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The Whisperer Guide OSRS

The Whisperer

After completing Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire in OSRS, players will have the opportunity to confront a more potent variant of the Whisperer. To challenge an even stronger awakened variant, one must disturb the Odd Figure using an awakener's orb from the player's inventory and then select "Yes" when prompted.

Should the player meet their demise while battling the Whisperer, their gravestone will appear in the Ruins of Camdozaal, close to the rope that leads to the Lassar Undercity. Players will enjoy a reduced reclaim fee until they achieve five victories, after which the standard death cost will be applicable.

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How to get there

To swiftly reach the Lassar Undercity, the abode of the Whisperer, consider the following expedient approaches:

1. Utilizing the ring of shadows for instantaneous teleportation to the exit of the Lassar Undercity. This demands the prior use of the sirenic tablet on the ring, an item with a 1/25 drop rate from the Whisperer.

2. Employing the Mind Altar Teleport spell (or its corresponding tablet/portal) and subsequently traversing southeastward to reach Camdozaal.

3. Engaging the Lassar Teleport spell or tablet, followed by employing the shortcut to the northwest (an endeavor that necessitates an Agility level of 68), or alternatively, circumventing the mountain by running around it.

Once situated within the Ruins of Camdozaal, ascend down the rope located at the northwest terminus to gain entry into the Lassar Undercity. From there, avail yourself of the teleporter to access the cathedral.

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Recommended Equipment

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Inventory

Ensure your inventory is well-stocked for the upcoming challenge:

1. Blackstone Fragment: This is a crucial item.

2. Special Attack Weapon: Keep a potent weapon ready for special attacks.

3. Venator Bow/Toxic Blowpipe: These are ideal for dealing with Lost Souls.

4. (Divine) Rune Pouch: Carry this to cast spells like Fire Surge (Nightmare Staff) or Ice Barrage & Blood Barrage (Shadow, Sanguinesti Staff, Toxic Trident).

5. Ample Prayer Potions/Super Restores: Maintain a full supply to sustain your prayers. Consider bringing more food if you're still learning the boss mechanics.

6. Emergency Food: Keep some nourishment in reserve for unexpected situations.

7. Forgotten Brew/Imbued Heart/Saturated Heart: These can provide significant boosts when needed.

8. Stamina Potion: Enhance your endurance with a stamina potion.

9. House Teleport Tablet: Have a quick escape route with a teleport to your house.

With this well-prepared inventory, you'll be better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

Boss Mechanics and Fight Strategy

The Whispere rMechanics and Fight Strategy

Before engaging in the battle, be well-prepared and attentive to the following mechanics:

1. Initiating the Fight: To start the encounter, bring the Blackstone Fragment. This is vital as some phases require you to enter the Shadow Realm. Be mindful that the battle's progression depends on maintaining your sanity.

2. Sanity Management: Your sanity is paramount. It gradually depletes if struck by a tentacle or if you fail to evade/block special attacks. Inside the Shadow Realm, your sanity drops by 3% every few ticks, while outside, you regain 1% every few ticks. If your sanity fully diminishes, you'll succumb to insanity, suffering escalating damage over time. Swiftly teleport out if this transpires.

3. Fight Initiation: The Odd Figure triggers the fight by knocking you back and transforming into the Whisperer. Stay out of melee range, as her melee attack is formidable and can't be fully blocked by prayer.

4. Projectile Attacks: The Whisperer's primary attack unleashes three projectiles, alternating between Ranged and Magic. Purple barbs represent ranged shots, while blue orbs denote magic shots. Protection prayers offer complete damage reduction. Projectile patterns evolve as the fight progresses:

  • At the outset, she employs only one style for all three projectiles.
  • After a special attack, she uses two of one style followed by one of the other.
  • Following all special attacks, she alternates between both styles in a single attack.
  • During the enrage phase, she starts with ranged and alternates styles every two attacks.

