[OSRS] Duke Sucellus Guide (Boss)

Duke Sucellus Guide OSRS

Duke Sucellus, a subterranean demon, is confined within Ghorrock Prison and makes an appearance in the quest "Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire." Once a prominent leader within the Zarosian Empire, Sucellus assumed unofficial control over the Empire's remnants following the events of the Zarosian Betrayal.

https://oldschoolDuke Sucellus.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/Fighting_Duke_Sucellus.png/800px-Fighting_Duke_Sucellus.png?8690b

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Completion of Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire


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Stats and info boss

Combat level




That's a lot of eyes...


Combat info




XP bonus


Max hit

56 (Melee)
48 (Magic)
101 (Gaze)





Attack style

Magic & Melee

Attack speed

Respawn time

20 ticks (12 seconds)


 Combat stats









 Aggressive stats









 Defensive stats





















Getting there

There are several expedient ways to reach Ghorrock Prison, the abode of Duke Sucellus:

  1. Employing the ring of shadows for instantaneous teleportation to the Ghorrock Dungeon. For this, it's essential to have previously utilized the frozen tablet on the ring, an item obtained with a 1/25 drop rate from Duke Sucellus.
  2. Opting for an icy basalt (or utilizing the Weiss Portal) to gain access. Afterward, one can nimbly pass through the damaged fence situated to the east. From there, descending the stairs into the dungeon beyond the Salt Mine is necessary.

Upon arriving in the Ghorrock Dungeon, proceed towards the north-eastern direction until you reach a sturdy door. This door leads to Ghorrock Prison. Unlike the quest where you traversed the entire prison, entering through this heavy door allows direct access to the asylum entrance.

Ghorrock Prison


Recommended equipment for Melee


Item (most effective → least effective)

Slayer helmet (i)[a] or Torva full helm

Serpentine helm

Neitiznot faceguard

Helm of neitiznot


Amulet of blood fury

Amulet of torture

Amulet of fury

Amulet of glory


Infernal cape

Fire cape

Soul cape /
Mythical cape

Ardougne cloak 4


Torva platebody

Bandos chestplate

Fighter torso

Barrows body

Proselyte hauberk

Torva platelegs

Bandos tassets

Obsidian platelegs

Barrows platelegs

Proselyte cuisse

Scythe of vitur

Soulreaper axe

Osmumten's fang (on slash)


Blade of saeldor

Avernic defender[b]

Dragon defender[b]

Dragonfire shield[b]



Rada's blessing 4 /
Ghommal's lucky penny[c]

God blessing /
Rada's blessing 3/2




Ferocious gloves

Barrows gloves

Rune gloves/
Regen bracelet



Primordial boots

Dragon boots

Guardian boots



Bellator ring / Ultor ring[d]

Berserker ring (i) / Warrior ring (i)[e]

Ring of suffering (ri)

Lightbearer[f] / Brimstone ring

Ring of shadows

Bandos godsword


Dragon claws

Crystal halberd /
Saradomin godsword

Dragon dagger(p++




For your venture, it's advisable to prepare adequately:

  • Bring at least 2 Stamina potions, possibly more depending on your endurance.
  • Pack 4-7 Prayer potions or Super restores if employing the Amulet of Blood Fury, considering the duration of your stay.
  • If opting for Super restores, including Saradomin brews can extend your outing. Remember an additional Super combat potion in this case.
  • A Ring of Shadows facilitates teleportation back.
  • Should you lack the frozen tablet, an icy basalt serves as a viable alternative.
  • Assess your confidence in securing perfect kills – consider substituting Manta rays with Sharks to economize, or try the option of Summer pies for healing and energy replenishment.
  • Don't overlook the necessity of the Book of the Dead and a divine rune pouch replete with resurrection spell runes.
  • Should you be utilizing Lightbearer, Soul runes might be dispensable for Death Charge casting.
  • Enhance efficiency by wielding the best pickaxe attainable. However, if you're collecting mushrooms beforehand, the pickaxe can be omitted as all variants yield similar results.
  • Keep a House tab on hand for a swift exit.
  • As you enter the arena, make room by dropping 3-4 supplies. This makes space for mushrooms, salt, and a pestle and mortar.



