[OSRS] Soul Wars Guide

Soul Wars Guide

Welcome to the thrilling world of Soul Wars in the universe of Gielinor! Here, epic battles, exciting challenges, and the opportunity to forge your legend as a brave warrior await you. Join the ranks of the Zamorak and Saradomin factions and prepare to engage fiercely in this members-only minigame.

In Soul Wars, skill, strategy, and cooperation will be your most valuable allies. Embark on a quest to collect soul fragments, challenging monsters, and facing other players in thrilling PvP combat. By capturing the enigmatic Soul Obelisk and burying bones in graveyards, your team will strengthen its Avatar and move closer to victory.

Remember that in this land of glory and rewards, effort and skill will find their well-deserved retribution in the Soul Wars Reward Shop. There, your Zeal Tokens will unlock a range of upgrades, exclusive treasures, and combat experience to shape your hero.

It's time to leave your mark on Soul Wars! Dive into battle, join your teammates, and fight with honor for supremacy. May your journey in Soul Wars be filled with emotions, friendships, and unforgettable victories. May fortune and glory be with you on this unforgettable adventure!

What is Soul Wars?

Located on the mysterious and distant Gielinor's Island, Soul Wars is a battlefield where two mighty factions, Zamorak and Saradomin, clash in an unrelenting struggle for supremacy. Players must make a crucial decision before venturing into the fray – to align with the forces of Zamorak or to stand alongside the followers of Saradomin. This choice will determine their allegiance during the heated skirmishes to come.

Once players have selected their faction, they will join their respective teams in a waiting area, anticipating the call to arms. The moment the teams are ready and assembled, the clash of swords and the casting of powerful spells will signal the commencement of the battle.

The heart of the conflict lies in collecting precious soul fragments scattered across the battlefield. Players can earn these fragments by engaging in intense combat, either by hunting down rival players in a tense and strategic pursuit or by facing formidable monsters that roam the battlefield. The more soul fragments a team gathers, the stronger their position becomes in the struggle for dominance.

The key to victory, however, rests in offering these soul fragments to the enigmatic Soul Obelisk. This ancient and imposing structure fuels the rivalry between the factions, and each soul fragment sacrificed weakens its defenses. As the obelisk's power wanes, the mighty Avatars guarding it become more vulnerable to attack.

The Avatars are formidable entities, infused with the essence of the factions they represent. Players must work in unison, leveraging their combat skills and employing coordinated strategies, to engage in intense confrontations with these Avatar guardians. Only by successfully defeating the opposing team's Avatar can a team truly claim triumph on the battlefield of Soul Wars.

In the aftermath of this relentless clash, participants will be rewarded with Zeal, a unique currency exclusive to Soul Wars. This valuable resource can be spent in the reward shop, offering an array of enticing prizes, including experience lamps to bolster skills, hybrid armor to enhance combat prowess, and even the opportunity to acquire the coveted Abyssal Minion pet as a symbol of their valor.

How to get there?

To access the thrilling battleground of Soul Wars, adventurers must venture through the Soul Wars portal situated in Edgeville or the Ferox Enclave Dungeon. Once they step through the portal, they are transported to the vibrant Nomad's camp on the Isle of Souls. In this bustling hub, warriors can exchange hard-earned Zeal for an enticing array of rewards and receive guidance on mastering the art of Soul Wars.

Two mighty factions, Zamorak and Saradomin, await players' allegiance, and they can join their chosen team to engage in the epic clash. The lobby area offers a safe haven in the north for strategizing and mingling with fellow combatants, while the south becomes a heated battleground, enabling players to test their skills in PvP combat on PvP worlds.

When it comes to reaching the exhilarating battlefield of Soul Wars, there are several convenient grouping teleport options available to savvy adventurers:

1. Amulet of Glory: This splendid amulet provides a teleportation charm, whisking players right outside of Edgeville bank. From there, they are just a swift run away from the Soul Wars portal.

2. Combat Bracelet: For those seeking a rapid route, the Combat Bracelet teleports players to the Monastery near Edgeville. From this serene location, the path to the Soul Wars portal lies within reach.

3. Ring of Dueling: Embracing the spirit of competition, the Ring of Dueling transports players to the Ferox Enclave. In this bustling hub, they can access both the Ferox Enclave Dungeon and, more importantly, the eagerly awaited Soul Wars portal.

4. Paddewwa Teleport: For daring souls who have unlocked the secrets of the Ancient Magicks spellbook, the Paddewwa Teleport offers a direct route. It teleports players into the Edgeville Dungeon, just a few steps away from the adrenaline-fueled battlefield of Soul Wars.

5. Fairy Rings (B-J-P): Amongst the enchanting fairy rings, there lies one on the northern side of the Isle of Souls. Activating the BJP code, players are swiftly transported to the captivating world of Soul Wars, ready to unleash their prowess on the battlefield.



Location the Soul wars

Worlds to play

In the exhilarating realm of Soul Wars, the battle knows no bounds, allowing you to host or join a game on any world of your choosing.

