[OSRS] Skeletal Wyverns Guide

OSRS Skeletal Wyverns Guide

Skeletal Wyverns are undead re-animated remains of the actual wyvern monsters. They can only be fought against during a Slayer task, and the task can only be assigned to you by the Slayer Masters; Konar, Nieve, Duradel, and Chaeldar after the completion of the quest “Elemental Workshop”. They are level 140 creatures that require a slayer level of 72 to harm, and are known to be deadly due to their Icy Breath.


Skeletal Wyverns reside in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, which is located South of the Port Sarim Jail and can be indicated through the “Red Exclamation Mark” on the mini-map. They are four ways to get there quick:

  1. Using the Fairy Ring (Code: a*I*q) to reach the Mudskipper Point (Peninsula located South of the Asgarnia Kingdom).
  2. House Teleport (If your house is in Rimmington).
  3. Port Sarim Rat Pits Teleport (If you’ve completed the quest Rat Catchers).
  4. Amulet of Glory to teleport to the Draynor Village (located East of Port Sarim).


Skeletal Wyverns are hard to hit with Ranged, and the reason is that the arrows that are fired, tend to pass right through them due to their hollow body structure. During the fight, you are required to have some sort of elemental protection like Dragonfire Ward, Dragonfire Shield, Mind Shield, or Elemental Shield, as their Icy Breath can be quite dangerous to deal with head one. Aside from that, having 80+ Attack, 80+ Strength, 80+ Defence, 80+ Ranged, and 75+ Magic is highly recommended before approaching the wyverns.



Recommended Gear








Recommended Items

  • Prayer Potions
  • Dragon Dagger (P++) or Dragon Mace (For their Special Attack)
  • Teleportation Means (For Emergencies)
  • Super Attack and Strength Potions, or Super Combat Potions
  • Food


There’s no real strategy for killing a Skeletal Wyvern, as it all depends on which combat style suits you best. If you’re looking for quick kills and focusing on the drops, then melee is the best option, and if you plan to stay in the area for a longer duration, then safe-spotting (as shown below) with the help of Magic or Ranged is preferable.

Helpful Tips

  • The most popular safe spot to trap a wyvern is located near the cave’s entrance. However, you are first required to aggro the mob.
  • Using Void Knight Armour after 92 Ranged is known to be more beneficial than Dragonhide, in terms of the overall bonus.
  • They use both; Magic and Ranged, which has a distance of 6 and 7 tiles respectively. So, to avoid any hits while using long-distance attacks, make sure that you’re not in range or the damage will be unavoidable.
  • Although they are made of bones, they are not classified into the undead category. So, using Slave Amulet or the prayer Crumble Undead is pointless. This likewise goes for Anti-Fire potions, as it has no effect against the wyvern’s Icy Breath.
  • You can also make the best use out of Dwarf Cannons, as they are allowed in the lower sections of the cave.
  • A plus point is that if you’re frozen and you’re standing by the cave entrance, you can simply exit the cave and wait for the effect to wear off. This will ensure that you’re safe against the attacks from the mobs around you.

Good luck slaying those Wyverns!