[OSRS] Fremennik Trials Quest Guide

Fremennik Trials [OSRS]

In the quest "The Fremennik Trials," you'll undertake a challenge to become an honorary member of the Fremennik people in the town of Rellekka. As an outsider, the Fremennik are initially wary of you, and to gain their acceptance, you must prove your worth through a series of trials.

Throughout the quest, you'll encounter various tasks and tests that will test your skills and resourcefulness. These trials will require you to solve puzzles, demonstrate your combat abilities, and showcase your understanding of the Fremennik culture.

To begin the quest, head to Rellekka and seek out Brundt the Chieftain, the leader of the Fremennik. He will inform you of the trials you must undertake to join their ranks.

Travel around Rellekka and its surroundings, interacting with different characters and overcoming the challenges they present. These tasks may involve tasks such as fishing, combat, riddles, and more.

Successfully completing the trials will demonstrate your courage, strength, and adaptability, earning you the respect and acceptance of the Fremennik people.

With determination and skill, you will prove yourself worthy of becoming an honorary Fremennik, gaining access to their culture, traditions, and valuable rewards.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a respected member of the Fremennik clan!

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

40 woodcutting
40 crafting
25 fletching
Be able to defeat a level 69 monster.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

The Fremennik Isles
Throne of Miscellania
Lunar Diplomacy

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

5,250 Coins, 1 Beer (From Fremennik Pub), Tinderbox, Axe; Cabbage (Not from Draynor Manor), Potato, Onion ― All three veggies can be obtained during the quest; Knife, and 1 Raw shark.

Items Recommended for Quest:

Ring of Recoil, Stamina potion, An enchanted lyre, or a player-owned house portal located at Rellekka.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Keg, beer, Low Alcohol Keg, A Cherry Bomb, The Hunter's Talisman, Draugen's Essence, Swaying Tree Branch, Pet Rock, Onion, Potato, Cabbage, Golden Fleece, Enchanted Lyre, Contract, Cocktail, Map, Rare Fish, Special Bowstring, Ballad, Sturdy Boots, Rare Flower, Red Disk, Wooden Disk, Red Herring, Bucket, Jug, Sticky Red Goop, Vase Lid, and a Frozen Key.

Quest Points:



2813 experience in Strength, Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Crafting, Agility, Thieving, Fletching, Woodcutting, and Fishing. Ability to speak and trade with Fremennik villagers and steal from stalls. You keep the lyre you make, which can be re-enchanted to teleport you to Rellekka (see note at end of the guide). Ability to access Miscellania and Etceteria via boat ride. Ability to wear Fremennik helmets.


Begin the quest by speaking to Brundt the Chieftain, located north of the entrance of Rellekka, indicated by the quest icon. He explains that the only way to become a Fremennik is if you impress seven of the twelve members of the council of elders enough that they give you their vote.

Each of the seven that consider accepting you have a personal task for you to complete. The other five council members' votes are unattainable.

start quest map from relleka

You can do the trials in any order.

location council relleka

Manni the Reveller

To start one of the Fremennik Trials, visit the bar adjacent to Brundt the Chieftain's location, where you'll find Manni enjoying his drinks. Engage him in a friendly drinking competition to see who can handle more beer before getting drunk. Take the keg of beer and a beer tankard from the bar counter to participate in the challenge.

During the contest, it becomes evident that Manni can hold his liquor much better than you, and you end up losing no matter how much you try. Amused by your efforts, Manni remains mostly sober while you feel the effects of the beer.

As you leave the bar, proceed to Seers' Village and approach the Poison Salesman next to the bar. Here, you can purchase a Low Alcohol Keg of Beer for 250 coins. If you didn't manage to grab the beer tankard earlier, you can also buy a regular beer here to save time for obtaining the strange object required for another trial.

Now, armed with the Low Alcohol Keg of Beer, you're prepared to tackle the next trial. The journey to impress the council members has just begun, and each trial will bring new challenges and opportunities to showcase your abilities. Good luck on your quest to earn the votes of the Fremennik council and become an honorary member among these resilient people!

As you make your way back to Rellekka from the Poison Salesman in Seers' Village, remember to use the beer or beer tankard on the council workman located at the end of the bridge. By doing so, you'll offer him a drink and receive a strange object in return, which will be essential for one of the trials.

Next, head to the Rellekka bar and look for a pipe on the outside of the longhall, situated on the east wall, close to Olaf the Bard. Utilize your tinderbox to light the strange object, turning it into a lit strange object. Quickly hide the lit object inside the pipe.

