OSRS Slayer Points Guide

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Slayer Points Guide OSRS

Slayer Points are a form of reward that players earn by completing tasks assigned by Slayer masters. These points, known as Slayer Reward Points, are granted after each successfully completed task from all Slayer Masters except Turael and Spria. The amount of points received corresponds to the level of the Slayer Master, with higher-level Masters yielding more points. In addition to the base points, players also receive bonus points when they complete every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1,000th task. This means that completing 10 consecutive tasks would provide bonus points for both the 10th and 20th tasks in the series.

Accumulated Slayer Reward Points can be exchanged with any Slayer Master for a variety of rewards, enhancing the player's Slayer experience. These rewards range from unlocking new tasks to accessing special equipment and abilities tailored to Slayer challenges.

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How get Slayer Points

Except for the quest "A Porcine of Interest," Slayer points are exclusively earned by completing Slayer assignments. Initially, players don't receive Slayer points for their first four tasks, but these points kick in starting from the fifth task and beyond.

When aiming to accumulate points rapidly, players are advised to start with Turael or Spria for the initial nine Slayer tasks. Afterward, they should switch to any Slayer Master offering suitable tasks for their combat level.

To check their task streak progress, players can inquire with Turael in Burthorpe or Spria in Draynor Village for a new assignment. These NPCs will reveal the progress if the current task isn't one they would typically assign. It's crucial not to confirm the dialogue, as doing so would result in a new task and reset the streak. Alternatively, players can use the enchanted gem to track their task streak accurately.

Bonus points are earned at regular intervals, providing a certain number more than the regular points from the Slayer Master. As players advance, it's recommended to opt for the Slayer Master with the highest requirements once they approach the final task due to the significant surge in Slayer points rewarded:

5 times the points every 10th task

15 times the points every 50th task

25 times the points every 100th task

35 times the points every 250th task

50 times the points every 1,000th task

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Slayer Rewards

Slayer reward points have diverse applications. They can be utilized to prolong or block tasks, procure items beneficial for Slayer assignments, and unlock various features. These features encompass hastened finishing blows, crafting Slayer equipment, and unlocking fresh tasks.

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