[OSRS] Haunted Mine Quest Guide

Haunted Mine Quest Guide[OSRS]

Haunted Mine is an intriguing quest that delves into the depths of a labyrinthine mine situated south of Mort Myre Swamp. Legend has it that this mine houses potent crystals imbued with Saradomin's divine energy. The quest bears similarities to the challenging Underground Pass, placing significant emphasis on the player's exploration skills and aiming to evoke a spine-chilling atmosphere.

Although the quest stands on its own, it unveils intriguing backstory elements connected to Morytania and the enigmatic figure, Lord Drakan. As you embark on this eerie adventure, you will uncover secrets that shed light on the dark and mysterious lore of the region.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey as you navigate through the Haunted Mine, face unsettling challenges, and uncover the hidden truths lurking in its shadowy depths. May you emerge victorious and enlightened from this enigmatic quest. If you require any further assistance or have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Quest Requirements:

Priest in Peril

Skill/Other Requirements:

15 Agility
35 Crafting
40 Prayer (Recommended)
Able to defeat a level 95 enemy.

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Chisel, Armor, and a Weapon.

Items Recommended for Quest:

Food, Ectophial, Prayer potions, Energy potions, and a Ball of wool.


Reaching the mine

To commence the Haunted Mine quest, adventurers must make their way to the Abandoned Mine, located in the southwestern part of Morytania, just south of the swamps. If you haven't unlocked the fairy rings or completed the Nature Spirit quest, you may need to start it to traverse the Mort Myre Swamp. From Canifis, venture west and enter the swamps through the gate. Continue south along the River Salve until you reach Mort'ton. At the most southwestern part of the path, you'll find the starting point for the quest - look for a grey field on the minimap.

For a swifter route, use a Mort'ton teleport scroll or a Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport, available after completing the Shades of Mort'ton quest. Another option is to use a Barrows Teleport tablet, which is more cost-effective but slightly slower. If you have progressed through In Aid of the Myreque to a certain point, you can use the shortcut in Burgh de Rott's western fence. Be cautious of feral vampyres and the possibility of Loar Shades wandering into the area.

You can also expedite your travel time by using fairy ring codes:

  • CKS: West of Canifis, at the entrance gate of the swamp.
  • BKR: South of Canifis, a short way into the swamp.
  • BIP: On an island west of the Nature Grotto, located in the southern part of the swamp. Note that you'll need level 50 Agility to cross a stepping stone to access Morytania.

For the boss fight in the quest, it is crucial to have high-level food, as you will sustain substantial damage regardless of your combat level. If you are unfamiliar with the fight or need a refresher, refer to the "boss fight" section in the quest guide. Proper preparation is essential, so ensure you have all the necessary items, including supplies for the boss fight and a druid pouch if traversing the swamps without having lit the Fire of Dehumidification.

location cave

The mysteries of Mort Ridge

In the area between the mine and the swamps, you'll encounter a Saradominist zealot roaming around. He will inquire about your allegiance, and you can respond that you follow Saradomin, Guthix, or have no particular allegiance. If you claim to be Zamorakian, he will react unfriendly and dismiss you. After revealing his quest to strengthen Saradomin's influence in Morytania, he explains that you are standing atop the now-abandoned Mort Ridge Mines. These mines were once exploited by the Morytanians until the Misthalin-Morytania War and the blessing of the River Salve. The mine is said to contain legendary crystals from which the Salve amulet was carved, granting its bearer power over evil. The zealot seeks to access the mines and craft another amulet.

He also reveals that the mine is haunted, as it was once protected by a Zamorakian mage named Treus Dayth, who was slain by Saradominists attempting to steal a crystal shard. The furious Zamorak cursed Dayth's soul, binding it to the crystals to prevent further access. After this incident, the ruler of the land ordered the mines sealed, and everyone inside was brutally killed due to the crystals' effects. The souls of the victims are now rumored to haunt the mine.