Enter the longhall and pick up another keg of beer from the table. If you've stored the keg in your bank, you won't be able to pick up another one from the table, so make sure you have one in your inventory.

Now, use the low alcohol keg on the normal keg of beer in your inventory. This will cause the lit strange object inside the pipe to explode, creating a diversion and distracting the Fremennik in the longhall.

While they are occupied with the explosion, you can swiftly switch the contents of the two kegs without being noticed.

Once you have successfully switched the kegs, talk to Manni again. After he drinks from the keg, he will be impressed that you consumed a whole keg of beer without any adverse effects. In recognition of your remarkable drinking prowess, Manni will give you his vote, bringing you one step closer to becoming an honorary Fremennik and earning the acceptance of the council. Well done!

Olaf the Bard

Option 1: Crafting a Lyre To craft a lyre, you'll need the following items:

  • Axe (to cut the wood)
  • Knife (to craft the lyre)
  • Raw shark, raw ray, or raw turtle (for the strings)
  • Potato, onion, and cabbage (for the vegetable strings)
  • Fletching level 25
  • Woodcutting level 40
  • Crafting level 40
  1. Find a suitable tree, like an Achey Tree, on the Miscellania island. Use your axe to cut the tree and obtain an Achey tree log.
  2. Head back to Rellekka and find a whittling spot near the marketplace. Use your knife on the Achey tree log to craft an Unstrung Lyre.
  3. Now you need to add the strings to the lyre. To do this, use the raw shark, raw ray, or raw turtle on the lyre to attach the first string.
  4. Next, use the potato, onion, and cabbage on the lyre to add the vegetable strings. You now have a completed lyre.

Option 2: Obtaining an Enchanted Lyre If you have access to a Player-Owned House with a portal located in Rellekka, you can use it to travel directly to the Fossegrimen's Island. Once there, talk to Fossegrimen and ask her for an Enchanted Lyre.

Performing at the Longhall Once you have a lyre (either crafted or enchanted), head to the longhall in Rellekka to meet Olaf. Equip the lyre and play it in the longhall to perform as a bard. Olaf will listen to your performance, and if he is impressed, he will give you his vote.

Remember, you need to impress a total of seven council members to become an honorary Fremennik. You can complete the trials in any order, and after impressing seven members, you will be accepted as one of their own. Good luck on your journey to becoming a Fremennik!

Sigli the Huntsman

area location draugen

Items recommended: Some food, armour, a weapon (a Halberd is best, ranged is not effective), and prayer potions.

Sigli can be found near the entrance gate of Rellekka. Your task is to find the Draugen, an immortal spirit, and weaken it by defeating it. Sigli will give you a hunters' talisman to aid you in locating the Draugen. Use the talisman similarly to how you use a Runecraft talisman; selecting "locate" will give you a chat message pointing you in the direction to go. The Draugen moves around the Fremennik Province and can even cross bridges, making it challenging to find.

To assist you further, keep an eye out for a small, transparent-looking butterfly that follows the Draugen. This butterfly can be used to help you locate the spirit. Having Level 48 Agility can be beneficial as it grants you access to a shortcut log bridge, which may aid in reaching the Draugen faster.

One method to find the Draugen is to sit near the bridge to the east of the strange altar and patiently wait in that spot. Eventually, the Draugen will appear, and you'll be alerted with a chat message saying, "The Draugen is here! Beware!" Prepare yourself with the appropriate gear, as a level-50 player should be able to defeat the Draugen without much difficulty. However, keep in mind that the Draugen is particularly resistant to ranged attacks.

Once you defeat the Draugen, its essence will be absorbed into the hunters' talisman. Return to Sigli with the talisman to show him your accomplishment and secure his vote for the council. Remember, you need to impress seven of the twelve council members to become an honorary Fremennik. Best of luck in your quest to gain their votes and become one of their own!

figth with draugen

Sigmund the Merchant

Items needed: 5,000 coins.

In Rellekka, you can find Sigmund in the market area. He will request an exotic flower from you. However, this task isn't as straightforward as it seems and involves helping several other NPCs, similar to a miniature version of the One Small Favour quest. Refer to the map for easy navigation to locate the NPCs.

