OSRS Jungle Potion Quest Guide

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Jungle Potion Quest Guide

Certainly! Trufitus Shakaya, a member of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, aspires to establish a spiritual connection with his deities. However, he currently lacks the necessary components to fulfill this purpose. Your mission involves the procurement of five distinct jungle herbs that hold significance in his ritual.

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Quest Requirements:

Druidic Ritual

Skill/Other Requirements:

3 Herblore

Start point  

Speak to Trufitus at Tai Bwo Wannai.

start point



Head to the Tai Bwo Wannai Village and seek out Trufitus in his residence, which is situated to the west of the Mahogany and Teak trees. Inquire about the whereabouts of the village's inhabitants, and you'll discover that they've fled to the jungle, gripped by fear. Express your willingness to assist Trufitus, and he will reveal a way in which you can aid him — by gathering specific herbs from various locations across the island. The collection of these herbs is vital for a potion necessary to facilitate his communication with the gods. For precise herb locations, please refer to the accompanying map.

talk to trufifus

Start by traveling southwest of the village and crossing the muddy land bridge. Proceed a short distance westward and locate a marshy jungle vine. Inspect it closely and clean the herb you find. Return to Trufitus and deliver the herb to him.

search marshy jungle vine

Next, you'll need to collect the Ardrigal herb. Journey northeast, following the coastline until you reach a small peninsula adorned with palm trees. Search the palm trees to locate the herb, but be cautious as there might be Harpie Bug Swarms in the vicinity. Once you've obtained the Ardrigal herb, make your way back to Trufitus and provide him with the herb.

search palm tree

Now, it's time to find the Sito Foil herb. Search the scorched earth located near the two ever-burning fires just south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village to collect this herb. Once you have it, return to Trufitus to provide him with the Sito Foil.

The penultimate herb you need is called Volencia Moss. Head southeast in the direction of the nature altar, and you'll reach a mine. Search one of the plain rocks in the area to find the Volencia Moss herb. After obtaining it, make your way back to Trufitus once more and give him the Volencia Moss herb.


For the final herb, you'll need to locate the Rogues Purse. Return north towards the shore until you reach a cliff. Proceed eastward, avoiding the Harpie Bug Swarms, and then head back west to discover the entrance to a cavern. Search the rocks nearby and climb down into the cavern.

Within the Jogres dungeon, locate a cavern wall covered in fungus. Search this wall to find a Grimy Rogue's Purse and clean the herb to reveal its true form. After obtaining it, exit the dungeon by climbing up the handholds and make your way back to Trufitus for the last time.


Congratulations, Quest Complete!

jungle potion completed

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