[OSRS] Fight Caves Guide 2023

OSRS Fight Caves 2023

Deep within the fiery depths of the Karamja Volcano in OSRS, lies a classic yet formidable foe within the Fight Caves called TzTok-Jad, or Jad for short. In the vast lands of Old School RuneScape, a world filled with challenges and thrilling adventures, there are mysterious and dangerous places waiting to be discovered by brave explorers like yourselves. Among the wonders and perils lurking around every corner, an ancient legend has captured the imagination of many: The Fight Cave!

In this blog, we will immerse you in an exciting guide about the Fight cave, one of the most enigmatic and challenging locations in all of Gielinor. From its fiery depths to its hidden treasures, we will provide you with all the information you need to face this test of courage and skill.

Get ready to embark on a journey full of intrigue and excitement as we unveil the secrets and strategies necessary to survive in the Fight cave. Together, we will discover the fiery creatures that inhabit it, the rewards that await those brave enough to conquer it, and the obstacles you must overcome on your path to glory.

Without further ado, buckle up and sharpen your weapons because the challenge awaits you in the Fight cave. It's time to ignite the flame of adventure and prove your valor in this fascinating corner of Old School RuneScape!

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The TzHaar Fight Cave, widely known as the Fight Caves, stands as a formidable combat minigame situated in the outer region of Mor Ul Rek, nestled within the fiery heart of the Karamja volcano. Prior to this update, the Kalphite Queen held the title of the most potent creature in all of RuneScape. Nevertheless, with the advent of the TzHaar Fight Cave, two new adversaries emerged, the fearsome level-360 Ket-Zek and the awe-inspiring level-702 TzTok-Jad, both surpassing the Kalphite Queen in both level and might, solidifying their status as the most challenging encounters for daring adventurers. Brace yourselves, for within the depths of the Fight Caves, an ultimate test of skill and courage awaits those who seek the glory that comes with conquering such formidable foes.


How to get there:


  1. Head to Mor Ul Rek: Mor Ul Rek is located within the Karamja volcano. To get there, you can use various transportation methods, but one common way is to take a boat from Port Sarim to Musa Point on Karamja. From there, run northwest to the entrance of the Karamja Volcano.


  1. Enter the Karamja Volcano: Once you're at the Karamja Volcano, head inside.


  1. Navigate to Mor Ul Rek: Inside the volcano, you'll find various obstacles and creatures. Navigate your way to the inner area of the volcano, which is known as Mor Ul Rek.


  1. Find the Fight Cave Entrance: The entrance to the Fight Cave is on the northeastern side of Mor Ul Rek. Look for a large cave entrance with a marked entrance icon on your minimap.


  1. Enter the Fight Cave: Click on the cave entrance to enter the Fight Cave.


Inside the Fight Cave, you'll face a series of challenging waves of monsters, culminating in an epic battle with the level-702 TzTok-Jad. It's considered one of the most challenging combat minigames in OSRS, so make sure you're well-prepared with good equipment, supplies, and combat skills before attempting it.



Fire cape: Upon successfully vanquishing TzTok-Jad, triumph awaits the valiant adventurer, rewarding them with 8,032 Tokkul and the prestigious fire cape. This remarkable cape showcases a mesmerizing "lava" pattern, where molten streams cascade endlessly downwards, evoking the very essence of its volcanic origin.

Renowned across RuneScape, the fire cape is hailed as one of the finest capes available. Its protective capabilities far surpass those of the cape of legends and the obsidian cape, and it boasts slight offensive bonuses to bolster one's combat prowess. A true testament to its significance, the fire cape is bound to the one who earns it and cannot be traded among players.

While the fire cape reigns supreme in many aspects, several other capes hold specialized advantages. For instance, the infernal cape boasts all-around superior stats, the god capes enhance magic attack bonuses, while Ava's attractor, accumulator, or assembler excel in ranged attack bonuses. The Soul cape blesses its wearer with enhanced prayer, the Ardougne cloak grants prayer and offensive stab bonuses, and the Mythical cape elevates the offensive crush bonus.

For those seeking versatility, the revered max cape offers an array of valuable perks, even though its stats mirror those of a regular trimmed skill cape.

Picture of Fire Cape, a reward from the Fight Caves in Old School RuneScape.



