OSRS Waterfall Quest: A Step-by-Step OSRS Quest Guide 2023

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Introduction to The Waterfall Quest OSRS:

Are you ready to take on a quest that will test your skills in combat and exploration in Old School Runescape? The Waterfall Quest is one of the most popular quests in the game and is a must-complete for any player looking to start their journey in the game. This quest not only offers great rewards but also unlocks access to a new area with powerful monsters that will give you valuable experience and loot. In this ultimate guide, we will cover all the requirements, step-by-The Waterfall Quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a popular online multiplayer RPG, is an essential quest for effective account progression and power leveling, especially for new OSRS players or those building specialized accounts. Together we'll uncover the hidden treasure rewarded when you complete the quest!

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Understanding the OSRS Waterfall Quest:

The Waterfall Quest is an engaging journey in OSRS that immerses players in the lore of the Baxtorian Falls. It's a non-combat quest where your task is to assist a distressed mother, Almera. Her son, consumed by the lure of treasure hunting at the waterfall, has disappeared. As you unravel the mysteries of King Baxtorian and Queen Glarial, you'll navigate through hidden caves, high-level monsters, and ultimately, find the coveted hidden treasure of the waterfall.

Why is the Waterfall Quest Crucial for OSRS Account Progression?

Here's why the Waterfall Quest is often ranked as one of the top RuneScape quests for account advancement:

  • Boosting Combat Stats: This OSRS quest is renowned for its high XP reward. It gifts players a whopping 13,750 experience points in both the Strength and Attack skills, shooting newbies from level 1 to 30 almost instantly. It's a notable shortcut for power leveling new OSRS accounts and for PvP-specialized accounts like 1 Defence Pures.
  • Access to Prime Locations: The quest unlocks the Waterfall Dungeon, teeming with valuable resources. For instance, it houses Fire Giants, popular targets for Slayer tasks and rich in valuable drops.
  • Pathway to More Quests: This OSRS quest is a requirement for subsequent quests and achievement diaries, like the Ardougne Medium Diary, which opens up further gameplay advantages. Namely, this opens up the Tree Gnome Village Quest (part of the Monkey Madness I quest series).


Before you start the Waterfall Quest, there are a few requirements you need to meet. First and foremost, you must be a member of Old School Runescape. Second, you need to have an adequate amount of food, energy restoration such as Stamina potions, and numerous teleports. Last but not least, it is recommended that you have a combat level of 30 or above to ensure that you can handle the monsters you will come across during the quest, this last requirement is optional as many skilled Old School Runescape players opt to complete Waterfall Quest at level 3.

Starting out: Once you meet the requirements, you can start the quest by speaking to Almera who is located in the house northeast of the Baxtorian Falls.

                                                                                        Starting location of the Waterfall Quest in OSRS

Required items:

  1. 6 Air runes
  2. 6 Earth runes
  3. 6 Water runes
  4. Rope (To prevent having to get another make sure you use the rope on the rock)

Recommendations before starting the quest:

  1. Level 30 Combat or 43 prayer, neither of which are required but are recommended
  2. Low to medium tier food (depending on your hitpoint level)
  3. Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost for fast travel to and from Baxtorian Falls
  4. Skills necklace to the Fishing Guild for fast travel to Glarial's Tomb (Not required if walking southeast from Barbarian Outpost to Glarial’s Tomb)
  5. An Ardougne teleport (Ardougne cloak, teleports, etc) to get to Tree Gnome Village via Ardougne Monastery, or a Ring of Dueling via Castle Wars teleport
  6. Access to Spirit Tree (if you choose to complete that quest first is recommended for quick access to vital locations in this quest guide)

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1. Start the quest - Waterfall Walkthrough:

Initiate a conversation with Almera in her house, who will express concern about her son, Hudon. Agree to help her and this will kick off your quest.

2. Investigate the waterfall:

                                                                             Location of Hudon during the Waterfall Quest in OSRS

Behind Almera's house, you'll find a small raft. Click on it to be taken to a small island. Here you'll find Hudon, who's determined to find the treasure hidden within the waterfall. Rather than trying to convince him to return home, focus on the rock nearby. Use your rope on the rock to swim to the next part of the island where you’ll see a dead tree, use your rope on the dead tree to appear on the side of the waterfall on a ledge with a door and a barrel. Get in the barrel to be pushed into the river and you'll float downstream.