Inquire about other entrances to the mine, and the zealot will confirm the possibility of a second entrance. He possesses a key that grants access to the lower levels of the mine but has yet to discover the second entrance's exact location, noting it was not designed for humans. When you ask to borrow the key, he refuses, stating that the mission can only be entrusted to himself. However, you can pickpocket him to obtain the key, which will be necessary later in the quest. Be sure not to overlook this step, as you will need the key later.

Head south of the zealot to find a cart track, avoiding the stone stairs as they lead to locked doors. Beware of the feral vampyres that roam the area. Climb over the second-to-last cart and continue past the last cart, then crawl through the cart tunnel. If you don't have 15 Agility to climb over the cart, you can go to the west side of the mountain and enter through the northern entrance.

Into the depths

As you venture deeper into the dark cave, you'll encounter numerous bats of varying sizes and a scattered assortment of pickaxes and corpses. Some skeletons will come alive as skeletal miners when you approach, while certain pickaxes may become possessed and attack you if you pick them up. Throughout the mine, you'll also come across eerie hazes, which may turn into aggressive ghosts when you get close to them.

Your objective is to reach the depths of the cave and find the Salve crystal. Be cautious of any mine carts moving on their own, as they can cause damage if you get in their way.

Follow the cart track west, ignoring the two ladders going down. Continue westward and crawl through the cart tunnel to end up outside next to the River Salve. Proceed south, following the tracks, until you reach a second cave entrance. Enter the cave and head east. At the end of the blocked path, you'll find a ladder. Descend the ladder to reach the next level of the cave.

Once you're on the next level, head directly east and descend another ladder.

Follow the path until you reach a cart track running from north to south. Be careful not to get hit by the moving mine cart on the track. Wait for the cart to head south, then follow it in the same direction. When the cart passes by heading north, quickly run south to the ladder. Climb down this ladder to reach the fourth level of the cave.

Upon reaching the fourth level of the cave, you will encounter several significant landmarks, each marked with corresponding letters on the map to the right:

(X) The glowing fungi: A cluster of glowing fungi illuminating the area.

(P) The point-set panel: A map of the mine tracks, indicating the various routes of the mine carts.

(T) The cart: A mine cart that moves along the tracks. Be cautious of it when navigating through the area.

(Q) The levers A, B, C, D, and E: A group of levers labeled with letters A to E.

(R) The levers F, G, H, I, J, and K: Another set of levers labeled with letters F to K.

(U) The water valve: A valve controlling the flow of water in the area.

(A) A chisel spawn: A spawn point for chisels, which might come in handy during your journey.

(13) The water-powered lift: A lift powered by water, which could be crucial for accessing different parts of the cave.

As you progress further into the cave, make use of these landmarks to navigate and accomplish your mission of finding the Salve crystal. Stay vigilant and beware of any potential hazards or enemies that might arise as you explore the eerie depths of the mine.

map cave rute and objetives

To transport a luminescent fungus to the flooded level without actually carrying it, you'll need to find a container that can hold the fungus. One such container is the 'Hallowed crystal' which you can obtain earlier in the quest. Follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the Hallowed crystal: During the earlier stages of the quest, you would have acquired a Hallowed crystal. If you don't have it already, retrieve it from your bank or inventory.
  2. Locate a luminescent fungus: In the cave described above (fourth level), find one of the luminescent fungi that emit light. Interact with it to collect some of its spores into the Hallowed crystal.
  3. Head to the flooded level: Proceed further into the cave, going down ladders until you reach the flooded, dark cave.
  4. Use the spores: Once in the flooded cave, use the Hallowed crystal containing the luminescent spores. This action will release the spores into the air, illuminating the surrounding area.
  5. Explore the flooded cave: With the spores providing light, you can now explore the flooded cave without the need for light sources like torches or tinderboxes. Make your way through the cave to continue your quest.

