OSRS 1-99 Melee Combat Guide 2023

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Ultimate 99 Melee Guide for OSRS

Welcome to the ultimate melee combat guide for Old School Runescape (OSRS). Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information, tips, and strategies to efficiently train your Melee combat skills and reach level 99 in the quickest way possible. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming a formidable warrior in the world of Gielinor.

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It is highly recommended that you start off with quests that grant experience in combat skills because they’re an easy way to skip the starting levels and has no real requirements to complete.

Non-Members Quests (F2P)

Vampyre Slayer - Grants 4,825 Attack Experience.

Dragon Slayer - Grants 18,650 Experience in both; Strength and Defence (Requirements 32 Quest Points).

Members Quests (P2P)

Waterfall Quest - Grants 13,750 Experience in both; Attack and Strength.

Death Plateau - Grants 3,000 Attack Experience.

Fight Arena - Grants 12,175 Attack Experience.

Tree Gnome Village - Grants 11,450 Attack Experience.

Monkey Madness - 35,000 experience in Attack and Defence and 20,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints OR 35,000 experience in Strength and Hitpoints and 20,000 experience in Attack and Defence.

Completing the ‘Waterfall Quest’ alone as a member can get you from level 1 – 30 in Attack and Strength. So, you can just get that done and move onto the combat training methods if you’re not looking to complete more quests.

Member Training Methods

Levels 1-20: Complete the "Waterfall Quest" and "Fight Arena" quests to quickly reach level 20 Attack. These quests provide substantial experience rewards. If needed, you can train on low-level monsters like goblins or cows.

Levels 20-40: Train at the Rock Crabs, located north of Rellekka. They have low defense and high hitpoints, making them ideal for training. You can use a weapon like the Rune scimitar or Granite hammer for increased damage output.

Levels 40-60: Transition to Sand Crabs, located on the Hosidius coast. Sand Crabs have similar stats to Rock Crabs but are closer to a bank, making banking and restocking supplies more convenient. Use a weapon like the Dragon scimitar or Saradomin sword for faster kills.

Levels 60-70: Train at the Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island. They have higher hitpoints and offer better experience rates compared to previous training spots. You can use a weapon like the Abyssal whip or Saradomin godsword for increased damage.

Levels 70-80: Train at the Nightmare Zone (NMZ) using the "Absorption" method. This method requires completion of the "Rum Deal" and "Dream Mentor" quests. Use the Obsidian armor set and overload potions to maximize your experience gains.

Levels 80-99: At this stage, you have several options:

1. NMZ Method (most efficient): Continue training at NMZ using the "Absorption" method. Focus on using high-strength bonus gear and powerful weapons like the Ghrazi rapier or Abyssal tentacle.

2. Controlled Mode: Train on controlled mode with high-level weapons against challenging monsters like Abyssal demons, Dragons, or Demonic Gorillas. Focus on maximizing your accuracy, strength, and defense bonuses. Slayer is a great skill to begin training using controlled mode and will allow you to simultaneously train 5 OSRS skills at once.

3. Catacombs of Kourend: Train on aggressive monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend, such as the Abyssal demons, Bloodvelds, or the Dark Beasts. These monsters provide good experience rates and have a chance of dropping valuable loot. These monsters may also drop Dark totem pieces which allow the player to fight Skotizo, a demonic boss located within the centre of the Catacombs.

Best P2P Training Locations OSRS

Rock/Sand Crabs

Rock Crabs, located north of Rellekka, or Sand Crabs that are located south of the Hosidius house are known to be the best training spots for starters because the NPCs that reside here have low combat levels and high hitpoints.


As an alternative to Rock and Sand Crabs, Experiments, that are located in the Experiment Cave are another option for training combat due to their low attack bonuses and high hitpoints. However, the items that they drop are of no value, so don’t bother picking them up and focus on levelling up.


As you gain levels, you’ll probably look out for profitable ways that’ll help you train, as well as earn money. So, for that, the most efficient method would be to train your skills through Slayer. it is recommended that you start at level 70 combat or above so you can have access to the Fairy Ring, along with good equipment’s, but you can also approach the slayer masters at a lower level, which is entirely up to you. The primary reason to choose Slayer and train is that it provides valuable drops and boosts up your damage while wearing a Slayer Helmet on a task.

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NMZ (Nightmare Zone)

The Nightmare Zone is a combat-based minigame, where players enter an instance known as Dream and fight against bosses that they’ve already defeated during quests. It is located northwest of Yanille and is the fastest method in-game to train your combat skills. You are recommended to start at level 60 or above, or else the experience rate per hour would likely be a waste of your time and efforts. The best thing about this minigame is that you can earn points to buy various items from the shop like potions that’ll help you survive inside for a longer duration, or herb boxes for profit. During the ongoing instance, make sure that you look out for power-ups that spawn every now and then because they help a ton when you’re in a situation that cannot be easily handled.

To bring out the most of it, you can use Dharok full armour, along with a Dwarven Rock Cave to lower your HP and increase your damage while fighting. It is a very common way that OSRS players use to gain fast experience in Nightmare Zone.

Monkey Guards

The alternative way, if you’re not interested in following the Nightmare Zone method, would be to train at Ape Atoll where the Monkey Guards are located. The best way to reach there is by using the teleport available in your Regular Spell Book, which teleports you directly to the spot and saves a ton of time walking there. Dharok equipment is recommended for this training method, and the altar located there can be quite useful, as it boosts your prayer and allows you to endlessly train there.

Optimal Equipment

The following pieces of equipment are best-in-slot for training and are ordered as least effective to most effective (Left-Right). The items may vary depending on whether you’re on a Slayer task or not.

