Necromancy Preview RS3

Necromancy Preview RuneScape 3


Necromancy, the highly anticipated 29th skill in RuneScape, is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2023. Unlike other combat skills, Necromancy will be a standalone combat style that exists outside of the existing combat triangle. It will also be the first combat skill to reach level 120, offering exciting new possibilities for players.

This skill will introduce players to the mysterious world of necromancy through "The First Necromancer" quest series. The quests released alongside the skill will unlock new mechanics, rewards, and abilities. The storyline will revolve around the enigmatic City of Um located in the Underworld, with "The First Necromancer" playing the role of the main antagonist.

For Free-to-Play players, the skill can be trained up to level 20, but members will have access to the full range of content up to level 120, pushing their maximum combat level to 152.

Necromancy's unique combat system will involve dual-wielding equipment, consisting of a main hand death guard, allowing players to unleash deadly necrotic attacks, and an off-hand skull lantern to summon the aid of the undead in battle. Additionally, players will be able to harness the power of "incantations," a new type of spell that uses necrotic runes.

Both combat and non-combat rituals will contribute to training Necromancy. Players will have the option to fight formidable monsters or engage in non-combat activities to master the skill.

To add depth to the skill, the "Talents" system will allow players to acquire new abilities and upgrades, enhancing their necromantic prowess.

Prepare to embark on a dark and thrilling journey into the City of Um and embrace the power of the undead with the release of Necromancy in RuneScape. Get ready for new challenges, unique gameplay mechanics, and a gripping narrative as you delve into the world of necromancy!


Necromancy - A Unique Combat Style

Necromancy will introduce a fresh combat style that stands apart from the traditional combat triangle. The developers have designed it to be easy to learn but challenging to master, making combat mechanics more accessible to players. This skill places emphasis on a new type of auto-attacks, implemented through an automatic ability. The introduction of additional abilities will be gradual, aiming to have a greater impact and be easier to learn compared to other combat styles. Unlike traditional combat, the style will not involve splashing; instead, the damage value of attacks will be determined by hit chance.

The skill revolves around two primary combat mechanics: Necrotic Attacks and Conjuring Undead. Players will utilize their main hand weapon to perform Necrotic Attacks, which can deal damage, debuff enemies, or inflict afflictions through new abilities. On the other hand, conjuring will be performed with the off-hand weapon, allowing players to summon undead entities to fight alongside them. Additionally, a set of new incantation spells will be introduced, leveraging four new necrotic runes. These spells will support the core combat mechanics, offering a diverse range of strategic options for players.

In summary, Necromancy brings a unique approach to combat, stepping away from the traditional combat triangle while providing players with an easier path to grasp the mechanics. The skill's focus on necrotic attacks and the ability to summon undead companions promises an engaging and innovative combat experience. Prepare to explore the dark arts of Necromancy and uncover the full potential of this distinct combat style in RuneScape!

A Unique Combat Style


Necromancy - Conjuring Undead Allies

In the realm of Necromancy, players will wield the power to summon various types of undead to fight alongside them. These conjured allies will prove to be valuable assets in combat, but their presence is temporary. Players will have a limited duration for which the undead allies remain active. However, clever use of abilities will allow players to extend their duration and even enhance their capabilities.

To perform conjuring, players will require an off-hand Spirit Lantern, a crucial tool to channel the dark energies necessary to call forth these undead companions. The Spirit Lantern will serve as a conduit between the player and the realm of the undead, enabling them to command their summoned forces.

One intriguing aspect of Necromancy is the compatibility it offers with other combat skills. Players will have the flexibility to have both a Summoning familiar and conjured undead active simultaneously. This opens up new possibilities for strategic combinations, making combat encounters even more dynamic and engaging.

Imagine commanding a pack of summoned undead while your trusted Summoning familiar fights by your side. With proper timing and skillful use of abilities, players can orchestrate a formidable force, turning the tide of battles in their favor.

As you delve into the depths of Necromancy, you'll discover the intricacies of conjuring and the secrets of mastering the art. Embrace the power of the undead and unleash your newfound abilities in RuneScape's unique combat style. Prepare to challenge the darkness and forge powerful alliances with the undead as you delve into the world of Necromancy!



