[OSRS] Hallowed Sepulchre Guide: Conquer the Darkmeyer Agility Minigame

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Hallowed Sepulchre Guide

Intro: OSRS Agility Training in Hallowed Sepulchre

What is the Hallowed Sepulchre in OSRS?

The Hallowed Sepulchre, a thrilling multi-floor Agility course located in Darkmeyer, has become a go-to for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players looking for an adrenaline-filled agility training method. This osrs hallowed sepulchre guide will provide detailed tips on how to navigate this OSRS Darkmeyer agility course, the essential equipment needed, and all prerequisites.


During your Hallowed Sepulchre grind, you’ll obtain the currency used within the minigame called Hallowed Marks. Hallowed Marks are a type of currency in Old School RuneScape that players can earn by participating in the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame. They are earned by looting coffins within the Hallowed Sepulchre and can be used to purchase rewards from Mysterious Hallowed Goods shop. The shop, run by the Mysterious Stranger outside of the Hallowed Sepulchre, offers various items to help players within the minigame, such as the Hallowed Ring, Hallowed Hammer, and Hallowed Grapple. The number of Hallowed Marks a player can earn per run depends on the floor they are on and the speed at which they complete it.

Where is the Hallowed Sepulchre located?

The Hallowed Sepulchre is located in the northeast corner of Darkmeyer and can be easily found by utilizing the Darkmeyer teleport from the Drakan's Medallion, a reward from the “A Taste of Hope” quest. It is also important to know that wearing a full set of Vyre Noble Clothing to get to the entrance is recommended as there is a bank within the minigame lobby that will allow you to deposit the set. 


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Prerequisites and Key Skills for OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre

To embark on this OSRS Darkmeyer Agility journey, you need a minimum of 52 Agility and completion of the Sins of the Father quest, giving you access to Darkmeyer but access only to the first floor. It is recommended that you have at least 72 Agility to complete floors 1-3. To explore all five floors and make the most out of your Hallowed Sepulchre agility training, you need to have at least level 92 Agility. Boosting it to 96 would provide an even better loot and success rates and can be done by either an Agility Potion (+3 boost) or a Summer Pie (+5 boost).

Additionally, the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame also incorporates elements of Thieving and Construction both of which can prove advantageous, allowing you to repair broken structures and doors for smoother navigation.

Thieving Levels:

Level 54 for Floor 2

Level 64 for Floor 3

Level 74 for Floor 4

Level 84 for Floor 5

Construction Levels:

Level 58 for Floor 3

Level 66 for Floor 4

Level 76 for Floor 5.

A noteworthy Prayer level is recommended to utilize the Preserve prayer for longer boosted agility levels. A substantial Hitpoints level would also be beneficial as the traps can be highly damaging.

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Essential Equipment for the Hallowed Sepulchre Minigame:

When preparing to tackle the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Hallowed Sepulchre agility course, having the right gear setup is critical. This guide will delve into each piece of equipment that you should bring for your OSRS Darkmeyer agility journey and explain how they optimize your performance in the Hallowed Sepulchre. You’ll notice some rewards are not listed here, that is because they are either inefficient or don’t make sense spending Hallowed marks on.

  1. Hallowed Symbol: An essential part of the OSRS Darkmeyer agility setup, the Hallowed Symbol is a worn amulet that halves the number of sacrifices required to light Saradomin Braziers enabling more efficient OSRS agility training.
  2. Hallowed Ring: This accessory plays a crucial role in your OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre gear, fully negating the damage taken within Hallowed Sepulchre while also teleporting the player to the start of the obstacle failed. It drastically enhances your chances of smooth navigation through traps, contributing to quicker and more successful runs.
  3. Hallowed Grapple: This reusable OSRS agility tool ensures 100% success rates when used on Pillars saving you time and opening up alternate routes through the floors. It's an essential part of any Hallowed Sepulchre gear setup for those aiming to achieve faster times.
  4. Hallowed Focus: When placed in the off-hand slot, this focus ensures the successful creation of Portal Frames. It improves the process's efficiency, irrespective of the player's Magic level or the spell used, allowing more time for agility training and maximizing your Hallowed Marks and loot potential.
  5. Hallowed Hammer: This item is instrumental in OSRS Darkmeyer agility runs, enabling you to repair broken bridges and guarantees the player will never break a nail. The Hallowed Hammer is useful only if looting chests is a priority.
  6. Stamina Potions: A staple in any OSRS agility course, Stamina Potions ensure that your run energy doesn't run out, maintaining your pace. Running out of run energy during the Hallowed Sepulchre can lead to failing to complete a floor within the time limit.
  7. Saradomin Brews: These brews are a must-have for your OSRS Darkmeyer agility runs. They heal you without reducing your agility level, perfect for tanking damage from the Sepulchre traps and keeping you going.
  8. Summer Pies: These pies offer a temporary Agility boost of 5 levels, enhancing your success rate at traps and obstacles. They can also heal 11 Hitpoints per bite or 22 hitpoints per pie, providing additional healing when required.

