[OSRS] Top 10 Runelite Plugin Guide

Top 10 Runelite Plugin Guide[OSRS]

1: Quest Helper

The Quest Helper is undeniably the most outstanding plugin offered by Runelite.

With this plugin, navigating through quests becomes incredibly effortless and enjoyable. No longer will you find questing to be a tedious task!

The Quest Helper serves as a comprehensive guide for every quest in the game, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure smooth progression and completion. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned adventurer, this plugin will enhance your questing experience to a whole new level.

Quest helper


2: 117HD

117HD Old School Runescape finally introduces a long-awaited update to its graphics, bringing the game into the high-definition era. While the traditional 2007 graphics hold a special place in the hearts of many players, there has been a growing demand within the community for an HD version of OSRS.

With the introduction of 117HD, players can now experience the beloved world of Gielinor in stunning high-definition visuals. The new graphics breathe new life into the game, making the landscapes, characters, and monsters appear more vibrant and detailed than ever before.

The addition of HD graphics adds a fresh layer of immersion to the gameplay, making exploration and combat more visually captivating. Whether you are a veteran player or a newcomer to OSRS, 117HD promises to elevate your gaming experience to greater heights.

Here is what OSRS looks like with 117HD turned off.

117HD turned off

And here is what OSRS looks like with 117HD turned on.

117HD turned on.

3: Idle Notfier

The Idle Notifier plugin in Runelite is a game-changing addition for players who frequently engage in AFK activities. This plugin ensures that you never miss important events while you are away from your Runelite Client.

With Idle Notifier, you'll receive notifications for various events when you are not actively looking at the game. For instance, if you are on the verge of logging out due to inactivity, the plugin will give you a notification, preventing any unnecessary interruptions to your gameplay.

Moreover, you have the option to customize notifications for specific actions. Whether it's stopping an attack animation or any other interaction, Idle Notifier will keep you informed of such events.

The plugin also allows you to set notification thresholds for crucial aspects like Hitpoints, Prayer points, Oxygen levels, and more. This feature ensures that you stay updated on your character's status, even when you are not actively monitoring the game.

Overall, the Idle Notifier plugin is a valuable tool that enhances your AFK experience in OSRS, making it easier to stay engaged with the game and never miss a beat. With this plugin, you can confidently step away from your client, knowing that important events will be brought to your attention promptly.

Idle Notfier

4: Menu Entry Swapper

The Menu Entry Swapper is an incredibly useful Quality of Life plugin available in Runelite. This plugin allows you to customize the menu order of various in-game elements, such as items, NPCs, and more, making your gameplay experience much smoother and efficient.

Take, for instance, a banker. Without the Menu Entry Swapper enabled, left-clicking on a banker would initiate a conversation with them, which can be a bit inconvenient when you simply want to access your bank. However, with this plugin enabled, left-clicking on the banker will automatically bring up the banking option, eliminating the need for a right-click and saving you valuable time.

By rearranging the menu order, the Menu Entry Swapper allows you to access commonly used actions with a single left-click, streamlining your interactions with various in-game elements. This means you can perform tasks more quickly and effortlessly, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

The Menu Entry Swapper is a game-changer for players who value efficiency and convenience in their OSRS adventures. With the ability to tailor the menu order to suit your preferences, you can navigate the game with greater ease and focus on achieving your goals without unnecessary distractions. Whether you're banking, using items, or interacting with NPCs, this plugin makes every action more intuitive and user-friendly.

5: Time Tracking

The Time Tracking plugin in Runelite is a valuable tool that takes the hassle out of monitoring your farming and birdhouse runs.

With this plugin, you can easily keep track of the status of your birdhouses, herb patches, and tree patches. It provides notifications when your birdhouses are ready to be dismantled, or when your herb and tree patches are ready for harvesting. This feature is especially useful for players who engage in regular farming activities and want to maximize their efficiency.

By using the Time Tracking plugin, you can stay on top of your farming schedule without the need to constantly check each individual patch or birdhouse. It saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game or engage in more enjoyable activities.