Fight overview

Brewing poison

Upon infiltrating the prison's confines, Duke Sucellus lies dormant, necessitating the weakening influence of arder-musca poisons. These concoctions are forged from resources found within the asylum: arder powder, musca powder, and salax salt. A total of twelve portions of each ingredient is requisite, as two poisons are needed to rouse the Duke.

Upon entry, players will discover a pestle and mortar as well as an iron pickaxe affixed to the asylum walls on both the left and right sides.

Central to the asylum, salt piles are encircled by gas vents. These vents emit gas systematically, inflicting up to 10 damage. This damage can be mitigated using a slayer helmet or a gas mask. Following the cessation of gas release from a vent, the subsequent vent will appear one step east, forming a loop if the eastern-most vent is reached. For efficient salt mining, it is advisable to wield the best available pickaxe. Those with a Mining proficiency of 80+ can complete the task in only two harvests.

Evasion is key when encountering the extremities. Positioned at the farthest reaches of the asylum, mushrooms can be found. However, the path leading to them is fraught with the hazard of unstable magic striking unpredictably, possibly inflicting 15 damage upon freezing the player. This phenomenon is most common just before the second staircase on both sides, signified by a looming shadow over the impending strike tile (tiles ahead of the mushrooms remain safe).

Meanwhile, the extremities periodically awaken in sequence, emitting a gaze in a conical radius. Skillful evasion is straightforward with a pre-established pattern. The gaze's impact results in temporary immobilization and potential damage of up to 65. Thus, eluding these extremities is of paramount importance. A continuous sprint past them can be executed, commencing from the green tile positioned farthest from the mushrooms and concluding on the opposite side.

Regarding the extraction of arder and musca mushroom powder, grinding yields variable amounts. At a Herblore skill level of 70, each mushroom produces five units of powder, mandating three mushrooms of each type. Those skilled in Herblore at 80+ require just two of each mushroom variety. To expedite mushroom gathering, a recommended strategy is to pick one, grind it immediately, then promptly interact with the mushroom cluster for swift retrieval.

Having amassed twelve units each of salax salt, arder powder, and musca powder, they should be deposited into both Fermentation Vats. After a brief fermentation period, two completed poisons can be collected. Any surplus ingredients are automatically discarded upon the Duke's defeat, making advanced poison preparation for subsequent encounters unfeasible.

musca  mushrooms

Battle phase

Duke Sucellus in his slumber holds a tolerance gauge of 200. Administering one arder-musca poison inflicts 125 poison damage. Upon the utilization of both poisons, he awakens, entering a weakened state conducive for combat. His health stands at 440, and his attack cycle adheres to a five-tick rhythm (3.0s). Engaging him in melee combat is recommended, particularly due to his susceptibility to slash attacks, resulting in substantially lesser damage from his melee chip attacks than his magic assaults.

Furthermore, Duke Sucellus stands apart from other demonic entities due to his 70% vulnerability to demonbane weapons. Arclight, which typically boasts a 70% accuracy and damage boost against demons, receives a 50% bonus against him due to rounding.

Close-range engagement prompts Sucellus to raise his arms, causing icicles to emerge from the ground, yielding minimal yet exceedingly precise chip damage, up to 10 if the player is on or adjacent to them. Employing Protect from Melee can reduce this harm to approximately 5. Staying within melee range after the icicle impact leads to him slamming his arms down, resulting in notably greater damage—up to 56 or around 30 with Protect from Melee.

When beyond melee reach, Sucellus launches a blue projectile inflicting up to 48 damage if unguarded. Timing the activation of Protect from Magic before impact can diminish damage, although it still exceeds the icicle attack.

Duke Sucellus wields two distinctive special attacks:

  1. Freezing Gaze: Following every fifth auto-attack, he fixates his gaze on the player. Remaining behind a pillar a few seconds post-initiation is crucial, as failure to do so incurs substantial damage exceeding 90. This attack's avoidance is imperative.
  2. Gas Flare: Emitting gas from his mouth towards a nearby vent, he leaves perilous gas in its wake for a brief period. This gas causes up to 10 damage, which can be curtailed with a slayer helmet or gas mask. Evading these hazards entails moving to the opposite pillar.

