FIFA 23 Tips

Welcome to this FIFA 23 guide! If you're a football enthusiast who loves the excitement and virtual competition of the world's most popular video game, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll provide you with valuable tips and advice to help you enhance your gameplay and take your skills to the next level.

FIFA 23 introduces new features, gameplay mechanics, and exciting modes that will keep you glued to your console or PC for hours. Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn the basics or an experienced veteran aiming to fine-tune your tactics, our guide has something for everyone.

Remember that in FIFA, patience, practice, and analysis are key to success. Don't be discouraged if you encounter challenges along the way. With determination and by applying the tips in this guide, you'll be able to tackle any obstacle that comes your way on the virtual pitch.

Get ready to experience the thrill of football in FIFA 23

Tips for FIFA 23

Here you'll find expert tips covering everything from mastering dribbling to perfecting your defense – giving you all the tools you need to dominate this game like a pro. No more excuses, it's time to elevate your gameplay and conquer FIFA 23!

Attacking Tips:

This year, attacking may feel different due to two major changes: gameplay speed and left stick dribbling. The game has slowed down, so resist the temptation to sprint all the time. Instead, focus on a slower, more methodical approach, building up play and finding the right passes, rather than attempting risky "no-scope" passes without facing a player.

To create attacking chances when moving forward, make the most of the L1 / LB triggers and one-twos. Additionally, take advantage of the four new skill moves introduced in FIFA 23, especially in the final third to break down defenses and find that extra space inside the box for a clear shot.

If you encounter difficulty breaking through a low defensive block, the new power shot mechanic can be a valuable tool for shooting from distance.

Dribbling has undergone a complete revamp in FIFA 23.

Arguably the biggest change this year is left stick dribbling, especially on New-Gen consoles. It's a whole new system called Technical Dribbling, and mastering it will be the most challenging revamp, so patience is key.

Dribbling might feel clunkier compared to last year, but the key is to use smooth, rotational movements with the left analog stick, rather than flicking it. Maintaining possession has become more difficult, so a useful tip is to tap the L2 / LT button, which triggers shielding when you have the ball. This helps protect the ball and create space away from your opponent when receiving passes.

Inside the box, focus on practicing smooth dribbling movements, and with time, you'll adapt to the new system. The revamped dribbling system has its advantages, allowing players to navigate through paths and execute dribbles in ways that were not possible before. Embrace the change, and with perseverance, you'll unlock the full potential of Technical Dribbling in FIFA 23.

Low shots

When it comes to shooting in FIFA 23, there's a noteworthy change seasoned veterans should be aware of. The button combination for the Power Shot is now the same as the low driven shot from last year.

In FIFA 23, the dedicated button combination for Low Drivens / Low Shots has been replaced by the Power Shot. But don't worry, you can still execute low shots with ease. To do this, simply strike any type of shot below 40% power, and it will automatically be a low shot. This rule applies not only to regular shots but also to finesse shots and power shots.

Low Shots prove to be especially effective when shooting across the goal or when you find yourself in one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper. Mastering this technique will give you an edge in crucial scoring opportunities, so be sure to practice and incorporate low shots into your attacking arsenal.

Power shots

FIFA 23 introduces a powerful new feature known as the Power Shot, which rewards shots with increased accuracy and power. Executing it is straightforward: press L1 + R1 + Shoot / LB + RB + Shoot. However, the key difference here is that you must manually aim your shot using the Left Analog Stick.

At first, aiming can feel quite sensitive, so a useful trick is to initially aim at the goalkeeper. Once you get the hang of keeping the shot on target, you'll have the ability to unleash long-distance screamers that are incredibly satisfying to score. Keep in mind that the shooting animation takes some time to initiate, making the Power Shot ideal for attempts from outside the box when there are no opposition players closing you down.

Practice makes perfect, so spend time mastering the Power Shot in training and apply it strategically during matches to catch your opponents off guard with some stunning long-range goals!

Driven Ground Passes

When in possession of the ball, executing a quick counterattack to transition from defense to attack can be a game-changer. To do this effectively, utilize the Driven Ground Pass - simply hold R1 + X [PS5] or RB + A [XBOX]. These passes are similar to regular ground passes but come with significantly more power, allowing the ball to reach your attackers much faster. It's the perfect tool for launching an explosive break and catching your opponents off guard. Mastering this technique will give your team a dynamic edge in the game and create excellent scoring opportunities on the counterattack. So, next time you're in possession and ready to launch a swift offensive move, remember to use the Driven Ground Pass for a swift and powerful transition to your attacking players.

