

Place the charges on two pillars on the first floor, two floorboards on the middle floor, and two gas canisters on the top floor. Once you have planted the last explosive, your character should recognize it.

Finally, to exit the platform, use the same staircase you entered from. If a guard finds you and expels you from the platform, you won't lose the explosive charges already placed. Good luck with this stage of the Monkey Madness II quest!

Glough's airship platform

Back to Kruk's Dungeon

Return to Garkor and report what has happened. Then, head back to the dungeon where you previously defeated Kruk in the labyrinth. You can avoid going through the labyrinth by going north and using the monkey bars with the Kruk's monkey greegree equipped.

Once inside the dungeon, go towards the northern passage (do not return to Kruk's room or climb up the vine). Go through the large doors and ride the stunted demonic gorilla to go downstairs, where you'll find three tortured gorillas wandering. If you didn't bring a hammer and chisel, you can search the nearby crates until you find one of each.

Glough will be in a cage and will order you to return the three tortured gorillas to their cage. While riding your stunted demonic gorilla, attack the three tortured gorillas one at a time. Use Protect from Melee prayer to reduce the damage they deal to you. When the gorillas are low on health, they will return to the cage.

Glough will start talking and tell you that the last strain of mutagen was too unstable. You ask him about the size of the army of creatures he has prepared, and he admits that he's currently only using test subjects. However, once he perfects the mutagen in an airborne form, he plans to release it on Ape Atoll. Glough pulls a lever to activate a device that uses charged onyx gems to infuse energy into his mutagens. Then, he teleports to find Le Smith.

Once Glough is gone, head to the nearby waiting area and dismount from the stunted demonic gorilla. Then, climb the stairs and unequip the Kruk's monkey greegree. Take the charged onyx from the device at the north end of the room. Use the chisel and hammer to reverse the flow of energy and create a deconstructed onyx. Place the deconstructed onyx back into the device and then investigate any of the incubation chambers to confirm that the energy has been successfully drained from the incubator, corrupting it.

Once you have completed this task, report back to Garkor about what happened in the dungeon. You can quickly exit the caves using the vine just outside the dungeon doors.

Garkor will inform you to tell Awowogei that the trolls and ogres have withdrawn from the alliance and that the secret weapon has had some complications and is too unstable to be used on the battlefield. However, at that moment, a shake on the screen will occur, and a scene will show Glough proceeding with his attack plans in his aircraft, despite Awowogei canceling the attack. The situation will become more complicated and dangerous.

confronting Glough in his lab

Chapter IV: Defense of the Stronghold

To face the threat of Glough's aircraft, inform King Narnode Shareen about the impending attack on the gnome stronghold. The king will suggest seeking the help of Nieve, the most skilled warrior in the stronghold. Find Nieve near the entrance to the Stronghold Slayer Cave and ask her to help you defend the fortress. In return, her cousin Steve will take her place in the defense.

With Nieve by your side, walk through the stronghold, and soon tortured gorillas will appear. Use both your combat styles to defeat them while making sure Nieve accompanies you. If Nieve disappears at any point, you can find her outside the Grand Tree or relog to get her back. You can also use the "Call Follower" button in the Worn Equipment interface to retrieve her.

Once you have eliminated the tortured gorillas, return and speak with King Narnode again. He will assign the Tenth Squad to handle the rest of the attack while you and Nieve head to the crash site to confront Glough, in case he is still alive. Find Garkor northwest of the Grand Tree and talk to him. Then, go through the crash site and enter the Crash Site Cavern.

Inside the cave, you will encounter four more tortured gorillas, but you don't need to kill them. Protect yourself from their magic and ranged attacks while running past them.

Prepare to face two tortured gorillas and two demonic gorillas in combat. After a scene, the two tortured gorillas will become active and start attacking. These gorillas are stronger than the previous ones and can use multiple combat styles. When you defeat one of the tortured gorillas, a demonic gorilla will join the fight. The demonic gorillas are even stronger, have more health, and deal more damage. Additionally, they have the ability to switch their protection prayers after taking a certain amount of damage in a specific combat style. Therefore, you'll need two different combat styles to properly face them.