Upon reaching approximately 50% of his health, Sucellus escalates, launching two Gas Flares instead of one, typically employing the attack after two auto-attacks rather than three.

Around the 25% health threshold, Sucellus enters an enraged state, accelerating his attacks to a 2.4 tick cycle. He alternates between utilizing one or two Gas Flare attacks amid Freezing Gaze. When a single Gas Flare is used, he follows a sequence of two auto-attacks, Gas Flare, three more auto-attacks, then Freezing Gaze. Alternatively, with two Gas Flares, he executes one auto-attack, deploys Gas Flare, carries out two auto-attacks, utilizes another Gas Flare, then concludes with one more auto-attack before Freezing Gaze. This pattern continues until his defeat. Switching to a four-tick weapon like a whip to match his attack speed is optional if desired.

Upon each kill, hasten towards one of the mushroom spawns to promptly initiate mushroom picking for consecutive encounters. This tactic is particularly effective for multiple kill sessions, as he seemingly "respawns" just as one of the mushroom spawns is approached.

sspot attack

Awakened mode

In his Awakened mode, Duke Sucellus undergoes the following alterations:

  • His health escalates from 440 to 1,540.
  • His poison tolerance meter expands from 200 to 370, requiring three poisons to rouse him.
  • When his health dips below roughly 75%, he launches four consecutive Gas Flares; above this threshold, only one. The gas inflicts higher damage, amounting to approximately 26 or 27 if it contacts an unprotected face.
  • At approximately 32% health, a black orb traverses back and forth before him. This orb delivers damage of up to 27 and diminishes all stats by 8 when struck.
  • At intervals, Duke Sucellus douses the player in bile, causing up to 15 poison splatters if the player moves. Within a poison pool, the player sustains 9-12 poison damage per tick and becomes poisoned, commencing at 2 damage in the absence of poison immunity.

Preceding the onset of the encounter, it is advisable to deposit supplies on the pillars nearest to Duke Sucellus. Sufficient supplies should be placed for convenient mushroom, salt, and poison collection without the need for juggling. The harm incurred from unstable magic and extremities remains consistent with the normal mode. In preparation, consume potions and recuperate as necessary before deploying the final poison to initiate the confrontation.

Similar to normal mode, it is imperative to compel Duke Sucellus to resort to melee attacks, as his magical assaults can deliver severe damage – up to 36 even when prayer is activated, and 71 without. The mechanics governing melee chip damage align with those of the normal mode, though the actual melee attack inflicts notably greater damage—up to 81 without prayer and approximately 60 with.

Although not obligatory, a Menaphite remedy can prove advantageous for stat restoration, especially as brews are used to mend any chip damage until the enrage phase.

https://oldschool.runeduke dead cape.wiki/images/thumb/Duke_Sucellus_-_awakened_poison_walking.png/800px-Duke_Sucellus_-_awakened_poison_walking.png?b9325

The designated tiles for maneuvering around Sucellus when afflicted with poison splatters are indicated as follows: Begin from the tile situated behind the pillar, then progress through tiles 1, 2, 4, ultimately reaching melee range. Following this initial sequence, proceed through tiles 1-4, and then replicate this pattern for two more repetitions. As the enrage phase commences, utilize the pillar tile in conjunction with tiles 1 and 4 for the first instance, subsequently shifting to tiles 1, 2, and 4 for the remaining two instances.

Adapt your actions to Duke Sucellus' movements as necessary. Evade succumbing to his Freezing Gaze at all costs, as its elevated max hit has the potential to be fatal in a single strike. As Duke Sucellus begins to discharge multiple Gas Flares (around 75% of his health), shift your position southward to the middle row of vents. Wait for the last expulsion before re-engaging, as it is crucial to prevent the front row from being tainted by perilous gas, particularly during the enrage phase. Restore damage incurred during this segment of the battle with brews; reserving solid sustenance for the enrage phase proves more effective. At approximately 65% of his health, Duke Sucellus introduces Gas Spits one auto-attack after executing Freezing Gaze.