The Explosive Fake Shots

Introducing the Explosive Fake Shot, a powerful new skill move in FIFA 23.

Executing this move is simple: press Circle then X [PS5] or B then A [XBOX], and immediately after, push your left analog stick at a 90-degree angle to exit the move.

The Explosive Fake Shot grants you an incredible speed boost, making it a potent weapon to beat opponents, especially when you're inside the box. However, it's important to note that not all players can perform this skill move. To execute the Explosive Fake Shot, the player must have Acceleration & Sprint Speed stats above 85 and possess 4-star Skill Moves. As a result, only specific players like Mbappé, who meet these criteria, can unleash this explosive maneuver.

If you have the right player at your disposal, mastering the Explosive Fake Shot can be a game-changer, propelling your attacks to new heights and leaving defenders in awe of your skill on the virtual pitch.


One common mistake that even Elite Division players tend to make is excessive sprinting while in possession of the ball.

Unfortunately, this approach often results in heavy touches and delays in actions like passing, ultimately leading to turnovers.

Here's a valuable tip: Once you enter the opponent's half, avoid using the sprint button excessively. Instead, focus on taking controlled touches away from your opponent. This will significantly reduce the chances of losing possession and allow you to maintain better control of the game.

By implementing this simple adjustment in your gameplay, you'll find yourself making more precise decisions and executing smoother plays, ultimately giving you a strategic advantage on the virtual pitch

Defensive Tips:

The Pace

Pace remains one of the most critical factors in FIFA 23, and its importance has been amplified since the Running Jockey has been nerfed this year. As a result, opposing attackers are even more dangerous when making runs behind the defensive line, particularly for through balls.

Moreover, players on New Generation consoles now have new acceleration types, divided into three categories: controlled, lengthy, and explosive. The explosive type receives an initial acceleration boost, lengthy type gains more acceleration over longer distances, while controlled is a generic acceleration type. These categories are determined based on a player's stats, and you can easily find this information in the in-game menus when checking a player's attributes.

Understanding and utilizing the specific acceleration types of your players can give you a significant advantage on the field. Whether it's exploiting explosive pace to beat defenders in a short sprint or utilizing lengthy acceleration for powerful runs into open spaces, knowing the characteristics of your players will help you make more informed strategic decisions during matches.

Partial Team Press

Introducing Partial Team Press, a powerful new defensive feature in FIFA 23 that allows you to apply pressure strategically.

To activate Partial Team Press, simply double-tap and hold R1 [PS5] or RB [XBOX]. This sends two additional defenders to closely mark your opponent's potential passing options. It's an excellent tool for when you want to increase the defensive pressure and close down your opponent's passing lanes effectively.

By using Partial Team Press at the right moments, you can disrupt your opponent's build-up play, force them into making mistakes, and regain possession more efficiently.

Keep in mind that while Partial Team Press can be a potent defensive tactic, it's essential to use it judiciously. Applying constant pressure can leave gaps in your defense, so use this feature strategically and in coordination with your overall defensive strategy.

With Partial Team Press in your defensive arsenal, you'll have greater control over the flow of the game and be better equipped to stifle your opponent's attacks while maintaining a solid defensive shape.

The player switching

Player switching while defending has been a common struggle for players of all skill levels.

Luckily, FIFA 23 introduces a helpful feature called Adaptive Right Stick Switching, which can be found in the controller settings.

To use this feature, simply hold the right analog stick in a direction for a longer duration to switch to a player who is further away. This allows for more precise and intuitive control over which player you switch to when defending.

Since discovering this new setting, it has become my go-to choice for player switching, as it provides a smoother and more responsive experience during intense defensive situations.

Think ahead

Thinking ahead is crucial when defending against through balls or balls over the top in FIFA 23.

A common mistake among defenders is running towards where the ball currently is, which often leaves them out of position and vulnerable to the opponent's attack. Instead, the key is to anticipate the trajectory of the ball and run to the spot where it will be, not where it is at the moment.

