OSRS Rum Deal Quest Guide

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Rum Deal Quest Guide OSRS

Rum Deal Quest

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crafting 42 Crafting 

fishing 50 Fishing

farming 40 Farming 

prayer 47 Prayer 

slayer 42 Slayer 

The ability to kill a combat level 150 monster (can be safespotted)

Quest Required:

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Priest in Peril

Items Required:

Rake (obtainable during the quest)

Seed dibber (obtainable during the quest)

Bucket (obtainable during the quest)

At least 47 prayer points for the Evil spirits part of the quest


50 Combat level

Means to deal damage at range (Magic, Ranged or a Halberd) or means to negate disease (such as Slayer gloves or a Relicym's balm)

Ectophial for fast travel to the quest starting point

Stamina or energy potions

Ring of Charos (a) and a tinderbox for some funny dialogue with 50% Luke

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Ok Let’s do this!

1. Start of the Quest:

  • Talk to Pirate Pete at the dock north-east of the Ectofuntus to begin the quest. start point
  • Pirate Pete will tell you a fabricated story about needing your help to reclaim his family sword from his evil half-brother. Agree to help him.

2. Reveal of True Intention:

  • After agreeing to help, Pirate Pete will knock you out and transport you to a secret location.

3. Meeting Captain Braindeath:

  • You will wake up in a small room on Braindeath Island, where you meet Captain Braindeath. He explains the true situation on the island – it's under siege by zombie pirates. Your task is to help make rum to get Captain Donnie, the protesters' leader, drunk so that Braindeath and his brewers can escape.

4. Growing Blindweed:

  • Captain Braindeath gives you a blindweed seed to grow the first ingredient for making rum. The zombie pirates have destroyed the previous blindweed patches, so you need to intimidate them to clear them out.

Brewing "Rum"

1. Planting Blindweed:

  • Obtain a rake and seed dibber from the cupboard in the basement if you don't have them.
  • Leave the building and go to the farming patches. You may encounter zombie swabs, so intimidate them to prevent further attacks.
  • Use the rake on the south-eastern farming patch to remove the weeds, then plant the blindweed seed (requires 40 Farming).
  • Wait for the blindweed to grow, and then harvest it.
  • Return to Captain Braindeath and put the blindweed in the hopper upstairs. Use the blindweed on the hopper in the north-western corner of the room.

2. Collecting Stagnant Water:

  • Braindeath will give you a bucket (unless you already have one).
  • Exit the building and travel north-west to find 50% Luke guarding a gate. Pass the gate and go up the volcano to collect stagnant water.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Collecting Stagnant Water

  • Return to the house, pour the water into the hopper, and talk to Captain Braindeath.

3. Catching Sluglings:

  • Braindeath will provide you with a fishbowl tangled in a net.
  • Go to the fishing spots near the farming patch you used earlier.Catching Sluglings
  • Catch a total of five sluglings or karamthulhu and add them to the pressure barrel upstairs in the building, next to the hopper.
  • Pull the lever to activate the brewing apparatus, and then return to Captain Braindeath.activate the brewing apparatus

4. Dealing with Evil Spirits:

  • Braindeath will give you a wrench and ask you to beat the possessed brewery controls with it. But first, it needs to be blessed.
  • Go to former priest Davey on the west side of the house. He will bless the wrench if you have 47 or more available prayer points.
  • Once blessed, use the wrench to hit the brewery controls located directly south of Captain Braindeath.
  • An Evil spirit (level 150) will appear and attack you. Protect from Melee or use safespots to negate its attacks.

5. Obtaining the Fever Spider Carcass:

  • After defeating the evil spirit, Captain Braindeath will inform you that the final ingredient is the carcass of a diseased fever spider.
  • Go down the nearby ladder into the basement and kill a fever spider. Be cautious, as they can inflict disease.
  • Collect the carcass, use it on the hopper, and return to Captain Braindeath.

Captain Donnie

1. Collecting the "Rum":

  • With the "rum" brewing process complete, use a bucket to collect some of the "rum" from the output tap located at the south end of the machinery. Captain Braindeath will provide you with a bucket if you don't have one.

2. Meeting Captain Donnie:

  • Head outside to find Captain Donnie near the farming patches.
  • Give Captain Donnie the unsanitary swill, which is the "rum" you've collected.
  • Captain Donnie will quickly consume the "rum" and inadvertently reveal the name of his boss, Rabid Jack.

3. Return to Captain Braindeath:

  • Return to Captain Braindeath and inform him of the revelation that Captain Donnie's boss is Rabid Jack.
  • Captain Braindeath will initially act shocked upon hearing Jack's name but will then pretend that he had never heard of it before.
  • He thanks you for your assistance and announces that the brewery will not be relocated. Instead, they plan to keep the zombies too drunk to cause any trouble. 

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rum Deal completed

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