OSRS Murder Mystery Quest Guide

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Murder Mystery Quest Guide OSRS

"Murder Mystery" is an intriguing quest that delves into the enigmatic murder of Lord Sinclair. The identity of the culprit remains a mystery, and each player faces a unique challenge in uncovering the truth. To crack the case wide open, diligent investigation within the Sinclair Mansion is imperative, as it is adorned with a plethora of clues waiting to be discovered.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Items required:         


Start point:

The Sinclair Mansion, north along the path between Seers' Village and Camelot. Talk to one of the guards around the mansion

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Engage in a conversation with the vigilant guard stationed outside the Sinclair Mansion, located to the north of Seers' Village. He will solemnly relay the distressing news of Lord Sinclair's untimely demise, a mystery that has baffled them all as the culprit remains elusive. Extend your assistance to aid in resolving this puzzling situation, and in response, the guard will entrust you with the crucial task of interrogating the family members and meticulously collecting evidence to untangle the web of this murder mystery.

talk to guard

Proceed into the opulent mansion and make your way to the eastern room, where the chilling murder took place. As you step inside, your eyes will be drawn to a peculiar assortment of items. On the table, you'll spot a rather unusual Pungent Pot, and nearby on the floor, a dagger of sinister intent, ominously named the Criminal's Dagger, lies abandoned.

However, the plot thickens. Direct your attention to the shattered window, a telltale sign of the perpetrator's escape route. Here, hidden amongst the shards of glass and remnants of the crime, you'll uncover a crucial piece of evidence - the enigmatic Criminal's Thread. This mysterious thread promises to lead you further down the path of solving this perplexing murder mystery.

take pungent pot

Exit the mansion and venture towards the sturdy wooden gate situated on the eastern side of the estate. To your surprise, a vigilant dog residing inside will let out a series of agitated barks, hinting at its familiarity with the perpetrator who gained entry through the shattered window. This newfound information brings you one step closer to unveiling the truth behind this mysterious murder.

With the dog's cryptic message in mind, turn your attention to the bedrooms within the mansion, each assigned to the Sinclair children. There are four upstairs and two downstairs. To narrow down your search, identify the children whose pants' color matches that of the Criminal's Thread (though the color may vary from one investigation to the next).

Carefully inspect the barrels within these specific bedrooms, and within them, you'll discover an array of gleaming silver items. These items will prove to be instrumental in your pursuit of justice as you delve deeper into the labyrinthine web of this intricate murder mystery.

search elizabeths barrel

Exit the mansion and head west towards the Gardener's shed, a modest structure on the mansion's western side. Inside, your keen investigative skills will lead you to a collection of sacks. Upon closer examination, you'll uncover several sheets of Flypaper, one for each of the suspects involved in this intricate murder mystery.

Proceed to the mansion's bustling kitchen, where culinary endeavors have left their mark. Here, you will fill your pot with flour, which plays a crucial role in your quest for justice. To further your investigation, apply the flour to the ominous Criminal's Dagger, then deftly use the flypaper on it. This meticulous process will yield an enigmatic Unknown Print, a pivotal clue that could potentially unmask the murderer.

Your next step involves employing the same method on the silver items you previously collected. This will result in obtaining fingerprints from each of the suspects. The true challenge emerges as you compare these newly acquired prints with the enigmatic print from the dagger. Identify the two prints that align, and thus pinpoint the individuals who share this connection.

However, your journey towards justice encounters a twist as you return to the guard. Despite your progress, he demands further evidence to secure a conviction, intensifying the intrigue of this captivating murder mystery.

take from barrel of flour

Engage in a discreet conversation with the observant Gossip stationed at the mansion gate. Inquire about his suspicions regarding the potential culprit behind Lord Sinclair's murder. He'll divulge a noteworthy detail, having witnessed a suspicious poison salesman from the nearby village delivering a batch of deadly poison to the Sinclair family.

With this fresh lead in mind, make your way to the bustling pub nestled in the heart of Seers' Village. Locate the Poison salesman and engage him in conversation. In his disclosure, he reveals a startling revelation - each member of the Sinclair family had purchased a quantity of this lethal poison.

Return to the mansion, your newfound knowledge in tow, and confront your prime suspect with this damning information. Ask them about the purpose behind their acquisition of the poison and carefully consider their response. It is crucial to scrutinize the item or area they mention, as it could hold the key to unraveling this complex murder mystery and exposing the truth that lies hidden within the mansion's walls.

talk to poison salesman

As you meticulously investigate the suspects and their associated areas, the truth begins to emerge:

1. Anna, upon close examination of the compost heap, reveals no trace of poison.

2. Bob's beehive in the garden also remains uncontaminated.

3. Frank's family crest, located to the east of the front door, bears no evidence of poison.

4. David's spider nest on the second floor is devoid of any poison.

5. Carol's kitchen drain, situated west of the front door, likewise shows no sign of poisoning.

6. Elizabeth's cherished fountain remains untouched by the deadly substance.

Your investigation leads you to conclude that the true culprit has indeed been exposed. The poison was never used in any of these areas. Armed with this conclusive evidence, return to the guard and confidently declare that you have gathered enough proof to unmask the perpetrator. Hand over the collected evidence, and the guard, now assured of the correct suspect, will announce that the culprit will be placed under house arrest until the impending trial.

Congratulations on your relentless pursuit of justice! You've successfully completed the quest, unraveling the mysteries within the Sinclair Mansion and ensuring that the truth prevails. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the guard extends his gratitude for your invaluable assistance in solving this intricate murder case.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

murder mystery completed

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