OSRS Tree Gnome Village Quest guide

Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide

Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide

Welcome to the guide for the "Tree Gnome Village" quest in Old School RuneScape! In this exciting adventure, you will embark on a mission to aid the Gnomes in protecting their village from an evil army led by the sinister General Khazard. Your courage and wit will be put to the test as you face various challenges and puzzles in pursuit of victory.

In this guide, I will provide you with all the necessary details to successfully complete the quest. Follow each step carefully, and soon you will become the hero the Gnomes desperately need. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Gielinor and take on the epic "Tree Gnome Village"!

Are you ready to begin your adventure? If you have any questions or need clarification on any part of the process, feel free to ask. Good luck, brave adventurer!


The ability to defeat a level 112 Khazard warlord

Items required:

  • 6 normal logs (or an axe, obtainable during the quest by killing goblins in the Tree Gnome Village maze)
  • Combat equipment


  • Combat level 45 Combat level
  • Stamina or energy potions

Ok let’s do this!


Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide

Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide


Step 1: Talk to King Bolren Having entered the Tree Gnome Village, seek out King Bolren. Engage in a conversation with him to accept the quest. Follow his instructions to exit the maze. (Chat option 1•1)

Step 2: Speak to Commander Montai Head to the south-west edge of the battlefield, just south of the river, and locate Commander Montai, distinguished by his red hat. Initiate a chat with him (Chat option 1) and then hand over 6 logs to aid the Gnome troops.

Step 3: Talk to Commander Montai again After providing the logs, have another conversation with Commander Montai (Chat option 2) to proceed with the quest.

The three trackers

 Step 4: Find and Talk to the Trackers Start by locating the 2nd tracker gnome and engage in a conversation with him. After that, proceed to the 1st tracker gnome and talk to him as well. Finally, make your way to the 3rd tracker gnome.

  • The 1st tracker gnome is positioned towards the north-west of the Khazard Stronghold.
  • The 2nd tracker gnome can be found in a building on the eastern side of the stronghold.
  • The 3rd tracker gnome is located at the south-west corner of the stronghold. When you speak to him, he will present you with a riddle.

Step 5: Solve the Riddle Pay close attention to the riddle given by the 3rd tracker gnome. Once you've deciphered it, you'll need to click on the ballista located in the south-west corner of the battlefield, just past the bridge. Enter the third coordinate as per the riddle's solution. If you miss the target, don't worry – you can try again until you succeed.


Three trackers location

Three trackers location

The Orbs

Step 6: Obtain the First Orb of Protection Once you hit the target with the ballista, proceed north to the stronghold, the same building where you found the 1st tracker gnome. Ignore or defeat the level 48 Khazard commanders that may attack you. Climb over the crumbled wall and make your way to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and search the chest to obtain the first Orb of Protection. Be sure to take it with you.

Step 7: Exit the Stronghold Leave the stronghold through the front door and head back to the Tree Gnome Village. Talk to Elkoy, who will transport you to the center of the village. Here, King Bolren will ask you to retrieve the other two Orbs of Protection. (Chat option 1)

Step 8: Retrieve the Orbs from Khazard Warlord Proceed to the south of the Underground Pass and locate the Khazard Warlord. Engage in a conversation with him, and then defeat him in battle to retrieve the two remaining Orbs of Protection.

Step 9: Safespot Strategy To safely defeat the Khazard Warlord, you can use a safespot strategy. Begin the fight and move west until the warlord loses aggro near a large dead tree. Then, move a bit south and attack him from outside his aggro range using Ranged or Magic. This will cause him to walk backward at an angle and get stuck between the West Ardougne wall and the northern large dead tree. You can now continue to attack him safely from a distance.

Step 10: Return the Orbs to King Bolren After obtaining the two Orbs of Protection, head back to the Tree Gnome Village and return them to King Bolren.


And that is! Mission complete!

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