OSRS The Giant Dwarf Quest Guide

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The Giant Dwarf Quest Guide OSRS

The Giant Dwarf Quest

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Crafting  12 Crafting 

 Firemaking  16 Firemaking 

Magic  33 Magic  (this magic level need not be attained to start the quest)

Thieving 14 Thieving

Items Required:

200 coins for the clothes

Means to cast Telekinetic Grab (air and law rune)

Logs (most logs will work, however, arctic pine, redwood & coloured logs do not work)


Coal (obtainable during the quest with 30 Mining)

Iron bar

3 cut sapphires (purchasable during the quest)

Various ores and bars (mostly obtainable during the quest, see below)

Redberry pie (unless you have previously given Thurgo a pie for free—outside the The Knight's Sword quest)


Fast travel to several locations

Keldagrim, east of Rellekka (Fairy rings to d.k.s, Enchanted Lyre, Rellekka teleport or Teleport to House if your house is in Rellekka)

Mudskipper Point (Fairy rings to a.i.q, Rat Pits grouping teleport to Port Sarim, Rimmington teleport or Teleport to House if your house is in Rimmington)

Varrock, if you have not yet met Thurgo in The Knight's Sword (Varrock teleport, Chronicle, Ring of Wealth to the Grand Exchange or Combat Bracelet to the Champions' Guild)

Stamina or energy potions

About 10 of each of the following items in your bank, which may or may not be necessary for the timed delivery tasks;

  • Clay (not soft clay)
  • Copper ore
  • Tin ore
  • Iron ore
  • Silver ore
  • Gold ore
  • Mithril ore
  • Coal
  • Bronze bar
  • Iron bar
  • Silver bar
  • Gold bar
  • Steel bar
  • Mithril bar
  • Alternatively, you can gather all these materials, except clay, during the quest with Smithing 50 Smithing, and either about 5000 coins or a pickaxe and Mining 55 Mining.

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1. Reach the Dwarven Boatman:

  • To begin the "The Giant Dwarf" quest, head to the Dwarven Boatman located inside the dungeon east of Rellekka. You can get there quickly by using the Fairy rings and selecting the code "dks."

2. Navigate Through the Dungeon:

  • Once inside the dungeon, make your way to the cave entrance located between two statues. Do not go south past the monsters; instead, take the path that leads to Trollweiss Mountain's base.

3. Speak to the Dwarven Boatman:

  • Enter the cave and find the Dwarven Boatman (not the Dwarven Ferryman). Speak to him and request transportation to Keldagrim to initiate the quest.

4. Experience a Cutscene:

  • A cutscene will unfold as the boat malfunctions and crashes into the statue of King Alvis upon arriving in Keldagrim. Following this, you will be arrested by two Black Guard Berserkers and taken to the Black Guard headquarters.

5. Meet Commander Veldaban:

  • In the Black Guard headquarters, you will have a conversation with Commander Veldaban. He will explain the situation and ask for your assistance in replacing the statue.

6. Unlock the Keldagrim Minecart System:

  • As a result of this quest, you will gain access to the Keldagrim minecart system, allowing for convenient travel throughout Gielinor.

Note: At this point, you will have unlocked the minecart system for transportation, which can be useful during various stages of the quest.

Obtaining Clothes Fit for a King

1. Talk to Vermundi:

  • First, locate Vermundi, the silk trader, in the eastern marketplace of Keldagrim. Speak to her and inquire about creating the king's clothes.

 Talk to Vermundi

2. Request a Picture of the Clothes:

  • Vermundi agrees to make the king's clothes but requires a picture of the attire before proceeding. Your next task is to find a book about dwarven clothes.

3. Visit the Dwarf Librarian:

  • Head to the library across the Keldagrim bridge. Inside the library, speak to the dwarf librarian, who will provide you with the information you need.

Visit the Dwarf Librarian

4. Find the Book on Dwarven Costumes:

  • Search the library for a book related to dwarven costumes. To reach it, climb any bookcase that has a ladder in front of it. You may need to drop some items if your weight exceeds 30 kg and prevents you from climbing the ladder.

5. Deliver the Book to Vermundi:

  • Hand over the book you found in the library to Vermundi. She will now be able to create the king's clothes for you.

6. Repair Vermundi's Steam-Powered Spinning Machine:

  • Before Vermundi can start working on the clothes, her steam-powered spinning machine needs repair. To do this, use the coal you've acquired on her machine and ensure you have logs in your inventory. Then, use your tinderbox on the machine. Note that you should have at least 16 Firemaking for this step.

7. Pay Vermundi:

  • Once the machine is successfully lit, speak to Vermundi again. Pay her 200 coins to cover the cost of crafting the exquisite clothes fit for a king.

Note: Make sure to have the exquisite clothes in your inventory, as you will need them later in the quest.

Acquiring Boots Fit for a King

1. Inquire About the Boots:

  • Begin by going to the south-western anvil in Keldagrim, located south of the Black Guards' HQ. Speak to Saro and ask him about the boots that are fit for a king.

2. Dromund's Reluctance:

  • Saro informs you that he sold the boots to Dromund, another dwarf in Keldagrim. Proceed to Dromund's house, which is situated just north of the bank.

3. Steal the Boots:

  • Unfortunately, Dromund refuses to sell you the boots, so you'll have to resort to stealing them from him. To start, wait for Dromund to look away, and then steal the left boot from the table near the door. This action requires a Thieving level of 14.

