[OSRS] Top 5 best money making methods in 2023 for f2p

Top 5 best money making methods in 2023 for f2p

Making money in free-to-play worlds can be very challenging. As players do not have the same wealth of high paying money makers, that are available in members worlds. But, for any new player, saving up to afford an Oldschool Bond for access to these worlds is super important. This article aims to explore the best money makers in F2P worlds.

Killing Ogress warriors(up to 75.000/hr)

Killing ogress warriors

The Ogress Warriors are creatures found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon. To access this dungeon, players must start the quest "The Corsair Curse," but it needs to be completed to access the bank located near the eastern entrance of the dungeon. Additionally, players can also access the dungeon through the Corsair Cove resource area, but this requires completing "Dragon Slayer I."

These enemies are known for dropping valuable runic equipment, as well as runes and uncut gems. To safely kill the Ogresses, players can use safe spots within the dungeon. It is recommended to equip a full green d'hide armor set and a power amulet to obtain the maximum ranged bonus in free-to-play gameplay.


Ranged skill 40 (60+ recommended)

Start The Corsair Curse

Ranged armor

Collecting Wine of Zamorak(up to140.000/hr)

chaos temple

Wines of Zamorak are essential ingredients for crafting ranging and bastion potions in OSRS. They can be found in the Chaos Temple, located north-west of Goblin Village, but beware, as the temple is guarded by Monks of Zamorak.

The temple contains two tables where Wine of Zamorak spawns. The first table is downstairs, and taking the wine from there will trigger an attack from the monks, even if you use the Telekinetic Grab spell.

However, there's a safer option. You can access the second table with another Wine of Zamorak spawn by climbing up the ladder near the entrance. To do this, you must have a total level of 500 and wear a set of Zamorak robes. By using the Telekinetic Grab spell on the wine from this table, you can avoid the monks' aggression.


magic skill 33
hitpoins skill 20+ recommended
500 total level

Telegrabbing Nature Runes(up to100.000/hr)

Player telegrabbing Nature Runes

Nature runes are among the most commonly used runes in Gielinor, especially for casting the High Level Alchemy spell. If you don't have the required Runecrafting level to craft nature runes, you can gather them in the deeper Wilderness.

However, it's essential to be cautious when collecting nature runes in the Wilderness due to the risk of encountering player killers (PKers). Additionally, there are two lesser demon spawns nearby, which can also pose a threat.

Since this location is within the Wilderness, it's crucial to avoid bringing any items that you are not prepared to lose. It is advisable to carry a smaller number of law runes than you would typically use per hour, between 50 and 100, to mitigate potential losses in case of an encounter with PKers.

Gathering nature runes in the Wilderness can be a lucrative endeavor, but always remain vigilant and prioritize your safety while venturing into these dangerous territories.


Decent combat and defence skill recommended
prayer skill 43 recommended for protection prayers
magic skill 33 required to cast Telekinetic Grab

Mining Runite Ore(up to700.000/hr)

runite ore

Mining runite ore is a prestigious achievement in OSRS, as it is a high-level ore with a substantial market value (currently 11,198 coins) due to its use in crafting runite bars through Smithing. However, finding accessible runite rocks can be a challenge, as they are in high demand and often depleted.

For non-members, the only location to mine runite ore is the Wilderness Rune Mine, which houses two runite rocks. This mine is situated in level 46 Wilderness, northwest of the Lava Maze. Given its location in the Wilderness, it is crucial for players to exercise caution and refrain from bringing items they are not willing to risk losing. The area is known to be a hotspot for player killers, adding to the risks involved.

To prepare for the journey, players should bring some food and suitable armor to protect against potential attacks. Having a scout, such as a low-level account, can prove helpful in assessing risks and identifying available runite rocks.

Mining runite ore can be highly profitable, but always prioritize safety and be prepared for potential dangers while venturing into the Wilderness.


mining skill 85+  

Cutting yew logs(up to 45.000hr)

Note: If you are a free-to-play player, you should only use a Rune axe to chop yew trees.

Yew tree

Chopping yew logs can be a profitable method, as these logs are in demand for Fletching and Firemaking.

For members, the best place to chop yew trees is within the Woodcutting Guild, which offers two spots for this activity. One spot is located at the south-western area of the guild, conveniently close to a bank chest for easy banking. The other spot is near the entrance to the Woodcutting Guild, and there is a bank deposit box nearby. By cutting yew logs in the guild, you can expect to obtain around 240-280 logs per hour, which can be sold for 69,230–105,350 coins, depending on your woodcutting level and the type of axe you are using.


woodcutting skill 60 (75+ recommended)