[OSRS] Mournings End Part I Quest Guide

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Welcome to the guide for the thrilling quest "Mourning's End Part I" in the elf quest series, picking up right where Roving Elves left off. Your journey will lead you to Lletya, the secret sanctuary of rebel elves, where you will aid their valiant leader, Arianwyn, in dismantling the malevolent Iorwerth clan. This two-part quest will revolve around the daring task of infiltrating the Iorwerth's base in West Ardougne.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of elven intrigue and danger as you navigate through the enchanting but treacherous realm of Tirannwn. Your courage and wit will be put to the test as you uncover the mysteries that lie ahead. Fear not, for this guide will accompany you throughout your journey, providing invaluable tips, strategies, and all the information you need to triumph in this extraordinary adventure.

Embark on this epic quest, brave adventurer, and become a hero in the elven realm. The fate of Lletya and its people rests in your hands. Good luck!

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Start point:

Talk to Eluned inside the elven woods of Isafdar

start location quest

Official difficulty: Master

Skill requirements:

  •  60 Ranged (not boostable)
  •  Thieving 50 Thieving (not boostable)
  • The ability to defeat a level 11 enemy with your combat stats set to 20 each.

Completion of the following quests:

  1. Roving Elves
  2. Regicide
  3. Underground Pass
  4. Biohazard
  5. Plague City
  6. Waterfall Quest
  7. Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  8. Sheep Herder

Items required :

  • Bear fur
  • 2 silk
  • Each of these dyes: red, yellow, green, and blue (can be bought during the quest for 6 coins each).
  • You may want to bring additional dyes to collect multiple coloured toads in case you miss when firing the device.
  • Bucket of water
  • Feather
  • Rotten apple (must be the rotten apple on the ground north of the Mourner Headquarters in West Ardougne, obtainable during the quest)
  • Toad crunchies or Premade t'd crunch
  • Magic logs
  • Leather
  • Ogre bellows (obtainable during the quest)
  • Barrel of naphtha, or 5-9 coal to make one
  • 7 empty inventory spaces for the Mourner gear


  •  Combat level 60 Combat level
  • Weapon
  • Food if your combat level is low
  • Ardougne or West Ardougne teleport tablets (runes may be inconvenient as your Magic will be lowered by the Mourner)
  • Ring of dueling to reset drained stats at the Pool of Refreshment in the Ferox Enclave
  • Necklace of passage for faster access to Arandar, via the Outpost
  • Fast travel to Feldip Hills (Feldip hills teleport, Gnome glider, Fairy rings to aks or the Eagle transport system to the jungle)
  • Fast travel to Rimmington, if you have not yet made a barrel of naphtha (Rimmington teleport or Teleport to House if it located there, Skills necklace to the Crafting Guild or a Falador teleport)

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To begin the quest, seek out Eluned, an elven NPC who teleports between three different locations.

three locations eluned

You have the option to travel to any of these locations and then switch worlds to find her.

Eluned, the knowledgeable elf, will guide you to the hidden rebel elven outpost known as Lletya. Seek an audience with Arianwyn, the esteemed leader of the elves stationed within this covert refuge. Upon meeting him, a startling revelation shall be unveiled: the mourners haunting West Ardougne are not who they seem to be; they are, in truth, Iorwerth elves from the enigmatic city of Prifddinas. Your paramount task is to expose their malevolent scheme and thwart their dark intentions.

Arianwyn discloses that these impostor mourners frequently traverse the Arandar overpass connecting the elven capital to West Ardougne, presenting an opportune location for you to ambush one of them. In your pursuit of justice, Arianwyn bestows upon you a precious teleport crystal, a wondrous artifact that facilitates travel back to Lletya.

This magical crystal possesses a limited number of charges, with each teleportation consuming one charge. Initially, it holds four charges, which, if employed judiciously, will suffice for both this quest and Part II. Fear not, for when the crystal's charges deplete, you can rely on Eluned's aid. She can replenish it with three charges or, if you have accomplished the challenging Hard Western Provinces Diary, grant a generous five charges. Keep in mind that Eluned does require a modest fee of up to 750 coins for

this invaluable service, though it's a small price to pay for the crystal's incredible utility. Should you find yourself in need of her assistance, simply seek her out again.

