OSRS Big Chimpy Bird Hunting Quest Guide

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Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest Guide OSRS

Certainly! Helping an Ogre like Rantz on a Big Chompy Bird Hunting adventure sounds like an exciting and noble endeavor. I'm ready to assist and ensure that Rantz's children have a hearty meal. Let's embark on this quest together!

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5 Fletching 

30 Cooking 

30 Ranged 

The ability to defend against level 64 wolves and level 53 ogres

Items Required:          

Any axe that you can use (Blessed axe does not work)

Feathers (100 to be safe; coloured feathers from  Hunter work)



4 wolf bones (can be obtained from level 64 wolves during the quest or from level 14 wolves in the Stronghold of Security)

Cabbage (can be obtained during the quest, Draynor cabbage will not work)

Tomato (can be obtained during the quest)

Onion (can be obtained during the quest)

Potato (can be obtained during the quest)

Equa leaves (can be obtained during the quest)

Doogle leaves (can be obtained during the quest)

Start Point:  

Speak to Rantz, far east of Feldip Hills.

start point

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Approaching Rantz in the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills, he expresses his need for "Stabbers," which are Ogre arrows. In a display of willingness to assist, you agree to help him in this endeavor.

To craft these specialized arrows, you'll require the following components: Wolfbone arrowtips, Ogre arrow shafts, and Feathers. Importantly, Rantz emphasizes that premade Ogre arrows will not suffice, meaning that you must craft them during the course of the quest. It's time to gather the necessary materials and create the Stabbers Rantz needs!

talk to rantz

With the task at hand, you skillfully employ a Chisel to craft Wolfbone arrowtips from the Wolf bones, either gathered from nearby wolves or acquired through hunting.

Subsequently, you turn your attention to the Achey trees in the vicinity, diligently chopping them down to obtain Achey tree logs. Using a Knife, you deftly fletch these logs into Ogre arrow shafts, ensuring their suitability for crafting the Stabbers.

chop achey tree

The final step involves attaching the Wolfbone arrowtips and Feathers to the Ogre arrow shafts, completing the creation of these specialized arrows. It's prudent to make a sufficient number of arrows, ranging from 15 to 20, depending on your Ranged level, as Rantz will claim 6 from your inventory, and you'll require the remainder for upcoming tasks.

Returning to Rantz with the 6 Ogre arrows, you engage in conversation with him. During this interaction, he imparts valuable information about the bait required for Big Chompy Bird Hunting and shares insights into his children's penchant for playing with Swamp toads. Importantly, make sure to inquire about all possible questions, as this knowledge will prove essential for the next stages of the quest.

To proceed with the quest, you venture to the cave located a short distance north of Rantz. Upon entering the cave, you encounter two Ogre siblings, Fycie and Bugs, who happen to be Rantz's children. Engage them in conversation as you continue to unravel the intricacies of your mission and the unique world of Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

talk to bugs

After concluding your conversation with Fycie and Bugs, you turn your attention to a chest situated in the northwest corner of the cave. As you search the chest, you proceed with caution. However, there's a slight mishap, causing you to lose one strength point in the process.

From the chest, you retrieve an Ogre bellows, an essential tool for your upcoming tasks. Following this, you make your way to the swamp just west of Rantz. It's worth noting that lower-level players should exercise caution due to the presence of wolves in the area.

Upon reaching the swamp, you notice bubbles emerging from its depths. Seizing the moment, you employ the bellows, using it to capture the gas emitted by the bubbles, thus filling the bellows with this mysterious substance. Your preparations for the Big Chompy Bird Hunting continue to progress.

unlock locked ogre chest

With the bellows filled with gas, you proceed to use it on the Swamp toads inhabiting the area around the swamp. Each toad you inflate with gas grows significantly in size and is automatically placed into your inventory. To effectively prepare for the upcoming hunt, you aim to have a total of 3 toads full of gas. Note that you cannot obtain more than 3 at a time.

Expert Chompy bird hunters recommend a strategy of inflating 3 toads, then dropping them, and quickly inflating 3 more. However, once you've dropped the toads, they cannot be picked back up.

With your trio of fully inflated "fatsy toadsies" in hand, you return to Rantz. He instructs you to drop the toads with gas in the vicinity south of him. An arrow will guide you to the designated Chompy Hunting Grounds to the south. Follow Rantz's guidance and release the toads in the specified area, marking the next stage in your quest for Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

Upon successfully dropping the inflated toads in the designated Chompy Hunting Grounds south of Rantz, you return to him with high hopes of a successful hunt. However, it appears that Rantz's shots at the Chompy Bird aren't hitting the mark, and he attributes it to your arrows.

In response, express your desire to give it a try. If you persistently request the opportunity, Rantz will eventually provide you with an Ogre bow, affording you a chance to showcase your archery skills and take aim at the elusive Chompy Bird. Your determination and persistence could lead to a significant advantage in the hunt.

drop bloated toad

If you didn't craft extra arrows earlier and find yourself in need of more ammunition for your Ogre bow, you can retrace your steps by following the previous instructions to create additional arrows. Ensure that you have a minimum of 5 arrows ready to use in your hunt for the Chompy Bird. Having an ample supply of arrows will increase your chances of success during the upcoming task.

For those who have prepared extra arrows in advance, you can conveniently proceed with shooting the Chompy Bird that Rantz was previously targeting. This eliminates the need to repeat the process of collecting and inflating toads.

However, if you find yourself needing more arrows, follow the instructions provided earlier to craft at least 5 arrows. Once you have your arrows ready, collect 3 more toads following the same procedure as before, and drop them in the location specified by Rantz. After placing the toads, take a few steps away to allow the birds to approach the bait. When the Chompy Bird flies down near the toads you've placed, take aim and shoot it with your prepared arrows. This method allows you to continue your Chompy Bird hunt efficiently.

ogre arrows and ogre bow

Once the Chompy Bird has met its demise, gather it. After you've plucked the Chompy, you'll discover a raw Chompy Bird on the ground along with some bones and a few extra feathers. If you intend to create more arrows, be sure to retrieve the feathers. Subsequently, deliver the raw Chompy Bird to Rantz.

attack chompy bird

Rantz will instruct you to cook the Chompy bird for him and specify his preferences for its preparation. Additionally, he'll ask you to gather food orders from his sons, so make a note of their requested items. You can find Rantz's sons in the cave north of his location. The food items needed can vary and include the following: Cabbage, Tomato, Potato (available for purchase at the Yanille food store for 1gp each), Onion, Equa leaves, or Doogle leaves.

These food items can be located in and around the Ogre city area, as well as the vicinity near Rantz:

1. Equa leaves: Found southeast of the hunting grounds mentioned earlier.

2. Onion: Located to the west of the swamp, near an everlasting fire.

3. Doogle leaves: Also west of the swamp, in a group of four respawns.

4. Tomato: Positioned west of the swamp, on a stool.

5. Potato: Pick a Potato plant near the Equa leaves to obtain a potato.

6. Cabbage: Available near the Equa leaves and Tomato.

Once you've gathered the necessary ingredients, head north of Rantz and south of the cave. You'll find a special fire with a roasting spit. Use the Raw Chompy bird on the fire, and it will cook the bird with the specified ingredients.

use raw chompy in ogre spit-roast

After you've successfully cooked the Chompy bird, return to Rantz and engage in conversation with him.

Congratulations! Quest complete!.

Big Chompy Bird Hunting completed

skill gold