When traversing the cave, adventurers should take note that clicking the log-out button initiates a delayed departure. Rather than being logged out instantly, players will remain in the cave until the conclusion of the current wave. Should one decide to log out during this time, clicking the button again will result in an immediate exit, albeit necessitating a repeat of the ongoing wave.

Optimal strategy dictates that ranged combat be the weapon of choice for most of the journey. Utilizing ranged tactics enables players to skillfully position themselves, safely evading the reach of monsters while attacking from a secure distance. On the other hand, employing melee presents a more challenging and time-consuming endeavor, though it becomes essential for those seeking to conquer the elite Combat Achievement, "Facing Jad Head-on." While magic spells such as Vengeance or Thralls have their uses, venturing beyond these specific spells is generally not advised.

Be forewarned, completing the Fight Cave demands a considerable investment of time, often extending beyond an hour for lower-levelled participants. Additionally, adventurers must come equipped with a substantial cache of ammunition and potions to weather the intense challenges lying in wait within this fiery crucible. Success hinges not only on combat prowess but also on strategic resource management and

unwavering determination. Only the most tenacious and well-prepared souls shall emerge victorious from the formidable gauntlet of the Fight Cave.


Suggested skills: Although the Fight Cave does not impose strict level requirements, it is prudent for players to consider the following recommended levels for their chosen combat approach. While it is technically feasible to brave the cave with lower levels, venturing forth without ample preparation and experience is not advisable.

Prior to embarking on this perilous expedition, it is wise for players to gauge their combat proficiency and, ideally, possess the following recommended levels for their chosen combat style. Doing so will significantly enhance their odds of success and ensure a more rewarding journey within the confines of the Fight Cave.


The recommend stats to take on The Fight Caves in Old School RuneScape.

Recomended Equipment:


Range: The Ranged-only approach stands as the simplest method to employ in the Fight Cave. This setup entails utilizing Ranged exclusively throughout the entire journey. While it may be more challenging than combining Guthan's equipment with Ranged, requiring additional food and potions, and resulting in increased damage taken, it remains a viable path for those who prefer not to utilize Guthan's. To compensate for the additional damage taken, it is highly advisable for the player to focus on maximizing their Defence bonus (especially against slash and Ranged to withstand Tok-Xil and Yt-HurKot's attacks) as well as enhancing Prayer and Ranged attack stats.

  • Pros:
  1. The Ranged-only method offers notable advantages that appeal to many players:
  2. Cost-effective and straightforward: This approach is budget-friendly and easy to implement, requiring minimal investment in gear and equipment.
  3. Inventory efficiency: Choosing Ranged-only means you won't need to allocate inventory slots for armor pieces, allowing for more space to carry essential supplies.
  • Cons:
  1. However, there are some downsides to consider when opting for the Ranged-only method:
  2. Increased potion usage: As you rely solely on Ranged attacks, you will likely consume more potions to maintain your HP throughout the Fight Cave. This heightened potion consumption can make the journey more challenging compared to using Guthan's method.

 It's essential to weigh these pros and cons carefully before deciding on your preferred strategy. While the Ranged-only method can be cost-effective and efficient, it may require more preparation and resource management during the challenging encounters within the Fight Cave.


A picture of the recommended armor setup to take on The Fight Caves in Old School RuneScape.



  • 2-3 Bastion potions (4)
  • 6-8 Saradomin brews (4)
  • Fill rest of slots with super restores or prayer potions (4), but you should have at least 1 restore to counteract the brews' effects on a 1:3 ratio of restores to brews (i.e. 3 doses of brew requires 1 dose of restore to counteract the effect of brews).
  • Purple sweets (stackable food, heals 1-3 HP) – optional
  • Saradomin godsword also helps as it reduces the need to use Saradomin brews and prayer potions
  • 250 diamond bolts (e) (when ranging TzTok-Jad)

Low-level inventory example:

Mid-high level inventory example:

Note: For those who find themselves not needing to heal frequently, such as players utilizing a Saradomin godsword or boasting higher Defence/Combat levels, a cost-effective inventory setup is advisable:

  • 4 Saradomin brews
  • 4 Super restores
  • 3 Bastion potions
  • Remaining inventory slots filled with Prayer potions

By adopting this inventory setup, you can substantially reduce expenses, with each trip costing only a fraction of your initial funding. It's important to note that this setup serves as a general recommendation and will vary for each player based on their individual combat style and preferences.