However, if you find yourself in need of valiant comrades and lack a pre-formed group to march alongside, fear not, for there are designated official worlds awaiting your presence.

Seeking the company of fellow adventurers, you'll find solace in the following Soul Wars official worlds:

World 320: A realm resonating with the spirit of Soul Wars, where warriors gather to face the thrilling challenges that lie ahead.

World 350: In this world, the call to battle reverberates, as fearless combatants rally to prove their mettle and seize victory in the soul-stirring clash.

World 535: A realm brimming with camaraderie and competition, beckoning warriors to unite and unleash their skills upon the hallowed battlefield of Soul Wars.

Within the world hopper menu, these designated worlds stand proudly, clearly marked with the emblem of Soul Wars. Embrace the opportunity to forge new alliances, band together with fellow adventurers, and embark on an epic journey of triumph and valor.

Before start

To partake in the exhilarating battles of Soul Wars, aspiring warriors must meet certain prerequisites. A total level of 500 and a combat level of 40 serve as the gateway to the thrilling conflicts that lie ahead.

To join a team and immerse themselves fully in the action, players must complete the Soul Wars tutorial at least once, an essential initiation conducted by the enigmatic Nomad. During this tutorial, players are prohibited from bringing restricted items, including food, potions, capes,

followers, and non-combat items. Additionally, entering the tutorial while poisoned, envenomed, or diseased is strictly forbidden. Should a player log out or face a safe death during the tutorial, they will be promptly returned to the Soul Wars lobby. It is important to note that like the main minigame, the tutorial is a PvP-enabled area on PvP worlds, necessitating cautiousness and vigilance.

Within the hallowed halls of the western lobby, regular games of Soul Wars unfold. For the battles to commence, each team must boast a minimum of ten players. Once sufficient numbers assemble in the lobby, a countdown ensues, with a game scheduled to begin in two minutes. Moreover, when the lobby reaches its capacity of 120 players, a game automatically initiates. To maintain a fair and balanced battlefield, teams are carefully organized based on the combat levels of their members.

On the other hand, the eastern lobby is reserved exclusively for clan games, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and intense competition. Only captains and above have the honor of accepting challenges in this esteemed setting. However, it is important to note that the amount of Zeal earned per game is limited to 30 in this mode.

With the prerequisites met and the lobbies brimming with eager combatants, the battlefield of Soul Wars awaits. Sharpen your weapons, hone your skills, and embrace the thrilling chaos that defines this captivating minigame. Victory and glory await those bold enough to seize them in the timeless battles of Soul Wars.

Ok, let’s do this!

The primary objective of the Soul Wars minigame is to emerge victorious by defeating the opposing team's Avatar more times than they defeat yours within the intense span of 15 minutes. At the outset, both Avatars possess a damage reduction of 100%, rendering them virtually impervious to harm.

To alter the tide of battle and weaken the Avatars, players must embark on a quest to gather soul fragments from the monsters roaming the minigame area. These valuable fragments are then offered to the Soul Obelisk, a

powerful structure that lies at the core of the conflict. The team with more players in proximity to the Soul Obelisk gains control over it, thus reaping greater benefits from the offerings. Conversely, the team lacking control will find that their sacrifices contribute only one-third of the overall effort.

Additionally, players can collect bones and reverently bury them at the designated graveyards, further reducing the Avatar's damage reduction percentage. However, if the graves are located in territory controlled by the opposing team, the contribution will only be one-third as effective. In crucial moments, when a team's Avatar's health is perilously low or the Soul Obelisk is under enemy control, a concerted effort from more players becomes vital to increase the damage reduction percentage of their Avatar. By standing near the Soul Obelisk, players can play a pivotal role in aiding its capture and maintaining control.

Capes worn during the minigame serve as team capes, making attacking players of the opposing team the default left-click option. This proves highly advantageous in crowded areas like the Soul Obelisk, enabling swift engagement in combat without targeting specific players. During the game, the capes cannot be unequipped, and any attempts to attack teammates are strictly prohibited.

To receive the coveted Zeal Tokens, the minigame's reward currency, players must maintain their activity bar by staying engaged and active. If a player remains idle for too long, their activity bar will deplete completely after approximately three minutes of inactivity. As a consequence, those who let their activity bar deplete entirely will be promptly removed from the game and forced to endure a 10-minute waiting period before they can join another exhilarating session of Soul Wars. Stay vigilant, remain active, and may the thrill of battle and the allure of Zeal Tokens be ever in your favor.

To bolster their activity bar and earn coveted Zeal Tokens, players have a multitude of actions at their disposal during the intense clashes of Soul Wars:

1. Killing Players: Engaging in player-versus-player combat grants Zeal rewards. The amount of Zeal earned depends on the relative strength of the opponent compared to the player. The Zeal reward scales linearly as the gap in combat level widens. Repeatedly defeating the same player will yield diminishing Zeal returns over time.

2. Healing Teammates: Players can play a supportive role by using bandages to heal their wounded teammates. Assisting in the restoration of their allies' health contributes to their activity bar and Zeal accumulation.