1. Helmet Slot: Obsidian Helm < Berserker Helm < Helm of Neitiznot < Serpentine Helm < Neitiznot Faceguard < Torva Full Helm.

2. Cape Slot: Mythical Cape < Fire Cape < Infernal Cape.

3. Necklace Slot: Amulet of Strength < Amulet of Power < Amulet of Glory < Amulet of Fur < Amulet of Torture.

4. Body Slot: Obsidian Plate Body < Fighter Torso < Bandos Chest Plate < Torva Platebody.

5. Shield Slot: Book of War < Toktz-Ket-Xil < Dragon Fire Shield < Adamant Defender < Rune Defender < Dragon Defender < Avernic Defender.

6. Legs Slot: Rune Plate Legs < Rock Shell Legs < Dragon Plate Legs / Skirt < Verac’s Plate Skirt < Torag’s Plate Legs < Fremennik Kilt < Obsidian Plate Legs, Bandos Tassets < Torva Platelegs.

7. Hands Slot: Mithril Gloves < Combat Bracelet < Granite Gloves < Adamant Gloves < Regen Bracelet < Rune Gloves < Dragon Gloves < Barrows Gloves < Ferocious Gloves.

8. Feet Slot: Adamant Boots < Climbing Boots < Rune Boots < Granite Boots < Guardian Boots < Spiked Manacles < Dragon Boots < Primordial Boots.

9. Ring Slot: Treasonous Ring < Tyrannical Ring < Warrior Ring < Berserker Ring < Brimstone Ring < Berserker Ring (Imbued).

Best P2P melee armour setup OSRS

Non-Member Training Methods

Levels 1-10: Train on Chickens north-east of Lumbridge just east of River Lum or north-west of Lumbridge near the windmill. A player looking to get levels 10 in Attack, Strength, and Defence must defeat 290 chickens using the controlled attack style or 97 chickens for each individual skill to level 10.

Levels 10-20: Train on Giant Rats in the Lumbridge Swamp, Edgeville Dungeon, or Varrock Sewers. You will need to defeat 499 Giant Rats using the controlled style to reach level 20 in Attack, Strength, and Defence. Otherwise, you can opt to defeat 166 Giant Rats for each individual combat style.

Levels 20-40: Train at the Stronghold of Security on Flesh Crawlers these will only ever deal 1 HP of damage at a time making them a great F2P training location in OSRS. You will need to defeat 986 Flesh Crawlers using the controlled attack style to reach level 40 in Attack, Strength, and Defence. Otherwise, you can opt to defeat 328 Flesh Crawlers for each individual combat style.

Levels 40-70: Either continue training at the Stronghold of Security on Flesh Crawlers or on Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon for Big Bone drops. You will need to defeat 21,000 Flesh Crawlers or 15,047 Hill Giants to achieve level 70 in Attack, Strength, and Defence. Likewise, you’d need to defeat 7,005 Flesh Crawlers or 5,003 Hill giants for each individual combat style to level 70.

Levels 70-99: It is recommended to train on Giant Spiders within the Pit of Pestilence located in the 3rd level of the Stronghold of Security. These Spiders are aggressive towards all combat levels making them a great AFK combat training method in F2P. To reach level 99 in all three combat styles at once, you will need to defeat 184,915 Giant Spiders or 61,485 for each combat style from 70-99.

Alternative method

Levels 70-99: Another popular training method for F2P is to start training on Ogress Warriors located at the Corsair Cove. They’re quite popular in terms of training and making money because they drop tons of rune items and other things that are of high value in the market. From 70 to 99, you will need to defeat 112,753 Ogress Warriors utilizing the controlled attack style. Otherwise, you’ll need to defeat 37,491 for each individual attack style from 70-99.

Best F2P Training Locations OSRS

Hill Giants

Thanks to the new addition that was added to the area, you can now obtain keys from Hill Giants that will provide you with access to fight against their boss named Obor. It is entirely up to you if you’re looking for higher-level NPCs to kill.

Moss Giants

As you gain higher levels, you can switch to Moss Giants that are located in the Varrock Sewers. Likewise, from Moss Giants, you can also obtain a key that provides you access to the area where the Moss Giant boss resides. You need not worry because he’s way easier than Obor and the items that they drop are known to be quite beneficial as well.

Stronghold of Security

This is a good non-member area for AFK (Away from keyboard) training, as it consists of various creatures like Flesh Crawlers and Giant Spiders that are perfect for low and high level players to kill. The spiders are not only good for combat experience but also their drops, as you can earn a bit of money off of them while training here.

Ogress Warriors

If you are looking for a F2P combat training method that involves good experience rates and profit, Ogress Warriors may be a better choice over Giant Spiders in the Stronghold of Security. 

Best F2P melee armour setup OSRS

Helm: Rune god armour full helm (prayer bonus) or Rune full helm

Necklace: Amulet of Power

Body: Rune god armour (prayer bonus) or Rune platebody

Legs: Rune god armour (prayer bonus) or Rune platelegs

Shield: Rune god armour (prayer bonus) or Rune kiteshield

Boots: Decorative boots (Castlewars tickets) or Fancy/Fighting boots from Stronghold of Security

Hands: Gilded d’hide vambraces or Leather vambraces

Cape: Regular coloured cape or Team cape

Weapon: Rune Scimitar

Reaching level 99 in Melee combat skills requires dedication, patience, and the right strategies. By following this in-depth guide, you'll have a clear roadmap to efficiently train your Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints to max level. Remember, practice makes perfect, and consistency is key. Train smart, equip yourself with the best gear, and conquer the challenges that await you in Old School RuneScape. Good luck on your journey to becoming a legendary warrior in Gielinor!