Necromancy Equipment - Unleashing Dark Power

The Necromancy equipment set will be a vital aspect of harnessing the dark energies of this combat style. This unique equipment will consist of an upgradable set of armor and dual-wield weapons, comprising a main-hand Siphon and an off-hand Conduit, commonly known as Death Guards and Skull Lanterns.

Unlike traditional equipment that is dropped by monsters or crafted from raw materials, the Necromancy equipment will have an intriguing twist. Players will have the opportunity to upgrade their gear to higher tiers by completing quests and overcoming challenges. This system will offer a sense of progression and accomplishment as you enhance your equipment to unlock its full potential.

The equipment will offer tiers up to level 90, with the possibility of reaching tier 95 by obtaining it as a rare drop from the formidable adversary known as The First Necromancer. Obtaining tier 95 equipment will be a prestigious achievement, signifying the mastery of Necromancy and your ability to face the most challenging foes.

A significant feature of the Necromancy equipment is its augmentable nature, allowing players to augment their gear from tier 70 onwards. Augmentation will offer additional customization options, enabling you to tailor your equipment to your combat preferences and playstyle.

As you progress through your Necromancy journey, you'll unlock the option to dye your equipment, starting from tier 95. While the dyed versions won't be available upon the skill's release, this feature will add a touch of personalization to your gear, showcasing your prowess as a skilled practitioner of the dark arts.

Unleash the power of the Necromancy equipment and embrace the formidable strength it offers. Equip yourself with Death Guards and Skull Lanterns as you rise to face the challenges that await in the world of RuneScape's newest combat style. Are you ready to ascend to the pinnacle of dark power and become a master of Necromancy? The choice lies in your hands.

Necromancy Equipment


Necromancy features a new set of abilities that can be used like any other combat style. Unlike other combat styles, Necromancy features an ability that can perform an auto attack. Some abilities also generate Necrosis, which is a stackable buff that can be consumed by other abilities to deal extra damage. Up to three stacks of necrosis can be held. Conjure abilities can also be used to summon undead to fight.


Necromancy Rituals - Unleashing Necromantic Energy

In the mysterious City of Um, Necromancy offers a unique non-combat training method known as Rituals. These rituals serve as a means for players to gain experience and acquire materials essential for combat, equipment upgrades, and the creation of necrotic runes. By attracting and releasing spirits into the Well of Souls, players unlock new tiers of talents, unlocking greater power and knowledge in the dark art of Necromancy.

Participating in rituals involves a blend of intriguing activities. Players will engage in drawing intricate glyphs, strategically placing light sources, and utilizing a focus object within a selection of 12 available rituals. As the ritual progresses, players will channel necromantic energy, delving deep into the mystical forces of the City of Um.

Throughout these rituals, random events will unfold, adding an element of unpredictability. These events may grant experience boosts or present players with choices between more active and passive training methods. Each decision made during the ritual will shape the outcome and ultimately influence the rewards earned.

Necromancy Rituals offer an alternative path to skill progression, allowing players to immerse themselves in the ancient art of necromancy without engaging in combat. Whether you seek to refine your abilities, acquire valuable materials, or unlock the secrets of the Well of Souls, these rituals will guide you on a journey of dark discovery.

Prepare to embrace the enigmatic world of Necromancy Rituals in the City of Um. Unleash your necromantic energy, interact with powerful spirits, and reveal the depths of this captivating and forbidden skill. The City of Um awaits your arrival. Are you ready to step into the realm of the undead and master the secrets of Necromancy? The choice is yours to make.

Necromancy Rituals


Necromancy Talents - Unleashing Your True Potential

Within the realm of Necromancy, the Talents system offers players the opportunity to unlock and upgrade powerful abilities by investing talent points earned through their combat endeavors. This dynamic system consists of 7 tiers of talents, each presenting players with a variety of progression choices on certain tiers. As you progress in your mastery of Necromancy, subsequent tiers will require unlocking through the completion of rituals and quests.

The choices you make within the Talents system are significant, as they will shape your path and playstyle throughout your journey. Once a choice is made, it cannot be reversed, underscoring the importance of thoughtful decision-making. However, fear not, for with dedication and skill, players will be able to acquire every upgrade available by accumulating enough talent points.