What is the Recommended setup for Hallowed Sepulchre?


Note: As you progress through the Hallowed Sepulchre floors, especially after 92 Agility, it may be more efficient to skip looting floors 1-3 and instead only loot the end of floor 4 and all of floor 5. This will significantly increase your Hallowed Sepulchre experience rates and make your runs more efficient.

Hallowed Sepulchre Experience Rates:

Note: As mentioned above, the higher threshold XP/hour assumes players are only looting very specific coffins and not the lower level ones.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Walkthrough: Floor-by-Floor

Ground Tiles for Hallowed Sepulchre:


Before starting, it is recommended to download the correct Tile Markers for the minigame. This site has most you’ll need (you can always adjust them later on as you find methods that work for you). To add tile markers, simply select the COPY button then in your Runelite client, right click on your World Map globe and select “Import Ground Markers”.

Hallowed Sepulchre Floor walkthrough:

  • Floor 1: At 52 Agility, dodge flaming statues and sword traps by timing your run, earning Hallowed Marks and various rewards from the coffin at the end.
  • Floor 2: With 62 Agility and 54 Thieving, overcome arrow traps by standing on safe spots and dupe teleportation traps by clicking the floor before the tile. The Hallowed Grapple and Hallowed Focus are your key helpers here.
  • Floor 3: At 72 Agility and 58 Construction, beat lightning traps by understanding the pattern and cross when it's safe. Bypass or repair broken doors with the Hallowed Hammer or Hallowed Grapple.
  • Floor 4: With 82 Agility, 64 Thieving, and 66 Construction, step only on the blue flame tiles to dodge magical traps. Run when the bolts retract to evade crossbow traps. The Hallowed Focus and Hallowed Hammer aid you once again.
  • Floor 5: The final floor at 92 Agility, 74 Thieving, and 76 Construction adds floating orb traps to the mix. Click on these orbs to disarm them temporarily. Swift decision-making is critical here.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Tips and Tricks:

  1. Understanding the Timer: Each floor in this OSRS agility course has a time limit. If you run out of time, the floor resets, but your loot remains safe. To earn the best rewards, reach the Grand Hallowed Coffin at the end.
  2. Mastering the Traps: Spend time understanding each trap and its pattern. This will fast-track your progression through the floors.
  3. Coffin Looting: Coffin looting is optional but can provide valuable items and Hallowed Marks. Use the Hallowed Focus to cut the looting time in half.
  4. Hallowed Tools Usage: These OSRS agility tools ease navigation. Hallowed Grapple and Hallowed Hammer are especially beneficial for bypassing or repairing obstacles.
  5. Maintain Stamina: Stamina potions are vital for this OSRS Darkmeyer agility course. The less time you spend standing still, the more time you have to navigate traps and loot coffins.
  6. Strategic Damage: If time is short and you have enough health, you can intentionally take damage from a trap to cross it more quickly.

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Tackling the Hallowed Sepulchre can initially seem daunting with its intricate traps and time limit. But with consistent practice and smart use of the Hallowed tools and equipment, this OSRS agility training can be both thrilling and rewarding. Good luck, adventurer! Hallowed Sepulchre's corridors await your swift and strategic navigation, rewarding you with valuable Hallowed Marks and more.