Using the luminescent fungi spores in this way allows you to navigate the dark, flooded cave and continue your search for the Salve crystal. Be cautious of any potential dangers in the cave and proceed carefully

Getting a light

After placing the glowing fungus (X) in the cart (T), make sure not to drop it or take it outside the cave, as it will crumble to dust and become unusable. Now that the fungus is secured in the cart, you can use the mine carts to transport it to the correct part of the cave.

Continue north-west from the cart with the glowing fungus and follow the path. You'll come across a point-set panel (P) showing the map of mine tracks. This panel allows you to control the mine carts' directions.

Here's the sequence of steps to follow:

  1. Check the panel (P) to see the mine carts' current positions and paths.
  2. Pull the lever E (Q) to send the cart with the glowing fungus on its way.
  3. Pull the lever B (Q) to send the cart in the correct direction, leading it to the flooded cave area.

Make sure the cart is headed to the flooded cave where you need the light source. Once the cart is set on the right path, head in that direction yourself. Follow the path until you reach the flooded, dark cave (U).

Thanks to the glowing fungus you transported in the mine cart, the cave will now be illuminated, allowing you to explore the area and progress further in the Haunted Mine quest. Keep the fungus safe and use it wisely during your journey through the cave.


All aboard!

After placing the glowing fungus in the mine cart, head north and then west to the track map (P), which operates the cart system. Click on the points settings panel located on the northern wall of the corridor. The panel displays a map of all the cart tracks on this level and ten junctions, each with two possible positions.

To set the cart system in motion, press the red start button. Your objective is to guide the cart from the start position on the left to the exit point at the ladder in the top-right corner (north-west). If you fail, don't worry, you can retry, but you will need to replace the fungus.

The track map also shows two groups of levers controlling the junctions. Levers A through E are located south-east of the control panel (location (Q) on the map), while levers F through J are north, around the corner (location (R)). Be cautious of skeletal miners lying in ambush at both stations.

To guide the cart correctly, study the route map carefully. Some junctions (F, G, and H) cannot be manipulated as they are inaccessible, limiting your options. The cart will follow the crimson route at any junction when approaching from the tail direction of the corresponding arrow. Pulling the respective lever will exchange the crimson and burgundy arrows at the junction.

When approaching a junction from the arrow head's direction, its orientation (i.e., color) does not matter as long as it provides a straight path. However, to round a corner without hitting a wall or the water, the direction taken by the cart must be marked by a crimson arrow.

Choose your moves wisely to navigate the cart towards the correct exit. Be mindful of the crimson arrows and adjust the levers accordingly to lead the cart along the desired path. Once you successfully guide the cart to the ladder in the north-west corner, you can proceed to the next stage of the quest.

Levers A-E.

Levers A-E.

Levers F-K. (The blocked levers F, G & H are unmarked in this picture.)

Levers F-K. (The blocked levers F, G & H are unmarked in this picture.)

The mine cart route solution.

The mine cart route solution.

To operate the levers and guide the mine cart to the ladder, follow these steps:

  1. Operate all the levers according to the rules mentioned earlier to create a path on the track map that directs the mine cart to the ladder.
  2. After setting the levers, check the control panel to ensure that the route on your map indeed leads the mine cart to the ladder.
  3. Press the red button to operate the mine cart and set it in motion.
  4. The map will display the path of the mine cart as it travels through the tracks.
  5. If the setting is correct, the mine cart will reach the ladder at the end point, and your character will remark that it has ended up in a useful location.
  6. However, if the cart ends up in the wrong location, the glowing fungus will be removed from the cart, and you'll need to repeat the process.
  7. In case the cart goes astray, pick another glowing fungus and place it back into the cart (T).
  8. Re-adjust the appropriate levers to fix the problem with the path.
  9. Once again, press the red button to operate the cart and check if the cart now follows the correct path.
  10. If your character doesn't make a comment about the location of the cart, repeat the process with another glowing fungus until the cart reaches the desired end point.

