OSRS 1-99 Agility Guide 2023

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OSRS 1-99 Agility Guide

Agility in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) - a must-have skill for all player types. By improving your Agility, you'll enjoy faster run energy restoration, unlock unique shortcuts, and boost other skills' effectiveness. In VirtGold’s fast 1-99 OSRS Agility Guide, we’ll walk you step by step through the redundancies of the Agility skill so you can train it quickly and efficiently without having to worry about burning out. Without further ado, let's jump into your ultimate guide to unparalleled speed and efficiency in Gielinor!

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Starting Agility Training in OSRS: Recommended Stats and Items

Embarking on your Agility journey in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? Agility is a fundamental skill in OSRS, beneficial for various quests and daily tasks. Here's a handy guide on the recommended stats and items for starting Agility training in OSRS.

Starting Agility Training in OSRS

In OSRS, Agility training can commence from level 1, meaning no specific prerequisites are needed. However, to unlock advanced training arenas via quests, additional skills may need a boost. For instance, unlocking the Werewolf Agility Course, nestled in the storyline of the "Creature of Fenkenstrain" quest, requires 20 Crafting, 25 Thieving, and 30 Agility.

Essential Items for OSRS Agility Training


As you begin your OSRS Agility training journey, certain items will greatly enhance your starting experience:

Graceful Outfit: A coveted ensemble for any Agility trainee, this outfit reduces your weight, helping conserve run energy. Although unavailable at the start (it can be purchased with Marks of Grace obtained from rooftop agility courses at level 10 and up), it's a game-changer once equipped. To obtain the full Graceful Outfit, you’ll need to collect 260 marks of grace. If a player is 20 levels or higher than the minimum requirement for rooftop courses, marks of grace will spawn 20% of the normal rate. You'll be earning Marks of Grace during your rooftop adventures. These can be traded for the graceful outfit pieces in Rogues’ Den. The outfit reduces your weight and boosts run energy restoration by 30% when worn. It's invaluable for many activities in OSRS, not just Agility training.

Stamina or Energy Potions: Keeping your run energy high is crucial in Agility training. These potions can give you that much-needed boost, especially at lower levels. Once at higher levels, these potions will be used much less, making your Agility training much more cost-effective.

Food: Agility courses can be punishing at the lower levels. Bring along food to recover health if you take a tumble over a tricky obstacle. Once your agility level increases, you’ll not need to worry about having food available unless you’re taking part in a dangerous agility training method such as the Wilderness Agility Course.

Boots of Lightness: A valuable find in the cellar of the Temple of Ikov, these boots decrease your weight, making them a perfect beginner's item. To obtain them early on, make sure you have a light source such as a candle or lantern along with a slash weapon to cut a pair of webs. Getting these boots will give you a 4.535 kg weight reduction when worn, making them a great early game method of conserving run energy.

Spottier Cape and Penance Gloves: Similar to the Boots of Lightness, these items reduce weight, making them beneficial if the Graceful Outfit remains out of reach. The Spottier cape can be obtained with a Hunting level of 66 and reduce your weight carried by 4.535 kg making them a great multiplier when worn with the Boots of Lightness. The Penance Gloves are a pair of weight reducing gloves that can be obtained by completing the Barbarian Assault minigame in OSRS and obtaining 150 honour points in all four roles. When worn, they reduce your weight carried by 4.535 kg.

As you can see, there are plenty of items that can make training your early agility levels that much easier. Embarking on Agility training in OSRS as early as possible is highly recommended. Despite its reputation for being a slow skill to train, the rewards it reaps — faster run energy restoration and access to shortcuts along with the later training methods such as The Hallowed Sepulchre — are well worth the effort.

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Ultimate 1-99 Agility Guide in Old School RuneScape

Agility is a useful skill for all player types, offering faster run energy restoration, access to unique shortcuts, and even boosting effectiveness in other skills. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Level 1-10: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Located within the Tree Gnome Stronghold, this course is the starting point for every aspiring agility master. This course is fail-proof, meaning you won’t take any damage. By running this course, you can go from 1-10 in roughly 86 laps, taking approximately 30 minutes.


Level 10-20: Draynor Village Rooftop Course

With level 10 Agility, you can move onto the Draynor Village Rooftop Course. It provides more experience than the Gnome course, and you'll start earning Marks of Grace - valuable tokens that can be traded for the graceful outfit, reducing your weight and increasing run energy regeneration. You'll need around 140 laps to reach level 20.


Level 20-30: Al Kharid Rooftop Course

At level 20, proceed to Al Kharid’s Rooftop Course. Ensure you carry waterskins or an circlet of water to combat desert heat, although the damage is minimal and shouldn't hinder your training significantly. It takes approximately 280 laps to level up to 30.


