[OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Smithing Guide

Are you looking to master the art of Smithing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? Look no further! This step-by-step Ultimate 1-99 Smithing Guide for OSRS covers everything you need to know about Smithing, from skill requirements to training methods and profit potential.

Important information


  1. Skill Requirements for Smithing in OSRS: To begin your Smithing journey in OSRS, you'll need at least level 1 in the Mining skill to gather ores. Some quests, like The Knight's Sword, offer instant Smithing experience boosts to kickstart your progress.
  2. Smelting Ores and Crafting Items: Smithing involves smelting ores into metal bars using furnaces or the Blast Furnace. You'll need ores and coal as fuel. Once you have bars, you can use an anvil to craft a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items.
  3. Experience Gain and Optimal Training Methods: Both smelting ores and crafting items provide Smithing experience. Smelting generally yields more experience than crafting. Optimize your training by using the best available methods and focusing on higher-level items for optimal experience rates.
  4. Alternative Training Methods and Profit Potential: While traditional mining, smelting, and crafting are popular training methods, alternative approaches like making cannonballs or superheating ores with Magic offer different experience rates and profit potential. Consider the costs of raw materials and market prices for crafted items to maximize your profits.
  5. Quests, Achievement Diaries, and Equipment: Completing specific quests and achievement diary tasks can reward you with Smithing experience or unlock valuable benefits related to Smithing. Additionally, certain equipment and consumables like the Smithing Cape, Varrock Armor, and Dwarven Stout can enhance your Smithing experience.
  6. High-Level Smithing and Profit Opportunities: As your Smithing level increases, you'll gain access to higher-tier metals like adamant and runite. Crafting high-level armor, weapons, and ammunition can be lucrative but requires significant investment. Keep an eye on the Grand Exchange prices to capitalize on market trends.


Fastest Smithing XP OSRS

Fast Smithing Leveling with The Knight's Sword Quest - OSRS: Accelerate Your Progression

Level 1-29: The Knight Sword Quest

The Knight's Sword quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular choice for players aiming to quickly level up their Smithing skill. Discover why this quest is an effective method for fast Smithing leveling and how it can boost your progression.

  1. High Experience Reward

Completing The Knight's Sword quest provides a substantial Smithing experience reward, propelling your skill level at an accelerated pace. This quest grants a significant amount of Smithing experience, offering approximately 12,725 experience points. This sizable reward allows you to bypass the slower low-level training methods and rapidly advance your Smithing level.

  1. Skip Low-Level Training Tedium

The Knight's Sword quest enables you to bypass the monotonous low-level Smithing training methods. By obtaining a substantial amount of Smithing experience from the quest, you can bypass repetitive tasks like smelting and crafting low-level items. This saves valuable time and effort, enabling you to focus on more advanced training methods and higher-level item creation.

Harness the Smithing Power of The Knight's Sword Quest

The Knight's Sword quest in OSRS is a proven method for fast Smithing leveling, thanks to its high experience reward, efficient resource utilization, access to blurite ore, and the ability to bypass low-level training tedium. Undertake this quest to unlock the full potential of your Smithing skill and expedite your journey towards mastery. Embrace the power of The Knight's Sword quest and experience rapid Smithing progression in OSRS!

Level 29-33: Sleeping Giants Quest

Fast Smithing Leveling with Sleeping Giants Quest - OSRS: Accelerate Your Progression

Sleeping Giants is a quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that was released in 2022 and makes training smithing in the early stages of the skill even more efficient. With both The Knight’s Sword and Sleeping Giants Quests complete, you can skip all the way to level 33 smithing and go straight into the Blast Furnace.

Level 33-99: Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace in OSRS: Efficient Smelting and Profitable Bar Production

The Blast Furnace in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a specialized furnace located in Keldagrim. Discover how this unique smelting facility can help you smelt ores with efficiency, save on costs, and maximize your profits.

  1. Location and Requirements

The Blast Furnace is situated in Keldagrim, a city accessed during the Dwarf Cannon quest. To utilize the Blast Furnace, you must have at least level 60 Smithing and have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest or a fee of 2,500 coins every 10 minutes. Ensure you have a Hammer in your inventory for repairs.


  1. Advantages and Benefits

The Blast Furnace offers several advantages over traditional smelting methods, making it an attractive option for players:

  • Faster Smelting: The Blast Furnace significantly speeds up the smelting process, allowing for quicker production of metal bars.
  • Reduced Coal Consumption: This furnace only requires half as much coal as a regular furnace, reducing your fuel costs and increasing your profitability.
  • Convenient Bar Dispenser: The Blast Furnace features a Bar Dispenser that allows you to collect your bars directly into your inventory, saving time and inventory space.


  1. How to Use the Blast Furnace

To utilize the Blast Furnace effectively, follow these steps:

  • Deposit Ores: Interact with the Conveyor Belt to deposit your desired ores. You can deposit multiple ores simultaneously.
  • Operate the Controls: Activate the Blast Furnace controls to initiate the smelting process. Ensure you maintain sufficient coal in the furnace to sustain the required heat.
  • Collect Bars: Once the ores are smelted, use the Bar Dispenser to conveniently collect your bars. You can acquire up to 28 bars in a single action.