3. Burying Bones: The pious act of burying bones aids in reducing the damage reduction percentage of a team's Avatar. Players can continue this noble endeavor until their Avatar reaches the coveted 100% damage reduction.

4. Sacrificing Soul Fragments: Collecting soul fragments from the wandering monsters and offering them to the Soul Obelisk weakens the opposing team's Avatar. By continuing this vital ritual, the opposing Avatar's damage reduction can be reduced to an empowering 0%.

5. Dealing Damage to the Opposing Avatar: Directly engaging and inflicting damage upon the opposing team's Avatar also contributes to the activity bar and, in turn, rewards players with Zeal.

Capturing Graveyards or the Soul Obelisk: Seizing control of critical locations like graveyards or the powerful Soul Obelisk grants players a boost to their activity bar, ensuring a steady stream of Zeal Tokens.

It's important to note that actions such as killing non-player characters (NPCs) or destroying barricades do not provide Zeal rewards.

In this high-stakes battlefield of Soul Wars, players must stay vigilant and engage in a wide array of strategic actions to maintain their activity bar and reap the rewards of Zeal Tokens.


At the culmination of each Soul Wars game, players are rewarded with Zeal Tokens based on their activity and participation, irrespective of whether their team emerged victorious or faced defeat. While both winning and losing teams are entitled to Zeal rewards, the victorious team garners a higher amount.

For those valiant souls who fought valiantly on the losing team, they can earn up to 40 Zeal Tokens as a testament to their dedication and efforts. On the other hand, the victorious team members are eligible to receive up to 60 Zeal Tokens, reaping the rewards of their triumph. In the rare instance of a draw, players from both teams can still attain up to 50 Zeal Tokens, ensuring that their hard-fought battle is not in vain.

With their hard-earned Zeal Tokens in hand, players can approach the enigmatic Nomad, who stands ready to exchange these tokens for a plethora of enticing rewards. Among the possible rewards are invaluable experience gains in any combat skill that's at least level 30, enabling warriors to grow even stronger in their prowess.

For those seeking equipment imbues or coveted blighted items, Nomad's store holds an assortment of powerful upgrades to bolster one's combat potential. Additionally, players may find unique and rare loot waiting to be claimed, offering exclusive and sought-after rewards.

Furthermore, Nomad possesses the remarkable ability to imbue Soul Wars capes with ammunition-saving effects. By utilizing Ava's devices or their max cape counterparts, players can upgrade their capes, reaping the benefits of more efficient ammunition usage during combat.

The reward interface at the end of a game.

The reward interface at the end of a game.

Soul Wars Reward Shop

Welcome to the esteemed Soul Wars Reward Shop on the Isle of Souls! Here, players can use Zeal Tokens to unlock combat experience, equipment upgrades, unique loot, and exclusive rewards. Enhance your combat prowess and revel in the spoils of your victories. The shop offers a diverse range of enticing options, ensuring every adventurer finds something worth pursuing. Upgrade your gear, gain combat experience, and embrace the call of adventure as you claim the rewards that await the champions of Soul Wars. May your valor be richly rewarded!


In the Soul Wars Reward Shop, players can purchase XP for their chosen skills, but there's a requirement – they must have at least level 30 in the skill they want to improve. The XP granted is more substantial if the skill level is higher. Additionally, players have the flexibility to spend 1, 10, 100, or a custom amount of Tokens to tailor their rewards to their preferences and needs.

Tablet the experience rewards soul wars


Tablet the items  rewards soul wars


In the world of Soul Wars, players have the extraordinary ability to imbue certain items using Zeal Tokens. The process of imbuing bestows powerful bonuses upon the chosen item, and a distinguished (i) suffix is appended to its name, symbolizing its enhanced status. These imbued items become coveted assets, empowering players in their battles and adventures.

However, should a player wish to revert the item to its original state, they have the option to un-imbue it. This action removes the imbued bonuses from the item while generously refunding 80% of the reward points used for its initial imbuing.

It's worth noting that although the items available for imbuing are the same as those found in the Nightmare Zone, items imbued at the Nightmare Zone cannot be un-imbued for Zeal Tokens in Soul Wars, and vice versa. This demarcation ensures that the paths of power and progression remain distinct in the two prestigious arenas.

upgrade rewards souls wars


As you venture forth from the realms of Soul Wars, may the echoes of battle and the spirit of camaraderie linger in your heart. The battles you fought, the rewards you earned, and the triumphs you achieved shall forever be etched in the annals of your legacy. Remember the friendships forged on the Isle of Souls, and the valor you displayed on the battlefield.

As you journey onward through the vast lands of Gielinor, may the experiences gained from Soul Wars guide your path. Your combat prowess honed, your equipment enhanced, and your zeal for adventure ignited, may you rise above all challenges that lay ahead.

Farewell, brave warrior, as you embark on new quests and seize greater glory. The Soul Wars Reward Shop and the captivating battles it holds will await your return. May your adventures be filled with excitement, triumph, and the eternal pursuit of greatness. Until we meet again on the fields of valor, farewell and may fortune favor your future endeavors.