  1. Talk to the Sailor on the dock and inquire about the flower. He will ask for a romantic ballad to be composed for him. (He can be found on the second pier from the left.)
  2. Seek out Olaf the Bard and help him by getting a pair of new boots.
  3. Visit the clothing store west of Sigmund and speak with Yrsa about the boots. She agrees to make them if Brundt the Chieftain lowers the taxes on the stores.
  4. Talk to Brundt in the longhall. He will consider lowering the taxes if Sigli the Huntsman shares the best spots for hunting monsters.
  5. Locate Sigli just south of the longhall. He agrees to help but requests a custom-made bowstring first.
  6. Go to the helmet store north of the longhall and ask the shopkeeper, Skulgrimen, for a bowstring. He will exchange it for a rare fish caught by the fisherman.
  7. Head to the dock west of the helmet shop (where Torfinn is) and talk to the fisherman on the northern end. He will ask for a map of the best spots to catch edible fish.
  8. Find Swensen the Navigator, located south of the marketplace in a building. He will create the map but asks for a weather forecast in return.
  9. Peer the Seer can be found northwest of Swensen. He will provide the forecast if Thorvald the Warrior agrees to be his bodyguard.
  10. Look for Thorvald the Warrior in the helmet store. He requests a seat in the longhall.
  11. Manni the Reveller can be found in the longhall. He will give up his seat if Thora the Barkeep makes him one of her legendary cocktails.
  12. Thora is also in the longhall. She agrees to make the cocktail if you can get a signed note from Askeladden to keep Manni out of the bar.
  13. Talk to Askeladden, located south of the longhall, to obtain the note for 5000 coins.
  14. Then, give the note to Thora, the cocktail to Manni, the token to Thorvald, the contract to Peer, the forecast to Swensen, the chart to the fisherman, the fish to Skulgrimen, the string to Sigli, the map to Brundt, the slip to Yrsa, the boots to Olaf, the ballad to the sailor (second dock from the left in Rellekka), and finally, the flower to Sigmund. After completing all these tasks, you will earn his vote.

Swensen the Navigator

Head to Swensen's house, located southwest of the longhall in Rellekka. Upon speaking to him, he will task you with navigating through his maze of portals. To enter the maze, go down the ladder in the southwest corner of his house. Each room in the maze contains four portals: one on the north wall, one on the south wall, one on the east wall, and one on the west wall.

In the brightly lit rooms with burning torches, one of the portals will lead you to the next room on the correct path. However, the other three portals will take you to dimly lit rooms with extinguished torches, spider webs, and skeletons. These darker rooms are dead ends, and their portals only lead to other dead ends. If you find yourself in one of these dead ends, you'll need to climb the rope back up and start over.

Now, here's the trick to successfully navigate the maze: spell out Swensen's name by taking the portals in the following order: South, West, East, North, South, East, and finally North again (SWENSEN). If you follow this sequence correctly, you will reach the end of the maze. Make sure to pay attention to your minimap and ensure it's focused in the right direction.

Thorvald the Warrior

Items recommended: Food, prayer potions, and combat potions. If you have low combat stats you may bring a god book, rings of recoil (7 minimum), goblin paint cannon, phoenix necklaces, a dramen branch and knife.

To complete Thorvald's trial, you'll need to face and defeat Koschei the Deathless, a formidable warrior with multiple forms that grow stronger after each defeat. Here are the details and tips to succeed in this challenge:

  1. Preparation:
  • You cannot bring weapons, armor, or runes, but you can use food, Prayer, god books, and jewelry with combat bonuses.
  • H.A.M gear is suitable for combat with Koschei, as it counts as clothing but still provides some combat defense.
  • Rings of recoil or the ring of suffering (ri) are strongly recommended to deal additional damage.
  • You can create a Dramen staff using a Dramen branch and a knife.
  1. Note:
  • Talk to Peer the Seer to send your items to the bank before entering the basement. CLUE scrolls count as armor and will be banked as well.
  • Do not wear a ring of life, as it will teleport you back to your spawn point.
  1. The Fight:
  • Enter Thorvald's basement and proceed to the arena.
  • Koschei will be hidden initially, but he will appear after you roam around for a while.
  • Koschei has four forms, and you must defeat him three times. After the third defeat, his fourth form will appear, and you can pass Thorvald's trial by losing to this form.
  • His first form is easy, but after each defeat, he regains all his health and becomes stronger.
  • His second form might give you some trouble and require the use of food or Prayer.
  • The third form is fairly difficult, and you'll likely need food and/or Prayer to overcome it. Bring prayer potions as prayer points can deplete quickly.
  • The fourth form is the hardest. He hits once every game tick but only for 1 damage at a time. Use a Ring of recoil, but bring enough rings (7 minimum) as it breaks after 40 hitpoints of damage. Koschei has 255 HP in this form, so high-level food will be required to heal the damage taken.
  • If you manage to defeat Koschei in his fourth form, you'll be rewarded with a Fremennik blade. If you lose, a cut-scene will end the fight, and you will find yourself upstairs.

