OSRS Rag and Bone Man 2 Quest Guide

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Rag and Bone Man II Guide OSRS

"Rag and Bone Man II" is indeed the sequel to the quest "Rag and Bone Man I" in the popular online role-playing game RuneScape. In this quest, players continue to assist the Odd Old Man in his unusual hobby of collecting various bones for his extensive collection. The quest requires players to gather a substantial number of different bones from creatures across the game world, making it a challenging and rewarding task for those who enjoy completing quests and exploring the game's diverse content.

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40 Slayer 

20 Defence to wield a mirror shield to kill a basilisk (though not necessary; see below)

Completed Rag and Bone Man I

Completed Skippy and the Mogres

Completed Horror from the Deep or partial completion of The Fremennik Trials

Partial completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain

Partial completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters (recommended but not strictly required)

Partial completion of Waterfall Quest

The ability to kill several high-level monsters

Items Required:

27 pots

27 jugs of vinegar (bought from Fortunato for 27 coins)

27 sets of logs (any logs - normal logs can be obtained on the path just below the Odd Old Man's hut if you bring an axe).


Light source

Dusty key (if under 70 Agility)


Combat gear to kill zogres (an ogre composite bow with brutal arrows or runes for Crumble Undead casts is advised)

Slayer Equipment:

Ice coolers

Fishing explosives

Mirror shield or V's shield (unless using a workaround - see guide for how to get around using this)

Start point:

Speak to the Odd Old Man, located at the end of the northern path in central Silvarea.

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In the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, players are tasked with collecting various bones for the Odd Old Man's collection. Here are some important details about the quest:

1. Wish List: The monsters you need to kill are listed on the Wish List, which is pinned to the Odd Old Man's house. You can also find this list in your quest journal. Monsters are only removed from these lists after you have turned in the required bones to the Odd Old Man.

2. Bone Drop Chance: Each monster on the list has a 1/4 chance to drop the specific bone you need for the quest.

3. Batch Submission: You can submit the collected bones to the Odd Old Man in smaller batches. As you turn in bones, he will update the wish list by removing the bones you've submitted.

4. Basilisk Bone: It's possible to collect the basilisk bone without having 20 Defence, but you may need to freeze the basilisk or safespot it to avoid taking damage while obtaining the bone.

5. Convenience: Given the variety of monsters you're required to kill for this quest, it can be a good idea to start the quest early in your adventures. This way, you can collect some of the bones while exploring Gielinor or training skills like Slayer, which can make the process more convenient.

Completing the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest is a unique and engaging task in RuneScape, and it encourages players to explore different areas of the game world while building the Odd Old Man's peculiar bone collection.

bone list




The "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape offers a flexible walkthrough that can be completed in any order. The quest is sectioned based on the distance from the starting location, the Odd Old Man's house, and what bones are most easily found in each area. Here are some key points to keep in mind when approaching the quest:

1. Non-linear Completion: You have the freedom to complete the quest in any order you prefer. It's organized by grouping monsters based on their locations and what bones they drop.

2. Travel Methods: Your choice of travel methods, such as gnome gliders, fairy rings, and teleports, will determine your route. Use the most convenient travel options available to you.

3. Bone Collection: The quest allows you to bring collected bones to the Odd Old Man at any point. You don't need to wait until you have all the bones to start turning them in.

4. Guide Purpose: The guide's purpose is to provide a sensible path for collecting all the required bones, even if you choose to travel on foot. For specific details about each monster's location, refer to their individual pages or the quest list.

5. Polishing the Bones: To turn in collected bones, you can jump to the "Polishing the Bones" section of the quest guide, allowing you to submit your progress as you go along.

The "Rag and Bone Man II" quest offers a flexible and exploratory experience, encouraging players to explore RuneScape while gathering the necessary bones for the Odd Old Man's collection.

Odd Old Man's House

Items required: None.

Recommended: Teleportation method to the Odd Old Man (Varrock teleport, Digsite pendant) if travelling here again after the quest already started.

To collect the first bone, which is a bat wing, you can conveniently find bats right near the Odd Old Man's house where the quest begins. If you're returning for this bone later in your quest progress, you can follow these directions:

1. Teleport to Varrock: Use a Varrock teleport or any other means of teleportation that brings you to Varrock.

2. Head North-East: From Varrock, head north-east. You'll be heading towards the Digsite area.

3. Locate the Bats: Near the Odd Old Man's house, you'll find bats flapping about. Simply interact with them to obtain the bat wing.

Alternatively, you can find bats in other locations, such as in front of the Slayer Tower or in the Wilderness, if you prefer to collect the bat wing from a different spot. Just remember that giant bats do not drop bat wings, so make sure you're targeting regular bats.


Items required: None.

Recommended: Teleportation method to northern Morytania (ectophial).