5. Tentacle Strikes: Following each standard attack, four tentacles emerge four tiles away from you, converging on their starting tile. Getting hit incurs 20 damage and depletes 20% of your sanity, regardless of the number of tentacles hitting. Initially, an "X" formation is used, which evolves into a "+" formation after two special attacks. Dodge both formations consistently by employing an L-shaped movement (two tiles forward/backward, then one tile left/right).

Special Attacks and Rotations

Prepare to face the Whisperer's formidable special attacks at specific hitpoint thresholds. Familiarize yourself with the tactics needed to counter each attack:

1. Shadow Leeches:

  • At approximately 700, 500, and 270 hitpoints, the Whisperer executes this attack.
  • She scatters corrupted seeds around the center and initiates an assault.
  • Players must tread on all light green seeds to halt the attack. These seeds are visible only in the Shadow Realm.
  • Failure to halt the attack before the timer expires results in the Whisperer dealing 15 damage and draining your sanity by 15%.
  • Successfully stopping the attack without stepping on dark green seeds restores your sanity by 15%.
  • Seed scattering patterns are mirrored on both sides. To conserve sanity and prayer, memorize the seed locations and step on them in the real world.

2. Soul Siphon:

  • Triggered at the same hitpoint thresholds as above.
  • The Whisperer summons twelve lost souls and begins to siphon energy from them with a potent chant.
  • Players must enter the Shadow Realm and eliminate a group of souls chanting the same phrase.
  • You have around 10 seconds to manipulate the chant, preventing the Whisperer's devastating screech.
  • Failing to eliminate the souls in time leads to a 76 damage screech, potentially healing the Whisperer for 100 health based on remaining souls.
  • Killing at least one set of souls thwarts both effects.
  • With a toxic blowpipe, you can eliminate five or six souls; a venator bow can eliminate all with its passive effect.
  • Quickly switch weapons and use the blackstone fragment when the attack begins to prevent delays.
  • Effects of eliminated souls:
    • Vita! (2 yellow souls): Restores hitpoints.
    • Oratio! (3 blue souls): Restores prayer points.
    • Sanitas! (3 cyan souls): Restores sanity.
    • Mors! (4 green souls): Deals 50 damage to the Whisperer.
  • Eliminating all souls amplifies effects by 50%.

3. Screech:

  • At each of the aforementioned hitpoint thresholds.
  • The Whisperer teleports to the southern cathedral end and charges energy for three screeches.
  • Floating columns emerge from the water, shielding against the incoming screeches. Pillars have 20, 40, or 60 health (Shadow Realm displays health bar).
  • Players must stand two tiles north of a pillar to avoid screech damage.
  • Visual effects do not indicate the safe zone's angle accurately.
  • Moving to the other side of the arena doesn't prevent damage.
  • Taking a screech results in 45 damage and 45% sanity drain.
  • Enter the Shadow Realm to identify protective columns, then move in the real world.

Following each special attack, the Whisperer typically launches a binding projectile and attempts to move close to the player. Beware, as she becomes vulnerable to binding spells during this phase. Two special attack rotations alternate:

1. Shadow Leeches -> Screech -> Soul Siphon

2. Screech -> Soul Siphon -> Shadow Leeches

Enrage Phase

Upon dwindling to 0 health, the Whisperer undergoes a transformation. She regenerates for 140 hitpoints, restores previously drained stats, and transports the player into the Shadow Realm. During this phase, her tactics evolve, and your strategy must adapt accordingly:

1. Alternate Ranged and Magic Attacks: The Whisperer shifts her approach, alternating between ranged and magic attacks every two strikes. This phase commences with a ranged attack. Beware, as her attack speed escalates, and only a single tentacle surfaces after each assault. Employ the L-shaped movement technique to dodge these tentacles as before.

2. Sanity Drain and Movement: Even in the enrage phase, tentacles retain their sanity-draining capacity upon impact. Due to this, prioritize fluid movement to maintain your sanity. Keeping your sanity intact is crucial during this phase, so ensure you remain as mentally stable as possible. Entering the enrage phase with high health and prayer levels greatly bolsters your chances of success.