As your Defence level increases, the necessity for protective gear like Karil's leathertop or leatherskirt diminishes. Emphasizing your Defence stat enables you to withstand attacks more effectively, potentially eliminating the need for specific armor pieces and offering additional flexibility in your gear choices.


  • Pros:
  1. Fight Cave completion is significantly faster, taking approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. First 30 waves are generally quicker than using Ranged.
  • Cons:
  1. Jad's melee range increases risk during the encounter, making prayer flicking harder and mistakes more likely.


A picture showing the recommended melee setup to take on the Fight Caves in Old School RuneScape.

During the intense battle with Jad, players must execute precise prayer switches to effectively counter his attacks. To do this, it's essential to keep Protect from Melee active most of the time. However, when Jad switches to ranged or magic attacks, players must swiftly switch to Protect from Missiles or Protect from Magic respectively, and immediately return to Protect from Melee after each of Jad's attacks. Unlike his magic and ranged attacks, Jad's melee attack allows no reaction time, requiring players to have their melee protection prayer already activated to avoid taking damage.

When employing a melee strategy, players often utilize thralls to expedite the encounter. These supportive creatures can enhance your offensive capabilities, hastening your progress in the fight. Additionally, casting the Vengeance spell can be a useful tactic to rebound some damage back to the NPC, bolstering your damage output.

Remember, success in the Jad encounter heavily relies on swift prayer switching, sound combat mechanics, and careful attention to Jad's attack patterns.



  • 3-4 Divine super combat potion (4)
  • 7-9 Saradomin brew (4)
  • 13-15 Super restore (4)
  • 2 Stamina potion(4)
  • rune pouch / divine rune pouch if you plan to use Vengeance
  • Book of the dead if you plan to use thralls instead
  • Fill any open inventories with prayer potions (4)s

Mid-high level inventory example:

A picture depicting the recommended melee inventory setup at The Fight Caves in Old School RuneScape.

Enter, The Fight Pits

In this challenging activity, players must brave through a daunting 62 waves of monsters, spanning from level 22 up to level 360, before confronting the ultimate adversary, TzTok-Jad. Each of these monsters presents unique challenges, necessitating varied tactics from the player. Due to the activity's structure, engaging most monsters from a distance is the optimal strategy. These creatures generally boast formidable Attack and Strength stats, along with special abilities, yet possess relatively low Hitpoints and Defence. As a result, they hit hard and frequently, but are susceptible to being dispatched quite easily.

The monsters manifest in a total of 63 waves, with each wave presenting new encounters. Notably, the monsters "stack" in the cave, meaning that they appear in a specific order and continue to do so throughout the waves. For instance, after facing two Yt-MejKots, you'll confront a Ket-Zek on wave 31. Following this, Ket-Zeks will continue to appear until wave 62 when two Ket-Zeks will manifest simultaneously.

An essential aspect to consider is the prioritization of monster elimination based on the threat they pose to the player. The order is as follows: Tz-Kihs, Tok-Xils, Ket-Zeks, Yt-MejKots, and finally Tz-Keks.

Moreover, it's crucial to pay close attention to the appearance of two of the same monster during the waves. One of these duplicates will be discolored, serving as a "waypoint" for the subsequent monster's spawn point. For example, when two Ket-Zeks appear, one of them will be colored orange, and this orange Ket-Zek's spawn point will become the next monster's, in this case, TzTok-Jad's, spawn point.

By comprehending the mechanics of the waves and employing effective combat strategies, players can navigate the Fight Cave's formidable challenges and ultimately confront the mighty TzTok-Jad. Preparedness, adaptability, and a sharp understanding of the encounters will be the keys to triumph in this epic battle.

Mobs and waves


  1. Tz-Kih: This monstrous creature employs melee attacks and poses a significant threat by draining your prayer. It is crucial to prioritize

killing the Tz-Kih first, as its prayer-draining ability can severely hinder your defensive capabilities. Do not rely on prayer against this creature; instead, focus on dispatching it swiftly to preserve your prayer points for the subsequent challenges.

A picture of Tz-Kih, a npc within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


  1. Tz-Kek: Engaging in melee combat, the Tz-Kek can inflict up to 7 points of damage with its max hit. However, its priority for elimination is considered very low. When defeated, the Tz-Kek splits into two smaller versions. Prayer is not necessary when dealing with this creature, and its split form does not warrant immediate attention. Focus on more pressing threats, and handle the Tz-Kek accordingly, keeping in mind its minimal impact on your overall strategy.

