OSRS The Golem Quest Guide

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The Golem Quest Guide OSRS

The Golem

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Crafting 20 Crafting

Thieving 25 Thieving

Items Required:


Pestle and mortar

Papyrus (can be bought from Ali Morrisane for 10gp)

4 soft clay (or a bracelet of clay and a pickaxe to mine north-west of the ruins)

Phoenix feather (can be obtained north-west of the ruins)

Means to enter the desert (such as the Shantay pass, Teleport tablets or scrolls, Fairy rings or the Pharaoh's sceptre)


Protective clothing for the desert heat (Desert boots, Desert robe, Desert shirt)


Stamina or energy potions

Fast travel to Uzer (Necklace of passage to Eagles' Eyrie or Fairy ring to D.L.Q)

Fast travel to the Digsite (Digsite pendant, Digsite teleport or the Gnome glider)

Fast travel to the Varrock Museum (Varrock teleport)

A pickaxe to complete an Easy Desert Diary task mid-quest

Hammer and chisel to remove gems from the throne

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Starting the Quest:

1. Travel to the Ruins of Uzer:

Begin the quest by traveling to the Ruins of Uzer. You have two options to reach this location:

  • Option 1: Use the Necklace of Passage teleport to Eagles' Eyrie.
    • While here, consider stealing a Phoenix Feather and mining some clay if you don't already have them in your inventory.
    • Then, head south-east to reach the Ruins of Uzer.
  • Option 2: Take the fairy ring with code "dlq" and run north-east to reach the Ruins of Uzer.start point

2. Speak to the Golem:

  • Once you arrive at the Ruins of Uzer, locate the golem in the area.
  • Offer to repair the golem to initiate the quest.

Note: Stealing a phoenix feather in this area is a medium task in the Desert area.

Repairing the Golem

1. Repair the Broken Clay Golem:

  • Begin by repairing the broken clay golem.
  • If you didn't bring clay with you, head north-west to mine four pieces of clay while wearing a Bracelet of Clay, which allows you to mine soft clay. Additionally, mine one more clay to complete the Easy Desert Diary task.The clay mining spot. The desert phoenix can also be found nearby.

2. Using Soft Clay on the Golem:

  • Use the soft clay on the broken clay golem to gradually repair him.
  • As you do so, the golem will become less damaged and eventually fully repaired.
  • Talk to the golem, and inquire about how to open the portal.

3. Examine the Letter:

  • Near the golem, outside the temple ruins, you'll find a letter. Take the letter and read its contents.

4. Explore the Temple:

  • Enter the temple by heading east and climbing down the stairs located behind the golem.
  • Inside the temple, pick two black mushrooms. You'll need one for this quest and one for the sequel, "Shadow of the Storm."
  • Proceed to the north-west corner of the room and pick up the strange implement.
  • It's recommended to keep the strange implement as it will be used in the "Shadow of the Storm" quest as well.

Investigating Elissa's Letter

1. Travel to the Digsite:

  • Head to the Digsite, located east of Varrock. You can quickly reach the Digsite by using a Digsite pendant/teleport or the gnome glider.

2. Find Elissa:

  • Locate Elissa in the north-eastern part of the Digsite. She will be wearing yellow and brown robes.Locate Elissa
  • Inform her that you found a letter with her name on it.
  • Elissa will share information about her late husband's notes and their location.

3. Retrieve Varmen's Notes:

  • Proceed to the Exam Centre and search the south-easternmost bookcase.
  • You will discover Varmen's notes. Make sure to read them before moving forward.

4. Visit the Varrock Museum:

  • Head to the Varrock Museum and speak with Curator Haig Halen, who can be found on the ground floor.
  • When inquiring about a missing statuette, ensure that you have the strange implement in your inventory.

5. Pickpocket the Curator:

  • Pickpocket Curator Haig Halen to obtain a display cabinet key.

6. Steal the Statuette:

  • Go upstairs in the Varrock Museum and locate the display case where the statuette is held.
  • Unlock the display case using the display cabinet key and take the statuette.

Note: If you happen to lose the statuette, you can use the display cabinet key on an empty display cabinet to receive a new one.

Returning to Uzer and Completing the Quest

1. Prepare for the Return:

  • Before returning to Uzer, ensure that you have the required items listed above in your inventory. If necessary, you can access a bank located just south of the museum in Varrock to gather any missing items.

2. Heading to Uzer:

  • Travel towards the ruins of Uzer using one of the following methods:
    • Use the Shantay Pass and make your way to Uzer.
    • Utilize the dlq fairy ring code and head northeast to reach Uzer.
    • If you're walking from Varrock, cross the bridge, then head north along the east bank of the river to reach Uzer.

3. Entering the Dungeon:

  • Upon reaching Uzer, enter the dungeon near the clay golem.

4. Placing the Statuette:

  • Proceed to the middle of the dungeon and use the statuette on the empty alcove on the wall.
  • Turn all the statues to face north, towards the double doors, to unlock the entrance to the demon's lair.
  • Ensure that the east statues face right, and the west statues face left when you examine them.
  • The statues will lock in place, and the doors will automatically open.

5. Exploring the Demon's Lair:

  • Enter the demon's lair to discover that Thammaron perished from his wounds long ago.

The dead demon.

Optionally, use a chisel and hammer on the throne to obtain six gems as a reward.

6. Reprogramming the Golem:

  • Return outside and talk to the clay golem again. He still believes that the demon is alive, so you'll need to reprogram him.

7. Creating Black Dye:

  • Ensure you have an empty vial in your inventory and use your pestle and mortar on the black mushroom to create black dye.

8. Crafting a Phoenix Quill Pen:

  • Use the phoenix feather on your ink to craft a phoenix quill pen.

9. Writing a Golem Program:

  • Use the phoenix quill pen on your papyrus to write a Golem program.

10. Reprogramming the Golem:

  • Return to the clay golem in Uzer.
  • Use the strange implement and then the golem program on him.

11. Claim Your Reward:

  • Speak to the clay golem once again to receive your quest reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

The golem completed

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