To collect bones from undead creatures in Morytania for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest, follow these steps:

1. Teleport to Port Phasmatys using the Ectophial or use a Kharyrll teleport if available.

2. Head west from Port Phasmatys.

3. Find undead cows near Ectofuntus to obtain undead cow ribs.

4. Proceed west to Fenkenstrain's Castle and locate experiments (requires completing "Grim Tales" quest). Collect experiment bones.

5. Continue to Canifis and defeat werewolves to obtain werewolf bones. You can safespot them in the bar or use Wolfbane on level 24 werewolves and switch weapons when they're almost defeated.

6. Purchase useful items in Canifis, including a mirror shield, ice coolers, fishing explosives, and optionally, a spiny helmet.

7. Travel southwest to the Paterdomus Temple entrance and defeat ghouls to obtain ghoul bones.


Items required: Slash weapon (for the sewer webs).

Recommended: Teleportation method to Varrock or Edgeville.

To reach the monsters in this section, head to the Varrock Sewers. You can access it from Varrock (southeast of Varrock Palace) or directly south of Edgeville. Here's how to get there:

1. Varrock Entrance:

Enter Varrock and head southeast to find the entrance to the Varrock Sewers near the eastern side of Varrock Palace.

2. Edgeville Entrance:

Head to Edgeville. You can do this by using an amulet of glory teleport, a fairy ring, the Home Teleport spell (with the Ancient Magicks spellbook active) and the canoe system, or by using the spirit tree in the Grand Exchange.

3. Navigating the Sewers:

Once in the sewers, make your way to the moss giant area. If you can't use the level 51 Agility shortcut near Vannaka, you'll need a knife or another sharp object to cut through the spiderweb blocking the way.

4. Recommended Purchases:

If you haven't already, consider buying a mirror shield, some ice coolers, several fishing explosives, and optionally, a spiny helmet from the Slayer master in Edgeville. These items will be useful for later parts of the quest.

Here are the undead creatures and their respective bones you can find in the Varrock Sewers:

1. Zombie: Drops zombie bone.

2. Rat (level 1): Drops rat bone (not obtainable from a giant rat).

3. Moss giant: Drops moss giant bone.


To reach the cave goblins for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest, follow these steps:

1. Teleport to Lumbridge:

Use a teleport to Lumbridge.

2. Lumbridge Castle Cellar:

Enter Lumbridge Castle and, equipped with a lantern (requires partial completion of The Lost Tribe), climb through the hole in the kitchen's cellar.

3. Dorgesh-Kaan Mines:

"Follow" Kazgar through the Dorgesh-Kaan mines. You'll find many cave goblins here. Note that cave goblin miners and cave goblin guards will also drop the skull.

4. Alternative Routes:

If you choose not to follow Kazgar, you can walk south and squeeze through the other hole. Head south towards the area full of rockslugs, then go east towards the goblins, located at the far east of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Alternatively, especially if you haven't started or completed The Lost Tribe, enter the Lumbridge Swamp Caves via the entrance in the Lumbridge Swamp and walk to the far eastern part of the caves. Note that a spiny or slayer helmet is recommended to protect against wall beasts if this route is taken.

5. Cave Goblin:

Once you're in the area with cave goblins, defeat one to obtain the cave goblin skull.


To collect bones from creatures in the desert for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest, follow these steps:

Using the Fairy Ring (Code: DLQ):

1. Use the fairy ring with the code DLQ to access the Nardah hunting area.

Alternative Travel Methods:

1. Use a ring of dueling or Lumbridge teleport to reach the Kharidian Desert.

2. Travel south through the desert, either by walking or using magic carpets to the necessary locations.

Finding the Creatures: 3. Along the way, you may encounter jackals as you head toward the level 42 lizards (if traveling north from Nardah or the fairy ring). These jackals drop jackal bones.

1. In the same desert area, you'll find level 42 lizards. Use ice coolers on the lizards when their health is depleted to obtain desert lizard bones.

2. Continue south-west to find vultures, located just north-west of the Agility Pyramid. If the vultures fly, you will need to use Ranged or Magic attacks. Vultures drop vulture wings.

3. You can also find jackals near the vultures if needed.

While you're in the desert, keep an eye out for desert snakes, as they can also be killed for a snake spine, which can substitute for one of the bones needed for the quest instead of getting one on Karamja.

Port Sarim

To collect bones from various creatures for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest, use the following travel method:

Using the Minigame Teleport (Rat Pits - Must have completed Ratcatchers):

1. If you have completed the Ratcatchers quest, use the Minigame teleport to Port Sarim Rat Pits.

Alternative Travel Methods:

2. If you haven't completed Ratcatchers, use an amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor. From there, walk to Port Sarim. Alternatively, you can use the fairy ring with the code AIQ, which places you right on Mudskipper Point. If you choose this option, start in reverse order.