Regardless of the outcome, Thorvald will recognize your bravery in facing a superior foe and grant you his vote.

With this trial completed, you are one step closer to becoming an honorary member of the Fremennik!

battle with koschei framennik trial

Peer the Seer

Peer can be found south of the market, and he has a unique trial for you. To earn his vote, you must enter the front door of his house and exit through the back door. However, this seemingly straightforward task is complicated by the fact that you cannot take any items with you, and the house is filled with puzzles.

Here's what you need to know to complete Peer's trial:

  1. Preparation:
  • Make sure to complete all other trials before attempting Peer's trial, as he will bank all of your items in your inventory.
  • This trial should be done last to save time walking back and forth to the bank.
  1. The Challenge:
  • Speak to Peer to start his trial.
  • Once inside his house, you will encounter various puzzles that you must solve to progress further.
  • As you cannot bring any items, rely on your wits and problem-solving skills to navigate the challenges.
  • Take your time and carefully observe your surroundings to find the solutions.
  1. Completing the Trial:
  • As you progress through the puzzles and reach the back door of Peer's house, you will have successfully completed his trial.
  • Upon exiting through the back door, speak to Peer again to inform him that you've successfully completed the task.
  1. Obtaining Peer's Vote:
  • Having completed his trial, Peer will be impressed by your problem-solving abilities and grant you his vote.

Remember to save this trial for last to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth to the bank. With Peer's vote secured, you'll have one more council member on your side, bringing you closer to becoming an honorary member of the Fremennik people!

Entering the house

To get in, you need to answer a puzzle. The answer is a four-letter word, and Peer will give you a clue for each letter and the word itself. All possible answers include: time, life, mage, fire, wind, mind, and tree.



  • My first is in mage, but not in wizard.
  • My second in goblin, and also in lizard.
  • My third in night, but not in the day.
  • My last is in fields, but not in the hay.
  • My whole is the most powerful tool you will possess.


  • My first is in tar, but not in a swamp.
  • My second in fire, but not in a camp.
  • My third is in eagle, but never in air.
  • My last is in hate, but also in care.
  • My whole wears more rings the older i get.


  • My first is in the well, but not at sea.
  • My second in 'i', but not in 'me'.
  • My third in flies, but insects not found.
  • My last is in earth, but not in the ground.
  • My whole when stolen from you causes you death.


  • My first is in fish, but not in the sea.
  • My second in birds, but not in a tree.
  • My third is in doors, but not in a hall.
  • My last is everything, but nothing at all.
  • My whole cannot die as long as it has food.


  • My first is in water, and also in tea.
  • My second is in fish, but not in the sea.
  • My third is in mountains, but not underground.
  • My last is in strike, but not like in pound.
  • My whole crushes mountains, drains rivers, and destroys civilisations. All that live fear my passing.


  • My first is in wizard, but not in a mage.
  • My second in jail, but not in a cage.
  • My third is in anger, but not in a rage.
  • My last in a drawing, but not on a page.
  • My whole helps to make bread, let birds fly and boats sail.


Inside Peer's house, you will need to explore and search for several items required for the trial. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go upstairs and thoroughly search the rooms until you find the following items:
    • Old red disk
    • Wooden disk
    • Red herring
    • Empty jug
    • Empty bucket
  2. Obtain the vase from the chest upstairs. To open the chest, you must set exactly four liters of water on it. Follow these steps: a. Fill up the bucket from the tap south of the cooking range. b. Use the full bucket on the jug to obtain a 2/5ths full bucket. c. Empty the full jug by using it on the drain. d. Use the bucket on the jug to get a 2/3rds full jug. e. Fill up the bucket with the tap again, then use the bucket on the jug to get a 4/5ths full bucket. f. Use the bucket on the locked chest to get the vase.
  3. Use the red herring on the cooking range to receive sticky red goop.
  4. Use the sticky red goop on the wooden disk to create 2 red disks.
  5. Go down the east ladder and use both red disks on the abstract mural to receive the vase lid.
  6. Use the full jug on the vase to get a vase of water.
  7. Use the vase lid on the vase, creating a sealed vase.
  8. Use the sealed vase on the frozen table (located back up the ladder) to get a frozen key.
  9. Unfreeze the key by cooking it on the range.
  10. Go down the east ladder (Note: Use the east ladder nearest to the frozen table. Exiting through the other door will require redoing some parts) and exit to get Peer's vote.

Once you have obtained all seven council members' votes, return to Chieftain Brundt and speak to him to complete the quest.

Congratulations on becoming an honorary member of the Fremennik people!

ticket complete uest fremennik trial