Level 30-40: Varrock Rooftop Course

Now that we’re level 30, we’re heading to Varrock. The course is a bit trickier, but the XP gains and Marks of Grace make it well worth it. Keep your health up, as you can take some damage if you fail certain obstacles. You'll need about 580 laps to reach level 40.


Level 40-60: Canifis Rooftop Course

Upon reaching level 40, Canifis Rooftop Course is your new training ground. This course is the best place to collect Marks of Grace until level 60, thanks to its high spawn rate. Be careful if you're a lower combat level as the region is in Morytania, where aggressive ghasts reside. You'll need to complete around 2,880 laps to advance to level 60.


Level 60-90: Seers' Village Rooftop Course

Starting at level 60, head over to Seers' Village. After completing the Kandarin Hard Diary, you can use Camelot Teleport for a faster route, making it the best XP per hour until level 90. If you haven't done the Diary, it's better to move to Pollnivneach at level 70. If you plan on relocating to the Pollnivneach Rooftop Course, you’ll need to complete approximately 1,135 laps to go from level 60 to level 70. If you choose to stay at Seers’ Village Rooftop Course until level 90, you'll need to complete about 15,220 laps.


Level 70-90 (alternative): Pollnivneach Rooftop Course

This is a great alternative to Seers' Village if you have not completed the Kandarin Hard Diary. While it offers slightly less XP than Seers' Village with the diary completed, it’s still a fantastic training spot. If choosing this route over the Seers’ Village Rooftop Course, prepare for approximately 13,500 laps from level 70 to 90


Level 90-99: Ardougne Rooftop Course

At level 90, you can move to the Ardougne Rooftop Course, which offers the best experience rates in the game for rooftop courses. Make sure to have completed the Ardougne Elite Diary for increased Marks of Grace. To reach the coveted 99 in Agility, expect to run approximately 15,900 laps.


Alternative OSRS Agility Training Methods

The Agility Pyramid


The Agility Pyramid is a lucrative alternative for those looking to earn some gold while training. Beginning at level 30 (although 70+ is recommended to avoid failing), you can earn roughly 200K gold per hour here.


Before you start, it's essential to prepare, as the desert environment can be harsh. Here's what you'll need:

  • Waterskins (4) or a circlet of water to prevent desert heat damage.
  • High weight-reducing gear: The Graceful outfit is highly recommended.
  • Energy or Stamina Potions to restore run energy.
  • Food to restore health from occasional failures.

The pyramid has five levels, each with different obstacles to overcome. As you ascend, the obstacles become more challenging, but the XP gained also increases.

First Level: Run up the stairs at the base, climb the low wall, and cross the plank.

Second Level: Cross the gap, then climb up the ledge.

Third Level: Jump over the gap, then cross the next ledge.

Fourth Level: Cross two more planks.

Fifth Level: Climb the final pyramid block to reach the top.


Once at the top of the pyramid, you can grab the golden pyramid artifact. Bring it to Simon Templeton at the base of the pyramid for 10,000 gold coins. Repeating this course effectively can earn you a good amount of money while training Agility.

The Werewolf Agility Course


Situated southeast of Canifis, the Werewolf Agility Course is a more dangerous but rewarding training option. Requiring 60 Agility and completion of the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, this course presents a variety of obstacles, including the notorious Deathslide.

By maintaining perfect laps (using a stick on the final zip-line obstacle), you can gain up to 540 XP per lap. If you include the bonus from completing the Deathslide successfully, you can reach XP rates comparable to, or even higher than, rooftop courses.


Before you start, make sure you have the following items:

  • A Ring of Charos, which is obtained during Creature of Fenkenstrain.
  • Weight-reducing gear: The Graceful outfit is an excellent choice.
  • Energy or Stamina Potions to restore run energy.
  • Food to heal damage from failed obstacles.

The Werewolf Agility Course involves a series of eight obstacles. In order, they are:

Stepping Stone: Gives 10 XP.

Hurdle: Two of these, each offering 20 XP.

Pipe: Offers 15 XP.

Skull Slope: Offers 25 XP. A stick is needed to go through this obstacle.

Zip line: Offers 200 XP and requires a stick to use.

Stepping Stone: Gives 10 XP.

Hurdle: Two of these, each offering 20 XP.

Zip line: Offers 475 XP. This is the final obstacle, and you need the stick to complete it.

The stick can be picked up at the start of the course.


Successfully completing the course offers 540 total XP per lap, not including the bonus for handing in the stick at the end of the course. Handing in the stick will reward you with an additional 190 XP, making it a total of 730 XP per lap.

Brimhaven Agility Arena


The Brimhaven Agility Arena, located on Karamja, is a large grid of 25 pillars and platforms, with various obstacles connecting them. Accessible at any Agility level, this method shines at higher levels (80+ is recommended), where obstacle failures become less frequent.

