[OSRS] Blast Mining Guide

Blast Mining Guide

Welcome, all intrepid adventurers of Gielinor! In this blog, we embark onanexciting journey through the enigmatic activity of the Blast Mine in Old SchoolRuneScape. The Blast Mine is a unique and thrilling way to train the Mining skill as we explore the fascinating world of Kourend.

In this detailed guide, we will learn step-by-step how to access the Blast Mine, what requirements are necessary, what equipment is recommended, and how to achieve maximum efficiency during our mining adventure. We will uncover the most effective techniques and strategies to face the dangers of the mine and obtain the valuable rewards that await the bravest.

So, wield your pickaxe, load your dynamite, and getreadytodelveinto the depths of the Blast Mine as weunravelallitssecrets and wonders!Welcome to this thrilling blog about the Blast Mine in Old SchoolRuneScape!

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¿WhatisBlast Mine?

The heart of the Blast Mine lies in the northern section of the Lovakengj House, nestled within the magnificent land scape of Great Kourend. An

exhilarating minigame a waits, promising both Mining and Firemaking experience for those brave enough to partake. How ever, before embarking on this explosive adventure, securing the trust and support of the Lovakengj House is crucial, as 100% favor with them is a pre-requisite to join in theaction.

At the core of this mining marvel lies the essential ingredient: dynamite. Crafted from a combination of volcanic sulphur, juniper charcoal, saltpetre, and a pot, a ballof woolisingeniouslyadded to form the powerful dynamite pot. Armed with this explosive concoction, playerswilldelveintothedepthsofhard rock, skill fullyblastinga way chunks of valuable ores that lie hidden within. It's a dance of precision, agility, and timing as miners maneuver through the challenges, reaping the bountiful rewards that await them in this thrilling quest for riches!

player in blast mining



mining 43 (75+ recommended)





Dragon pickaxe (optional, forminingboost)

Prospector kit or Weight-reducingclothing

Stamina potion (optional)

Regenbracelet (healfrom accidental damage, optional)

Mining cape(forminingboost) orHitpointscape(for hp regeneration)


StartedArchitectural Alliance


100% LovakengjFavour

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¿How to getto the Blast Mine?

The Blast Mine issituated in the northern part of the Lovakengjregion in Kourend, offeringvarioustransportationmethodsto access the area. Some of the available options include:

1. Xeric’s Talisman to Xeric’s Inferno teleport and run north

2. Fairy Ring "C-I-S" and run west then north

3. Fairy Ring "D-J-R" to the chasm of fire then run north

4. Games necklace to Wintertodt and run south-west

Bast Mining location

Ok let’s do this

To begin the process in the Blast Mine, players must first use a chisel to excavate hard rock, creating a cavity. Next, they need to place a pot of dynamite into the cavity and ignite it with a tinderbox. After lighting the dynamite, players should quickly move at least three squares away to a void taking about 15 damage when it explodes.

Once the dynamite detonates, players should swiftly collect the blasted ore from the ground and deposititintoan ore sack located near a working operator. It's crucial toact fast as players have just one minute to deposit the ore before it disintegrates. When a sack contains at least 450 unit sof any single type of ore, it be comes full, prompting the player to collect it. Thenearby operator will notify them when this happens. To make things more convenient, players can speak to the brown-haired operatoron the east side of the machine to receive the mined ore in noted form, along with Mining experience corresponding to the ores obtained.

Throug hout this process, players earn 20 Mining experience for excavating the hard rock and 50 Firemaking experience forigniting the dynamite. More over, additional Mining experience is granted based on the cleaned ores obtained.

The Blast Mine's unique nesslies in its ability to grant players ores as if their Mining level were 10 levels higher. Forinstance, a player with 75 Mining can obtain runite ore at this location. Boosts can also be used to obtain ores, but they must be active before the blasted ore appears. The over all experience gained per hour varies dependingon a player's Mining level and their over all efficiency in the process.

ore list obtained in blast mining

Assuming a usage rate of 330 dynamite per hour, playerswith a Mining level of 70 can anticipate earninga round 50,000 Mining experience and amassing a total of 310,000 coins per hour. As the Mining level increases to 99, these figures scale up remarkably to 80,000 Mining experience and a substantial 800,000 coins per hour. The profits see a significant surge at level 75, when runite ore becomes available formining.

More over, players can also earn Firemaking experience at a rateof 16,500 per hour, which remains consistent across different levels and does not scale.