A picture of Tz-Kek, a npc within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


  1. Tok-Xil: This formidable foe wields both ranged and melee attacks, making it a medium priority for elimination. When confronting the Tok-Xil, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach. Safely spot the Tok-Xil to avoid its melee attacks, while simultaneously using Protect from Missiles prayer to mitigate its ranged assault.

Given its mixed attack style, the Tok-Xil demands attention but doesn't warrant the highest priority. Allocate your focus wisely, ensuring that your prayer switches and safe-spotting techniques are

skillfully executed, enabling you to handle this challenge effectively while conserving resources for more threatening adversaries.

A picture of Tok-Xil, a npc within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


  1. Yt-MejKot: This creature relies solely on melee attacks, rendering it a very low priority for immediate elimination. As it poses minimal threat compared to other adversaries, it can be safely-spotted to avoid its melee attacks effectively.

While facing the Yt-MejKot, prioritize higher-threat monsters and deal with this creature at your convenience. Its lack of ranged or magic attacks allows you to manage it easily, enabling you to concentrate on more significant challenges throughout the Fight Cave.

A picture of Yt-Mejkot, a npc within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


  1. Ket-Zek: Combining mage and melee attacks, the Ket-Zek holds a low priority for immediate elimination. When confronting the Ket-Zek, implement a safe-spotting strategy to evade its melee attacks while ensuring you activate the Protect from Magic prayer to mitigate its potent magical assaults. While the Ket-Zek requires attention, it does not demand the highest priority in combat. Focus on handling more pressing threats first, managing your prayer switches and safe-spotting techniques with precision. With a strategic approach, you can efficiently manage the Ket-Zek's mixed attack style and proceed through the Fight Cave with confidence.

           A picture of Ket-Zek, a npc within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


  1. TzTok-Jad: The final challenge of The Fight Caves, TzTok-Jad will test pvmers and will punish unprepared fire cape seekers if they aren't careful. With the ability to hit up to 97, players should be increasingly careful not to miss a pray switch and understand the importance of multi-tasking during Jad's healing phase. If players do this, Jad will be defeated and the player will earn their Fire Cape, if not, then all progress will be lost and you'll need to start from Wave 1 again.

            A picture of TzTok-Jad, the final challenge within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.


The most effective method for safe-spotting TzHaar Fight Cave monsters involves utilizing the Italy-rock to trap Rangers, Meleers, and the Magers (with the exception of Yt-Mejkot, which can be safely trapped). Located south of the cave entrance, the Italy-rock offers an advantageous location for trapping monsters, and the specific method of trapping is entirely at your discretion. Simply lure the monsters toward the Italy-rock and position yourself strategically to trap them behind it, rendering them unable to attack you while you can continue your assault safely from a distance. This technique allows you to minimize the risk of taking damage and offers a tactical advantage when navigating through the waves of the Fight Cave.


A picture showing safe spots and mob spawns within The Fight Caves minigame in Old School RuneScape.

Mobs spawning in the green circles

  • Wave 1 to 6:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek

Strategy: Eliminate all the monsters without the need for prayers.


  • Wave 7 to 14:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Tok-Xil

Strategy: Activate Protect from Missiles prayer as Rangers will spawn from wave 7 until wave 14. Utilize the Italy Rock as a safe-spot for the Rangers.


  • Wave 15 to 21:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Yt-MejKot

Strategy: Meleers will spawn during this phase, and you must safe-spot them around the Italy Rock. Rangers won't appear again until wave 22, so no need to pray during this stage.


  • Wave 22 to 30:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Yt-MejKot + Tok-Xil

Strategy: Turn on Protect from Missiles prayer again to defend against the Tok-Xil's ranged attacks. Continue safe-spotting Meleers and Rangers.


  • Wave 31 to 37:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek

Strategy: Turn on Protect from Magic prayer as Magers will spawn while Meleers and Rangers won't. Utilize the Italy Rock as a safe-spot since Magers can still hit you with melee attacks.


  • Wave 38 to 45:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Tok-Xil

Strategy: Rangers will spawn again, so keep praying Protect from Magic while giving the highest priority to kill Rangers. Continue safe-spotting around the Italy Rock (try to kill Rangers fast before safe-spotting).