Remember to be patient and keep adjusting the levers until you successfully guide the mine cart to the ladder. When the cart reaches the correct end point, you can proceed with the next stage of the quest

Retrieving the fungus

To retrieve the glowing fungus, retrace your steps to the top of the mine. Climb up the ladder (12) near the glowing fungi pool and head north along the track, avoiding the cart. Take the first path to the east and climb up the ladder at the end of the path. Go west and up the ladder, then exit the cave to the River Salve.

Once outside, any fungi you have will crumble to ash. Head north and enter the northern cave. Climb down the first ladder immediately to the east and head north-east through the cave. Climb down the ladder to the next level. Head west to the north-west corner of the cave and climb down the ladder.

Search the nearby cart and take the glowing fungus that was put in earlier. Do not lose or drop the fungus until you have completed the quest! If you drop the fungus, it will disintegrate, and you will have to obtain another one. If there is no fungus in the cart, repeat the previous process by placing a new glowing fungus in the cart (T).

Climb back up with the fungus in your possession. Do not take the mine cart track leading south, as the only ladder you can access in the south-west does not lead anywhere useful (it goes across the pool with fungi).


Items required: Zealot's key, good armor, a powerful weapon, plenty of high-healing food, super energy potion or stamina potion (recommended), and an emergency teleport (optional).

  1. From the flooded chamber, head east past the ladder going up and then south past a moving cart. Climb down the ladder to enter a side cave east of the flooded tracks.
  2. Proceed south down the corridor and pick up the chisel from the spawn on top of a crate if you didn't bring one. You'll find a water-powered lift that goes further down, but it isn't working. There's a water valve next to it, on the other side of a large pipe, which you need to turn to power the lift. Attempt to turn the valve, but you'll find it locked with a small keyhole in its side.
  3. Use the zealot's key on the valve to activate the water flow from the nearby basin. Make sure you have sufficient run energy before heading back to the lift because a mischievous ghost will appear and try to shut off the valve before you can reach the lift. Quickly run around the water pipe system to the lift and go down. If the ghost beats you, simply turn the valve again and retry. The lift will remain operational after the initial activation, so the zealot's key is no longer needed. However, you can pickpocket the zealot again to obtain another key if needed.
  4. The lift will drop you into a pool of water. To go back up, click on the lift, and you will automatically swim towards it. From the flooded chamber, walk south onto the track (watch out for possessed pickaxes) and follow it to the east. The western corridor leads to a locked door that you cannot open yet. Proceed down the staircase. With the glowing fungus, the cave will be properly lit.
  5. Go west through the door into a large chamber with loading cranes and mine carts. This room is where the boss fight will take place. Do not take the innocent-looking key until you are completely ready to begin the fight!


Treus's wrath

To initiate the fight, attempt to pick up the innocent-looking key. It will float away and return. Click the chatbox to continue the dialogue, and the ghost of Treus Dayth (combat level 95), the former guardian of the Salve crystals, will appear and start attacking you! He will be identified on the minimap as a flashing yellow arrow. Treus will use his ghostly powers to move through obstacles in the room and primarily attack you with ranged attacks and possessed machinery. When chasing him, be cautious of the moving carts and cranes.

The ghost itself is not extremely strong, but the damage from the environment can be serious. Treus will frequently become invisible and move to another part of the chamber after some hits are dealt. As the fight progresses, he will move more quickly, sometimes even after just one hit. Having weapons with a high maximum hit can be advantageous in this situation, as it makes killing the boss more efficient. Energy, super energy, or stamina potions are highly recommended to maintain your run energy during the fight. Bringing a large supply of food and optionally using combat potions or other stat-boosting potions, depending on your combat level, is advised. An emergency teleport, such as a ring of life or the Ectophial, can be very useful as well.

Throughout the fight, the carts and cranes in the room will start operating and can cause major harm. Players should do their best to avoid them whenever possible. The cranes are stationary but can hit for fairly high typeless damage. However, they are inaccurate and can be easily avoided by staying out of their reach. On the other hand, the carts can only move along the track they are on and can be dangerous because they hit rapidly, dealing up to 9 damage every tick while dragging a player along the track. Additionally, pickaxes will be constantly thrown at the player during the fight, hitting for as much as 15 damage in one attack. Using Protect from Missiles is recommended for this fight, although it only provides 33% protection against the pickaxes, reducing their max hit to 10 damage. Magic attacks are very effective against the boss.