To earn Agility experience, players need to tag pillars lit with a flashing arrow, with a new pillar lit every minute. Successfully tagging a pillar grants 10 XP, and every 10 pillars tagged grants bonus XP based on your Agility level. It also awards Agility Arena tickets, which can be exchanged for further XP or pieces of the agile outfit.

While not as AFK-friendly as rooftop courses, this method offers a refreshing change of pace and scenery, providing an excellent balance between engagement, XP rates, and rewards.


Before starting, make sure to have:

  • 200 coins for the entry fee (or a Karamja Gloves 3 or 4 for free entry).
  • Weight-reducing gear: The Graceful outfit is an excellent choice.
  • Energy or Stamina Potions to restore run energy.
  • Food to heal from failed obstacles.

The Arena consists of various agility obstacles, each awarding a different amount of XP upon successful completion. The main goal is to tag pillars that light up in a random order. Successfully tagging a pillar awards 1 Agility Arena Ticket.

Here are some of the obstacles you'll encounter:

Planks: Grants 6 XP.

Rope Swing: Gives 10 XP.

Log Balance: Provides 12 XP.

Monkey Bars: Awards 14 XP.

Balancing Ledge: Offers 14 XP.

Pillars: Grants 18 XP.


The primary reward for navigating the arena is Agility Arena Tickets. These can be exchanged with Pirate Jackie the Fruit for various rewards:

Toadflax: 3 tickets

Snapdragon: 10 tickets

Pirate's Hook: 800 tickets

Agile Top: 1000 tickets (requires 90 Agility)

Agile Legs: 600 tickets (requires 60 Agility)

Most importantly, tickets can be exchanged for experience:

240 XP per ticket (1–24 tickets)

248 XP per ticket (25–99 tickets)

260 XP per ticket (100+ tickets)

The last option provides the best XP per ticket. Therefore, it's recommended to save your tickets until you have at least 100 to maximize your XP gain.

The Hallowed Sepulchre


Introduced in the Darkmeyer update, the Hallowed Sepulchre is a high-level Agility activity requiring completion of the Sins of the Father quest. Available from level 52 to 92 Agility, this activity involves navigating a crypt filled with obstacles and hazards, searching coffins for loot along the way.

Each crypt floor corresponds to an Agility level, with higher floors offering greater rewards but increased difficulty. Loot includes Hallowed Marks, which can be exchanged for unique items and XP, and valuable drops such as the Ring of Endurance.

While this method requires more focus and skill, it offers excellent XP rates, potentially surpassing Ardougne Rooftop at high levels. Additionally, the loot and Hallowed Marks provide a profitable incentive for those willing to master this challenging course.

Did you know we offer a in-depth Hallowed Sepulchre guide already?Check it out!


Before starting, make sure to have:

  • The best weight-reducing gear you have: The Graceful outfit is an excellent choice.
  • Stamina Potions or Super Energy Potions to restore run energy.
  • Some food to heal from traps.
  • Hallowed equipment (optional) to help with various tasks in the Sepulchre.

Navigating the Sepulchre:

The Hallowed Sepulchre consists of five floors, with each floor having a higher Agility requirement:

Floor 1: Level 52 Agility

Floor 2: Level 62 Agility

Floor 3: Level 72 Agility

Floor 4: Level 82 Agility

Floor 5: Level 92 Agility

Each floor is filled with obstacles and traps that you have to avoid, all while racing against the clock. Your goal is to reach the end of each floor where you can loot a Saradominist Coffer for rewards.

Keep in mind, the higher the floor, the better the rewards, and the more XP you will gain, so aim to get as far as your Agility level will allow.


By successfully navigating the Sepulchre and looting coffers, you will receive Hallowed Marks. These can be exchanged for various rewards from the Mysterious Hallowed Goods shop:

Hallowed Ring: 250 marks (decreases failure chance by 1/8).

Hallowed Grapple: 350 marks (used for the grapple shortcuts).

Hallowed Focus: 100 marks (used for the Symbol puzzle).

Hallowed Symbol: 100 marks (used for the Sarcophagus).

Hallowed Hammer: 100 marks (used for the coffins).

Hallowed Token: 10 marks (resets your run to the start).

Dark Dye: 3000 marks (used to color graceful outfits).

In addition to Hallowed Marks, there's a chance to receive some rare loot like the Ring of Endurance and Strange Old Lockpick along with the Agility pet.

Each of these methods adds a unique twist to Agility training, providing variety and added rewards for those seeking to venture off the beaten path. It’s important to remember that while Agility can be a grind, changing up your methods can make it an engaging and rewarding skill to train. As always, keep your eyes on the prize and never stop running!