  1. Additional Features and Considerations

The Blast Furnace offers additional features that enhance the smelting experience and profitability:

  • Cooling Periods: Periodically, the furnace requires cooling. Pump the nearby bellows to regulate and maintain its temperature.
  • Blast Furnace Foreman: The Blast Furnace is overseen by the Foreman. Paying a fee (coins) allows you to use the Blast Furnace services without manual control.
  • Ordan's Shop: In close proximity, Ordan operates a shop where you can purchase or sell ores and bars, offering convenient access to necessary materials. 


Profitability and Experience Gains

The Blast Furnace can be highly profitable due to reduced coal consumption and faster smelting times. It is especially advantageous for producing high-demand bars like steel and mithril. Additionally, using the Blast Furnace provides Smithing experience for each bar smelted, making it an efficient method to level up your Smithing skill.

Best Inventory & Gear setup for Blast Furnace OSRS

Maximize Efficiency and Profits with the Blast Furnace

Utilizing the Blast Furnace in OSRS offers efficient ore smelting, cost savings, and increased profitability. With its location, reduced coal consumption, and profitable opportunities, the Blast Furnace is an invaluable tool for ambitious smiths. Make the most of your smelting endeavors in OSRS by embracing the efficiency and profitability of the Blast Furnace!

Alternative Route to 99 Smithing

Level 1-29: Bronze Items

  1. Mine copper and tin ores from locations such as the Lumbridge Swamp, Varrock Mines, or Mining Guild.
  2. Smelt the copper and tin ores into bronze bars at a furnace. The closest furnace to a bank is located in Lumbridge.
  3. Craft bronze items like daggers, swords, or scimitars. You can choose whichever item is more cost-effective at the time, considering the prices of the materials and the potential resale value of the crafted items.


Level 29-40: Iron Items

  1. Mine iron ores from various locations, including the Mining Guild, Rimmington Mine, or Al Kharid Mine.
  2. Smelt the iron ores into iron bars at a furnace.
  3. Craft iron items such as platebodies, med helms, or items with higher demand in the Grand Exchange until level 40.


Level 40-50: Steel Items

  1. Mine iron and coal ores. The Mining Guild is an excellent location for both resources.
  2. Smelt the iron ores and coal together to create steel bars at a furnace. Consider using the Blast Furnace for faster and more cost-effective smelting.
  3. Craft steel items such as platebodies, platelegs, or scimitars until level 50.


Level 50-70: Mithril Items

  1. Mine mithril ores from locations like the Mining Guild, Al Kharid Mine, or Arzinian Mine (accessed after completing the Between a Rock... quest).
  2. Smelt the mithril ores into mithril bars at a furnace. The Blast Furnace is an efficient option for smelting mithril bars as well.
  3. Craft mithril items such as platebodies, 2-handed swords, or items with higher demand until level 70.


Level 70-85: Adamant Items

  1. Mine adamantite ores from locations such as the Mining Guild, Al Kharid Mine, or Arzinian Mine.
  2. Smelt the adamantite ores into adamant bars at a furnace. Consider using the Blast Furnace for faster and more cost-effective smelting.
  3. Craft adamant items such as platebodies, 2-handed swords, or items with higher demand until level 85.


Level 85-99: Rune Items

  1. Mine runite ores from locations like the Mining Guild, Heroes' Guild Mine, or Wilderness Resource Area.
  2. Smelt the runite ores into runite bars at a furnace. The Blast Furnace is an efficient option for smelting runite bars as well.
  3. Craft rune items such as platebodies, 2-handed swords, or items with higher demand until level 99.


Optimal Training Methods:

  1. Blast Furnace: Join a designated Blast Furnace world and pay the fee to use the furnace. This method offers faster experience gains and allows you to smelt bars using half the coal required at regular furnaces.
  2. Gold Ore: Smelting gold bars can be profitable but slower in terms of experience. Purchase gold ores from other players or the Grand Exchange and smelt them into gold bars at a furnace.


Alternative Training Methods:

  1. Quests: Some quests provide significant Smithing experience as a reward. Completing The Knight's Sword quest instantly boosts your Smithing level to 29, saving time and resources.
  2. Cannonballs: Making cannonballs can be profitable but slower in terms of experience. Smelt steel bars into cannonballs at a furnace using a steel bar and one cannonball mold. This method is commonly used by players seeking a profit from their Smithing training.


Additional Tips:

  1. Bring a hammer in your inventory when using a furnace.
  2. Utilize the best available equipment to boost your experience gains. For example, wearing the Smithing Cape provides a 5% experience boost when smithing bars.
  3. Consider using Varrock Armor, which provides a chance of smelting two bars at once when smelting ores in Edgeville furnace.
  4. Dwarven Stout is a drink that temporarily boosts your Smithing level by 1.
  5. If you're looking for a more AFK training method, you can superheat ores using the Superheat Item spell in conjunction with the Magic skill.


Boosting Items

To speed up the process, it is essential to have Ice Gloves, which can be obtained in the form of a drop by killing the Ice Queen. There’s no real requirement other than level 50 Mining to enter the area where she resides in. Another important item is the Goldsmith Gauntlets, which provides you with double the experience while smelting gold bars. However, there’s a requirement to complete ‘The Family Crest’ quest in order to obtain the gauntlets. You can also make the best use out of coal bags that hold 27 coal pieces, allowing you to save time and energy. It can be bought from the Motherlode Mine for 100 gold nuggets.

Remember to adjust your training methods based on the current market prices of ores, bars, and crafted items, as they can fluctuate. Regularly check the Grand Exchange prices and the OSRS community for the most up-to-date information. Happy Smithing!