4. Obtain the Right Boot:

  • The right boot is on another table inside the house, but you cannot steal it directly due to Dromund's vigilant cat guarding it. To acquire the right boot, exit Dromund's house and stand in front of the window where the right boot is visible. Use the Telekinetic Grab spell on it. Like with the left boot, wait for Dromund to have his back turned before attempting this.

5. Exquisite Boots:

  • After successfully obtaining both boots, they will transform into Exquisite boots, completing this part of the quest.

Ensure you have the Exquisite boots in your inventory for later use in the quest.

Obtaining an Axe Fit for a King

1. Visit Santiri:

  • Start by heading to the north-western part of Keldagrim and speak with Santiri, who runs the sword shop. He will talk about his family's possession of the Dwarven battleaxe but mentions that it has been damaged and is missing its sapphires on the hilt.

Visit Santiri

2. Offer to Repair the Axe:

  • Offer to repair the axe for Santiri. During the conversation, you'll mention that you're a skilled Smith, but Santiri believes that even your skills may not be enough. You need to add three sapphires to rebuild the hilt of the axe.

3. Find an Imcando Dwarf:

  • If you haven't completed "The Knight's Sword" quest, Santiri will direct you to the librarian in Keldagrim's east marketplace. Ask the librarian about finding an Imcando dwarf. He will refer you to Reldo in Varrock Palace.

4. Contacting Thurgo:

  • If you have already completed "The Knight's Sword," your character will mention that they know an Imcando dwarf. You can then proceed to visit Thurgo.

5. Meet Thurgo:

  • Thurgo is located in a house at Mudskipper Point, which is south-east of Rimmington and south of Port Sarim. You can reach him quickly using the Fairy ring network (code: aiq). Have an iron bar in your inventory and ask Thurgo to repair the axe. Additionally, if you haven't given him a redberry pie for free previously, you must offer one now.

6. Repair the Axe:

  • Thurgo will skillfully repair the axe for you. If you happen to lose the axe after its repair, Thurgo can provide you with another repaired axe, but it will be ungemmed. You will need to add three sapphires to it again.

7. Return to Keldagrim (Optional):

  • After Thurgo completes the repair, you have the option to return directly to Keldagrim, which will place you back in Blasidar the sculptor's house.

Ensure you have the repaired Dwarven battleaxe with the hilt rebuilt using three sapphires in your inventory for use later in the quest.

Handing Over Items and Consortium Decision

1. Provide Items to Riki:

  • Give the Dwarven battleaxe (with the hilt rebuilt using three sapphires), Exquisite clothes, and Exquisite boots to Riki. Speak to him while having these items in your inventory.

2. Speak to Blasidar:

  • After giving the items to Riki, talk to Blasidar, the sculptor. He will mention that the Consortium wants the head of the statue, but they haven't agreed on which director's head to use.

3. Consortium Decision (Important):

  • This step is crucial. Ensure that you complete it before proceeding with the tasks related to the directors, or those tasks may become indefinite. The Consortium needs your input to make a decision regarding whose head should be used for the statue.

By completing this step, you set the stage for the upcoming tasks related to the Consortium directors' preferences.

Joining the Consortium and Completing Errands

1. Choose a Consortium Company:

  • There are eight mining companies within the Consortium. You need to join one of them, and your choice will affect the final model of the statue. Select a company based on your preference for banking access or material acquisition.
    • For Faster Bank Access: Choose a company on the west side.
    • For Faster Minecart Access: Choose a company on the east side.

The companies are:

    • The Green Gemstone
    • The White Chisel
    • The Silver Cog
    • The Brown Engine
    • The Yellow Fortune
    • The Blue Opal
    • The Purple Pewter
    • The Red Axe (you cannot join this company)

2. Talk to the Secretary:

  • Approach the secretary of the company you wish to join and initiate a conversation.

3. Complete Errands:

  • The secretary will assign you errands to collect 1-5 of a specific material within a time limit. The materials can include clay, copper ore, tin ore, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore, mithril ore, and coal. Note that you cannot use noted items for these tasks, and you may request a new task if you're unhappy with the current one. However, requesting new tasks too often will reset your progress with the company.

4. Progress with Director:

  • After completing around 4 errands, you'll be notified that the director wants to speak with you. From this point onwards, you can start doing tasks for the Director, who will request various items, such as bronze bars, iron bars, steel bars, silver bars, gold bars, and mithril bars. These items cannot be noted.

5. Joining the Company:

  • Once you've completed enough tasks for the Director, you can ask to officially join the company. Tell the director that Blasidar sent you and that you'll vouch for them at the next Consortium meeting.

Remember that your choice of company will influence the final statue, so pick the one that aligns with your preferences.

Art by Committee and Consortium Meeting:

1. Inform Commander Veldaban:

  • Return to Commander Veldaban, who is located west of the bank in Keldagrim. Inform him that you are ready to attend the Consortium meeting.

2. Consortium Meeting Cutscene:

  • Upon agreeing to attend the meeting, you will watch a roughly 4-minute cutscene. If you prefer not to watch it, you can skip it by declining to attend the meeting. Later, you can read a summary of the meeting in the meeting notes, which you will receive after completing the quest.

The choice to attend or skip the cutscene is up to you.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

The Giant Dwarf  Completed

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