3. Managing Prayer Points: In this phase, vigilantly monitor your prayer points. Continuous movement and timely prayer flicking are essential to avoid succumbing to her attacks and tentacles. Maintaining high prayer points becomes paramount due to the consistent drain. Adequate prayer preservation is pivotal for survival.

4. Transition and Victory: As you conquer the Whisperer, her demise reinstates your sanity to full (100%). Attacks launched during this transitional phase do not harm you, but your prayer points will still deplete until your return to the real realm.

5. Respawn: After prevailing against her, the Whisperer will resurrect in 18 seconds, necessitating your readiness for the next encounter.

Awakened Mode

In Awakened mode, the Whisperer undergoes significant transformations, making the battle even more demanding. Prepare yourself for these elevated challenges:

1. Altered Tentacle Formations:

  • The "X" tentacle formation now features seven tentacles, and the "+" formation presents six adjacent tentacles (introduced after four special attacks).
  • The damage and sanity drain of tentacle attacks increase from 20 to 30.
  • Swiftly move at least two tiles sideways to evade the "+" formation.

2. Enhanced Regular Attack:

  • The Whisperer's standard attack now hurls five projectiles rather than three.

3. Evolved Attack Patterns:

  • As the fight commences, she utilizes two of one style and three of the other (e.g., Ranged -> Ranged -> Magic -> Magic -> Magic).
  • After two special attacks, she executes one of one style, two of the other, and then two of the initial style (e.g., Ranged -> Magic -> Magic -> Ranged -> Ranged).
  • Post the seventh special attack, she switches between both styles per strike.

4. Increased Sanity and Prayer Drain in the Shadow Realm:

  • In the Shadow Realm, the rate of sanity and prayer drain rises to 4.

5. Amplified Screech Attack:

  • The Whisperer's Screech now strikes five times and inflicts heightened damage and sanity drain, rising from 45 to 70.

Augmented Soul Siphon Mechanic:

  • The total lost souls increase from 12 to 16, with one additional soul in all cardinal directions.
  • The timer for this mechanic elongates significantly.
  • All souls must be eliminated; the Whisperer employs remaining souls for her attack.
  • Effects of killed soul sets are applied, and remaining souls restore her as usual. 

1. Altered Shadow Leeches Mechanic:

  • Timer reduces, damage/sanity drain increases (from 15 to 20 if not stopped).
  • Stepping on a dark green seed inflicts 2.5x damage (up to 65).

2. Substantial Health Increase:

  • The boss's health surges from 900 to 2,700.

3. Modified Special Attack Thresholds:

  • The Whisperer initiates special attacks at different health thresholds.

4. Enrage Phase Adjustments:

  • In the enrage phase, healing boosts from 140 to 250.
  • Two or three tentacles emerge every two attacks.
  • The sequence begins with magic attacks instead of ranged.
  • Styles switch after every attack.

5. Binding Attack Movement:

  • The boss runs toward the player after a binding attack.

6. Persistent Sanity Challenge:

  • Unlike the normal realm, sanity does not restore outside of the Shadow Realm.

Mastering each mechanic is essential, as any oversight may lead to insanity during the battle. Employ the "L" movement technique to avoid tentacle attacks successfully.

For the souls mechanic, carry a toxic blowpipe and a venator bow. Eliminate clustered souls with the bow, switch to the blowpipe for the lone soul, and promptly exit the realm.

During the pillars mechanic, rapidly gauge pillar health to minimize Shadow Realm time, as lingering drains 40% sanity. Dodging a screech is vital due to the hefty 70% sanity drain.

During the leeches mechanic, swiftly enter and exit the Shadow Realm once the pattern is identified.

Commencing the enrage phase demands maximum health and prayer, focusing on attacks over restoration. Enter with 60% or more sanity, prioritize evading tentacles, and allocate more concentration to prayer switches.




Secondary uniques:

Secondary uniques



Weapons and armour:

Weapons and armour





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