Obtaining mourner gear

  • Items needed: Bucket of water, 2 silk, bear fur and 7 empty inventory spaces.
  • Items recommended: Weapon, food (if low combat stats), necklace of passage, ring of dueling, and a teleport cristal

Begin your journey towards the entrance of Arandar, and for the swiftest route, utilize the necklace of passage to reach the Outpost, then proceed westward on foot. Your mission here is to eliminate a level-11 mourner to secure their outfit. Be wary, for just before you land your first strike, they will try to throw a potion that reduces all your combat stats, including Hitpoints, to a mere 20. The effects of this potion cannot be instantly remedied with a regular potion, but fret not, as they can be restored at the pool of refreshment in the Ferox Enclave or the fancy and ornate rejuvenation pools in your player-owned house.

There is, however, a way to vanquish the mourner without suffering any stat reductions. Initiate combat with a weapon capable of delivering either a one-hit kill or multiple hits simultaneously, enough to eliminate the target. For instance, employing a special attack from a Magic shortbow is one viable approach.

Upon victory, collect all the mourner's possessions, excluding their bones, which are not necessary for your purpose. The items you need are as follows:

  • Gas mask
  • Bloody mourner top
  • Ripped mourner trousers
  • Mourner boots
  • Mourner gloves
  • Mourner cloak
  • Mourner letter

Take note that the top will be smeared with blood, necessitating cleaning before it can be worn. Journey to Taverley and engage in a conversation with the druid Tegid, who can be found doing his laundry by the lake. Alas, he will not willingly lend you his soap. Therefore, you must engage your thieving skills and discreetly acquire the soap from his laundry basket (Thieving level 50 required). With a bucket of water in hand, use the soap on the bloody mourner top to cleanse it thoroughly.

Next, make your way to Lletya, ideally utilizing the teleport crystal for ease. There, seek out the elven seamstress Oronwen. To repair the pair of trousers, she'll require a bear fur and two silk. If you haven't obtained the necessary dyes (red, yellow, green, and blue) yet, you can purchase them from her as well.

Infiltrating the headquarters

Items needed: Mourner letter, the full mourner gear, feather, magic logs, leather and toad crunchies or premade t'd crunch.

Clad in the full mourner attire, access the Mourner Headquarters within the north-east corner of West Ardougne. Descend into the basement, where level-108 mourners and their commander, Essyllt, await. Present your letter to him, and he warmly welcomes you into their fold.

Essyllt reveals their deceptive mission - to perpetuate the belief in the plague among the Ardougne residents. One of their tactics involves dyeing Farmer Brumty's sheep. However, the dye is fading, and a redyeing task falls upon you. The mourners usually utilize a gnome-made device to dye the sheep discreetly from a distance. Sadly, the device broke down, and the gnome tinkerer refuses to aid in its repair. Thus, the elf grants you permission to interrogate the gnome, providing you with the broken device and a tarnished key to the torture chamber.

Engage the gnome in the adjacent room to learn of the various torture methods employed by the elves. He accidentally divulges his vulnerability to having his feet tickled and his craving for toad crunchies, immediately realizing his error. Rephrase his words and then use a feather to tickle him while having the toad crunchies or a premade t'd crunch in your inventory.

Take care not to give him the toad crunchies before tickling him, as you would need a fresh batch.

Upon the gnome's plea to stop, release him from the rack so he can repair the broken device, providing him with magic logs and leather. He will return a fixed device to you. Engage him once more to inquire about the required ammunition, discovering it to be dyed swamp toads that explosively launch from the device in gruesome fashion.

The Sheep

Items needed: Fixed device, red dye, blue dye, yellow dye, green dye and an ogre bellows.

To obtain the required dyed swamp toads, head to the Feldip Hills, which can be easily reached via a Feldip Hills teleport or by using fairy rings to Aks. Alternatively, you can find them south of Castle Wars, accessible with a ring of dueling or by using fairy ring code "bkp."

Much like capturing toads during the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, you will need an ogre bellows. However, this time, instead of filling it with swamp gas, you must use dye on it. Utilize a dyed ogre bellows on a swamp toad to inflate it with the corresponding color. Once you have at least one toad of each color, make your way to the location of the colored sheep north of Ardougne.

Load the gnome device with any colored toad and wield it. When you are near a flock of sheep of the corresponding color, select "Aim and Fire" in the Combat Options menu, and direct the crosshair at any sheep within the flock. Press the red button to successfully coat the entire flock with the chosen color.

Repeat this process for the remaining three colors. Once all sheep flocks have been dyed, return to Essyllt to complete your task.

Location of the sheep.

Another favour

Items needed: Full mourner gear and a barrel of naphtha (or at least 10 coal to make the barrel).