Collecting Bones:

3. Begin by finding seagulls on the docks in Port Sarim. Seagulls drop seagull wings.

4. Travel south from Port Sarim to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, where you will find ice giants. Ice giants drop ice giant ribs.

5. Continue south to reach Mudskipper Point, which is home to the mogres. To agitate mogres out of the water, use fishing explosives on an Ominous Fishing Spot. Please note that this requires full completion of the "Skippy and the Mogres" quest.

6. Mogres drop mogre bones.


To collect bones from creatures on Karamja for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Traveling to Karamja:

1. Travel to Karamja using one of the following methods:

  • Use the gnome glider to reach Karamja.
  • Use the fairy ring with the code DKP.
  • If no other option is available, you can take the ship at Port Sarim or the one at south-east Ardougne to get to Karamja.

Finding the Creatures:

2. Snakes can be found throughout the island, but specific locations include:

  • West of the functioning gnome glider, which is located far south-east of the island.
  • The mine north of Shilo Village (use the fairy ring with the code CKR to get there).
  • By the calquat patch (please note that snakes within the Hardwood Grove do not drop the spine).

3. Jogres can be found in two main locations:

  • Surrounding the crashed gnome glider located east of Tai Bwo Wannai.
  • Inside the Pothole Dungeon located on the north side of mainland Karamja, near the harpie bug swarms.

Bones Collection:

4. Defeat snakes to obtain snake spines.

5. Defeat jogres to obtain jogre bones.

Taverley Dungeon

To collect baby dragon bones for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest, follow these steps:

Travel Methods:

1. Teleport to Falador: Use a teleport to Falador and walk north-west.

2. Use a Games Necklace: Teleport to the Burthorpe Games Room using a games necklace and walk south.

3. Use the Gnome Glider: Take the gnome glider to White Wolf Mountain and walk south-east. Remember to bring the dusty key if you have Agility below 70, as it's required to unlock the gate leading to the blue dragon area.

Finding the Baby Blue Dragons:

4. Head to the Taverley Dungeon, which is past the scorpions, chaos dwarves, and lesser demons.

5. In the dungeon, go through the gate that requires the dusty key to open. If you have level 70 Agility, you can also use the pipe near the entrance to the dungeon for quicker access.

6. While in the area, consider bringing an anti-dragon shield or antifire potions, as the mothers of the baby blue dragons are in proximity and may attack you.

Collecting Baby Dragon Bones:

7. Defeat the baby blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon to obtain baby dragon bones.


To collect troll bones for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these travel methods:

Using Trollheim Teleport:

1. If you have the Trollheim Teleport spell, use it to get to Trollheim. Once there, proceed to the western side, where you will find the trolls.

Without Trollheim Teleport:

2. If you don't have access to the Trollheim Teleport, use a games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe.

3. Walk north to reach Trollheim. You can do this by passing through Tenzing's house to northern Trollheim. Please note that this route requires the completion of the Death Plateau quest and can be a dangerous area.

Alternative Location:

4. Another location to find trolls is by the entrance to Keldagrim, which is close to a fairy ring with the code DKS.

5. Alternatively, you can walk east from Rellekka to reach this area.

6. Defeat trolls in either location to obtain troll bones.

Fremennik Province

To collect bones from creatures in the Fremennik Province for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Travel Methods:

1. Teleport to Rellekka using an enchanted lyre or the fairy ring code AJR. Alternatively, you can teleport to Camelot and walk north to reach Rellekka.

Collecting Bones:

2. Walk to the rare tree icon in the forest, where you will find bunnies hopping about. Kill some of these bunnies to obtain rabbit bones.

3. After collecting the rabbit bones, head into the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, which is located southeast of the rabbits. You can use the fairy ring code AJR or a Slayer ring to access the dungeon.

4. In the dungeon, you'll find basilisks. To kill basilisks, you need to have level 40 Slayer.

Mirror Shield/V's Shield Workaround:

5. If you don't have a mirror or V's shield, you can still kill basilisks using alternative methods:

  • Use poison and multiple rings of recoil for melee combat.
  • Use a safespot across some rocks for Ranged or Magic combat.
  • Ice spells are effective for this purpose.


To collect bones from creatures in Kandarin for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Travel Methods:

1. Use a games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost. From there, you can access both locations easily.

Collecting Bones (Dagannoths):

2. Pay a visit to the Lighthouse (use the fairy ring code ALP), which is north of the Barbarian Outpost.

3. Within the Lighthouse's basement (requires completion of Horror from the Deep quest to access), you'll find dagannoths. Be prepared with good food and armor because these dagannoths are aggressive, and the area is a multi-combat zone.

4. Defeat dagannoths to obtain dagannoth ribs. Please note that dagannoth ribs cannot be obtained in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Collecting Bones (Fire Giants):

5. After collecting dagannoth ribs, grab a rope and, if necessary, Glarial's amulet (if Waterfall Quest is only partially completed).