  • Wave 46 to 52:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot

Strategy: Meleers will spawn again, and Rangers won't appear during these waves. Keep praying Protect from Magic while safe-spotting Meleers and Magers.


  • Wave 53 to 60:

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot + Tok-Xil

Strategy: Each wave will include monsters with all three attack styles. Keep using Protect from Magic and give the highest priority to kill Rangers as fast as possible (especially during Wave 60) while safe-spotting the others.


  • Wave 61:

Monsters: Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot

Strategy: Keep using Protect from Magic while safe-spotting the Meleers. Rangers won't appear again from now on.


  • Wave 62:

Monsters: Ket-Zek only

Strategy: During this wave, two Magers will appear, and the Orange Mager is where Jad will appear in the 63rd wave. Keep using Protect from Magic, kill the Red Mager first, then the Orange Mager, and get ready to face Jad.


  • Wave 63:

Final Boss: TzTok-Jad

Boss fight: TzTok-Jad

1. First Actions:

Once you reach wave 63 and face TzTok-Jad, it's crucial to make quick and precise decisions to survive the combat. At the beginning of the fight, you must observe the attack TzTok-Jad is about to use. There are three types of attacks he performs, and each requires a specific prayer:


a. Magic Attack: TzTok-Jad stands on his hind legs and breathes fire from his mouth. To defend against this attack, activate the "Protect from Magic" prayer.


b. Ranged Attack: TzTok-Jad crouches and shoots rock projectiles at you. To protect yourself from this attack, activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer.


c. Melee Attack: TzTok-Jad attacks with his claws in close combat.


2. Quick Prayer Switching:

Swiftly switching between the appropriate prayers is essential to survive the fight with TzTok-Jad. You can use keyboard shortcuts to do it faster or click on the prayer icons in the combat interface.


3. Watch TzTok-Jad's Feet:

TzTok-Jad's feet will provide a clue about the next attack he will use. When he's about to launch a Magic attack, his feet will rise from the ground. For a Ranged attack, his feet will stay on the ground but tremble, and for a Melee attack, he will walk towards you.


4. Stay Calm and Focused:

The TzTok-Jad fight can be stressful and demanding, especially when he rapidly switches between attacks. Stay calm and focused, and avoid rushing when changing prayers. Observe his movements carefully and activate the correct prayer at the right moment.


5. Remember the Attack Pattern:

TzTok-Jad follows a specific attack pattern during the fight. After each attack, he will pause briefly before launching the next one. Use this pause to switch to the appropriate prayer before he initiates the next attack.


During the TzTok-Jad fight in the Fight Cave, healers known as "Yt-HurKot" will appear after a certain amount of time. These healers will focus on healing TzTok-Jad, which can prolong the fight and make it more challenging to defeat him. To deal with the healers, follow these steps:


1. Prioritize the Healers:

As soon as the Yt-HurKot appear, shift your focus to them. It's crucial to eliminate them quickly to prevent them from healing TzTok-Jad significantly. Your primary priority should be killing the healers before worrying about TzTok-Jad.


2. Switch to Single-Target Attacks:

To efficiently deal with the healers, use single-target attacks on them one at a time. Avoid using area-of-effect or multi-target attacks near TzTok-Jad, as this could inadvertently damage both him and the healers simultaneously, leading to increased healing for TzTok-Jad.


3. Utilize TzTok-Jad's Attack Waves:

Take advantage of the pauses between TzTok-Jad's attacks to shift your focus to the healers. During these breaks, you can direct your single-target attacks at one healer at a time without worrying about prayer protection. Once a healer is defeated, move on to the next one until all the healers have been eliminated.


4. Prioritize Killing Healers over TzTok-Jad:

During the healers' appearance, prioritize eliminating them over attacking TzTok-Jad. Keeping the healers under control will make the overall fight easier, and once they are gone, you can concentrate on finishing off TzTok-Jad.

And thats it! Congratulations on defeating TzTok-Jad in the Fight Cave of Old School RuneScape! That's an impressive feat that only a few players manage to accomplish. Overcoming the challenging 63 combat levels and facing the mighty TzTok-Jad requires skill, strategy, and perseverance. Earning the coveted Fire Cape is a remarkable achievement and a testament to your prowess as a player. Now you can proudly display that magnificent animated cape, symbolizing your bravery and mastery in combat. Well done on this great victory, and may more successes come your way in your adventures throughout Gielinor