Diablo 4 Druid Pulverise Werebear


If you're looking to play a druid and want a build that provides incredible burst while tanking, then you might want to consider the Werebear form as your go-to option. To play a Diablo 4 Druid Werebear build effectively, you'll need to focus on Fortify while learning to sail early to maintain your Fortify and Healthy status. In general, it will treat your Fortify and Healthy buffs as if they were a resource unto themselves, which will be the core of your damage and defense at the same time. The reason for this is because Werebear's Basic Ability, Pulverize, will grant Overpower guaranteed at certain points, which means that this main ability has a very high damage ceiling when fired, and especially if it's critical! If you like the idea of being a giant tank, blasting enemies with your sheer mass, then this Diablo 4 Druid Werebear Pulverize build is for you.

Your core skills will look like this

Druid werebear

Basic Ability: "Thug" Maul or "Earth Spike" Earth Spike You are using the basic ability for the Fortify farm, so you can use either, depending on whether you want ranged or melee, but "Earth Spike" "Earth Spike is usually the game once you get "Vasily's Prayer"Vasily's Prayer, a unique item that almost seems guaranteed to have dropped in WT3 in the early 50's range.

Primary Ability: Pulverize – Slams the ground around you to deal AOE damage. Improved Overpower grant for how many seconds you stay healthy. Raging Pulverize: Enemies hit with Overpower Pulverize are stunned.

Ability 1: Earthen Bulwark - Grants a Barrier to help with protection, with later upgrades being used to grant Strengthen.

Skill 2: Demoralizing Roar – Use this to reduce damage from enemies, grant yourself Fortify, making it easier to maintain your Fortify buffs and keep land passives on.

Skill 3: Stomp – Turn into a werebear and stomp in one direction, knocking back enemies. Enemies that collide with a structure are stunned for 3 seconds and take additional damage. You also want Improved Trample for more solo bonus damage and AOE, and Natural Trample for extra Fortify.

Skill 4: – Grizzly Rage – For ten seconds, you gain 20% bonus damage, 20% damage reduction, and your damage bonus is increased by 3% every second while in this form. Kills extend the duration by 1 second up to an additional 10 seconds. Prime Grizzly Rage grants Unstoppable, and Supreme grants more Fortification per second Grizzly Rage is active.

tree talents

The general idea behind the build is that the Werebear Druid build is all about getting Fortify. Fortify will make you incredibly tanky in addition to your large health pool, allowing you to keep the bonuses healthy. Also, Your Life pool and Fortify will combine to increase Overpower's damage, which is a damage type that scales with ability damage, along with Life and Fortify, which means you'll get your burst damage through your Fortify stats and HP tanky. This will be your main DPS boost window, making the build work.

The Overpower Pulverize "Bear" build lacks damage from the start, so we don't recommend doing this build while leveling up. Instead, this is a build you can try to do around level 50, as that's when you get more Fortify buffs from your passive tree, major class drop and potentially unique legendary and legendary effects as you get closer and closer to the game over.

The three abilities you want to support the build with are Earthen Bulwark, Demoralizing Roar, and Trample. All three of these abilities generate Strengthen while granting you a Barrier to protect incoming damage, reduce the enemy's attack power so they deal less damage, or grant movement speed and potentially some CC if you manage to throw enemies. against a wall.

The final ability you want is Grizzly Rage, which is your main boss-killing tool. This will increase your damage drastically, and that will also scale your ability damage, which will improve your dominate damage. The additional damage reduction means that Fortify will likely not break either. All in all, it's a huge overwhelming benefit to Pulv's healthy synergy.

druid pulverize werebear in combat

You'll find that with this build, you'll be incredibly tanky, rarely die, and deal huge burst damage, as well as being very useful for group combat if you want to play a tanky role for your group of friends or guild.

Passive skills

Defensive Stance and Nature's Resolve, which are passive in the ultimate tree. These two passives have six nodes, which grant bonus fortification. Defensive Stance increases the Fortification you gain from all sources by percentage, while Nature Resolve grants a small chance to gain a small amount of Fortification when hit. These are decent tools to build your fortification higher and also generate more through passive combat.

Repair + Taunt: You want a point in Repair so you can get Taunt, which is guaranteed to overpower while staying on Werebear for 30 seconds. Considering all of your abilities are in bear form, this should be a guaranteed free burst for your build, especially for Icon "Thug" Maul and Trample.

Capstone: Ursine Strength: Gain an additional 20% maximum health while in werebear form and for three seconds after leaving bear form. While healthy, you deal 20% increased damage.

Your cornerstone is very important; you should get it as soon as you spend your 34th skill point. This keystone grants 20% max health, which is huge for improving the amount of health you can lose before losing your healthy buff. Not to mention more life scaling with Overpower, his main damage tool in his main ability Pulv. You also get a 20% bonus damage while healthy, which means that if you can maintain your healthy and invigorated state, you will be on the limit of dealing 20% more damage at all times. It is a great benefit for construction.