The demonic gorillas attack in three different styles: melee, ranged, and magic. They will switch their prayer after three failed attacks in a specific style. Make sure to protect yourself properly against their combat style to avoid taking damage. Additionally, the demonic gorillas will hit their chest, causing a rock to fall from the ceiling. Quickly move away to avoid being hit.

A recommended strategy is to kill the first demonic gorilla that appears before facing the second tortured gorilla. This way, you avoid fighting two demonic gorillas simultaneously. Maintain the appropriate prayers and focus on defeating one demonic gorilla as quickly as possible to ease the battle.

If you prefer, you can let Nieve handle the four gorillas for you. Initiate the fight and then run to the pile of rocks to hide. Make sure the demonic gorillas are not using protection against melee; if they are, keep attacking them from a distance or with magic until they switch their prayer. Once Nieve is in combat with the gorillas, you can hide and let her eliminate them.

If you die or leave the cave before killing all four gorillas, you'll have to start again from the beginning. Nieve will be waiting for you outside the Grand Tree when you return to the Stronghold. If you happen to die, your gravestone will appear outside the instanced area next to Garkor.

Note: Nieve won't attack the gorillas if you use the "Call Follower" option. Also, Nieve may take some time to attack the gorillas if you end the scene too quickly. It's also crucial that Nieve is in combat with the gorillas before you hide; otherwise, she will only attack the last monster you were in combat with. If you're having trouble defeating all the gorillas, a strategy is to kill only the two tortured gorillas that appear and then hide, so the demonic gorillas get stuck behind a wall. Lure one gorilla to get attacked by Nieve, then repeat the process with the second demonic gorilla. If they are protecting against melee, attack them from a distance or with magic until they switch their prayer, and then hide again.

The wreckage of Glough's airship upon crashing

Chapter V: Confrontation with Glough

After defeating the demonic gorillas, Glough will drink his own mutagen and transform into an abomination before retreating. Nieve will try to stop him but sadly gets knocked against the wall and crushed by a rock, losing her life. Although Glough will drop his Elysian spirit shield, it won't be of much use in this fight. Now, players will have to face Glough in a challenging battle, so it's recommended to return to a bank and stock up on supplies before proceeding.

The battle against Glough will take place in three separate chambers, to which he will go when his health is depleted. It's important to note that if you leave the chamber via teleportation, die, or exit at any time during the fight with Glough, all progress will reset to the first phase. Therefore, it's suggested to read this entire section before continuing.

Snow being crushed by a giant rock

Phase 1 and 2:

In the first room, Glough will use melee attacks. You can attack him from a safe spot in the hallway using ranged or magic attacks. Once Glough's health drops to 75%, he will move to the second room.

In the second room, Glough will switch to ranged and melee attacks. Keep in mind that his stomp attacks can deal up to 30+ damage. It's possible but complicated to keep him at a distance using a weapon with a 10-tile attack range (recommended: twisted bow, faerdhinen bow, dark bow, magic bow, crystal bow, or magic longbow). Attract Glough to a square east of the first black rock on the south wall and then stand exactly one square out of his attack range, roughly in the middle of the room where he was in the first phase. It's advised to activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer to reduce the damage slightly, as Glough can still hit you for up to 21 damage with each attack. With this strategy, lure Glough back to the first room, keeping yourself close to the north wall. When you've lured him enough, Glough will not take any actions, allowing you to attack him easily. Once his health reaches 50%, he will move to the final room.

Phase 3:

In the third and last room, Glough becomes more dangerous as he combines melee and magic attacks. His melee attack is extremely powerful and can knock the player back, dealing up to 66 damage. To avoid dying from this attack, it's essential to keep the player's health above 80. If you're using melee equipment to attack him, it's recommended to activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the damage received. Also, note that Glough will only teleport you after taking damage or if you're not adjacent to him. It's helpful to bring recoil rings, especially if you try to position yourself partially safe.

