Fishing was introduced to Destiny 2 along with the "Beyond Light" expansion. It is a relaxing and fun activity that you can do on different planets and moons in the game. Fishing not only gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery, but also earns you valuable rewards such as weapons, armor, and upgrade materials.

to start:

1. Equip yourself properly: Before you start fishing, make sure you have the right equipment. You will need a fishing rod, which you can get from the shop from the NPC named Ana Bray on Mars. It is also useful to have the hunters ability "Cayde's Shadow" which improves the speed of the fishing key.

2. Find the right spot: Every planet or moon has different fishing spots. On Mars, for example, you can fish in the glacial canyon. Explore the different destinations and look for places with water to fish.

3. Look for the sparkles: Once you have reached the fishing spot, look for sparkles in the water. These look like little waves of light and tell you about the presence of fish. Aim for those flashes and cast your hook.

 Look for the sparkles:

4. Click at the right moment: When you cast the hook, you will have to click at the right moment to hook a fish. Pay attention to the progress bar that appears on the screen. When the needle falls into the green zone, click to hook the fish.

5. Fight with the fish: Once you have hooked a fish, you will have to fight with it to catch it. Follow the instructions on the screen to maintain tension on the line and prevent the fish from escaping. If the fish pulls too hard, release the tension to avoid breaking the line.

6. Get rewards: After catching the fish, you will receive rewards. These can include weapons, armor, upgrade materials, and coins. Some fish can also be exchanged for special rewards in the NPC shop.

7. Upgrade your fishing rod: As you catch more fish, you will be able to unlock upgrades for your fishing rod. These improvements can increase the fishing capacity, the quality of the rewards and the probability of catching rare fish. Don't forget to visit the NPC shop to buy these upgrades with the coins you have obtained.

8. Participate in Fishing Events: From time to time, special fishing events will take place in Destiny 2. These events may include fishing competitions against other players, fishing for exotic fish, and unique rewards. Stay tuned for in-game announcements so you don't miss out on these special events.

9. Claim your rewards: Once you have successfully caught the fish, a rewards window will appear showing you the items obtained and the reputation earned. Be sure to collect everything before continuing to fish at other points.

fishing spot

Additional tips:

Pay attention to the type of lure you use, as some fish will only be attracted to specific lures.

Do not hurry! Fishing requires patience and skill to be successful. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Explore different locations and fishing spots to find rare fish and exciting challenges.

Some quests and in-game events may also have fishing-related objectives, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.

Tips to improve the experience and rewards

Here are some additional tips to improve your experience and rewards when fishing in Destiny 2:

Complete the fishing challenges:

As you explore different areas, you may encounter specific fishing challenges. These challenges will ask you to catch certain fish or reach a specific score. By completing them, you will receive additional rewards, such as equipment or coins to spend in the game. Be sure to pay attention to the available challenges, as they can add an extra touch of excitement and reward to your fishing experience.

Use the buffs and improvements:

Within the game, you can find various buffs and upgrades that will help you improve your fishing skills and increase your rewards. Some examples are consumables that increase the success rate when catching fish, those that improve the quality of the fish caught, or those that grant additional reputation at the end of a fishing session. Search the in-game vendors or the community market for these items and use them strategically to maximize your profits and make each fishing session more rewarding.

Learn about fish and their behaviors:

Each species of fish in Destiny 2 has its own characteristics and movement patterns. By becoming familiar with them, you will be better able to anticipate their moves and increase your chances of successfully hooking them. Observe the swimming patterns, speed and preferences of the fish in different areas to adjust your fishing strategies. Also, some rare or higher value fish may require specific weather conditions or only appear at specific times or events. Do your research and learn about these details to increase your chances of finding a unique catch.

players fishing

Power Up Your Fishing Gear:

Just like in other aspects of the game, your equipment and weaponry are key elements to successful fishing. Be sure to upgrade and customize your fishing cannon with mods and upgrades available in the game. These additions can increase the probability of hooking fish, improve the resistance of the equipment or even facilitate fishing at great depths. Also, if you spend time acquiring and upgrading specific armor for fishing, you can benefit from additional bonuses such as increased stamina or special abilities that will help you in the fishing process.

Participate in group activities:

Although fishing is mostly a solitary activity, in some cases it is possible to join group activities related to fishing in Destiny 2. For example, during special events or group missions, you may come across fellow players who are fishing in the same location. Interacting and sharing tips with other players can enrich your fishing experience, as well as giving you the opportunity to discover new fishing spots or methods that you may not have considered. Additionally, special events can sometimes be triggered that involve multiple players and offer additional rewards for completing fishing-related tasks.

fishing in group

Remember that fishing in Destiny 2 is an optional and relaxing activity designed for those players who are looking for quieter moments within the game. Make the most of it by exploring the different locations, experimenting with lures, and enjoying the beauty of the landscapes and the serenity that fishing offers. Good luck on your fishing adventures and may your rewards be plentiful!

Upgrade Fishing Equipment:

 Below I will provide you with detailed information on how to improve your fishing equipment in Destiny 2:

1. Get a high-quality fishing gun:

The first step to improving your fishing equipment is to obtain a high-quality fishing gun. Search in-game vendors or the community market for more powerful and efficient options. These fishing guns can have various special features, such as increased range, increased damage to fish, or even special abilities that make it easier to catch. Research and compare the options available to find the fishing gun that best suits your play style and goals.

2. Upgrade your fishing cannon with mods:

Once you have acquired a quality Fishing Cannon, you can further improve it using mods. These mods can increase the accuracy, range, or damage of your gun, which will increase your chances of catching higher quality or more elusive fish. These upgrades are usually available from in-game vendors or can be obtained as rewards for completing specific challenges or quests. Experiment with different mods to find the combination that best suits your style of fishing.

3. Find and equip yourself with special lures:

In addition to having a quality fishing rod, it is important to use the right lures to attract the fish. In Destiny 2, you can find a variety of lures, each designed to attract a specific species of fish or to work best in certain conditions. For example, some lures can mimic the movements of an injured fish or change color to attract the attention of larger fish. Research and experiment with different lures to find out which ones work best in different areas and situations. Remember that some lures can be purchased in-game or purchased from specific vendors.

Find and equip yourself with special lures

4. Get specialized equipment:

In addition to the fishing cannon and lures, consider getting specialized fishing gear. For example, you can look for armor that provides additional bonuses to fishing, such as increased resistance to weather change or increased resistance to pulling the line. By using specific fishing equipment, you can increase your chances of success and optimize your experience. These specialized equipment can often be purchased from specific vendors or can be rewards for completing fishing-related quests.

5. Participate in events and fishing missions:

Destiny 2 offers special fishing-related events and quests where you can get unique and high-quality fishing gear. These events and missions generally present more difficult challenges but also offer greater rewards. Pay attention to in-game announcements about special fishing events, and be sure to actively participate for a chance to get exclusive gear to upgrade your fishing gear.

Remember that fishing in Destiny 2 is an optional side activity, meant to provide quiet and relaxing moments within the game. Experiment with different combinations of gear, lures, and strategies to discover the best way to enhance your fishing experience and reap the best possible rewards.