Upon Duke Sucellus showering the player with bile, a notification reading "Duke Sucellus covers you in bile. It slowly drips off your body and onto the floor." will be displayed. This results in the player emitting poison splatters across 15 tiles while walking (or one tick when running). This attack consistently follows Gas Flares upon reaching approximately 65% of his health, yet it's not guaranteed to happen after every Gas Flare. Should bile manifest, employ the walking technique with tiles indicated in the accompanying image. Prior to enrage, the player must move four tiles and stand adjacent to Sucellus on the fifth tile to evade magic damage. Post-enrage, the player should walk three tiles and position themselves next to Sucellus on the fourth tile.

At around 32% of his health, a black orb emerges within the row in front of Sucellus, originating from either side of the initial set of pillars. This orb inflicts damage of up to 27 and decreases all stats by 8 upon contact. Subsequent orbs manifest roughly 10 seconds later, regardless of whether they impact the player or not.

As the enrage phase initiates, synchronization with Sucellus' attacks becomes imperative to avoid errors, given the substantially heightened risk of death. This risk increases significantly, particularly if Sucellus deploys a double Gas Flare attack, leading to the possibility of bile being splattered twice. In case bile appears after the second flare attack, it is pivotal to prevent the middle vent in front of him from being ignited. Failure to do so will substantially limit available space, forcing the player to contend with Freezing Gaze one auto-attack after being covered in bile. Consider employing a dual voidwaker special attack to significantly reduce his health. Optionally, switch to an arclight during this phase to synchronize with attacks.


Upon Duke Sucellus' defeat, the loot distribution operates according to a rolling mechanism, progressing as outlined below:

  1. Initial roll at 1/90 for the tradeable unique drop table (3/90 for the awakened variant).
  2. In case of a failure in the previous roll, a subsequent roll at 1/48 for the awakener's orb.
  3. If the second roll is unsuccessful, proceed to another roll at 1/25 for the frozen tablet.
  4. Should the third roll also yield no success, engage in a roll at 1/200 for ice quartz.
  5. In instances where all the aforementioned rolls are fruitless, perform a roll at 1/5 for the supply drop table.
  6. If the preceding rolls do not yield any rewards, then the standard drop table is engaged.
  7. Following a full cycle of rolls on the drop table, undertake a final roll at 1/2,500 for the Baron item.

Moreover, players who successfully complete the boss encounter while minimizing unnecessary damage sustain a 50% increase in loot acquired from the standard drop table.

To attain a "perfect" kill, certain conditions must be met:

  1. No reception of melee attacks from the icicle slam (pre-slam chip damage is not disqualifying).
  2. Skillful avoidance of Sucellus' gaze.
  3. Absence of damage from ignited vents (including the pre-phase).
  4. Skillful evasion of damage from unstable magic and extremities.
  5. Evasion of poison damage and evasion of being hit by a shadow orb (in the Awakened fight).

Should the player depart from the instance before the boss's demise, whether through teleportation or simultaneous death, no loot roll will be triggered, thereby preventing progress on the vestige drop.

The estimated drop rates are derived from approximately 318,722 samples originating from the Drop Rate Project, unless explicitly stated otherwise.







Chromium ingot




Magus vestige


1/720[d 1]

Not sold

Eye of the duke



Not sold

Virtus mask




Virtus robe top




Virtus robe bottom











Frozen tablet



Not sold

Awakener's orb




Ice quartz



Not sold








Bronze chainbody

11; 17 (noted)



Mithril chainbody

5; 7 (noted)



Adamant chainbody

6; 10 (noted)



Dragon platelegs

5; 7










216; 325 (noted)



Adamantite ore

75; 112 (noted)



Rune javelin heads

60; 90



Dragon javelin heads

60; 90



Uncut ruby

41; 62 (noted)



Uncut diamond

41; 62 (noted)



Runite ore

30; 45 (noted)



Dragon arrowtips

166; 250



Pure essence

200; 300 (noted)



Iron ore

63; 95 (noted)



Mithril ore

33; 50 (noted)




28; 42 (noted)




28; 42 (noted)




28; 42 (noted)



Bronze bar

63; 95 (noted)



Raw sea turtle

200; 300 (noted)