Essyllt reveals that their stew was recently poisoned, inducing plague-like symptoms within their ranks. To propagate the rumor of the plague among the citizens, he intends to apply these symptoms to some of them. Your task is to replicate the poison.

Begin by obtaining a rotten apple from the specific location north-west of the Mourner Headquarters, as other rotten apples won't suffice. Next, seek out Elena, the scientist you previously rescued during the Plague City quest. Her residence is situated in the north-west of East Ardougne. Approach her for assistance, and though reluctant, she eventually relents. Elena provides you with a sieve, a crucial tool for your upcoming endeavor.

Head towards the apple orchard, which can be found directly west of the Combat Training Camp, a short distance north-west from Elena's house. Once you reach the orchard, locate a barrel and use it on a pile of rotten

apples. Next, take the barrel of rotten apples and use it on the apple press. This action will deftly crush the apples, creating an apple barrel.

Now, the next step is obtaining a barrel of naphtha. If you happen to already possess one, you can skip ahead to the "Poisoning the Food" section.

To make the poison nonlethal and undetectable, you'll need to add a solvent to the barrel of coal tar. Start by obtaining another empty barrel from the apple orchard or Tyras Camp. Head south of Isafdar to the coal tar swamp, and use the empty barrel on the tar in the swamp to get a barrel of coal tar.

locatiorn to optain the coal tar

                                                 The location to obtain the coal-tar.

Next, gather at least 10 regular coals and make your way to the Chemist's house in Rimmington. Follow these straightforward steps to obtain a barrel of naphtha:

  1. Rotate the tar regulator clockwise twice to achieve maximum tar flow. The 'pressure' indicator on the left should rise.
  2. As the pressure enters the green region, rotate the pressure valve clockwise once to release some pressure and stabilize the indicator.
  3. Begin adding coal to raise the 'heat' indicator on the right. If the heat is below the green region, add more coal. If it exceeds the green region, refrain from adding more coal until it decreases.
  4. Be cautious not to let the heat reading reach the dark orange portion, as this would spoil the compound, necessitating a restart. Although the coal would be wasted, you can redo the process using the same barrel of tar.
  5. If you run out of coal, your progress will be saved, so you won't need to reset the pressure or re-add coal.
  6. Once the green bar on the bottom is full, stop adding coal and close the window. Your barrel of coal tar will now be replaced with a barrel of naphtha, the essential solvent needed for the poison.

With your nonlethal and undetectable poison ready, you are now equipped to move on to the next stage – poisoning the food.

Poisoning the food

Items needed: Full mourner gear, barrel of naphtha, apple barrel and the sieve.

Items recommended: Teleport crystal.

To create the toxic poison, combine the barrel of naphtha with the apple barrel to obtain a naphtha apple mix. Then, use your sieve on the mix to obtain a barrel of toxic naphtha. Proceed to cook this toxic naphtha on a range (not a fire) – you can find one inside the Mourner Headquarters. This process will transform the toxic naphtha into two heaps of toxic powder.

Next, place the toxic powder on any two sacks of grain in West Ardougne. These sacks can be found in various locations, such as the general store, the church, or inside the office north of the manhole.

Now that you've completed the poisoning task, return to Essyllt once more. As a sign of trust, he will disclose secret information to you. The elves' nefarious plan involves using enslaved citizens of West Ardougne to delve into the mountains. They will pretend to be victims of the plague and construct a tunnel leading to the Temple of Light, all to facilitate the resurrection of their "Dark Lord."

After your conversation with Essyllt, make your way back to Lletya (using the teleport crystal) and report to Arianwyn to finalize the quest. Your journey has unveiled a dark plot, and your actions may have a profound impact on the fate of this mystical realm.


ticket complete quest


Congratulations, brave adventurer, for successfully completing the quest! You have overcome intriguing challenges and uncovered dark secrets that threatened the world of the elves. Your perseverance and cunning have prevailed, and you have proven yourself to be a true hero.

Thank you for following this guide step by step and facing each trial with courage. We hope you enjoyed this thrilling adventure and experienced the exciting world of Old School RuneScape in a whole new way.

Remember, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. There are many more quests and challenges awaiting you in this vast and mysterious world. Keep exploring, improving your skills, and discovering new stories that await.

Now, take a moment to celebrate your achievements and reflect on the role you played in saving the elves and their kingdom. Your bravery will be remembered forever in the land of Gielinor.

Until next time, adventurer! May your future exploits be even more magnificent and filled with triumphs. May fortune smile upon you, and wisdom guide your steps as you continue your journey in Old School RuneScape. Good luck and happy adventuring!