Killing Treus Dayth will count towards ghost slayer tasks, and a kill will grant 100 slayer experience. Be prepared for a challenging and intense battle, and strategize carefully to defeat the ghost and claim your victory in the Haunted Mine quest.


A highly effective strategy for low to mid-level players who can equip Iban's staff (requiring 50 Attack, Magic, and completion of Underground Pass) is to use Iban Blast as their primary attack. This spell hits accurately, especially against this boss, and deals high damage. If using Melee, opt for the highest-hitting weapon available, such as a 2h sword or halberd, as Treus Dayth has a tendency to teleport after being hit.

A helpful tip is that if the battle becomes overwhelming, you can retreat to the east door where you entered and manage your health and prayer there. The boss will not reset and will retain the same amount of health as when you left the room.

It is worth noting that you cannot freeze the ghost from moving using Magic or the Zamorak Godsword special attack. However, Crumble Undead works effectively against him. For autocasting Crumble, you can use a Skull sceptre (i) (imbued), Slayer Staff (requiring 55 Slayer + 50 Magic), or a Void Knight Mace (costing 250 Pest Control points & requiring 42 Melee, Ranged, Magic, and 22 Prayer). Alternatively, a trident of the seas or trident of the swamp can be great choices as well.

Here's an example strategy that works effectively: Bring a 4-dose Prayer potion, optionally a Ranging potion, and the best Ranged weaponry you have, along with an inventory full of food. Keep Protect from Missiles active at all times. When you encounter Treus Dayth, activate Eagle Eye to maximize your ranged attacks, then disable it when he moves away (but keep Protect from Missiles active). He tends to move between the north-western and north-eastern sides of the room. To navigate through the northern-most cart track in the detached tunnel can help avoid most obstacles. If he moves south, hug the cavern walls to dodge the cranes as you approach him. Act decisively during the fight to minimize damage taken.

Using a dragon dagger is another effective option. Its special attack hits twice in one go, and although the boss will only receive one of those hits before teleporting away, you can repeatedly use the dagger's special attack during the fight without much movement.

For mid-tier magic attacks, Iban Blast or Fire Bolt with chaos gauntlets can be effective and affordable. Although magic armor provides little Ranged Defense, Treus Dayth has negative magic defense, allowing for consistent hits even with a negative magic attack bonus. A setup such as rune platebody/platelegs/kiteshield, farseer helm, amulet of glory, Recipe for Disaster gloves/chaos gauntlets, and boots of lightness with Iban's staff or elemental staff can be efficient for both damage and defense against the boss. Pair it with decent food and prayer potions to make the fight manageable, and run back and forth along the northern tunnel if possible.

In the event of death, your items will appear inside a grave for 15 minutes. To retrieve them, you'll need another glowing fungus. If you fail to reach your grave in time, your items will be available at Death's Office.

figth vs the ghost of Treus Dayth

Salvation at last

After defeating Treus Dayth, the hostile machinery will stop attacking you. Pick up the innocent-looking key, which no longer resists and is, in fact, the crystal-mine key. Now, head back east through the door and climb up the stairs. Walk all the way west until you reach another staircase and head down.

The crystal-mine key opens the large door to a room with several crystal outcrops in the south-east corner. Use a chisel to cut a piece from the crystal outcrop. If you forgot your chisel, you can go back up the lift and find one on a crate. Cutting the crystal will yield a salve shard, which can be crafted into a new amulet. It's a good idea to cut extras for backup purposes!

There's a convenient cart tunnel nearby that leads right back to the entrance of the mine, offering a shortcut for future visits.

Congratulations! You've completed the quest successfully!                                         

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