[OSRS] F2p runecrafting guide

Runecrafting is an engaging skill for OSRS players that doesn't require membership and provides them with the opportunity to create potent runes. These valuable runes are essential for enhancing the Magic skill within the game.

Before Start: Bear in mind that energy potions replenish 10% of your run energy per dose. Employing them at the bank or while in motion significantly boosts experience acquisition across the methods outlined below by 30–50%, compared to relying solely on natural run energy replenishment. The precise percentage increase in experience per hour hinges on the method employed and your Agility level.

During your Runecrafting endeavors, don a tiara relevant to the runes you're crafting. To conserve run energy, refrain from wearing other items. Beyond this, a complete inventory of rune essence is all you require.


How to get the a Tiara:

How to get the a Tiara:

Talisman tiaras can be obtained from the Grand Exchange, traded among players, or crafted by the players themselves. To fashion a talisman tiara, the player needs to possess a plain tiara and the corresponding talisman in their inventory. They should then employ the tiara on the altar specific to that talisman. For instance, if a player aims to create an air tiara, they must venture into the Air Altar ruins and apply the tiara on the altar while carrying an air talisman in their inventory. The talisman itself is forfeited during this process.


The talismans/drops and prices

Talismans can be acquired from drops or by trading with other players.

The talismans/drops and prices


Get the Rune essence or Pure essence

When it comes to rune or pure essence, opting for either doesn't impact the experience acquired or the quantity of runes created per essence. Hence, it's advisable to go for the more economical choice, which is pure essence (priced at 1 each), as opposed to rune essence (priced at 8 each). If you're playing in the free-to-play mode, mining pure essence isn't an option, but you can still buy it conveniently from the Grand Exchange or directly from fellow players.


Ok let’s do this!


Levels 1-9

In the F2P realm, kickstart your Runecrafting journey by crafting air runes for 5 XP each, using pure essence or rune essence. Locate the Air Altar just south of Falador, conveniently close to a bank. If you have 37 Magic, use Falador Teleport for quicker runs; otherwise, jog between the altar and bank. Transition to crafting earth runes at level 9 for optimal progression.


Falador Altar

Levels 9-14

Once your Runecraft level hits 9, delve into crafting earth runes, yielding 6.5 XP per pure essence or rune essence employed (182 XP for a full 28 inventory). The Earth Altar sits northeast of Varrock, conveniently close to the sawmill. A brisk walk separates the altar and bank, while Varrock teleport further accelerates banking (use an earth tiara to save space), optimizing your experience gain. Amass a stockpile of earth runes for potential sale or personal use.


Varrock altar 

Levels 14-20

Upon reaching level 14, delve into crafting fire runes, yielding 7 XP per pure essence or rune essence (196 XP for a full 28 inventory). Seek the Fire Altar west of Emir's Arena, just north of Al Kharid. The adjacent Fadli's chest bank serves as the nearest repository. Note, however, that due to the greater bank distance, fire runes yield fewer experience points per hour compared to earth runes.


Al kharid altar

Levels 20-99

Upon reaching a Runecraft level of 20, you can embark on crafting body runes, yielding 7.5 XP per pure essence or rune essence (210 XP for a full 28 inventory). These runes find utility in various spells like Confuse and Weaken, commonly employed for low-intensity Magic training. Notably, body runes constitute the highest-level runes craftable by free-to-play players, offering optimal Runecraft experience per GP. Amass a substantial stockpile of body runes, suitable for sale or retention.

Between levels 20 and 45, each essence creates one body rune. Between levels 46 and 91, two body runes arise from each essence. Beyond level 92, a remarkable three body runes emerge from a single essence.

Monastery edgeville altar


Making Tiaras/Alternative method

Initiating at Runecraft level 1, you can fashion water tiaras by merging a tiara with a water talisman at the water altar in Lumbridge swamp. This endeavor yields 30 experience for each crafted tiara. A staggering total of 434,333 water tiaras would propel you from Runecraft level 1 to the pinnacle of 99.

Pro Tip: Opt for the PVP world, boasting a bank chest alongside the Lumbridge teleport. Equip a staff of air and tote some law and earth runes to hasten Lumbridge teleportation, effectively streamlining your banking routine.

lumbridge altar

Lumbridge altar