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1-99 Firemaking Guide OSRS

firemaking osrs

Firemaking is a skill crucial for lighting fires and more. It's linked with Woodcutting. Players use it for quests and minigames. Quests like Recipe for Disaster and Desert Treasure I demand Firemaking skill. Minigames like Shades of Mort'ton and Wintertodt boss offer useful rewards. Firemaking lets you light logs for cooking anywhere, though with a higher burn risk. Wintertodt is a profitable and effective Firemaking training method, also providing the pyromancer outfit.

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Quests that give exp:

  • The Giant Dwarf: 1,500 Firemaking XP
  • Heroes’ Quest: 1,575 Firemaking XP
  • Enlightened Journey: 4,000 Firemaking XP
  • Making Friends with My Arm: 5,000 Firemaking XP
  • Enakhra’s Lament: 7,000 Firemaking XP


Required Items:

  1. Sufficient gold to purchase the logs (if you plan to buy the logs)
  2. Tinderbox: Required to light the logs on fire.
  3. Woodcutting Axe (If you plan obtaining your own logs, have your best axe handy to full up your inventory).

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Ok let’s do this!


Level 1 – 15 Regular logs

There's no alternative pathway for starting your firemaking journey than igniting basic logs. Though a tad more costly, you'll breeze through these initial stages, raking in over 50,000 experience per hour. No other skill can match the speed of training at such a foundational level.

If you're seeking a logs supply that doesn't require purchasing, there are ample regular trees around Lumbridge. Furthermore, a log deposit is available in the Lumbridge Castle's bank, allowing you to hop between worlds and kindle logs freely.

 Regular logs


Level 15 – 30 Oak logs

Oak logs accelerate the process even more, offering 89,000 experience per hour without causing a significant dent in your finances. Multiple locations, such as Falador Park or Draynor Village, cater to Ironmen who wish to cut them.

Oak logs


Level 30 – 45 Willow logs

Willow logs mark the point where costs start to decrease due to their abundance. Simply burn them in spacious areas like the Grand Exchange, and you'll amass around 130,000 experience per hour.

A prime location for obtaining your own logs is behind the structure in Rimmington. This especially suits F2P ironmen, with minimal competition from bots or other players.

Willow logs


Level 35 – 45 Teak logs

While it might require a touch of insanity to purchase these expensive logs, they provide slightly faster experience at 150,000 per hour.

This option is best reserved for those focused on teak trees, as their high cost is due to construction demand.

Teak logs


Level 45 – 60 Maple logs

Maple Logs are the most budget-friendly to burn, thanks to the ample supply on the Grand Exchange. They're a go-to for many F2P players, yielding a hefty 200,000 experience per hour without substantial gold expenditure.

For Ironmen, consider investing in your Kingdom to passively accumulate Maple Trees through workers. A suitable spot to cut them lies just outside the Ogress cave on Corsair Cove, available to F2P players.

Maple logs


Level 60 – 75/90 Yew logs

Yew Logs, though pricey, remain a viable option for their efficiency compared to other methods. With full concentration, you can easily achieve over 300,000 experience per hour. Stick with these until Redwood Logs become available.

Avoid attempting to harvest Yew Logs yourself, as the process is painstakingly slow. Ironmen are better off sticking with Maple Logs.

Yew logs


Level 75 – 90 Magic logs

Magic Logs might be the costliest route to train Firemaking, but they offer rapid advancement within this level range. If your budget allows, reaching Level 90 within a day is feasible with 450,000 experience per hour. Similar to Yew logs, cutting them is slow, and self-harvesting isn't advisable.

Magic logs



Level 90 – 99 Redwood logs

Redwood logs provide the fastest experience in the game, unsurprising considering how experience scales with each log. With over 500,000 experience per hour and a cost-to-experience ratio akin to burning Yew Logs, you can achieve all 9 levels in a matter of days with a reasonable game time investment, provided you have the budget to purchase them all.

99 Redwood logs


The logs

The logs

Prices can fluctuate, and the resale of pyre logs might pose challenges if demand is limited. Prior to employing this approach for profit, it's advisable to assess trade volume and current prices on the Grand Exchange.

Other method

The Wintertodt Method

Starting from Firemaking level 50, Wintertodt offers a slower yet profitable method. It provides passive Woodcutting XP, a Pyromancer outfit for +2.5% Firemaking XP, and quick rounds on specific Worlds (307, 309, 311, 389). Light brazier, burn bruma roots, and only fletch if points are low. Have a house with rejuvenation pool and jewelry box for teleports. Hitpoints cape and regen bracelet reduce cold damage. Extra XP between rounds via various activities. Experience rates vary with your level. About 600 rounds (50 hours) to reach level 99 Firemaking by fletching logs, or 500 rounds (40 hours) without.

The Wintertodt Method

For in-depth insights into the Wintertodt minigame, explore our comprehensive guide on our blog.