Note: After you board the raft, you will be unable to back track unless you proceed down the waterfall.

Downstream, you'll find yourself facing the majestic Baxtorian Falls, with a prominent building in the midst of the cascade. Your next task is inside this building.

3. Learning about Baxtorian:

Enter the building and speak to a man named Hadley, then climb the nearby staircase upstairs and search all of the bookcases until you obtain a book called “Book on Baxtorian” where you'll learn about theelven leaders of old. Once you’ve read the book, you’ll find out that elves were hiding the treasure under the Baxtorian Falls and the only way of accessing the tomb is by using Glarial’s Pebble. The location of the pebble is underneath the Tree Gnome Village. Either teleport to Castle Wars and walk northeast or walk south from your current location until you come upon a maze.

4. Making your way through the Maze:

                                                                         Tree Gnome Village Maze Route

Note: If you've completed Tree Gnome Village, speaking with Elkoy will automatically transport you through the maze.

Following the map above, continue through the maze until you reach a trapdoor, climb down it to end up in the cave under the Tree Gnome Village. Once you’re in the cave, make your way east until you see crates in a room, search them until you find a key, once you have the key, make your way back to the start of the cave and this time head west until you see a gnome in a gate named Golrie, use the key on the gate and you’ll be given Glarial’s Pebble. Be cautious of level 16 skeleton mages.

5. Glarial’s Tombstone:

Important: Before starting this step bank all of your items except for your Glarial’s Pebble and some food, you will be unable to pray against melee attacks while in the tomb or wear any armour! Low level players should be extra cautious here!

                                             Glarial's Tomb Location OSRS

Continue back to the beginning of the cave and leave it making your way through the maze again and walking north until you see the fishing guild, follow the gate nothwest until you see Glarial’s tombstone. Use the Pebble on the Tombstone and you’ll end up in the tomb. Once inside, avoid the monsters as best you can by running west of the Level 84 Moss Giants until you see a chest. Open the chest to get Glarial’s Amulet which will be required later on, next run into the southern most room until you see a tomb, search the tomb to obtain Glarial’s Urn. Once you’ve obtained the amulet and urn, return to the beginning of the tomb and climb the ladder before proceeding back to Almera’s house (banking after this step is recommended).

Note: Be careful of the level 84 Moss Guardians as they can one hit players with level 10 hitpoints (max hit of 14).

Items Required:

Glarial’s Amulet (either worn or in your inventory)

  1. Glarial’s Urn
  2. 6 Air runes
  3. 6 Earth runes
  4. 6 Water runes
  5. Rope

6. Finishing Up - The Waterfall Dungeon Elf King Baxtorian's Tomb:

This building is the notorious Waterfall Dungeon, home to level 45 skeletons, level 86 Fire Giants and level 52 Shadow Spiders. Fortunately, there's no need to fight these creatures if you're careful but be mindful of their max hit of 11 (especially for lower level players such as level 3 combat with no skill trained in Hitpoints). Go through the same process that you did previously (board the log raft near the quest start point)On the north side of the waterfall, there's a rock you can tie your rope to. Then, use your rope again on the dead tree that's hanging over the ledge. This will help you swing across into the waterfall. Next, click on the door to enter the waterfall.

Once inside the dungeon, navigate to the eastern room. Here, search the crates scattered around until you find a key. Keep this key safe as you'll need it soon. Return to the entrance of the room and follow the western most side through the doors until you see a door leading to a room, use the key on the door and enter a room where you’ll see six pillars, two statues, and a chalice trophy.

Important: You must use 1 of each rune (air, water, and earth) on each pillar. Next, USE Glarial’s Amulet on the Statue of Glarial, then use Glarial’s Urn on the Chalice of Eternity.

Note: If you fail to place any of the above items in the correct position, the chamber will flood and you’ll need to re obtain any runes or Glarial items you’ve lost.

Quest Rewards:

                                                    Waterfall Quest Complete Old School RuneScape


Completing the Waterfall Quest is worth the trouble as it provides a significant amount of attack and strength experience rewards. You'll receive 13,750 Attack experience and 13,750 Strength experience, which is equivalent to getting from level 1 to level 30 in both skills. You will also have access to Baxtorian Falls, a new area with powerful monsters that offer great XP and loot.



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