Each talent you unlock will grant you access to new and enhanced abilities, empowering you to command the forces of the undead and wield necromantic energies with greater proficiency. The Talents system provides a sense of progression and specialization, allowing you to tailor your combat capabilities to suit your preferences and strategic approach.

Embrace the darkness within and unlock your true potential with the Necromancy Talents system. With each choice, you will become more attuned to the dark arts, evolving into a formidable practitioner of necromantic power. Are you prepared to embark on this journey of mastery and wield the might of the undead with finesse? The future of your Necromancy awaits. The power is in your hands.

Necromancy Talents


Incantations will be new spells enhancing Necromancy, utilising four necrotic runes, crafted with the Runecrafting skill in the Underworld. Those will consist of bone, flesh, miasma, and spirit runes, which will require an impure essence created from pure essence through the rituals. The necrotic runes will be tradeable.



Experience and Combat Overhaul in Necromancy

In the world of Necromancy, experience gained in Constitution and Defence will follow the same principles as other combat styles. Players will earn experience in these skills through traditional combat encounters, similar to how they do in melee, ranged, and magic combat. This ensures a consistent and familiar progression path for players, allowing them to develop their character's health and defensive capabilities alongside their mastery of Necromancy.

To ensure a balanced experience gain and preserve the integrity of the skill, a six-month embargo will be implemented on various experience-boosting methods. This includes the use of lamps, bonus experience, clan avatars, and other forms of experience boosts. During this period, players will rely solely on their combat prowess and dedication to progress in the skill.

Initially, there were plans to introduce experience rate reductions in Necromancy, with lower rates at lower levels, gradually increasing at specific milestones, and eventually reaching regular experience rates at level 120. However, on 27th July 2023, a significant announcement shook the RuneScape combat landscape. An overhaul of the entire combat system was revealed, encompassing experience gain adjustments and various stat changes for monsters, including hitpoints.

This overhaul aims to provide a more balanced and engaging combat experience across all combat styles, including Necromancy. The new approach will offer players a fresh and dynamic combat system, where each skill's progression feels cohesive and rewarding.

Prepare yourself for an exciting and transformative journey in the world of Necromancy, where experience gain and combat mechanics are set to undergo a grand evolution. As the lines between life and death blur, your character's strength will grow, and your understanding of combat will be put to the test. Embrace the changes, hone your skills, and prepare to unveil the true potential of Necromancy in the new RuneScape combat landscape.


The Dark Tale of The First Necromancer - Unraveling the City of Um

Necromancy weaves a compelling new storyline, immersing players in the haunting history of The First Necromancer and the enigmatic City of Um. As players embark on their journey through this forbidden skill, they will be guided by at least seven quests, unveiling the secrets of Necromancy step by step.

Two pivotal quests will lead players to intense boss encounters. They will face off against Hermod, the Spirit of War, in a thrilling battle, testing their combat prowess and determination. The ultimate challenge lies ahead, as players confront The First Necromancer himself, a mysterious figure shrouded in the mists of time. This elusive figure, dating back to the First Age, has enslaved the undead denizens of Um and harbors a dangerous agenda - seeking to end the cycle of death by extinguishing all life on Gielinor.

Throughout the story, players will embrace the role of an ally to the undead, rather than enslaving them. Necromancy will empower players to form bonds with these spectral beings, working together to repopulate the once-vibrant City of Um. In the face of darkness, players will forge alliances with the undead, harnessing their strengths and unlocking their potential to restore the city to its former glory.

Prepare to be captivated by the dark tale of The First Necromancer, a saga that stretches back through the annals of history. As you delve deeper into the lore, you will uncover the truth behind the city's fall and the motivations driving The First Necromancer's sinister plot. The fate of Gielinor rests in your hands as you wield the power of Necromancy to shape the destiny of the undead and the living alike.

Step into the shadows and confront the mysteries that lie within the City of Um. Embrace the darkness and become a legend, as you journey through a tale of undead allies, formidable foes, and the eternal struggle between life and death. Will you rise to the challenge and unveil the secrets of The First Necromancer? The answers await you in RuneScape's newest chapter of intrigue and peril.

The Dark Tale of The First Necromancer