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FFXIV Power Leveling Guide: Tips for Efficient Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV

At VirtGold we pride ourselves in only utilizing the most efficient ways to level up in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). We have experts working around the clock to ensure that your account is taken care of and that you can get back into FFXIV quickly. Want to know more about some of the methods our skilled workers will use?

  1. Main Story Quests (MSQ): The main story quests are crucial for leveling up your character in FFXIV. Complete MSQs to gain significant experience points (EXP) and unlock new content. Prioritize these quests to progress efficiently.
  2. Duty Roulette: Take advantage of the Duty Roulette feature, which offers bonus EXP for completing dungeons, trials, and raids. Participate in Duty Roulette daily to maximize your leveling progress.
  3. Side Quests and FATEs: Engage inside quests and Full Active Time Events (FATEs) for additional EXP. While they may not provide as much EXP as MSQs or Duty Roulette, they contribute to your leveling journey. Complete available side quests and participate in FATEs whenever possible.
  4. Leve quests: Leve quests are repeatable quests that offer decent EXP rewards. Visit the Levemete NPC in major cities to access these quests. Utilize leve quests during level gaps or when waiting for Duty Roulette queues.
  5. Hunting Logs: Complete your class-specific hunting logs to earn EXP. Defeating specific targets or monsters listed in the hunting log grants substantial experience points. Focus on hunting log objectives, especially in the early stages of the game.
  6. Challenge Log: Check the Challenge Log, which provides weekly objectives offering bonus EXP. Complete tasks like dungeons, FATEs, and PvP matches to earn additional experience. Regularly complete as many Challenge Log objectives as possible.
  7. Rested EXP: Take advantage of rested EXP, which accumulates when you log out in a sanctuary or inn. Rested EXP provides a 50% bonus to all EXP gains for a certain time period. Log out in sanctuaries or inns to maximize rested EXP benefits.
  8. Experience-Boosting Items: Consider using consumable items like experience scrolls or potions that provide temporary EXP bonuses. Obtain these items through events, in-game rewards, or player trades. Use them strategically during intense leveling sessions or challenging content.