OSRS Clue Scroll (Beginner) Guide

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Clue Scroll (Beginner) Guide OSRS

beginner clue

A Clue Scroll (beginner) is a drop from lower-level monsters (F2P too) or various sources like implings and clue bottles. It initiates a Treasure Trail, leading players across Gielinor through a series of clues to rare rewards. Each beginner clue has 1-3 steps, with a 10% chance of 1 step and 45% chance of 2 or 3 steps. These clues are the easiest to obtain and complete, offering modest rewards. Completing 600 beginner clues unlocks the "Explore" emote.

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Types of clues/Puzzles

1. Anagram clues: An anagram involves rearranging letters to form a new word or phrase. For example, "orchestra" becomes "carthorse." Solving an anagram reveals an NPC's name. Talking to that NPC often leads to a challenge scroll, puzzle box, or light box to solve for the next clue. An anagram's answer doesn't necessarily match the spaces in a name – a space-less anagram could correspond to a multi-word name.

2. Charlie the Tramp tasks: In beginner clue scrolls, players might be told to see Charlie. After meeting Charlie and completing a quick skill task, they can return to continue the Treasure Trail. Charlie accepts items from anywhere, including the Grand Exchange and items obtained earlier, making skilling optional (noted items aren't taken). Initially, Charlie the Tramp clues say "Talk to Charlie the Tramp in Varrock." Charlie asks for an item, like Falo the Bard, but keeps it instead.

3. Cryptic clues: Cryptic clues are prevalent riddles found in all levels of Treasure Trails. They encompass a diverse array of tasks, from interacting with NPCs and searching crates to uncovering hidden spots. In more challenging Trails, extra side tasks might be necessary to finish the clue, such as locating a key or solving a puzzle box.

4. Emote clues: Emote clues involve wearing specific items, performing emotes at designated spots, and interacting with Uri for the next clue or reward. Easy clues require one emote, mediums need two, and hard and above involve one emote plus fighting the Double Agent. Elites skip the Double Agent fight. If an extra emote is forgotten, Uri waits for its completion.

5. Hot/Cold clues: Hot Cold clues revolve around a peculiar device that guides players through their chatbox, indicating if they're "Hot" (near) or "Cold" (far) from the intended digging spot. This playful concept draws from a traditional children's game.

6. Map clues: Map clues display images of locations to search, spanning all clue scroll difficulties. An "X" means dig with a spade, while crates need searching. Maps feature landmarks like buildings, fish for fishing spots, roads, and more.

Kindly be aware that there's a possibility of receiving the same clue more than once.

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Cooking 20 Cooking Required to cook a pike.

 Crafting 18 Crafting Required to craft leather chaps.

Fishing 25 Fishing Required to catch a raw pike

 Mining 15 Mining Required to mine an iron ore.

Smithing 15 Smithing Required to smith an iron dagger.

Certain emote clues may pose a challenge for Ironmen, as they might need the crafting level for crafting gold jewelry and the higher mining and smithing levels to smelt the required gold bars.

Nonetheless, these bars and jewelry can be acquired through alternative means like quests, random events, and ground spawns. Some methods might even involve using the magic spell telekinetic grab.

Possible Rewards

Once you have successfully completed the Treasure Trial, you will receive a Reward Casket (Beginner), which will contain a variety of loot, here are some possible ones.

Possible Rewards

On average, each loot roll from beginner clues amounts to 2,522.00, resulting in an overall average value of 5,045.00 for beginner clues.

How to get it

Next we will present a list with the easiest options to get this beginner Clue scroll

How to get it

There are many more, but the rarity is much higher, so it is not recommended

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