Glough's magic attack drags the player towards him and deals high damage. However, there's a way to exploit this attack to only take damage from his magic attack. To do this, use a powerful ranged weapon, such as the toxic blowpipe. Stand on a square west of Glough and attack him. Every time he teleports you towards him with his magic attack, quickly return to the square west and continue attacking him. It's recommended to activate the "Protect from Magic" prayer if you're using ranged or magic attacks against Glough, as his teleportation inflicts high magic-based damage. The appropriate prayer significantly reduces the damage received.

If you use this strategy, it's advisable to bring combination foods, such as sharks with tuna potatoes or pineapple pizzas, along with brews/restores and/or karambwans. This will allow you to quickly heal yourself when taking damage. It's also possible, though challenging, to eat a karambwan, a highly healing food, along with a one-click potion in a single tick to quickly restore health.

Another useful technique is to protect from melee when Glough teleports you towards him and use melee attacks. When he pushes you away, activate "Protect from Missiles" and use ranged attacks. The toxic blowpipe and whip are excellent choices to inflict significant damage on Glough. The abyssal whip and twisted bow are also effective weapons. Even a halberd or a crystal weapon will work well to cause him considerable damage.

It's crucial to be prepared with enough food and prayer potions to survive this intense battle. Once you have defeated Glough in the third phase, you will have successfully completed your final confrontation.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the quest. Thanks to your efforts, Glough has been defeated, his evil demonic creations have been stopped, and a peace treaty has been established between Ape Atoll and the mainland.

Your brave action has protected the gnome stronghold and ensured a peaceful future for both lands. Your role as a witness to this historic moment has been crucial in opening the doors of Marim to the mainland and uniting both communities.

King Narnode Shareen and all the people of Ape Atoll are grateful for your courageous and noble act. Your name will go down in history as the hero who defended peace and prosperity for all.

Once again, congratulations on your bravery and success in this thrilling adventure!

meeting to negotiate peace


Monkey Madness II reward scroll.png

You have obtained a great number of rewards and benefits for completing this challenging quest. Here's a summary of your achievements and prizes:

1. Quest Points: You have earned 4 quest points, bringing you closer to unlocking more content in the game.

2. Skill Experience: You have gained 80,000 experience points in Slayer, 60,000 experience points in Agility, 50,000 experience points in Thieving, and 50,000 experience points in Hunter. This will allow you to improve your skills and reach higher levels in these areas!

3. Duke's Reward Experience: You have received two 50,000-point experience rewards. You can choose to invest them in Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defense, Strength, or Hitpoints. So choose wisely and enhance your combat skills!

4. Royal Seed Pod: You have received a Royal Seed Pod that allows you to make unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree up to level 30 Wilderness. This will make traveling and exploration easier for you!

5. Access to New Areas: You now have access to the crash site cavern, where you'll find demonic gorillas. You can also hunt maniacal monkeys in the area that used to be Glough's laboratory in Kruk's Dungeon.

6. Bank and Shop Access: You can now access the Ape Atoll bank and Oobapohk's javelin shop, making your transactions and item storage easier.

7. New Glider Location: You have access to a new glider location directly in Ape Atoll, allowing you to travel quickly around the area.

8. Communication with Monkeys: You can now communicate with monkeys without needing the monkey speak amulet. This will allow you to interact with them without restrictions!

9. Non-Aggression from NPCs: All NPCs on the surface of Ape Atoll will no longer be aggressive towards you, making exploration and activities much safer.

10. Ability to Handle the Heavy Ballista: You now have the ability to handle the heavy ballista, allowing you to use this powerful weapon in combat.

11. Recovery of Lost Greegrees: You can recover lost greegrees from Zooknock in his Gnome Stronghold house without needing additional supplies.

12. Cosmetic Monkey: You have received a monkey cosmetic that you can equip in the cape slot. A fun and cosmetic addition to your outfit!

13. Agility Course Lap Tracking: Bobawu will now track your laps on the Ape Atoll agility course, and you can transform your monkey into other variants after completing a certain number of laps. A fun way to customize your appearance!

14. Repeat the Glough Battle: You have the ability to fight Glough again by looking at the flaming brazier in Zooknock's house. A chance to challenge your combat skills once more!

Enjoy all these rewards and benefits you've earned by completing this exciting quest! Move forward and continue forging your path in the world of Gielinor. Good luck in your future adventures