Overall, the Time Tracking plugin is an indispensable tool for any OSRS player who values organization and wants to optimize their farming and birdhouse runs. It ensures that you never miss a harvest or dismantle opportunity, making your farming experience smoother and more rewarding.

Time Tracking

6: Loot Tracker

The Loot Tracker is an essential and incredibly useful plugin in Runelite, but surprisingly, it is turned off by default. Once enabled, this feature automatically keeps track of the loot you obtain from monsters during your adventures in Gielinor. It provides detailed information on the items dropped, their quantity, and their value.

By using the Loot Tracker, you can easily keep a record of your earnings and monitor your progress over time. Whether you're slaying monsters for profit or hunting for rare drops, this plugin will help you stay organized and informed about your looting achievements.

Additionally, the Loot Tracker can be beneficial for tracking the profitability of various monsters or activities, making it an invaluable tool for those who want to optimize their money-making strategies. It also helps you identify which monsters drop valuable items and which ones are less lucrative.

To enable the Loot Tracker, access the plugin settings in Runelite and toggle it on. From that point on, the plugin will automatically record the loot you obtain, providing a convenient overview of your earnings and loot drops.

With the Loot Tracker, you can keep a clear record of your loot and enhance your gaming experience by staying informed about your progress and wealth accumulation. Don't miss out on this fantastic plugin and make sure to turn it on to start tracking your loot!

Loot Tracker

7: Item Identification

Item Identification is a powerful and time-saving Runelite plugin that provides instant information about the name and value of items in your inventory or on the ground. This feature allows you to make quick and well-informed decisions about which items to keep and which ones to sell or discard.

With Item Identification, you no longer need to manually search for the value of each item, saving you valuable time and effort during your gameplay. Whether you are looting items from monsters, picking up drops, or managing your inventory, this plugin will swiftly display the relevant information, making it easier to prioritize and organize your items effectively.

The plugin's ability to instantly identify the value of items also proves to be especially useful during looting trips or money-making activities. By quickly assessing the worth of your loot, you can maximize your profits and focus on the most valuable drops.

Item Identification

8: Bank Tags
Bank Tags is a highly useful and customizable Runelite plugin that allows you to organize your bank with tags. By creating tags and assigning them to specific items, you can group similar items based on their use or category, making it much easier to find and manage your items efficiently.

With Bank Tags, you can create custom tags that suit your playstyle and organization preferences. For example, you can create tags for different types of equipment, resources, quest items, skilling materials, and more. This enables you to quickly locate specific items when needed, reducing the time spent searching through your bank.

To use Bank Tags, simply right-click on an item in your bank and choose the option to "Add Tag." You can then enter a name for the tag or select from existing tags you've created. Once items are tagged, they will be automatically grouped together, creating a more structured and organized bank.

Bank Tags

9:Experience Drops

Experience Drops is a fantastic Runelite plugin that provides detailed information about the experience gained from various in-game actions in real-time. By using this plugin, you can closely monitor your progress and set goals more efficiently, making it an invaluable tool for skill training and overall gameplay improvement.

With Experience Drops, you'll receive immediate feedback on the experience gained from activities such as combat, skilling, and quest completions. Whenever you gain experience, the plugin will display a popup on your screen, showing the exact amount of experience earned and the skill it applies to.

This real-time feedback allows you to see the impact of your actions instantly, making it easier to track your skill training progress and make necessary adjustments. Whether you're grinding a specific skill or engaging in a variety of activities, Experience Drops keeps you well-informed about your experience gains at all times.

Experience drops

10:Zulrah Helper Plugin

The Zulrah Helper plugin indeed provides invaluable assistance with Zulrah rotations. As one of the most challenging aspects of the Zulrah boss fight, mastering its various rotations can be a daunting task for many players.

With the Zulrah Helper plugin enabled, players receive visual cues and information about the current rotation of Zulrah. This includes the sequence of attacks and movement patterns that Zulrah will follow during a specific rotation. By knowing the rotation in advance, players can prepare themselves for the upcoming phases and switch prayers, gear, and positioning accordingly.

Zulrah helper