By doing so, you force your opponent to slow down their attack and give your defensive line more time to reorganize and catch up with the play. This tactical approach disrupts your opponent's rhythm and creates opportunities to intercept the ball or regain control.

Practice reading your opponent's movements and predicting their passes, allowing you to make more informed decisions on where to position your defenders. This proactive defensive strategy will give you a significant advantage in thwarting your opponent's attacks and help you maintain a strong defensive presence throughout the game.

General tips:

Pick the perfect formation in FIFA 23

Setting up your Custom Tactics & Formations is one of the first things to arrange when you start FIFA 23. With a variety of formations available, including the new 5-1-2-2 system, we recommend creating three distinct setups: defensive, balanced, and attacking systems.

For a defensive formation, consider using a formation with 2 CDMs, such as the reliable 4-2-3-1. This formation has proven effective in previous FIFA iterations and provides solid defensive coverage.

For a balanced approach, you can opt for formations like the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) or the 4-1-2-1-2. The former offers a narrow style, while the latter gives you a wider setup with LM/RMs instead of LCM/RCM.

When you need an attacking formation, the 4-4-2 Flat can be a useful choice, especially for pressing when you're trailing in the match. The key is to provide yourself with tactical variety during the game. Start with balanced tactics and then make adjustments based on the situation. For instance, you can switch to the 4-4-2 and add a defensive style like "Pressure on Heavy Touch," increase depth, and instruct a CM to "Get Forward" when attacking.

Ultimately, finding the perfect formula for your play style requires experimentation. Tinker with the tactics until you find the best fit that complements your gameplay and helps you dominate your opponents in FIFA 23. Remember, it's all about finding what works for you and evolving your tactics as you gain more experience and insights into the game.

The Crossing Zone

In FIFA 23, there's a significant extension of the cross zone compared to previous versions. While previously you could only cross from the wings, EA has now expanded the zone from which you can deliver crosses.

The cross zone is now extended at the top of the box, on either side of the penalty arc. This opens up new opportunities for crossing the ball into the box, especially when you spot a late runner making a far post run.

A valuable tip when crossing the ball is to use the outside of the foot cross. To perform this, press L2 / LT + Cross. This technique allows for more precision and can be particularly effective when attempting to deliver the ball to specific areas in the box.

To ensure the outside-of-the-foot animation registers, apply more power to the cross. By doing so, you'll increase the chances of executing the cross accurately and increase the likelihood of finding your intended target in the box.

With this expanded cross zone and the outside of the foot cross technique in your arsenal, you'll have a greater range of options when delivering crosses and a better chance of creating scoring opportunities from wide areas in FIFA 23

How do penalties work?

Penalties in FIFA 23 have undergone a complete revamp, introducing a composure ring that expands and contracts based on the penalty taker's composure.

To achieve the most accurate and powerful shot, aim to hit the penalty when the composure ring is at its smallest. This requires precise timing and composure on the part of the taker.

Notably, aiming penalties in FIFA 23 has changed as well. There is no longer a visual reticle, and the aim does not re-center if you release the left analog stick. The aim is now set within the posts and not beyond, significantly reducing the likelihood of missing the target.

To maximize your chances of scoring from the spot, follow these tips: shoot when the composure ring is smallest, apply approximately 90% power to the shot, and aim for a corner. This combination creates a high-powered shot that finds the side netting, making it challenging for the goalkeeper to save, even if they dive the right way.


As we conclude this comprehensive FIFA 23 guide, we hope you've found valuable insights and tips to elevate your gameplay and enjoyment of the game. From attacking strategies to defensive tactics, from mastering new skill moves to perfecting your penalty technique, we've covered a wide range of aspects to help you dominate the virtual pitch.

Remember, FIFA 23 rewards patience, practice, and adaptability. Embrace the new features and mechanics, and don't be afraid to experiment with different playstyles and formations. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the FIFA world, continuous learning and improvement are the keys to success.

So, step onto the field with confidence, think strategically, and give it your all. May your journey in FIFA 23 be filled with thrilling moments, spectacular goals, and triumphant victories.

Thank you for joining us on this FIFA 23 adventure, and until next time, keep playing, keep learning, and most importantly, keep enjoying the beautiful game. Good luck and have a blast in FIFA 23!