Taking into account the entire process, each dynamite utilized is valued at approximately 180 experience points at Mining level 75, and an even higher 240 experiencepoints at level 99.

It's worth noting that unlike level boosts, the prospector kit has an impact on the experience received while collecting the washed ore. How ever, players are not required to wear the kit during the blasting and depositing of the blasted ore to obtain the bonus experience. By leveraging this know ledge and optimizing their Mining efficiency, players can reap the maximum benefits from the Blast Mine's unique and rewarding experience.

a player blast mining

Efficient Blast Mining relieson careful considerations to optimize the over all process:

1. Minimizing Dynamite Waiting Time: Reducing the time spent waiting for dynamite to explodeis vital for a smooth operation. Employing a consistent strategy can help achieve this, and there are several patterns available with minimal variation.

2. Streamlining Deposit Sack Trips: Reducing the time spent running to and from the deposit sackiskey to maximizing productivity. Having a well-planned approach for depositing ore can greatly enhance efficiency.

3. Mitigating Damage Taken: A voidingun necessary damage is crucial formain taining health and overall performance in the Blast Mine. Employing strategies that minimize the risk of taking damage is essential.

For the Blast Mine, only a chisel and tinderbox are required, and a pickaxe is not used. How ever, for those seeking enhanced experience and profit, using the special attack of a dragon pickaxe or higher, along with a celestial ring, can be beneficial. Wearing the Graceful outfit is highly recommended, while run energy restoration, such as staminapotions, proves use ful for patterns thats lowly drain run energy.

One particularly efficient method involves utilizing the north-westcorner and depositing six blasted ores witheachcycle. This pattern allows for the utilization of up to 336 dynamite per hour, significantly enhancing productivity and experience gains.

By implementing these strategies and techniques, players can tackle the BlastMining activity withut most efficiency and reap there wards of a well-executed and lucrative mining adventure.

Using the image as reference:

Do blast mining efficient

1. Begin by excavating rock 1, followed by placing and lighting the dynamiteonit.

2. Moveonto rock 2 and repeat the process of excavation, dynamite placement, and ignition.

3. Forrocks 3 and 4, excavate and place the dynamite one achone before lighting them.

4. Similarly, excavate and place dynamite on rocks 5 and 6, then ignite them to complete the blasting process.

5. Now, pick up the blasted ores from rocks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and don't forget about rock 1. Deposit the collected ores in the sack by the operator to keep them safe.

6. Repeat the entire sequence, ensuring a smooth work flow by grabbing more dynamite from the bank chest as needed.

 With precision and expertise, executing the Blast Mining process flaw lesslyen sures that no damage is incurred, allowing room for error without the ore disintegrating. Master the art of Blast Mining to maximize your gains and rewards in this explosive minigame.

Rewards earned

Inputs: (219,450 coins)

330 ×dynamite blast mining Dynamite 

Outputs:(674,306 coins)

44.12 ×runite obtained in blast miningRunite ore 

135 ×  Adamantite  obtained in blast miningAdamantite ore 

157 ×  Mithiril obtained in blast miningMithril ore

97.32 ×  Gold obtained in blast miningGold ore

61.84 ×  coal obtained in blast miningCoal


Profit:454,856 coins

Experience gained: 79,839 in mining


In conclusion, Blast Mine in Old SchoolRuneScapepresentsanexhilarating and rewardingminingadventure. Bycombiningdynamite and miningskills, players can extractvaluable ores fromhard rock, allwhilegainingMining and Firemakingexperience. Toembarkonthis explosive journey, playersmustsecure 100% favor withtheLovakengj House and meettherequiredskilllevels.

Efficiencyiskey in BlastMining, and players can optimizetheirexperience and profitbyminimizingdynamitewaiting times, streamliningdepositsacktrips, and mitigatingdamagetaken. Withtherightstrategies and techniques, players can master thisuniqueminigame and unlockthepotentialto mine ores as iftheirMininglevelwere 10 levelshigher.

Whetheryou'reseekingvaluableresources, experience, oranadrenaline-filledchallenge, Blast Mine offers a dynamic and captivatingexperienceforallplayers. So, don yourchisel, gatheryourdynamite, and embarkonthisthrillingadventuretounearththe riches and rewardsthatawait in the explosive worldofBlast Mine!Happymining, and mayyourjourney be filledwithprosperity and excitement!