6. Use your games necklace to teleport back to the Barbarian Outpost. From there, travel south towards Baxtorian Falls.

7. Board the log raft located to the west of the house north of the falls. After the raft crashes, use your rope on the rock.

8. Use the rope on the dead tree and enter the Waterfall Dungeon. Inside the dungeon, fire giants can be found in the north and north-west passages.

9. Defeat fire giants to obtain fire giant bones. Note that fire giant bones cannot be obtained in Nieve's Slayer Stronghold.

Tree Gnome Stronghold

To collect terrorbird wings for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Travel Method to Tree Gnome Stronghold:

1. Travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold using one of the following methods:

  • Use a Spirit Tree to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Use the gnome glider to reach the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Use a Slayer ring to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Use a royal seed pod to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Collecting Terrorbird Wings:

2. Terrorbirds can be found scattered across the Tree Gnome Stronghold in large numbers.

3. For a concentrated group of terrorbirds, head to the terrorbird pen located to the south-west of the stronghold. Cross the bridge and look for the pen near a tree icon.

4. Kill the terrorbirds in the pen to obtain terrorbird wings. Note that you can only obtain terrorbird wings from terrorbirds within the pen.

5. Please be aware that the mounted terrorbird gnomes sauntering throughout the area will not drop the bone.

Feldip Hills

To collect bones from creatures in Feldip Hills for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Travel Methods:

1. Travel to Feldip Hills using one of the following methods:

  • Use the fairy ring with the code AKS.
  • Use a ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars and then walk south-east.
  • Use the gnome glider to reach Feldip Hills.

Collecting Bones (Wolves and Ogres):

2. In Feldip Hills, you will find a variety of ogres and wolves. Defeat these creatures to collect their respective bones:

  • Wolves drop wolf bones.
  • Ogres drop ogre ribs.

Collecting Bones (Zogres):

3. If you wish to collect zogre bones, you can find them within the Jiggig tomb, located north-west (or east if using the fairy ring code BKP) of Feldip Hills, south of Castle Wars.

4. Please be aware that zogres may inflict disease upon the player. To counter this effect, you can:

  • Equip an inoculation bracelet.
  • Use Relicym's balm if you've completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.
  • Bring Sanfew serum for a heightened effect.
  • Use the pool of refreshment at Clan Wars to reset your stats.

5. Zogres have a high immunity to most weaponry, so it's advisable to bring an ogre bow and ogre arrows, an ogre composite bow and brutal arrows, or enough runes for Crumble Undead spells.

Alternative Zogre Bone Collection: 6. There's an alternative method to collect zogre bones without starting the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. Stand next to the barricades at the entrance of Jiggig and use Crumble Undead spells and Telekinetic Grab to attack and retrieve loot from the Zogres without entering the area.

Polishing the bones

To prepare the bones for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

Collecting the Items:

1. Go to Draynor Village and find Fortunato, who can be found in the market square. Talk to him or simply trade with him.

2. Purchase 27 jugs of vinegar from Fortunato for 1 coin each. Do not steal from the market stall, as this will make him uncooperative for a while.

3. Gather the following items:

  • 27 pots
  • 27 logs (of any type) - Alternatively, you can bring an axe and cut down trees in the area.
  • A tinderbox

Preparing the Bones:

4. Talk to the Odd Old Man in his house for further instructions.

5. Use a jug of vinegar with a pot to obtain a pot of vinegar.

6. Use a bone with the pot of vinegar to get a bone in vinegar. Be careful not to accidentally "empty" the bone in vinegar, as you will lose the bone and have to collect it again.

Polishing the Bones:

7. To polish the bones, follow these steps:

  • Use a log on the pot-boiler located next to the Odd Old Man.
  • Use a bone in vinegar on the pot-boiler.
  • Use your tinderbox to light the pot-boiler. Note that you won't receive XP for lighting it.

8. Repeat this process for all remaining bones.

Completion Note:

9. After polishing all the bones, take each pot from the pot-boiler to receive the polished bone.

10. You have now prepared the bones for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest.

Finishing up

After you have collected and prepared all 27 bones, return to the Odd Old Man to give him the bones for the "Rag and Bone Man II" quest. Once you have handed over all 27 bones, you will have the option to choose one or both of the following rewards:

1. Bonesack: This is a reward that allows you to store bones in it. It's useful for players who want to save inventory space while collecting bones during Slayer or other activities.

2. Ram Skull Helm: This is a cosmetic helmet that resembles a ram's skull. It doesn't provide any combat bonuses but can be worn for its unique appearance.

You can choose either the Bonesack, the Ram Skull Helm, or both as your reward for completing the quest. Make your choice based on your preferences and needs in the game.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

Rag and Bone Man II completed

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