Root of Nightmares Raid Guide


Here is a detailed step by step guide for the Nightmare Root raid in Destiny 2:

1. Prepare Properly: Before starting the raid, make sure your team consists of six players with a recommended power level of 940 or higher. Also, it's important to have a variety of classes, Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters, to fill different roles during encounters.

2. Encounter 1 - Kalli, the Tainted: In this encounter, you will face Kalli, a powerful Hive Knight. Divide your team into two groups of three and assign one player as the "Oracle Reader" on each side. Oracle Readers will be responsible for reading and communicating the oracle symbols that appear, necessary to progress in this encounter.

Once you're ready, kill the enemies in the room and collect the orbs they drop to cleanse yourself of the "Force of Absence" curse. Also, designate two players to take on the Ogres and Knights that appear in the center, while the other four players focus on damaging Kalli.

enter in the raid

Repeat this process until Kalli is defeated, making sure that the Oracle Readers stay tuned and communicate the correct sequence of symbols at all times.

3. Encounter 2 - The Passage of the Spellbound: After defeating Kalli, you will enter a maze full of cursed spellbound. Here, it's crucial that you stick together as a team and push towards the end of the passage while avoiding and taking out the charmed that appear in your path. These enemies often launch ranged attacks and can slow down and weaken your team, so keep up the communication and leave them with no opportunities to attack.

4. Encounter 3 - The Chamber of Suffering: In this encounter, you will face Shuro Chi, the Tainted. This is an encounter that consists of several phases and requires great coordination between the players.

Divide your team into two groups of three and designate one player as the "Tractor Gun Carrier" on each side. Start by killing the Knights that appear and collect the orbs they drop to charge the Crystals. These orbs will also cleanse you of the "Strength of the Tainted" curse.

Once all the Crystals are charged, team up as a team and damage Shuro Chi. It is important for Tractor Cannon Carriers to make sure to fire and stick the cannon onto Shuro Chi to increase the damage dealt. Repeat this process of charging Crystals and damage until you defeat her.

5. Encounter 4 - The Disappointment: After Shuro Chi, you will face various puzzles to progress through the encounter. These puzzles typically involve players standing on specific boards in the correct order to progress. The code plates will appear in different locations in the room, so one player will need to be on the starting plate to start the sequence, while the rest of the team will have to observe the code plates in the environment.

Follow the order based on the code plates and quickly locate the correct plates as they appear. Beat all the puzzles by following this pattern to progress through the raid.

6. Encounter 5 - Morgeth, the Keeper of the Spire: In this encounter, you will face Morgeth, a powerful Ogre. Divide your team into two groups of three and designate one player on each side as the "Eye Reader".


The Eye Reader will be responsible for reading and communicating the eye symbols that appear around the room. Be sure to stand on the elevators to raise them up, and shoot the eyes in the correct order to damage Morgeth. Continue repeating this process until you defeat him, always keeping the Eye Reader attentive and communicating the symbols correctly.

7. Encounter 6 - The Vault: This encounter is a series of boss fights that you have defeated before. Divide your team into pairs and start with the first boss, Kalli. As you progress, each matchup will introduce additional mechanics, such as immunity phases and the need to hide from giant lasers that can deal heavy damage.

As you face each boss again, tailor your strategy to the specific mechanics of that particular boss and defeat them one by one until you reach the final boss.

8. Final Encounter - The Archon: After defeating Dûl Incaru, the final boss, you will face the powerful Taken Knight known as The Archon. In this encounter, it is crucial that you stick together as a team and avoid being sucked into the darkness.

The Archon

Damage The Archon until he retreats, making sure to maintain communication and coordination with your team to maximize the damage dealt. Clear the enemies that will appear in the room and repeat the process until you defeat them.

Proper team formation

team formation

The proper class build for the Root of Nightmares raid is:


The Titan is a solid choice for this raid due to its ability to provide defensive support and control the battlefield. The recommended subclass for this raid is the Sunbreaker. His Sunspot super ability can deal heavy damage to bosses and enemies in a wide area. With this super ability, you'll be able to throw fiery hammers that deal extraordinary damage and pull enemies towards hit points with your slasher, allowing for effective control over the battlefield. Additionally, the Crest Barricade ability (Rally Barricade) can help maintain a solid defensive position and provide cover for your teammates in the most intense encounters.


The Warlock is an essential class in this raid thanks to its ability to provide offensive support and healing to your team. The recommended subclass is the Dawnblade, who is known for her super ability of the Solar Sword (Well of Radiance). Activating this Super will create a well of energy that significantly increases the damage output of your team and provides additional healing and protection. This is especially useful during boss fights, as it can help maximize damage and ensure your team's survivability. Additionally, the Resurrection ability (Phoenix Protocol) will allow you to quickly recharge the super by dealing damage with weapons or abilities while inside the energy well, allowing you to offer constant support throughout the raid.


The Hunter also plays a vital role in this raid, providing precision damage and mobility for the team. The recommended subclass is the Solar Archer (Way of a Thousand Cuts), which stands out for its super ability of the Burning Blade (Blade Barrage). This Super Ability fires a barrage of fiery blades that deal explosive damage to enemies, highly effective against bosses and dense groups of enemies. The Hunter's mobility is also invaluable in high-stakes situations, and the Gambler's Dodge ability will allow you to dodge attacks while recharging your melee ability, which is especially useful in close encounters where survivability is essential.