The other important thing is that you also want to bring passive points to land-themed passives. The reason for this is due to a legendary called "Aspect of the Ursine Horror". This is a key legendary ability, as it turns Pulverize into a ground ability. This allows it to benefit from the damage modifiers of the ground ability, which is important, as there's a lot of synergy between the ground passives, Fortify, and Overpower, also adding to Pulv's damage ceiling.

So the ground passives you want to get, and only when you get that skin are:

Crushing Earth: Earth abilities deal 5% increased damage to enemies that are Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Up, per talent point spent, up to 15%. - Scale with your Pulv stun and your Trample knock back / stun.

Stoneguard: When you have Fortify for more than 50% of your health, your ground abilities gain 4% damage, per talent point spent, up to 12%. - Another free damage increase for Pulv.

Safeguard - Critics add more Fortify - Generally a nice upgrade as another source of free Fortify without thinking about it.

As you can see, all of this build is still increasing the modifiers to your Pulv's total damage, allowing you to further scale your Healthy, Fortified, and with other modifiers. So when the stars align for CC mobs with everything else on top, you do some serious Pulving and Overpowering damage when those guaranteed moments come around.

Spirit Boon Supplemental Benefits

The druid's unique system is that of blessings from animal spirits. As you progress through the story, you will be called upon to perform side quests that will grant you spiritual buffs, which are permanent passive buffs for your character. You can take one passive bonus from each animal, and when you have four, you can take a fifth and select any perk from any animal to be the fifth.


Stag: Stealth – Take 10% less damage from Elites

Eagle: Scythe Talons – 5% increased Critical Strike Chance or Avian Wrath for 30% critical damage, if you find you're critting often enough anyway.

Serpent: Obsidian Strike – Kills stack up, and when it maxes out, Earth's next ability will be Dominant. It stands for Pulverize Overpowers, if you've set it up to be an Earth ability via your legendary effects.

Wolf: Calamity - Extends the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%.

Fifth - Calm Before the Storm: Lucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to 105% chance to reduce your Ultimate CD by 2 seconds.

Diablo 4 Druid Werebear Build: Stats

The main thing you want on your team is the following stats

Enhanced Damage: Basic Abilities, Werebear Abilities are just as good.

Master damage

Critical chance

Critical damage

Healthy bonds

Willpower and Strength: Strength grants armor, while Willpower grants increased healing taken and overwhelming damage. You need a lot of willpower to make the healing you receive noticeable, but you need a lot less to increase your dominate damage.

Health: You need a lot of health before you can start to see any noticeable effects from Fortify's percentage increases, but health is generally decent and makes your healthy window last longer.

Diablo 4 Druid Werebear Build: Legendary and Unique

Below is a list of legendaries you can get for your build, based on luck, available skins, and more. Adjust your build accordingly, as there are more Legendaries and Uniques than there are slots available for your character.

"Aspect of the Wild Beast" Rampaging Beastman Aspect: The duration of Grizzly Rage is increased by 1 second. Additionally, critical hits while Grizzly Rage is on increase critical damage by 10% for the remainder of the duration

"Aspect of Retaliation"Aspect of Retaliation: Your Basic Abilities deal up to 20% increased damage based on your Fortified Health percentage.

"Aspect of the Bear Horror"Aspect of the Bear Horror: Your spray is now also an Earth ability. After casting Pulverize, the tectonic spikes continue to deal damage for two seconds.

"Shattered Aspect" Shattered Aspect: Gain Spirit when you get hit as a Werebear.

"Ballistic Aspect"Ballistic Aspect: When you have Fortified Life, your ground abilities gain +3. - Only use this legendary if you have Ursine Horror "terror" icon, which greatly improves your Pulverize ability.

"Insatiable Fury"Insatiable Fury: A unique item that drops randomly from world level 3 onwards. This grants him Werebear abilities +2 ranges, which adds even more damage scaling to his attack power for Pulv and Icon "Thug" Maul as well. This is your great single piece of equipment, but you don't need it to make it work.

"Vasily's Prayer"Vasily's Prayer: A unique helmet that turns earth abilities into werebear abilities.

"Shockwave Aspect"Shockwave Aspect: Pulverize creates a shockwave that travels forward, dealing a percentage of its damage.

"Skin of the Mending Stone"Skin of the Mending Stone: Earthen Bulwark's duration is increased by 6 seconds. Additionally, killing an enemy with Earth Skills recharges x of your active Earthen Bulwark's Barrier.

"Aspect of the Trampled Earth" - Trample now casts Landslide. Trampling is also a nature and earth ability.

"Aftershock Aspect" - Each of Landslide's earthen pillars hits a second time. - use it if you happen to have Trampled Earth, otherwise ignore it.

"Aspect of Disobedience"Aspect of Disobedience: Grants additional armor when you deal damage. - Armor buff that scales nicely when you mass roll and do AOE effects with stomp and pulv effects.

"Crashstone Aspect"Crashstone Aspect - Earth Skills deal more critical damage to mob controlled enemies. It's not necessary, but if you want to do more focus skills on the ground, then it's fine.