OSRS Mutated/Ancient Zygomites Guide

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Mutated / Ancient Zygomites Guide OSRS

Mutated Zygomite

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of Zygomites in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and cover various aspects of dealing with them.

Mutated Zygomites, are unique creatures that appear as fungi until provoked.

Mutated fungi

Their appearance is akin to colossal mushrooms, and they can be encountered in Zanaris, either near the Cosmic Altar (level 86) or the furnace (level 74). To dispatch Zygomites effectively, players must employ fungicide spray.

To ensure uninterrupted extermination, the fungicide spray needs to be recharged after every ten kills. These reloads, referred to as Fungicide, can be acquired from the Slayer master or obtained as drops from Zygomites. Keep in mind that players are unable to sell the spray or its reloads back to the Slayer master, so it's prudent to purchase only what is necessary.

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Zygomites can be assigned to level 60 combat and level 57 slayer


Zanaris: Common Zygomites can be found in Zanaris near the Cosmic Altar (level 86) or the furnace (level 74).

zygomite mutated location


Level 74

stats Level 74

Level 86

stats Level 86


Zygomites primarily employ magic-infused melee headbutts that can inflict considerable damage. However, on occasion, they unleash more potent magic-based ranged assaults by expelling spores. To enhance your defense against them, it is highly advised to equip Karil's or Dragonhide armor due to their superior Magic defense, which significantly reduces the likelihood of them landing hits.

For those who prefer to pray against their attacks, it is recommended to use Protect from Missiles, as their ranged assaults exhibit greater strength and precision compared to their melee strikes.

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The Ancient Zygomite

The Ancient Zygomite

Additionally, there exists a more formidable variation known as the Ancient Zygomite. Similar to its mutated Zygomite counterpart, it requires the use of fungicide spray on the final strike to eliminate it. These creatures initially present themselves as non-hostile Ancient Fungi, prompting players to provoke and extract them from the ground. Ancient  fungi



Ancient Zygomite stats


They can only be encountered within the Mushroom Forest on Fossil Island.

Ancient Zygomite location


Ancient Zygomites, much like their mutated counterparts, utilize both magic-infused melee strikes and magic-based ranged attacks. Wearing armor with a low magic defense bonus, such as rune armor, typically increases the likelihood of being hit. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to opt for dragonhide armor or Karil's armor if you have the means, as their superior magic defense significantly reduces the chances of sustaining damage.

For those who prefer to rely on prayers to counter their attacks, using Protect from Missiles is recommended, given that the ranged assaults they employ exhibit greater strength and accuracy compared to their melee strikes.

It's worth noting that it is possible to safespot Ancient Zygomites by trapping them and positioning yourself at least 6 tiles away from them. This is effective because their maximum range for ranged attacks is limited to 5 tiles.


A safespot near the Ancient Wyvern cave

Extra Tip

You have the option to use your Slayer points to unlock the "Shroom sprayer" (cost: 110) ability with your Slayer master. This special ability will result in Zygomites automatically succumbing to the final hit when the player possesses both the Fungicide spray and Fungicide, making your Zygomite encounters even more efficient.

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