In short, this class build offers a balanced mix of offensive, defensive, and support abilities. The Titan provides battlefield control and additional defense with his Solar Hammer super and Crested Barrier, the Warlock offers offensive support and healing with his Solar Greatsword super and Resurrect, and the Hunter provides precision damage and mobility with his Flaming Blade super ability and Hit Dodge ability. However, remember that success in a raid like Root of Nightmares also depends on individual skill and cooperation between players, so adapting your strategies and skills according to situations will be essential to success.

Exotic armor recommended to be of use in this raid

confrontation against the boss

Below I'll provide you with a description of the Exotic armor parts that would be helpful in this Nightmare Root raid, along with their specific use for each player:


Exceptional Helmet: Peregrine of the Storm (Peregrine Greaves). This rare helmet provides a significant benefit to the Titan's Sunjumper subclass. His abilities allow your melee charge to deal massive damage when impacting airborne enemies. This is particularly useful against bosses and larger enemies, as you can perform an air dash that deals massive amounts of instant damage.

Exceptional Chest: Chest of Eternal Fire (Heart of Inmost Light). This exceptional chest boosts your defensive and offensive abilities. After using any hit, barrier, or defense skills, your other skills will be temporarily boosted. This allows you to quickly unleash a combination of high-powered abilities, which is especially valuable during intense matches where simultaneous offense and defense are needed.

Exceptional Gloves: Pointing Fists (Synthoceps). These rare gloves improve your melee attack strength and increase your range. When in close combat situations, Pointing Fists amplify the damage you deal with your melee attacks. This is especially useful against enemies trying to close the gap with you, as you can deal considerable damage to them before they even get to attack you.

Rare Boots: March of the Night Lord (One-Eyed Mask). These Exotic Boots provide a tactical advantage in raiding by giving you intel on nearby enemies and granting you bonus damage and protection when engaging your attackers. By defeating an enemy that damaged you, you'll see their position through walls and gain a significant damage boost against their kind. This allows you to efficiently track down and eliminate the most dangerous enemies in the raid.


Exceptional Helmet: Crown of Tempests. This exceptional helmet enhances your storm control skills. Every time you deal damage with Electrocute (Arc) abilities, you increase the cooldown of your Shroud super (Stormtrance) and your grenade and melee abilities. This allows you to launch more frequent and powerful attacks, which is especially useful against grouped up enemies or bosses that need to be taken down quickly.

Exceptional Chest: Supporter's Veil (Phoenix Protocol). This Exotic Chest increases the duration of your Solar Greatsword Super (Well of Radiance) and allows you to quickly recharge your Super by dealing damage with weapons or abilities while inside the energy well. This is extremely useful in boss encounters and high damage situations, as you can keep the energy well active for longer and continuously supply healing and protection to your team.

Exceptional Gloves: Grasp of the Fallen (Geomag Stabilizers). These rare gloves are designed to boost your Chaos Reach super ability. By channeling longer with your Super, Grasp of the Fallen increases the damage and duration of your Rest, which is especially effective against large enemies or bosses. Additionally, these upgrades allow you to quickly recharge your Super by dealing burst damage with Shock abilities.

Exceptional Boots: Black Star Steps (Transversive Steps). These rare boots improve your mobility and weapon reload. When running, your weapons reload automatically and you have the ability to quickly switch between weapons. This is useful for keeping constant pressure on enemies and making the most of the Warlock's mobility during intense raid battles.


Exceptional Helmet: Ace of Spades (Celestial Nighthawk). This exceptional helmet is essential for the Hunter's Solar Archer (Way of a Thousand Cuts). Replaces your normal Super with a single precision shot that deals massive concentrated damage. This is especially useful against bosses and enemies that require maximum critical damage in a single hit.

Exceptional Chest: Oracle Body (Orpheus Rig). This exceptional chest is ideal for the Night Archer (Way of the Trapper). Enhances your Oracle super (Shadowshot), relieving the energy reduction when you hit multiple enemies with your binding arrows. This allows you to quickly generate your super ability and provide constant control of the battlefield by weakening and suppressing groups of enemies.

Exceptional Gloves: Hidden Blades (Ophidia Spathe). These exceptional gloves are perfect for the Archer of the Blade (Way of a Thousand Cuts). They double the number of melee ability charges, allowing you to throw more blades in quick succession. This is very useful for quickly picking off high value enemies and dealing consistent damage in long encounters.

Rare Boots: Dunemarchers Boots (Dunemarchers). These rare boots provide an additional boost to your speed and melee attack power. Whenever you hit an enemy with a melee ability, a chain of lightning is generated that damages nearby enemies. This allows you to quickly clear groups of weak enemies and trigger a chain reaction of damage around you.

Keep in mind that these Exotic armor part suggestions are based on their specific benefits and pairing with the recommended subclasses for each class in this raid. However, the final choice of Exotic armor parts should also be tailored to your playstyle and personal preferences.